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New TANZWUT video for a new album soon

TANZWUT made the following official video (not for youth) for their album entitled "Schreib es mit Blut"  and settled for July 8, 2016.

Album details :

ARTAIUS : three records available for streaming

ARTAIUS band shared on youtube their demo "MMXI" and 2 complete albums "The Fifth Season" and "Torn Banners" :

Them three can be ordered on Bandcamp.

PANYCHIDA released "Haereticalia - The Night Battles"

"Haereticalia - The Night Battles" album by PANYCHIDA is out now. More details here.

01. The Wild Hunt Assembly 02. Procession of the Dead 03. The Night Consumes the Light 04. Josafat (The Gathering) 05. In Striacium (instr.) 06. Hunting the Witches 07. …For I don´t Cause the Evil 08. The Livonian Werewolf 09. Perchtenlaufen (instr.)
10. Alatyrĭ (live bonus track)
11. Three Pillars (live bonus track)

BRYMIR : Slayer Of Gods track by track teaser

Here comes a preview track by track for the new BRYMIR album "Slayer Of Gods" already out in Japan, and will be to the rest of the world on June 3, 2016.

STORM SEEKER official video

STORM SEEKER made a video for the first track of their "Pirate Scum" EP out now.

WINTERSTORM album settled for august

"Cube of Infinity" is the title for the WINTERSTORM album that will be released the 19.08.2016. This record combines myth and darkness to an epic structure of metal. Artwork :

SKYCLAD returns

BMG released the SKYCLAD compilation "The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1991 – 1995.

This February, SKYCLAD got back together to work on the successor to the band’s 12th studio album „In the… All together“.

The band comments :
"We’re really excited about having Dave back in the band. He’s a fantastic guy, a great musician and songwriter! The whole band is really inspired, and we’re making good progress on the album. Most of the bits and pieces are there already. Even though we played a couple of ‘old school shows’ recently, the new LP definitely won’t be a thrash album; but it will be no typical folk metal album either. We’ll use all the options we now have – with 3 Guitarists, additional vocals, fiddle, keyboards, bass and drums – to create an album that will be the same but different“ SKYCLAD hopes to release the new album within the next 12 months.

FEJD released "Trolldom" album

FEJD band I interviewed in March released  their new album "Trolldom" under the flag of Dead End Exit records. "Trolldom" is available here and there.

03.Ingjald Illråde
04.Bed för din själ

New track signed Mark Gilston

Mark Gilston composed the following tune "Pols" on his dulcimer :

BERGTATT live 2016

Hammer Music published this BERGTATT full show :

MYRKVEDR new recordings available

MYRKVEDR decided to release a new EP entitled Tvenne Korpar (Two ravens) despite the band is still on hold.
The band said the following :
I would like to present a little dainty for all faithful fans out there. As we never pulled our broke asses together and got the songs mixed or mastered, we figured; "Hey, what the hell. Lets just give it to the people! Better then just leaving it here to slowly suffocate and die. Mixing is kind of gay, anyway..." We actually recorded it in Bohus Studio where other kind of well known bands have worked, like "In Flames" and "Hardcore Superstar". We were there, recording this ep during Hardcore Superstars session for "HCSS" (2015). For the guitars we borrowed Jesper Strömblads amplifier, the very same amplifier that can be heard on "Legacy of kings" with Hammerfall. So here you go, "Tvenne Korpar" on bandcamp. It´ll be running on spotify in a few days!

DALRIADA live video

Check our live video, recorded on 13th may-2016 in Budapest at our headline gig at Barba Negra Music Club. Unedited, uncut live documentary made with one camera. Setlist in the video description! said the band who recently released their unplugged record.

Trollwar : lyrics for Earthdawn Groves album

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Earthdawn Groves
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Prologue (instrumental)
02. Tale Of Greed
03. Trollheimen
04. Book Of The Damned
05. Set Sail To The North
06. Trollka
07. Earthdawn Groves
08. Hymn for the Vanquished
09. The Fallen
10. Epilogue (Frozen land) (instrumental)
11. Earthdawn Groves (acoustic version)

Zaria : lyrics for Sledi zvezdi song

Words : Official lyrics
Song : Sledi zvezdi
Release : Po poti življenja
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Zaria : Sledi zvezdi song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Sledi zvezdi (Follow the star)
Release : Po poti življenja
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

New track by TRIDDANA

TRIDDANA shared one first version for the Acoustic version of their song "Spoke the Firefly".
The original version for that song is available on their first album "Ripe for Rebellion".

As you probably know, the band opened a crowdfunding project for  their upcoming unplugged album planned for August 2016. 

Full PAGAN THRONE album stream

PAGAN THRONE shared their complete album "Swords of Blood" on soundcloud and youtube :

News for the next WINTERHYMN album

WINTERHYMN will release their album “Blood & Shadow” by june 17th. The full length is already avaialble for pre-order. Here is the artwork and the final track listing :

01. Blood of the Moon
02. Dream of Might
03. Blood Burner
04. Legacy in Flames
05. The Summoning
06. Seafarer
07. Silenced by the Northern Winds
08. In Shadow We Ride
09. Huntsman
10. The Wolf's Head
11. Into the Depths
12. The Chosen End

THY WORSHIPER released "Klechdy"

The double album "Klechdy" by THY WORSHIPER is now released. You can order to the label page.
Now, you can "explore the secrets concealed in 12 songs overfilled by sadness, aggression and spirit, which moves you in to places accessible hitherto for Guardians, Shamans, Witches and possessed. Thy Worshiper will surprise for the fourth time and will hit as never before by a story concealed in the music lasting an hour and a half".


01. Gorzkie zale [Bitter Griefs]
02. Wila [Water Nymph]
03. Marzanna [Madder] [ video ]
04. Halny [Foehn]
05. Post Coitum [Post Coitum]
06. Wschody [Sunrises]

Slayer of Gods by BRYMIR available in Japan

BRYMIR released their new album "Slayer of Gods" in Japan. You can order to Amazon or that page. That edition includes two bonus tracks. 
Max length of the album is 43 min (50 min with bonus tracks).

01. Intro
02. For Those Who Died
03. Risen
04. The Black Hammer
05. Nephilim
06. Prelude
07. Slayer of Gods
08. Thus I Became Kronos
09. Stormsoul
10. The Rain
11. Pantheon of Forsaken Gods
12. Battle for Pagan Might (bonus track)
13. Hymn for the Fallen (bonus track)

June 3rd is the release date for the rest of the world.

Release date for the LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW album

June 21st is a nice day overall. That day is Music day for many parts of the globe.

This year,

June 21, 2016 means also the release date for "Loaded to the Gunwales" album by LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW.

This record will be available in CD like digital.

Tracklist for "La Senda Eterica" album by BARLOVENTOS and video

BARLOVENTOS unveiled to Sword Chant, the tracklist for their forthcoming album "La Senda Eterica" :

01.Memento Mori
02. El holandes errante
03. Kraken
04. Reunion
05. Circ de su ley
06. La taberna de la bruja
07. La comarca
08. Hechizo
09. La leyenda del lobo y la luna

The band published a video for Kraken track taken from the record settled for June 2016 :


LOCATION : Galapagos Islands, Quito, Ecuador

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Satrina : lead vocals, percussions (bombo)
Demon Stone : bass
Frank : guitar, guttural vocals
Pablo : panpipes (rondador), tin wihstle, bagpipes, didgeridoo, fujara, Egyptian ney, flute, dulzainas, pifano, pingullos
Johan : drums, cajón
Andres : violin

Last Supper lyrics by BLACK MAGIC FOOLS

BLACK MAGIC FOOLS shared one lyrics video for the song "Last Supper" taken from Soul Collector album and, despite I guessed the meaning of these lyrics, I worried if there is misinterpretation for that song. 
Thus, I asked the band to explain these lyrics for you, readers of Sword Chant : "This song is a very dark drinking song compared to the traditional drinking songs. It tells a story around people hiding in their homes and trying to avoid plague and disease coming knocking on their door. But instead of beeing depressed about all death around them the song encourages everyone to enjoy their life the best way they can by drinking and enjoying the time they have left! Everything may end by tomorrow".Black Magic Fools
Here is the lyrics video :

And so, enjoy while you can! :)

Hidden land

HIDDENLAND is a band from Ecuador. They are currently working on their debut album "Tierra de Dragones" (Dragons land) that is about the Galapagos Islands. 
Inside are some songs such as "Fuego en el Alma" and "Promesa", about old traditions and legends from these islands and around Ecuador. Lyrics are poetic, pagan and naturalist.

Expect many Folk instruments used in this folk metal band, alongside clean and guttural vocals.
Early 2017 will be released "Tierra de Dragones" album.

ALKONOST released a limited 7"

ALKONOST released Русалка in 7" vinyl, limited to 21 copies only. Find the edit version of the song, and the acoustic one on B-side.

Contact Beverina label to order a copy.

Sword Chant is delighted to have helped these projects' support

Find here past crowdfunding projects supported with free promotion on Sword Chant :

Zaria : Sij obzorja EP translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Release : Sij obzorja
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Prebujenje (instrumental)
02. Boj : Fight
03. Njun svet : Their world
04. Modro obzorje : Blue horizon

Zaria : lyrics for Sij obzorja EP

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Sij obzorja
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Prebujenje (instrumental)
02. Boj
03. Njun svet
04. Modro obzorje

TROLLGASM released their new EP

TROLLGASM released in digital only their new EP
entitled "Play Folk Or Die".

01. Oh, Johnny oh
02. Liquid Black
03. Mead Fiend
04. Party At McMinney's
05. Swamp Swagger
06. Grace's Pudding Polka (instrumental)
07. Play Folk or Die

The transition is over

I am happy to announce the transition started last year ended today. It took sometimes but that huge work was needed. Meantime, I also kept sharing music news.
The forum is definitly closed now. Same goes for the deviantart, youtube, and photobucket accounts. I would like to thank the members who contributed in the forum since the beginning of Sword Chant, and I would like to thank the ones who answered the polls I had launched.
I hope that you like the new changes here as I think things appear better for you, so is for myself.
Today, I worked on videos available on this site as previously explained. I updated eld and other minor changes here.  Left the event calendar that is not back. I'll think about this but later.
Thank you all for following Sword Chant!

Lyrics and videos

Lately, I worked on lyrics and translations. Most of them are linked to the database that looks different since that isn't HTML page but a document file.

I am waiting for some permissions again for the content I didn't add to this site yet.

Meanwhile, you were some to contact me since I closed the youtube page for this site. I didn't think it would get much impact and then, I had opened a poll that revealed me divided answers of yours for both questions. So, I'll do what I had in mind : you'll get easy access to videos through one keyword in the menu that brings together official music videos and gigs for both folk metal and folk music.
However, I heard your voices regarding lyrics video. Now, you can easily find them to the lyrics database instead of the video keyword. I think that is better over there.
For the other videos, you'll have to select the "band" keyword to reach preview, or full albums available in video streaming, also because these stre…

MORRIGAM official video online

MORRIGAM unveiled the video for "Corpo Seco" song taken from their EP "Anhanga" released in 2013.

Camille and Kennerly released Harp Fantasy II

Camille & Kennerly released a new compilation "Harp Fantasy 2".

01. Pirates of the Caribbean
02. The Imperial March (From "Star Wars")
03. Now We Are Free (From "Gladiator")
04. Lost Woods (From "The Legend of Zelda")
05. Big Bang Theory Theme
06. Elwynn Forest (From "World of Warcraft")
07. If I Had a Heart (From "Vikings")
08. Sailor Moon Theme: Moonlight Densetsu
09. My Heart Will Go On (From "Titanic")
10. The Hanging Tree (From "The Hunger Games")
11. M Little Pony Theme: Friendship Is Magic
12. Downton Abbey Theme
13. Into the West (From "The Lord of the Rings")
14. Star Wars

You can order the record on CDbaby.

SUIDAKRA released "Realms Of Odoric" album

SUIDAKRA released their new album "Realms Of Odoric" available to their webshop.

01. Into The Realm
02. The Serpent Within
03. The Hunter's Horde [ video ]
04. Creeping Blood
05. Undaunted
06. Lion Of Darcania
07. Pictish Pride [ video ]
08. On Roads To Ruin
09. Dark Revelations
10. Braving The End
11.One Against The Tide
12. Cimbric Requiem
13. Remembrance (Bonus track)

IRDORATH released Adde Duas

IRDORATH released in digital Adde Duas single that you can order here
The band made the official video for the song unavailable on their new album "Dreamcatcher" out now.

Pre-orders started for "Klechdy" album by THY WORSHIPER

From now, Arachnophobia Records allows you to pre-order the new THY WORSHIPER, a double album entitled "Klechdy" that will be released the May 25th.

The fourth album by PANYCHIDA available for pre-orders

May 30th will be released the new album by PANYCHIDA. The full length is entitled "Haereticalia - The Night Battles" and deals with the Benandanti cult of northern Italy, inspired by the historian Carlo Ginzburg. The old legends of witches fighting for the crop and the good of thelocal community´s got its links also to other medieval and modern legends like those of the widespread “Wild Hunt” and “Perchtenlaufen” or those of the werewolves of Estonia. The musical attitude to the album is a bit different than to the previous one because it is coming up with some unexpected orchestral parts as well as with untypical compositions for the band so far.

I interviewed VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT

I interviewed Leo from VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT band who recently released their debut album entitled “Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" that means “Born from Winter's Tears”.

01. Hi Leo! 10 years ago was founded VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT. How did the idea emerge amongst the founders of the band ? Sami Ferm had his personal reasons to start a band and found Anton at his high school. They bonded when Sami bought him drum sticks and got Anton to play for his band. They played with various people in various places in eastern Helsinki.

Myrkvedr : lyrics for Sons Of Muspell album

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Sons Of Muspell
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Sons Of Muspell (instrumental)
02. Odens Prophecy
03. Urdarbrunnr
04. The Fiddler
05. Bölvun Buslas
06. Men Of The Longhouse
07. Sindres Saga: Jörmungandr
08. Brynhilds Call
09. Balders Död
10. Hel
11. Cerdic
12. Voosum
13. Axes And Mead
14. Gjallarhorn (instrumental)
15. Vandraren (Nordman cover)

KING OF ASGARD new album soon

KING OF ASGARD will start the recordings for their new album by June.with reinforced line-up in Magnus "Devo" Andersson's Endarker studio and thus opens a new chapter in the band history, heading into a darker direction of Nordic metal.

The full length is entitled "Taudr". Jonas Albrektsson reflects :
“There have been major changes in all corners, within and around the band. After a short but necessary hiatus and after months of silence, we return to the surface. Charged with new blood, epic tunes and new label partners we're eager to finally set this in existence and substance and strike from a, to KING OF ASGARD, new and different angle. We've had the most perfect years behind us with great support from fans and partners and I'm confident you all will catch us up and still find satisfactory within our creations. Thus :taudr: will mark the coming of a new chapter in the KING OF ASGARD story, even further down the epic darkness".

HAGBARD released their new album

HAGBARD released "Vortex to an Iron Age", their new album.

01. Intro
02. Never Call The Sage To Drink In Your Home
03. Bridge To A New Era
04. Iron Fleet Commander
05. Last Blazing Ashes
06. Death Dealer
07. Relic of the Damned
08. Inner Inquisition
09. Deviant Heathen
10. Shield Wall
11. Outro

Pictish Pride video by SUIDAKRA

Here comes the promised video for " Pictish Pride" song and this is signed SUIDAKRA :

EQUILIBRIUM : Armageddon!

August 12th, EQUILIBRIUM will release a new album entitled "Armageddon" under the flag of their label Nuclear Blast. 

Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost two years working on this new opus. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by René himself and will be mastered by Maor Appelbaum. 

The result is rather dark, yet remains the bombast and folk elements of the previous records.

Dreamcatcher by IRDORATH is out now

IRDORATH released their new album "Dreamcatcher" already available for streaming on Soundcloud.
01. Dreamcatcher
02. As Bas
03. Tam Nikto
04. Kryly
05. Dimna Juda
06. Wedding Theme 1
07. Wedding Theme 2
08. Tochka Otscheta
09. Byu Iost‘ Budu
10. Tango

You can purchase this new record to Amazon.

DALRIADA released "Forrás"

The acoustic album "Forrás" signed DALRIADA is now released and available to

01. Hej, virágom
02. Bor vitéz (részlet)
03. Ígéret
04. Hírhozó
05. Vérző ima
06. Hazatérés
07. A Galagonya
08. Úri toborzó
09. Szent László (részlet)
10. A dudás
11. Középeurópai Hobo Blues III
12. Hajdútánc
13. Téli ének
14. Bukott diák

ROMUVOS interview

I interviewed Velnias who founded ROMUVOS
ROMUVOS was a one-man band but earlier, I announced via the social networks there is a complete line-up for the band now and so, we discussed about ROMUVOS band in this interview and their new album out now.

01. Hi Velnias! Back in 2013, you founded ROMUVOS project. How came the idea ?  The Baltic tradition is strongly seeded in my family, it was a matter of time till I will let it burst through my music, after participating in few metal bands and as a musician with many years of creation, I finally came to the point where I write the music that is in my veins and blood.  At that time I was interested in the Romuvan ways, and what a better representing idea for a folk metal music, which is mainly on the Baltic tradition, than the romuvan name and flag.

New THY WORSHIPER track online

THY WORSHIPER unveiled the third track taken from the first CD
of the upcoming double album "Klechdy" planned for May 25th.

UNREST FATALIST album available for streaming

French band UNREST FATALIST shared for streaming their new album "Rising Anger".
They plan to release their record around June 2016.

Earlier, they had published the official video for the last track of the full length.

One new UNSHINE record soon

UNSHINE are currently working on their fourth full length. 
11 or 12 tracks will complete the record that isn't a concept album but includes a cover song inside.

STORM SEEKER debut EP out now

Pirate metal band STORM SEEKER released their debut EP that is entitled "Pirate Scum".

01. Destined Course
02. Side by Side
03. Jack
04. The Longing
05. Chop The Head Off
06. Sail With Us

You can purchase a physical copy of the record to Aeterna records or digital to Amazon or Itunes.

The songs are available for streaming on the youtube
channel of the label.

AN THEOS debut album for October

AN THEOS band from Romania will release their debut album entitled "Semintia Daca" the 1st of october 2016. Here is the artwork together with the tracklist for that record :

The band also shared the acoustic version for the song "Prin Viu Grai" taken from "Semintia Daca" :

NORTHSONG and the "Winter's Dominion" anniversary

NORTHSONG unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for Winter's Dominion: 5th Anniversary planned to be released on June 24th :

01. Prelude
02. Mountains of Madness
03. Heathen War
04. Desperation
05. Winter's Dominion
06. Let Death Be Our Pride (Windrider Cover - Bonus)
07. Mountains of Madness (Original Demo - Bonus)
08. Northern Blood - Acoustic (Bonus)
09. Titan (Bonus)

Follow the band to get preview videos for each track re-worked.