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Fara í Víking by SKOGSHALLEN is out now

SKOGSHALLEN released "Fara í Víking" album in this new year's eve day and for free download.
CD version can be ordered to that page.
<a href="">Fara í Víking by Skogshallen</a>

FELLED returns with a new teaser

FELLED are back with a new track "Corvid", taken from their upcoming demo "Bonfire Grit"


January will see the daylight of the second EP


that is entitled "Metsänhenkien Tanssi".

Heres one first track :

AEGIR : album version for Fenrir song

AEGIR from France released one first track taken from their album "Ringhorn" coming out next month.
The song title is "Fenrir".

New song by ABINCHOVA

ABINCHOVA unveiled a new song "Sennenpuppe" taken from their upcoming album.

New VARANG NORD record

Awaiting a new album settled for 2017, VARANG NORD digitally released a maxi single "Call of Battle" made of 3 songs that will be available on the upcoming full length.

You can support the band and their project 2017 from the playlist below.

Call of Battle (EP) by Varang Nord
Heres lyrics video for the song with Alvis Bernāns from SKYFORGER as guest appearance.

PIMEÄ METSÄ released No Blood No Glory

PIMEÄ METSÄ released digital their new album "No Blood No Glory". Physical copies will be available during 2017.
No Blood No Glory by Pimeä Metsä

SALDUIE released Belos album

SALDUIE now released their second album titled "Belos". The full length is available to their webshop

01 Pax Sempronia 179 a.C.
02 Carus de Sekaiza
03 Hospitium
04 Bestias númidas
05 El aullido de Vaélico
06 Bosnerau
07 Matres
08 Los fuegos de Belenus
09 Tvrma Sallvitana
10 Netón
11 Atland

TVERD official video

TVERD published a new video for the song Зачин (Zachin) taken from their upxoming second album "Rus" coming out next year.

Second album by JONNE soon

2017 will see the daylight of the second JONNE album that is entitled "Kallohonka".

MIDVINTERBLOT released Skymning

Skymning is the new record signed MIDVINTERBLOT and available for free download.



THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD unveiled their "Star Wars Medley".

YGGDRASSIL : All Shall Burn

YGGDRASSIL will release in a month

under Art Gates Records,

a new album titled "All Shall Burn".

Find below the tracklist and lyrics video for Yuletide song taken from that album.


HEATHER WASTELAND released Under The Red Wolfish Moon EP

Under The Red Wolfish Moon by Heather Wasteland


SOWULO released Sol album

SOWULO released their new album titled "Sol" that you can order to their webshop.

HELGRINDUR track online

Pagan metal band HELGRINDUR published one first track taken from their album titled "Von Einst"  coming out by the next year.

Jingle Bells by EPHYRA

EPHYRA released for free, their Jingle Bells version. Get it to their website (right click and save).

WOLGEMUT : Christmas gift and crowdfunding project

WOLGEMUT band who launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for their projects planned during 2017, published a video as one Christmas gift to their fans.

2017 will be the debul album by ATLAS PAIN

ATLAS PAIN will release their first full length under Scarlet records on March 10th, 2017.
The album title is "What The Oak Left" and has been recorded at Media Factory Esine studio with Fabrizio Romani (Skylark) and mastered by Mika Jussila - Mastering of the Universe (Nightwish, Children Of Bodom) at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The beautiful artwork was made by Jan Örkki Yrlund of Darkgrove (Korpiklaani, MANOWAR) with the outstanding photosession by Ivano Tomba Designer.

Atlas Pain singer Samuele describes the new album: "This is something we worked on for weeks and weeks, day by day with fun, sweat and passion. With 'What The Oak Left' we've tried to take all the aggressive and punchy aspects of our debut EP 'Behind The Front Page' and push them to another higher level. Every step in the production of 'What The Oak Left' has been planned and studied in the most accurate way, counting on some of the best sound engineers and artist…

Bucovina : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte (Look Forth for Me from Beyond (Death’s Doorway)
Release : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte
Thanks to the band for the sharing.
Translated by Alex Diaconescu.

Bucovina : lyrics for Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte song

Words : Official lyrics
Song : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte
Release : Aşteaptă-Mă Dincolo De Moarte
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Helluva album by TROLLFEST available for pre-order

February 24th, 2017 will be released the new TROLLFEST album entitled "Helluva".

Presales for this full length available in various vinyls and CD

are to EMP website.

DRAUPNIR released their debut album

"Taruja", the debut album album signed DRAUPNIR is out now and soon, it will be available to This album coudn't be without their raised crowdfunding project.
01. Irrlicht
02. Die Jagd
03. Blutmond
04. Die Nibelungen
05. Lebenslust
06. Winterlied
07. Ruf zum Turnier
08. Für Rum und Ehre

Find sound here.

New BUCOVINA video

BUCOVINA released Asteapta-ma Dincolo de Moarte official video with lyrics and song dedicated to their departed friend Adrian Rugina. He lost his life while saving other metalheads from the blaze at the Colectiv club in Bucharest, Romania, 30 October 2015.

The band added :

TROLLWAR released a new single

Omens of Victory is the new TROLLWAR track available taken from the forthcoming The Traveler's Path EP.

Omens of Victory by Trollwar


TROLLFEST published a new video for "Steel Sarah" song taken from their upcoming album "Helluva".

Fuego en el Alma video by HIDDENLAND

HIDDENLAND now released the full official video for "Fuego en el Alma" song taken from the EP.

HEIDRA new single soon

HEIDRA plans to release a new single for free download that will be related to an old song, played acoustic.

The single is scheduled for the January 10th, 2017. One good way to start the new year.

Mister Folk compilation 4 released

My friend founder of Mister Folk released the fourth compilation available for free onto his website. Here are all details :

BYRDI : artwork unveiled for Urkraft

This is the artwork for "Urkraft", the new album signed BYRDI coming out next year.

Nash Rothanburg of BYRDI comments, “the painting depicts a sunset in Vassfaret, an unbelievably beautiful forest and mountain area rich with history and culture. Heidi is a very skilled local artist, and knowing that the portrait is from the very same place where major parts of the album were written, we instantly knew that’s a connection we simply could not ignore. A marvelous painting that matches the intention of our music very well." So far no release date is set for “Ansur : Urkraft”, but more information shall be available in early 2017

Thunder God by PIMEÄ METSÄ

Below is the lyrics video for the third track of the upcoming PIMEÄ METSÄ album titled "No Blood No Glory", already out in Spain. The full length will be available digital for Christmas, and physical copies will be in 2017.

ZMEY GORYNICH debut EP released

ZMEY GORYNICH from Moscow, RU, released their first EP entitled "Malafya".

01. Welcome to Mother Russia!
02. Морозобой
03. Ой, Лёли-Лёли!
04. Айнанэ
05. Медвепляс
06. Борода

Bonus-tracks :
07. Чуешь Мою Страсть? (Bring Me the Horizon lubok-cover)
08. Ой, Лёли-Лёли! (Hip-hop mix)

Have a listen and then, order can be :

MALAFYA by Zmey Gorynich

HEID released Alba

"Alba", the debut album by HEID is now released.

01. Triste está el Rey
02. Rumbo al Sur
03. Mortal es el Hombre
04. Alba
05. Bosque de Nubes
06. Buenosdías
07. El Buey
08. El Traidor
09. Arde la Rebelión
10. Camino Sombrío

I interviewed IRON SEAWOLF

I interviewed the Pirate metal band IRON SEAWOLF about Music, the band and of course, their recent debut album out now.

Hi Owen and Nick! 

01. Owen : you and I aren’t foreign to each other since you were part of WOLFSWORD, one band with its page available here since the Sword Chant forum times. You have left that band that remains on hold now and so, you joined IRON SEAWOLF with Nick Wragg and the other bandmates at that time. I wonder how did you manage the whole and when did you join the current band ?

DRAUPNIR debut album out pretty soon!

This december 17th, German band DRAUPNIR will release their debut album entitled "Taruja", that probably could not be without that successful crowdfunding project, also supported by Sword Chant.

PIMEÄ METSÄ released "No Blood No Glory" album in Spain

Thanks to the people

who contributed to

their crowdfunding project,

Spanish band PIMEÄ METSÄ

now released in their country 

"No Blood No Glory" album. 

The rest of Europe & USA

could get a hard copy on 

January 27, 2017

or digital version on December 23rd.


VALFREYA unveiled a new song taken from their album "Promised Land" coming out on january 13th.

Bloodwinter video by WOLFCHANT

WOLFCHANT unveiled a new video for the song "Bloodwinter" that is taken from the eponym album,
planned to be released on january 13th, 2017.

AKYRVIRON released Harmony's Bastion album

Harmony's Bastion is the title for the new AKYRVIRON album, available here.

01. Utopia’s Beacon
02. Harmony Sanctum
03. Solar Regeneration
04 Sovereign Realm
05. Idyllic Path
06. Serenity’s Sun
07. Creation’s Storm
08. Sapphire Seas

NINE TREASURES released 10 years

"10 years" is the title of the new single by NINE TREASURES
10 Years by Nine Treasures

Nine years with Sword Chant

Hi everyone,
Lately, I had so much things to deal with that I didn't notice the anniversary of this site, a month ago. I know that you enjoy all the changes on this site - or the transition - done in this year
However, I planned nothing for this event but I would like to, for the next one. :)

If some bands or labels get some ideas we can plan together for the event taking place in a year.
(birthdate : november 10, 2007)

Thanks to all of you for following Sword Chant!

HYPOCRAS released implosive EP

The Implosive EP by HYPOCRAS is now released.
Implosive by Hypocras

WOLCENSMEN debut album out now

WOLCENSMEN released their debut album titled Songs from the Fyrgen.
You can play the full stream below.

Songs from the Fyrgen by Wolcensmen

MÀNRAN new album soon

MÀNRAN will release their new work by January 20, 2017. The album is entitled "An Dà Là - The Two Days".

However, the first 300 copies will be signed by the band and delivered before Christmas, around December 19th. 

Pre-orders can be to their website.

IN EXTREMO released Quid pro quo - Live

IN EXTREMO released afull length entitled "Quid pro quo - Live" that you can order here.

CD 1
02.Roter Stern
03.Quid Pro Quo
04.Pikse Palve
05.Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein
07.Dacw 'Nghariad
09.Glück auf Erden
10.Schwarzer Rabe

5 new tracks by APPALACHIAN WINTER

APPALACHIAN WINTER gets a new site and five new tracks  that you can stream or download to this page.

E-AN-NA official video

E-AN-NA made a video for "Înșivă" song taken from Jiana EP that you can listen here.

CERNUNNOS released their debut album

"Leaves of Blood" is the title for the first album signed CERNUNNOS band from Argentina.

01. Leaves of Blood
02. Cernunnos
03. Birth of Galatia
04. Let's folk and Roll
05. Pagan Feast
06. Scarborough Fair
07. The battle of Moytirra
08. Make us Rebon
09. Mother Earth
10. Mabon
11. Bonus track

You can purchase the album to the label page

DUR DABLA released "Eñvor An Avel".

The debut album "Eñvor An Avel"  by Breton band DUR DABLA is out now.

I interviewed the band by october. while a crowdfunding was for the full length.

New SMUTA single

The band released "Smuta" single for free download.

Smuta - Smuta (Single 2016) by Smuta