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The Live Event Calendar is back!

Dear followers, supporters and partners,
I am pleased to announce the event calendar for shows returns under a new shape.
Indeed, I changed the pure HTML design by this new calendar version available in the Live Events page that is way much faster for me to add elements and make updates as it gives you many ways to see upcoming events.
Sadly, I cannot change or add color in this export version of the tool but that is the best calendar I found for upcoming world wide shows. 
So, bands and promoters can email me their upcoming shows and tourdates at anytime!  Some are already available in this calendar such as the Ensiferum tour, Alestorm tour or again Fosch Fest.

FAUN album 2016

FAUN is working on their next album planned to be released the August 19th, 2016.
The full length is entitled "Midgard". The band added the following :
It took us many years, to collect and to write these songs but now, we are nearly finished and very proud about the result: FAUN MIDGARD will be released August 19th 2016 and will be a musical journey into the north. We wrote midsummer dances, are inviting you into enchanted birch woods and sing about Alswinn the sky horse and even about Odin himself.

HINDARFJÄLL : Sunnas Strålar

HINDARFJÄLL shared one new demo track. The song title is "Sunnas Strålar".

Plunder en Brand EP by MYRKVAR is out now

MYRKVAR released Plunder en Brand EP (Pillage and Burn).
The epic titletrack opens with an Eastern theme recounting the pillaging of Atilla the Hun. The EP continues with the more modest song "Wanhoop en Angst" (Despair and Fear), prophesying the downfall of the Huns. "Hunnenhorde" (Hun Horde) is a complete overhaul of the older song "Geboren uit Oorlogslendenen" that appeared on "Als een Woeste Horde". The new recording includes new musical themes and lyrics to match the style of the EP. The EP comes to a grand finale with "Gesel Gods" (Scourge of God) which tells the story of Atilla's legacy.
With this new release we are ready to trample stages and spread our music over the world! said the band.

01. Plunder en Brand 
02. Wanhoop en Angst
03. Hunnen Horde 
04. Gesel Gods

GOTLAND : new track, new album

GOTLAND released for free a new single entitled "Traitor Or Savior". This track will be part of the upcoming second album planned in 2017, for the 10th anniversary of the band. Album concept based on the life of the German chieftain Arminius.
Traitor Or Savior [Single] by Gotland

SARALISSE new album soon

SARALISSE are currently working on their new album entitled "The fall of Akrylla". This is the artwork :

EQUILIBRIUM : tracklist for Armageddon album and new lyrics video

EQUILIBRIUM unveiled one first track titled "Prey" taken from Armageddon album coming out August 12th.

This is the tracklist for the new album :

STORM SEEKER live video

The second track "Side by Side" from STORM SEEKERdebut EP played live by the band here in this video.

Winter's Dominion: 5th Anniversary released

NORTHSONG released Winter's Dominion: 5th Anniversary.
TRACKLIST : 01. Prelude 02. Mountains of Madness
03. Heathen War
04. Desperation
05. Winter's Dominion
06. Let Death Be Our Pride (Windrider Cover - Bonus)
07. Mountains of Madness (Original Demo - Bonus)
08. Northern Blood - Acoustic (Bonus)
09. Titan (Bonus)

SAKRAMANT released their first record

The first record by SAKRAMANT out now in digital is entitled Čortaŭ Skarb (Devil's Treasure).
You can get it passing by bandcamp. Cd version may come later.

Čortaŭ Skarb by Sakramant

IN EXTREMO released "Quid Pro Quo" album

"Quid Pro Quo" album by IN EXTREMO is out now. Preview and tracklist :

Some TROBAR news

TROBAR re-recorded "L'Bottier du Lac"song originally taken from their EP 2011. That track will be available on youtube soon. The band is also currently working on their new album and one split.

TROBAR opened a Patreon page for you to help them to fund the availability for streamings.

GRIMNER new video

GRIMNER unveiled Mörkrets Hem video. The song can be found on "Frost Mot Eld" album.

ISENMOR : In or Out ?

ISENMOR released a new single for free in this special day for Great Britain who has to choose if Brexit or not... This single "Saxon Shore" tells the story of the first wave of Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain as conquerors. The Saxon Shore was an area in southeast Britain originally fortified and manned to defend against Germanic raiders (referred to collectively as Saxons by the Romans). In time, the Romans recruited some of these same peoples to serve as soldiers, offering them settlement in this area in exchange for military service. These peoples eventually turned on the British, conquering them instead of fighting for them, carving out their own kingdoms that would eventually become England.  It is the first ISENMOR recording featuring new violinist Mark Williams and new lead guitarist Daniel Tidwell. 
Saxon Shore [Single] by Isenmor

STWORZ released "Na trzy strony Słońca"

June 21st, the band released their acoustic cd "Na trzy strony Słońca" that will include "Słońcakres" EP that became sold out tape with time. I've been waiting for some informations details for this publish. 
TRACKLIST : Tracks 1- 6 are new material, and tracks 7 - 15 are "Słońcakres".

01.Śmierć Jaryły (The Death of Jarył
02.Ze Słońcem (With Sun)
03.Mała nocka (Little Night)
04.Przed świtem (Before Dawn)
05.Po kwiat paproci (In Search for Fern Flower
06.Poranek / W świętym gaju (Morning / In a Sacred Grove)
08.Jaryłowy miesiąc
10.Gdy Słońce za horyzontem niknie…
11.Bezkresne Lechii pola!
13.Święto kresu
15.Nie zapomnij imienia Mego

Forest King -- Troll Stench (Demo version)

The band shared the following track demo :

The track is one of the nine tracks that will complete the Forest King's debut album "Lore Born".

Oh Lord, it is released!

The LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW band now released their album "Loaded to the Gunwales" that
I have been pleased to support with Sword Chant. You can get it @ Cdbaby.


01. The Judgement
02. Yo Ho to the Gallows
03. A Pirate's Life for Me
04. Give Us Beer!
05. Yar Har Hey!
06. Burning Sails and Fiery Lead
07. Woken From the Crow's Nest
08. The Bloodiest Victory
09. Batten Down the Hatches!
10. Too Many Trolls Are on This Ship
11. To Dance Under the Jolly Roger with the Mermaids at Midnight...
12. Steel, Grit, and Fury

UTMARKEN unveils Till Skogs video

Find below the official video for "Till Skogs" song taken from the self-titled album by UTMARKEN.

Full stream all together

One month ago, I closed the youtube account and videos are available passing by the menu of this website. Full album stream and full shows were in that youtube page so, I added full show into the videos part of this site, together with music video and you had to reach band keyword finding full stream.
I didn't include full stream for records into videos because these don't only exist in video.

And there comes one more improvement on Sword Chant. 
Today, I added Full Stream into the menu. There can be found full stream for records in video like audio platforms such as soundcloud, bandcamp, vk... Full shows are now available over there.
And then, you can easily find more content available for streaming on Sword Chant website, and not only streaming available in videos as it was with the youtube page. How cool is that ? :-)

GRIMSLADE EP available for streaming

April 2016, Russians GRIMSLADE released their debut EP entitled "Wherever the tales go…"
That record is now available for streaming :

STORMTIDE album soon

STORMTIDE will release under Metal Hell Records a new record. The album title is "Wrath of an Empire". Preorders of the album will be available one month earlier the release date settled on August 1st
So begins the grand tale told in Wrath of an Empire: The nine part epic containing stories of ruin, heroism and dark deeds. Featuring huge orchestral movements, crushing guitar riffs and guttural vocals Wrath of an Empire succeeds where many have failed in joining epic metal with epic story. 
Taking influence from European and Asian styles of music Stormtide has expertly crafted an album that appeals to traditionalists and fans of new metal alike. Effortlessly transitioning between blast beat to soul wrenching quiet passages - no two pieces of music on the album are alike. 
This is an album without filler songs, without cliches and without mercy."

FROSTRIT : this is the end

Sad news... The FROSTRITproject is no more. The band said :
There are many reasons why we have chosen to break up the band. But four members of the band will continue the folk sound in their other project FehReid.
Many thanks to all of you who have given us positive feedback over these 3 years. Their planned record won't be then.

SAKRAMANT debut EP soon

SAKRAMANT unveiled in this video they will release their debut EP that is entitled "Чортаў Скарб" on June 25th.
Enjoy this preview :

BERSERKER : Dark Worlds Collide

The CD version of the BERSERKER debut album "Dark Worlds Collide" will be released on June 30th. You can get the digital here.

01. Intro
02. Dark Worlds Collide
03. Warhell
04. Madness Machine
05. The Day Human Died
06. Wolf
07. Prelude
08. Viking Ship
09. Mūšis už Žemę

Eliwagar : I Vølven's Vev

ELIWAGAR unleashed a new video for "I Vølven's Vev" song taken from her album coming out in august 2016.

Last IRRBLOSS work

This year,

IRRBLOSS plans to release a self-titled maxi single made of three tracks about Edda:

01. The Wanderer 
02. In chains and vindictive 
03. Lorride

It will be the last release from the band, because they decided to go on hold.

SALTATIO MORTIS : Best Of 2000 - 2014 Out now

SALTATIO MORTIS released their double Best Of 2000 - 2014 through Napalm records.


CD 1 :                  
01. Früher war alles besser
02. Prometheus
03. Habgier und Tod
04. Wachstum über alles
05. Hochzeitstanz
06. Nichts bleibt mehr
07. Satans Fall
08. Salome feat. Doro Pesch
09. Sündenfall
10. Ebenbild
11. Tritt ein
12. Falsche Freunde
13. Spielmannsschwur

WINTERHYMN released “Blood & Shadow” album

Blood & Shadow” album by WINTERHYMN is out now. 
Orders can be to their label.

01. Blood of the Moon [ video ]
02. Dream of Might
03. Blood Burner
04. Legacy in Flames
05. The Summoning
06. Seafarer
07. Silenced by the Northern Winds
08. In Shadow We Ride
09. Huntsman
10. The Wolf's Head
11. Into the Depths
12. The Chosen End


LOCATION : Rome, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Ivan Cenerini  : bass
Thierry Vaccher : vocalsJenifer Clementi : flute
Michelangelo Iacovella : keyboard, celtic harp
Alberto Marinucci : guitar
Vidarr Aesir : lead guitar
Ivan Coppola : drums

Past members :
Michela Luciani : traverse flute
Rick Deckard : guitar
Thanatos : vocals
Daniele Biagiotti : vocals

Ivan Cenerini and Ivan Coppola founded the band in fall 2012. Then, the first guitarist Mauro Ricotta joined in and the band could start working their tracks.

Fatherland, demo 2013
Ad Memoriam, EP 2015 [ details ]
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, album 2018 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- Interview 2018
- In the "band…

Storm Seeker

LOCATION : Düsseldorf, Neuss, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Timo Bornfleth : vocals, bass
Patricia Büchler : hurdy gurdy, vocals, whistles
Tim Braatz : keyboard
Sandra Schmitt : cello, backing vocals
Patrick Stäudle : guitars, backing vocals
Marius Bornfleth : drums, backing vocals

Five new versions of NORTHSONG songs

The first half of the new NORTHSONG record is now available for streaming.
Winter's Dominion: 5th Anniversary will be released on June 24th.

Winter's Dominion: 5th Anniversary by Northsong

Edit : Now full stream available! :)

BIERSBREAKER released a maxi

BIERSBREAKER band released a maxi single (or "EP" from their words....).  The release available for free download is entitled "Drunken Bards".
01. Beer Sacrifice
02. The Souls of Fallen
03. Drunken Bards


LOCATION : Västerbotten, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Mathias Gyllengahm (Norrsinnt) : vocals, nyckelharpa
Jörgen Wikberg : lead guitar
Jan-Erik Asplund : rhythm guitar
Christoffer Weidersjö : drums
Robert Jonsson : bass

Past members :
Mikael Andersson : bass
Benny Hägglund (ex-Vintersorg) : drums
Robert Lindqvist : keyboards

The band founded in 2015 and deals with nature, history and freedom.

Utmarken, album 2016 [ details ] [ lyrics ]
Förfallstid, album 2017 [ details ]
Hell Odin, single 2019 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword
- Interview 2016

ELD : One help for PIMEÄ METSÄ second album

PIMEÄ METSÄ contacted me for I help them with promotion of their crowdfunding project for their second album.

I contacted the following zines for they spread the word :

- Sorrow Eternal :
- Kaosguards :
- :
Thanks to them! More webzines may follow...

HAGBARD Commander video

HAGBARD unveiled their official video for "Iron Fleet Commander" song taken from their new album "Vortex to an Iron Age" out now.

RAS NÎR video online

RAS NÎR band made one official video for the song "Building our fate".

...Are you ready for Euro 2016 ?!

Today, the band FINSTERFORST released a video and song taken from a future EP ; and it sounds like they cannot wait for Euro 2016

Enjoy the video :

BELENOS released D'an usved single

BELENOS released "D'an usved" single taken from the album "Kornog" to be released on September 9th under Northern Silence Productions.

"D'an usved" [Kornôg 2016] by BELENOS


FÄNGÖRN band made a video for Inferno song that is about "extermination, occupation and further oppression of indigenous people, great sorrow and dissolution of culture, no matter what country we are talking about. You can also consider this as a metaphor on annihilation of nature, irreparable harm, that people do to Earth. One day, mankind will pay for this all" (cf. interview).
This recorded version of the song in the official video is different from the EP version.

New Sword Chant contact

As for Eld, I changed the old email contact for Sword Chant due to the Microsoft service that improved lately.
And then,
Dear partners, bands, labels, promoters, and everyone,  Heres the new email address to contact me for news, interviews, and all inquieries related with Sword Chant :
You can delete the old contact. Thank you all.

BELENOS re-releases

BELENOS re-released their 3 first demos in a limited boxset.

Expect more news related with the upcoming record next week.

ALESTORM's future

ALESTORM band renewed their contract deal with Napalm records.
They plan to release their next album under this label, during 2017.

Napalm Records A&R Nadir Amrioui stated the following :
"We are more than proud of ALESTORM and their remarkable success! 8 years ago we’ve received this strange demo CD of an even stranger pirate-metal-band. That was the beginning of a piratic journey all over the world. We at Napalm are so much looking forward to the next album. This is going to be awesome. It surely is!“

FOXTALE debut EP out now

FOXTALE from Russia released their debut EP  entitled "В Светлый Край" for free download. Tracklist :

BRYMIR now released "Slayer of Gods" album worldwide

Finally comes the worldwide release of the new BRYMIR album entitled "Slayer of Gods". The record is already out in Japan within two bonus tracks, since May 2016.
01. Intro
02. For Those Who Died
03. Risen
04. The Black Hammer
05. Nephilim
06. Prelude
07. Slayer of Gods
08. Thus I Became Kronos
09. Stormsoul
10. The Rain
11. Pantheon of Forsaken Gods

BARBAR' O' RHUM debut album is soon

July 1st, 2016,

BARBAR' O' RHUM will release their debut album that is entitled "Toutes les routes mènent au Rhum" and means "All paths lead to Rhum".

01. Bienvenue à B'O'R
02. Cœur de l'Océan
03. La République Pirate
04. Notre Terre
05. Fille de Joie, Gourgandine
06. Le Trésor Maudit de Barbe-Noire
07. La Danse du Gibet
08. La Véritable Histoire du Capitaine Crochet
09. Le Hollandais Volant
10. Dernière Bataille
11. La Gigue du Pêcheur Pendu

Heri Joensen, your new teacher ?

Heri Joensen from TÝR started a new project beside his bands. Heri's project consists to make videos for guitar players to learn TÝR songs, and their making process, and to learn to play guitar and music overall.
He plans the same with vocals.

You can already find many videos on his youtube channel. However, Heri needs your support making the videos.
You can support him on Patreon at anytime :

Berserker, the new ASENBLUT album

August 19, 2016 will be released under AFM records, the upcoming album by ASENBLUT. The full length is entitled "Berserker"and will be available in CD Digipak and limited Boxset. The record was mixed and recorded at the famous Greenman Studio by Seeb Levermann of ORDEN OGAN.

TRACKLIST : 01. Berserkerzorn 02. Titanenerbe 03. Offenbarung 23 04. Helden Des Ewigen Sturms 05. Auf den Feldern Von Flandern 06. Drachenborn 07. Des Alchemisten Elixier 08. Bittere Wacht 09. Berserkers Ruhmeserinnerungen 10. Schatten Über Arkham 11. Horizonte 12. Auf Grauen Schwingen 13. BONUS TRACK: Berserker Rage (english version)
Pre-orders start next week.