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FROM NORTH unveiled "Volund the smith" video off their eponym album out now.

TEMPEST released Thirty Little Turns album

The new TEMPEST album is now available. Find samples to the pre-order link.

LÚNASA released CAS

The record is available to their website

QNTAL's Nachtblume, the video

QNTAL made a video for Nachtblume song taken from the new album coming soon :

VERIKALPA released their debut album

VERIKALPA released their debut album titled "Taistelutahto". You can get it to the Inverse Store.

01. Viimiseen asti
02. Tyrmä
03. Neidonryöstäjä
04. Kuoppajaiset
05. Pahan Laulu
06. Verijuhula
07. Taistelutahto
08. Viinapiru
09. Kuoleman Suo
10. Rautatammi

ASENBLUT released Legenden EP

The new EP,
"Legenden" signed ASENBLUT, is available now

01. Die Legende (2018)
02. Heldenbürde  (2018)
03. Asenblut (2018)
04. God or Man (Manowar Cover)
05. Von Des Verräters Untergang (2018)

NYTT LAND new album is coming soon

The band unveiled a teaser for their forthcoming album "Odal".



The Giver EP by SUN AND MOON DANCE will be released march 2nd.
Heres one more track off the record :

The Giver by Sun and Moon Dance

CROM can go live again

After a break of almost 10 years, CROM announced a new live line-up :

- Walter “Crom“ Grosse (vocals & bass)
- Steve Peyerl (guitar, Diabolus Dust)
- Christian Häusler (guitar & backing vocals, Motörschäden)
- Thomas Hagl (drums, Sektor)

ELVYA released Echoes

The hammered dulcimer artist and vocalist ELVYA released her new album titled "Echoes".

Echoes - Elvya by Elvya Dulcimer

ALPHAYN released their second album

The second album signed ALPHAYN is now released. Have a listen right here :

Wanderschaft by Alphayn

Feuer video by FAUN

FAUN made a video for "Feuer" song.

New Runahild video

Runahild unveiled "Vinter" video. The song's inspired from a journey to the arctic circle in Northern Norway.

Wind from the Forest video by MORGARTEN

MORGARTEN unveiled their official video for the song "Wind from the Forest" available in their album "Risen to Fight" that you can get passing by Bandcamp.

CELTACHOR album news and video

LEPOKA released Bibere Vivere

Bibere Vivere, the new LEPOKA album is now available.

Bibere Vivere [CD] (2018) by Lèpoka

METHYSOS released Jukai

METHYSOS released their album "Jukai". You canorder the record to their webpage.

01 Shinigami
02 Witches Broom
03 King Michael III
04 Andvaranaut
05 Aokigahara
06 Rise Of Olympus
07 Eudora
08 Momotaro
09 Folkatroll
10 Thalassokrator
11 Koftos

RUMAHOY released The Triumph Of Piracy

"The Triumph Of Piracy" album by RUMAHOY is now available on Bandcamp.

The Triumph Of Piracy by Rumahoy

New GRIMNER album out now

Despotz records released "Vanadrottning” album 

01. Vanadrottning
02. Avundas Hennes Ungdom
03. En Fallen Jätte
04. Kvällningssång
05. En Vilja Av Järn
06. Fafnersbane feat. Erik Grawsiö (Månegarm)
07. Vårt Blod, Våra Liv
08. Dödens Dans
09. Ägers Salar
10. Sången Om Grimner
11. Freja Vakar

February 22nd will be a new LÚNASA album

LÚNASA's new album is entitled "CAS".
February 22, 2018 is the release date.

The record is available for pre-order.

NOMANS LAND new single out

NOMANS LAND unveiled their new single "Valkyrie", together with lyrics here.

Get the song.

IAHSARI released Shrine Of The Ancient Gods

Shrine Of The Ancient Gods is the album title signed IAHSARI.

Shrine Of The Ancient Gods by Iahsari

CELTACHOR new album

Lately, CELTACHOR went to the studio recording their new album. This is the artwork :

Fiannaíocht, it is the first chapter about Finn of the Fianna: his youth and training with the druid Finegas in the forests of Ireland, the killing of Aillen, the fire breathing terror of the Tuatha dé Danann, and much more, the band added.

February 24th will be a new TEMPEST album

"Thirty Little Turns" is the name of the new TEMPEST album available for pre-order.
The record will be out February 24th.

PIMEÄ METSÄ goes on hold

Sad news from PIMEÄ METSÄ... Heres their statement :
Brothers and sisters. We have never wanted to write these words, but Pimeä Metsä has sadly ceased it's activities for an undefined period.
We could write a lot about the different reassons that has lead us towards one of the most difficult decisions we have never made, but we don't want to make this farewell even harder than it is for us.
Anyway, we owe you an explanation, so it should to be said that we abandon due to external circumstances. Nothing to do with the band, but some people who were supposed to help us, has really disappointed us.

KINGS & BEGGARS released Rosa das Rosas

KINGS & BEGGARS released a new album titled "Rosa das Rosas".
It can be ordered at Bandcamp.

Rosa das Rosas by Kings & Beggars

BAUMBART released Return Home EP

From now can be ordered to the band, the new BAUMBART EP titled "Return Home".

01. Intro
02. Into Our Freedom
03. Stýr
04. The Land Of Thousandsprings
05. Up With Your Jug
06.  Setting In
07. Return Home
08. Wanderer