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FUCHSTEUFELSWILD live album released

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD released their live album titled "... um Welten mehr!".

01. Prolog
02. Weltenmeer
03. Ehrenhandel
04. Till
05. Sieben Kugeln
06. Dein letzter Tanz
07. Wie der Wind
08. Sirenengesang
09. Feuer
10. Echter wahrer Held
11. Drei Bänder
12. Dorian Gray
13. Drosselbarts Tanz
14. Zauberkreis
15. Carpe Diem
16. Eisenhans
17. Venuskind


Interview with DRAUGÛL

I interviewed the founder of DRAUGÛL. This interview deals with "Winterspell" album coming out during January 2017.

01. Hi Hellcommander Vargblod ! First of all, why that artist name ?
Hail! Thanks for the interview opportunity in the first place. The name started way back in 1998 when I was with my first black metal band..  I chose that name and it remained so ever since.

02. How have you got the idea to found this one-man band, DRAUGÛL ? The idea came when I started composing music that did not fit my band anymore and thus I decided to start this solo project which later ended up as my main band!

UTMARKEN : Bröder i strid

"Since people got caught in the doom and gloom on last post and apparantly didn't read the last line "This is not the end" ... let's make a special announcement today, continuing the introduction to "Förfallstid". Track #5. Bröder i strid. Brothers in battle. Probably the most non-folkish track on next album, more of a power-metal hymn that celebrates brotherhood. If everything should fail (and it won't) worst case is that next album will sound something similar to this. Observant followers have already noticed that an excerpt of this track can be heard in one of the episodes of "Utmarken-TV"UTMARKENsaid.
Bröder i strid by Utmarken

It was the previous announcement of the band :
Important announcement (regarding Utmarken anyway, this has little effect on the overall global schemes of the world). Utmarken in its current form seems to be coming to and end. Members have decided to quit, no hard feelings for all I know, and what comes next is…

TROLLFEST : Helluva album news

TROLLFEST unveiled details for their new album "Helluva" coming out next year.

01. This is just the Intro
02. Professor Otto
03. Spelunking Sisters
04. Gigantic Cave
05. Steel Sarah
06. Trollachen
07. Hen of Hades
08. Reiten mit ein Fisch
09. Fräulein H*lluva
10. Kabaret
11. La Grande Finale
12. What a good idea!

Bonus-Songs (Digipak-Version)
13. Don Gnomo Vega
14. Спутник

HELLUVA will be available on following formats:
- CD-Digipak inkl. H*lluva-Patch
- Gold Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Mint Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Silver Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Black Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 200x)
- Download & Streaming

A new teaser for HIDDENLAND

HIDDENLAND released a clip cut for "Fuego en el Alma" song

EINHERJER released "Dragons Of The North XX"

Indie Recordings re-released "Dragons Of The North" in CD and LP, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the record signed EINHERJER.

01 Dragons of the North
02 Dreamstorm
03 Forever Empire
04 Conquerer
05 Fimbul Winter
06 Storms of the Elder
07 Slaget Ved Hafrsjord
08 Ballad of the Swords
09 Outro - After the Storm

The PRIMORDIAL live album is out now

PRIMORDIAL released their new and live album "Gods to the Godless". The record is available to that page.

01.Gods to the Godless
02.Babel's Tower
03.Where Greater Men Have Fallen
04.No Grave Deep Enough
05.As Rome Burns
06.The Alchemist's Head
07.Bloodied Yet Unbowed
08.The Coffin Ships
09.Heathen Tribes
10.Wield Lightning to Split the Sky
11.Empire Falls

ŪKANOSE released their debut album

The self titled and debut album 
by the band 


is now available passing by

facebook or their label.

TROLLGASM : the end

TROLLGASM shared the following statement :
Last night Trollgasm played it's final show ever. It's been a fun 7ish years, and last night was definitely a bitter sweet moment. The band ended on good terms with each member..Thank you to everyone who supported our band over the last 7 years. We will cherish the memories of the shows, fans, and other rad bands we met along the way. But its time to move on to bigger, and hopefully better, more satisfying things. Thank you!

MIDVINTERBLOT unveiled one new track

Awaiting their debut album, MIDVINTERBLOT shared to the world, one new track titled "Hörgr" that is chock-full of hints and references to both past and future of the band and reflects the first sounds of that album planned for this year.


HIDDENLAND shared promesa track, from their "Fuego en el Alma" EP.

DRENAÏ released Nadirs EP

DRENAÏ released Nadirs EP that you can listen here :

Nadirs by Drenaï

Metsatöll compilation

METSATÖLL released "Vana Jutuvestja Laulud" compilation.

01. Veelind
02. Vimm
03. Kûû
04. Must Hunt
05. Kivine maa
06. Kahjakaldad
07. Terast Mis Hangund Me Hinge
08. Vaid vaprust
09. Vana Jutuvestja Laul
10. Vägi ja võim
11. Rauast Sõnad
12. Meri Ja Maa
13. Saaremaa Vägimees
14. Kuni pole kodus, olen kaugel teel
15. See On See Maa
16. Lahinguväljal Näeme, Raisk!

CERNUNNOS : let's folk and roll!

CERNUNNOS unveiled one first track "Let's Folk and Roll"  taken from their album "Leaves of Blood" coming out by december.

EINHERJER celebrates their "Dragons Of The North" album

This year, Norwegian Viking metal band EINHERJER celebrates the 20th "Dragons Of The North" anniversary once relesed in 1996. The record that will be available in CD and vinyl is entitled "Dragons Of The North XX". 
The album mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Deftones, Behemoth, Monster Magnet ++) is available for pre-orders to Indie Recordings and will be out november 25th.

01 Dragons of the North
02 Dreamstorm
03 Forever Empire
04 Conquerer
05 Fimbul Winter
06 Storms of the Elder
07 Slaget Ved Hafrsjord
08 Ballad of the Swords
09 Outro - After the Storm


ASGARDIAN are back!

ASGARDIAN band that was on hold since 2013 are now back
and the band re-released their 2013's EP "Frozen For Eternity", remastered, for the event.

Frozen For Eternity EP by Asgardian

Guest Musicians :

EX DEO album news

Now concept of their upcoming album was unveiled, the EXO DEO shared through their label, one teaser and the tracklist for “The Immortal Wars” album coming out this february 24th :

1 The Rise of Hannibal
2 Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum)
3 Crossing of the Alps
4 Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)
5 Cato Major: Carthago delenda est!
6 Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)
7 The Spoils of War
8 The Roman

DIABOL BORUTA released "Widziadla" album

DIABOL BORUTA now released their new album titled "Widziadla".
You can get in CD and digital versions.

01. Nim Zawieje Wiatr
02. Wietrznik
03. Marzanna - Smiercicha
04. Nim Pierwsza Gwiazda Wzesla
05. Rusalka
06. Bledne Ogniki
07. Wyjce
08. Jarmark Widziadel
09. Sobotki
10. W Moim Ogrodecku
11. The Winder
12. Kupala Night


PAGAN THRONE plans to release their new record by next year.
Find below the track listting for Pagan Empire : Against the Usurpers of the Throne EP :

01. Pagan Empire - Against the Usurpers of the Throne
02. Fallen Heroes
03. Beast of the Sea
04. Kingdom Rises
05. The Trial of the Gods

Bonus EP “Pagan Heart” :
01. The Trial of the Gods
02. Disease of the New World
03. Pagan Heart

SAOR released "Guardians" album

"Guardians", the new album by SAOR is now released and available in various editions and bundle to Bandcamp.

TRACKLIST : 01. Guardians 02. The Declaration
03. Autumn Rain
04. Hearth
05. Tears of a Nation

CERNUNNOS debut album soon

CERNUNNOS band from Argentina 
will release their first full length 
by December 1st.

The title is "Leaves of Blood".

Fires of YOMI

YOMI unveiled lyrics video for the seventh track of their new album titled Genpei.



changed title for their new album by "Héros, Dites-Moi!".

Expect the new album for March 2017.

DRENAÏ EP out in this month

Nadirs EP by DRENAÏ will be released this november 18th.

Pre-orders by French people are possible until this sunday  while others have to wait for the release date.

NORDHEIM will release Rapthor soon

Next year, NORDHEIM will release their new album that is entitled "Rapthor". The band unveiled the artwork :

SERPENTYNE, the dark queen

SERPENTYNE unveiled their video for The Dark Queen song taken from their new album, "The Serpent's Kiss".

Tusmørke album by HULDRE is out now

HULDRE band released their second full length entitled "Tusmørke".

You can get a copy to that store.

TRACKLIST : 01. Jagt 02. Hindeham 03. Varulv 04. Underjordisk 05. Skifting 06. Fæstemand 07. Mørke 08. Tæring 09. Nattesorg


Digisleeve CD version for  the DOWNFALL OF NUR / SELVANSsplit 
record are now available.

You can order through bandcamp but golden vinyls are already sold out.
I. Intro/ SOL
II. Selvans – Pater Surgens
III. Downfall of Nur – Mater Universi
IV. Outro/ LUNA

DRAUGÛL's new album for 2017

The next DRAUGÛL album is entitled "Winterspell" and will be available in the first week of january 2017. The Digipack will be released through Vegvisir Distribution.
Artwork done in collaboration with the talented and friend, Wappenschmied.
01. Fjällstorm
02. Hagalaz
03. Winterspell
04. Chant of the Ravencult
05. Trollsbane
06. Wytches
07. Byssan Lull
08. The Fall of Gondolin
09. Smoke Rises from the Mountain of Doom
10. Lake of Unnumbered Tears


LOCATION : Skellefteå, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Hellcommander Vargblod : all vocals and instruments

Draugul started back in 2009 when sole member Hellcommander Vargblod left his black metal band to form his new side project. Draugul focuses on various themes including Norse Mythology and History, Folklore, Tolkien Sagas and Nature.

The Voyager, album 2013
Tales of Loot and Plunder, album 2014 [ details ]
Chronicles Untold, album 2015 [ details ]
Winterspell, album 2017 [ details ]
Plagueweaver, EP 2019 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword
- Interview 2016

Front and back covers for ŪKANOSE debut album

ŪKANOSE shared with me the artwork for their debut album soon available.

YASRU third album released

YASRU band from Turkey now released their new album entitled "Börübay". You can get it passing by Itunes.

01.552 AD (Börü)
04.Nazar Eyle
05.Rüzgarìn Yìrlarì

ŪKANOSE debut album soon

SoundAge Productions will release by november, the debut and self-titled album by ŪKANOSE band from Lithuania. Heres the track listing :

01. Ko Liūdi?
02. Brolelių Pulkelis
03. Užupūtė
04. Ūkanose
05. Skrenc Bitela
06. Gintariniai Karial [ sound ]
07. Saulės Sodai [ sound ]
08. Gerkime (Corvus Corax Cover)
09. Trijų Seselių (2014 ) [ sound ]

New crowd funding project for ABINCHOVA

As for their Wegweiser album back in 2013, ABINCHOVA started a new fund campaign for their new album planned for 2017. This time, they will send two previously unreleased songs to anyone that will help them in this project, additionnal to their chosen perks.

The band shared lyrics video for one new song titled "Lichtfänge".

ÆXYLIUM debut EP available

Italian band ÆXYLIUM founded in 2014
released their very first EP "The Blind Crow" and shared the full stream :

Contact the band to order a copy.

2017 will be the 4th album by PIRATES FOR SAIL

PIRATES FOR SAIL are currently working on their next album entitled "Crabby Road".
They plan to release it around April 2017 and have started a fund campaign From there can be pre-ordered the record and help to the band with the making process of the full length.

SOWULO new album

SOWULO will soon release their second album about the sun.  Heres one small snippet of the acoutic full length 

YOMI released Genpei album

YOMI band I interviewed late July now released their second album "Genpei". It will soon be available for ordering at Soundage Productions, their label.

The album is based on the history of the Genpei War (1180-1185). It was a war between the Taira (Heike) and Minamoto (Genji) clans, who vied for power in the realm. Many scholars consider the Genpei war to be the first true samurai war, which established the samurai as the ruling class of Japan. The war ended with the destruction of the Taira and the establishment of the Kamakura shgunate or bakufu - a military government, the power of which would surpass that of the Emperor for many years to come. Learn more in their interview for Sword Chant.

01. Gion Bells Toll
02. The First Battle of Uji
03. Scarlet Banners
04. Minamoto
05. All is Void

PRIMORDIAL live album available for pre-order

November 25th, PRIMORDIAL will release a live album "Gods to the Godless" available for pre-order.

01.Gods to the Godless
02.Babel's Tower
03.Where Greater Men Have Fallen
04.No Grave Deep Enough
05.As Rome Burns
06.The Alchemist's Head
07.Bloodied Yet Unbowed
08.The Coffin Ships
09.Heathen Tribes
10.Wield Lightning to Split the Sky
11.Empire Falls


Today, I learnt the UNREST FATALIST disbanded, while I asked them for a release date for the physical version of their album "Rising Anger" that will never see the daylight in the end....

Due to personal matters, they split-up five months ago. So it is a bit after they made their album available for streaming. That means the only way for us to enjoy their recordings.

One official statement would have been welcome...

Evocation II by ELUVEITIE soon

ELUVEITIE are currently working on the so long-awaited Evocation II album and have made short videos :