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ELD : Working with Fferyllt

FFERYLLT is a russian band founded in 2007. The band made one demo, one single and two albums. They are currently working on their third album. FFERYLLT contacted me for some help for the making of their upcoming full lenght.
They were searching for some people making their album to sound right. ELD is pleased to help them in this matter. More news will be later on.
Website of the band:


LOCATION : Krakow, Poland

Status : Active
Music : Black Pagan

Mateusz Kujawa : vocals
Pazuzu : drums
Dawid Wierzbicki : bass
Krzysztof "Gambit" Stanisz : guitars
Zagreus : guitars

ARTAIUS interview

I interviewed Enrico from ARTAIUS.
01. Hi! Can you tell us the ARTAIUS story from its beginning to now ? We started playing together in 2008, with the aim of merging folk tunes and atmospheres with the raw power of metal music: after some lineup changes, we finally got the right people to grow up as a band. We released an EP in 2011 and started playing live more intensively, sharing the stage with great acts such as Kalevala, Furor Gallico, Diabula Rasa. Meanwhile, we recorded our very first full-length and now we’re looking for gigs to promote it!

02. The band is influenced by a lot of musical genres, how was it integrated inside the band ?  Everyone of us has different musical tastes, ranging from metalcore to jazz: we try to blend all of them in something unique. Sometimes it’s a hard quest, but we strongly believe that all that different influences can definitely enrich our sound.

03. Why have you chosen that Celtic epithet name, ARTAIUS, for your band ? Artaius is the name of a Gau…

ELD : Thy Worshiper: New Twitter page!

Indeed. I suggested the band THY WORSHIPER to set in fire their previous twitter page because of some problems the band met with it.
Since March 29th of 2012 & due to bad settings, the personal facebook's news from one bandmember were shared over there, and without band news. Too bad for the official twitter page of the band...
Because it would have been too crazy to delete all the tweets of that active person there, I adviced them to close their twitter account, creating a new one, and to link their facebook bandpage together with their twitter page.
Once I explained them the process, their test worked good. Since then, everybody can be sure to find the band's news also into the new twitter page for the band:

Here is the new THY WORSHIPER page on twitter:

Official website of the band:
Their Facebook page: