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THE PRIVATEER released The Goldsteen Lay album

THE PRIVATEER now released their new full length entitled "The Goldsteen Lay". You can order right here.

01. Preamble
02. Where fables are made03. Draft of the strange
04. Wide in the open
05. Arrival
06. As we saw some path
07. Ocean of green
08. Survival of the quickest
09. Gunpowder magic [ sound ]
10. Derelict
11. The island, it’s calling

New track by FORODWAITH

FORODWAITH band from Belarus unveiled a new track "Mani" taken from their upcoming album titled "The One".

The Distrollbar split out now

DISTORIAMTROLLWAR and TROBAR released their split titled "Distrollbar".

01. Distoriam - Les Héros du Passé
02. Trobar - Marée Noire
03. Trollwar - Soup of a Thousand Souls
04. Distoriam - Magnetic North (French Poutine Version) (Alestorm Cover)
05. Trobar - Légende Indienne (Quebec Folk Song)
06. Trollwar - Nectars of Eden (Ebony Tears Cover)
07. Distrollbar - Chant Sacré (Metal Version) (Laurent Paquin Cover)

Buying the release :
iTunes/Apple Music: Spotify: Google Music: Amazon Music:

Details for the new ENSIFERUM album

ENSIFERUM will release their 7th album "Two Paths" by September 15th.
Here how it sounds like :

Produced by Anssi Kippo (Astia-studio), the master was recorded on tape, for a true analogue experience :

KOENIX released Dürs Füür

May 13rd, KOENIX released their new album "Dürs Füür" available to their webshop.

01 - Summerching
02 - Dürs Füür
03 - Märliland
04 - Feschtwäse und wo si z finge si
05 - Es brucht nid meh
06 - Dür Nacht und Wind
07 - Huracán
08 - Flamme
09 - Bösi Wünsch
10 - Perelín
11 - Ir Herbärg
12 - Mi Musig
13 - Dampfwalzer
14 - Heiwäg
15 - Sunnenufgang

MAGLOR released Asunder album

MAGLOR released their new album titled "Asunder" that is their second full length.
Available worldwide on digital, CD, and vinyl formats on bandcamp :

Asunder by Maglor

CELTIBEERIAN : the wolf I am video

CELTIBEERIAN unveiled their new official video for the song "The Wolf I Am", taken from "Deiwos" album that will be released on September 1st.

New FIRTAN song

"In lichtlosen Tiefen" is the new song by FIRTAN performed here at Ragnarök Festival 2017. 
The track will be part of the upcoming and second album of the band.

From Dusk To Ascend single by FROSTTIDE

FROSTTIDE unveiled their new single titled "From Dusk To Ascend" available here in various formats.

The standard version includes the single track + 2 bonus songs.
The deluxe one includes the single track + bonus tracks + high res. artwork + wallpapers and this lyrics video :

So this is how it sounds now.

Here is a little insight about the songs from this single :

OBSCURITY released Streitmacht

"Streitmacht", the new album by OBSCURITY celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band is out now here.

01. 793
02. Meine Vergeltung
03. Streitmacht Bergisch Land
04. Non Serviam
05. Hinrichtung
06. Todesengel
07. Endzeit
08. Herbstfeldzüge
09. Ehre den Gefallenen
10. Was uns bleibt

Omphalos by CESAIR

"Omphalos" will be the second full length by CESAIR to be released on September 1st via Foxy records. Stephan Groth of FAUN will take part in the release for one song there.
Omphalos, the navel of the world, is a place on earth that connects the inner microcosmos to the vast macrocosmos around us. A symbol that surpasses time, space, culture and man's beliefs. A bridge between the old and the new, "Omphalos" features 12 original songs performed by the current and former members of the band. 
Pre-orders can be to their website.

Interview with MYRKGRAV

I interviewed Lars Jensen,  the one behind the MYRKGRAV project.

01. Hi Lars! Do you remember when and how you founded Myrkgrav ?  Myrkgrav was born out of the simple fact that I wanted to compose the music I would personally enjoy listening to, which is a common factor I share with many, many other artists. It was back in 2003 when I began fiddling with the more folk- and viking influenced side of extreme metal, after listening to mostly Norwegian black metal for a few years, but also having recently discovered that I quite enjoyed Scandinavian folk music as well as bands like Månegarm, Otyg, Vintersorg, Fejd (which was quite young in the game at the time) and the likes.

SPIRE released Tume Veel album

SPIRE band from Russia released their second album entitled "Tume Veel" that you can listen right here :

Tume Veel by SPIRE

FROM NORTH video and album soon

The young Swedish band FROM NORTH founded last year released their first video taken from their S/T debut album coming soon.

Epona video by ELUVEITIE

ELUVEITIE unveiled their new video for Epona song taken from "Evocation II - Pantheon" album available for pre-order to Nuclear Blast.

A new split named Distrollbar

"Distrollbar" is the result of three folk Canadian folk metal bands united that you'll be able to listen from July 21, 2017 through all digital platforms.
DISTORIAMTROLLWAR and TROBAR made this split together featuring previously unreleaed tracks and covers :
01. Distoriam - Les Héros du Passé
02. Trobar - Marée Noire
03. Trollwar - Soup of a Thousand Souls
04. Distoriam - Magnetic North (French Poutine Version) (Alestorm Cover)
05. Trobar - Légende Indienne (Quebec Folk Song)
06. Trollwar - Nectars of Eden (Ebony Tears Cover)
07. Distrollbar - Chant Sacré (Metal Version) (Laurent Paquin Cover)

One compilation celebrating the 10 years of Sword Chant

November 10, 2017 will be the ten years anniversary for this site thus, I would like to release one compilation for free download and with agreement of all the rights owners, as you may know...

This is opened for all Folk Metal, and Folk bands (celtic, medieval, traditional, pagan bands only).The song has to be new or previously unreleased. Tracks from release 2017 work too.All the team behind the track has to agree for the free download.Email me with your band contact and enter the title "Compilation SC - 10 years" to the subject.Let me know if you're signed under a label or not,and everything about the track (story, songwriting year...) that will not be related with politic, nor hateful topics.Lyrics ("words and music by ____" included), and special words are possible.These lyrics with translations or not will feat. here later.You have until September 30, 2017.


"First Night Back In Port" album by YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS is now released under Napalm records.
01. Annabel
02.  A Night at the Schwarzer Kater
03.  First Night Back in Port
04.  All the Way to Galway
05.  Cooper's Rum
06.  Skippy Aye Yo
07.  I Dream of You
08.  A Declaration of Independence
09.  For a Fragile Moment's Ease
10. We are Ye Banished Privateers
11. Bosun's Verses
12. Eastindiamen
13. Devil's Bellows
14. Ringaroo at Cooper's inn
15. Mermaid's Kiss

The band unveiled a new video too :