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MYRKGRAV : a new album will be in the end!

"Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen" (Thank you and farewell - times have changed), the upcoming MYRKGRAV EP became a full length to expect by late autumn 2016.

HEIDRA parts ways with their keyboard player

This is their announcement of the day :
Heidra part ways with long-time keyboard player, Danny Svendsen. For 8-9 years Danny has been a part of this band. He has helped shape it into what it is today with his talent as a keyboard player and songwriter. Unfortunately, that sometimes isn't enough to maintain a good working relationship. Our views on the direction of the band and how to run it were simply irreconcilable. It is with no small amount of regret that we have to take this step. We wish Danny all the best in his future musical endeavors and thank him for all the hard work he has put into making this band what it is today. For now, there will be no replacement. This will have no consequences as far as future concerts are concerned, nor will it delay our second album, which we are working hard on at the moment. Everything continues as planned. Their second album is planned for next year.

TOTER FISCH second EP is coming soon

The second and limited acoustic EP by TOTER FISCH is entitled "Bottoms Up Treasure".

Seven tracks complete the record that will be available for 5 € from this September 10th, 2016 :

01. Six shades of rotten fisches
02. La Buse (new version)
03. Quinze Marins (Michel Tonnerre cover)
04. Hangman's Dance
05. Le Grand Coureur (sailor song)
06. Kings of the Sea (new version)
07. See you beyond the horizon

First versions of "La Buse " and "Kings of the Sea" songs are parts of their debut EP "Blood, Rum & Piracy".

The attempted boycott against TÝR

Utmarken : lyrics for Utmarken album

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Utmarken
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Strömkarlens Son
02. Välkommen Till Norrland
03. En Stadig Puls
04. Till Skogs
05. Tystnadens Röst
06. Dråparen
07. Vintern
08. Regnet Faller
09. Häxkonst
10. Bleka Toner
11. Yxtid
12. Norrland Är Mörkt Nog Ändå

DIABOL BORUTA : Srebrne Żmije video


HEID debut album for november

Today, HEID shared the following news :

After these months in the gloom, we're finally starting to see the "Alba".

Yes friends, "Alba" (Daybreak) will be the name of our first album, set to be available on 14th of November and it will have 10 tracks.

The EX DEO's future plans

The band shared the following statement :

"Hello everyone a quick message from yours truly , We have been getting MANY requests about " IF Ex Deo WILL RETURN TO THE LIVE STAGE " at the moments I must be sincere and I have to say that NO plans have been made for EX DEO to do any touring or plays shows for the next album , so rumors of us touring soon are untrue .
We have done the album because there was demand for it and because we missed it and wanted the challenge ourselves to see if we can top the "Romulus" and " Caligvla" albums , to be honest EX DEO is a tough project live and demands a lot time ( which we dont have much to spare ) , However we are currently exploring some options for 2017 but we are not certain if we will do them , most likely not, for those who want to see the band live then you will need to make your voices heard to the people who matter and spread the word , so the other guys in the band are willing to put back their armours an…

STORMTIDE music video

Heres the new STORMTIDE music video for Wrath of an Empire song taken from their debut album.

IMPERIAL CRYPT released their debut album

IMPERIAL CRYPT band from the USA, released their debut album entitled "Fate of the All​-​Father".

That's a concept album inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire and the Norse myth of Ragnarok, 'Fate of the All-Father' combines the raw atmosphere and intensity of Black Metal with the grandiose power of Viking Inspired Melodic Death Metal.

OLAM EIN SOF new video

Here is the new music video by OLAM EIN SOF for the last track from "Reino de Cramfer" album.

TROBAR : full "Charivari" album stream

Back in April 2014, 
the band TROBAR released their album entitled
Today can be found the full album stream on many platforms, so is here :

FAUN released "Midgard"

FAUN now released their new album "Midgard" available here for streaming.

01.Midgard Prolog
03.Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad)
04.Alba II Intro **
05.Alba II
06.Nacht des Nordens
08.Gold und Seide
12.Lange Schatten
13.Aufbruch **
14.Alswinn **
15.Räven **

** Ltd edition.

New FEUERSCHWANZ album released

FEUERSCHWANZ released "Sex Is Muss" album and that video truly not for kids.

 01. Ketzerei
 02. Krieger des Mets
 03. Sex is Muss
 04. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt
 05. Taugenix
 06. Hexenjagd
 07. Ringelpietz
 08. Nachtlied
 09. Moralisch (höchst verwerflich)
 10. Teufel
 11. Es wollt ein Bauer früh aufstehn
 12. Ruderboot

The full length is available to AmazonEMP,and iTunes.

The new WINTERSTORM album is out now

WINTERSTORM released their new album entitled "Cube of Infinity". Get a copy to EMP or Amazon.
This record combines myth and darkness.

02.Pacts Of Blood And Might
03.In Clarity
04.Secrets And Lies
05.Effects Of Being
06.Through The Storm
07.Cube Of Infinity
08.Frozen Awakening
10.Hymn Of Solitude

ASENBLUT released "Berserker" album

The new album "Berserker" by out now and available CD to the webshop of the band and EMP, as well as Itunes for digital.

TRACKLIST : 01. Berserkerzorn 02. Titanenerbe 03. Offenbarung 23 04. Helden Des Ewigen Sturms 05. Auf den Feldern Von Flandern 06. Drachenborn [ lyrics video ] 07. Des Alchemisten Elixier 08. Bittere Wacht 09. Berserkers Ruhmeserinnerungen 10. Schatten Über Arkham 11. Horizonte 12. Auf Grauen Schwingen 13. BONUS TRACK: Berserker Rage (english version)

FAUN 's Midgard album stream and video

Tomorrow will be released the new album "Midgard" by FAUN, available here for streaming, and below their new video for the re-worked version of "Sonnenreigen" (Lughnasad) also available on this site.

Niðavellir song by SKÁLMÖLD

SKÁLMÖLD shared lyrics video for "Niðavellir" song avaialble on their forthcoming album "Vögguvísur Yggdrasils".

LEŚNE LICHO music video

LEŚNE LICHO unveiled their official video for the song "Zabij Trolla" taken from their released album "Pieśni Starego Lasu".

EPHYRA lyrics video for "Riding With The Sun" track

Bakerteam Records published one EPHYRA lyrics video for the song "Riding With The Sun" taken from "Along the Path" album.

Are NIDHOEGGR invaded by crazyness ?

Winners of that Ensiferm contest, NIDHOEGGR, covered this strange song available in Finnish as well as English. :-)

Everyone gets its own way to enjoy vacations, after all :)

Interview with UTMARKEN

I interviewed Mathias Gyllengahm about his musical path, his band UTMARKEN and debut album but future as well.

01. Hi Mathias, how are you ? :-) Hello Krissy, am doing fine. I’m still on “vacation” (which means working as much as possible on the next album, haha!)

EQUILIBRIUM released Armageddon

Armageddon, the new album signed EQUILIBRIUM is out now in CD, Digi and digital.

Tracklist of the second CD of the digi ltd version is same as the album but instrumental.


02. Erwachen
03. Katharsis
04. Heimat
05. Born to Be Epic [ sound ]
06. Zum Horizont
07. Rise Again
08. Prey [ sound ]
09. Helden
10. Koyaaniskatsi
11. Eternal Destination [ sound ]

Glöd video by FEJD

FEJD released a new video for "Glöd" song taken from their new album "Trolldom".

Pre-listen three new tracks by WOLFCHANT

WOLFCHANT started to broadcast videos under their recent youtube page.

The second video let you pre-listen three new songs taken from their upcoming album  "Bloodwinter".

EQUILIBRIUM - Eternal Destination video

EQUILIBRIUM made a new music video for their song "Eternal Destination" taken from Armageddon album available for pre-order to Nuclear Blast label.

MYRKGRAV to their fans

MYRKGRAV shared the following words to their fans :
"Almost a year has passed since the last Myrkgrav update, so I hope some of you are still following this page. Why, you say? Well, because I have some big small news:
2016 marks the 10 year anniversary since the release of "Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning". There was supposed to be a follow-up full-length called "Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen", but due to huge changes in life-related circumstances, the album will never happen. 
My sincerest apologies.
HOWEVER, all of the material for the album minus the vocals have already been recorded and mixed years ago. As I am at this point confident in the fact that I will never muster the drive and energy to finish the vocal arrangements for the album, I am prepared to "release" all the material to the public - the instrumentals for the songs that were supposed to make up the album. They will be put up on Bandcamp and all digital streaming services.

WARDRUNA new album for october

"Runaljod – Ragnarok" is the title of the new WARDRUNA album planned to be released to October 21, 2016. It will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

01. Tyr
02. UruR
03. Isa
04. MannaR – Drivande
05. MannaR – Liv
06. Raido
07. Pertho
08. Odal
09. Wunjo
10. Runaljod

Total running time: 58:36

Presales begin on August 19th.

CRYSTALMOORS new album details

Find below the artwork together with the tracklist for the third full length by CRYSTALMOORS that is a double CD entitled "The Mountain Will Forgive Us".

Their label will also reissue their previous album "Circle of the Five Serpents".

The Struggle single by TENGGER CAVALRY now out

TENGGER CAVALRY released their new single for the track "The Struggle" + one intro.

The Struggle (single) by Tengger Cavalry

Twenty years of SURTURS LOHE

Ragnfalt shared with me, his feelings regarding his band SURTURS LOHE that is celebrating the 20th Anniversary.  Also, he shared some words about “Seelenheim” album that is coming soon.

01. Hi Ragnfalt! Twenty years ago was founded SURTURS LOHE… There was some line-up change but three years after band creation was released the first demo and then, two splits were, and a 4th album is coming soon… How much did you enjoy this adventure until now ? Twenty years of SURTURS LOHE is a real adventure. If I think back in the nineties, it feels like a travel trough the time. Still...there are many thinks happen. The scene has changed a lot. When we started 20 years ago to make music, the bands with pagan background were complete different. First, there was much less Pagan Metal bands in Germany. There were in Thuringia maybe eight bands, three of them in South Thuringia (MENHIR, TUMULUS and SURTURS LOHE).

Kaatarakt release soon

Viking metal band from Switzerland,KAATARAKT
will release Follow The Raven EP on September 17th.

01. Intro
02. Follow The Raven
03. Flesh And Bones
04. Waiting For The Ragnarok
05. Bloodwings

Full stream for "La Senda Eterica" album by BARLOVENTOS

BARLOVENTOS unveiled their forthcoming album "La Senda Eterica" now planned to be released on October 1st. Meanwhile, the band is currently working one music video promoting that album.

One video from AKUHENA YAVARI

AKUHENA YAVARI band from Venezuela made a music video for their song "Jadujato".

Celtic land by MYSTERIA MORTIS

MYSTERIA MORTIS unveiled a new video for the song "Celtic Land" taken from "Our Time" album.

Ars Mystica by CORVUS CORAX released

CORVUS CORAX released a CD compilation "Ars Mystica" that is a selection of the best mystic pieces from 1989 to 2016 by the band. All tracks are remastered. As a bonus this cd debuts “Corvus Corax Trioculi”, their“Game of Thrones” soundtrack version. The cd comes in a digipak with a 16 pages booklet. You can get it over here.
TRACKLIST : 01. Impressiones 02. Lá í mBealtaine 03. Mille Anni Passi Sunt 04. Corvus Corax Trioculi (Game of Thrones Theme)  05. Sverker  06. Cheiron  07. Hymnus Apollon  08. Qui Nous Demaine  09. Unicornis  10. Die Klage  11. Ballade de Mercy  12. Is Nomine Vacans (Gothic 3) 13. O Varium Fortune 14. Ergo Bibamus  15. Palästinalied


FROZEN SHIELD published a music video for "Path to Oblivion" song taken from Deafening woods EP.
That video isn't for sensitive people.

STORMTIDE debut album out now

STORMTIDE released their debut album "Wrath of an Empire" Orders can be through bandcamp.

01. Wrath of an Empire
02. As Two Worlds Collide
03. Dawnsinger
04. Conquer the Straits
05. Sage of Stars
06. A Heroes Legacy
07. Ride to Ruin
08. Ascension
09. The Green Duck

Interview with FIMBULVET

I interviewed Stephan Gauger from FIMBULVET regarding their upcoming double release "Heidenherz" for the main.

01. Hi Stephan! First of all, what means the band name and this band FIMBULVET to you ? Hi Krissy! FIMBULVET is in the pagan mythology the giant or eternal winter, consisting of three consecutive severe winters. That means it is one of the signs for the Ragnarök Götterdämmerung.
I founded the band in 2003 and it means for me today after 13 years, almost everything. It is my child, I will always cherish, along with my colleagues.