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Sword Chant goes on hold

Dear readers,

First of all, I want to thank you for following Sword Chant.
Sadly, I'm forced to stop activities for now and for two reasons :

For more than a year, reaching band news on social medias become almost impossible.  This is due to their changed policies and amount of professionals that increases, I follow.
For ten years, I used to contact bands, labels to get infos and so on.... but I have the power no more to do so
when I see I don't get a reply, or when I see a worse situation...
Some months ago, I decided to expand my acitvity with writing on the web, trying new things so, I made another website very different but updates there are unlike Sword Chant, rather soothed.
The second reason is painful more as I am bothered with health problem for some time now. I won't tell more about because firstly, you won't understand, and secondly, this is my business only.

You all know my will to support Music & Culture - If you thought the flame went out, you're …

Henkselipoika video by KORPIKLAANI

Nuclear Blast unveiled a new KORPIKLAANI video for the song "Henkselipoika", taken from Kulkija album coming soon.

The band will be on tour by next year.

New album by AHNENGRAB in Autumn

The German band AHNENGRAB returns with a new album titled "Schattenseiten",
set to be released October 26th 2018.