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SKÁLMÖLD - Vögguvísur Yggdrasils Teaser

Find below one teaser for the new SKÁLMÖLD album "Vögguvísur Yggdrasils" available for pre-order.

Born To Be Epic, the new EQUILIBRIUM song

EQUILIBRIUM revealed a new song "Born To Be Epic" taken from their forthcoming Armageddon album. 

EVENTIDE EP full stream

EVENTIDE released an EP available for streaming on youtube. The record is entitled "Racconti del crepuscolo" and deals with nature, myths and legends such as king Arthur on "Brume" track or "Daedalus and Icarus" ("Essere Icaro" song). "Autunno" ("Autumn") is about a man who realizes that he's facing death, so he undertakes a long journey into the comprehension of his life and his fragility.

LOU QUINSE second album

LOU QUINSE are currently recording their second album. The record is entitled "Lo Sabbat".


“Marysia” is a new song taken from the upcoming album “Strzyga” by PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH. Awaiting the record planned while autumn, the band made a music video for that song :

YLANDE released Дорога домой

NYTT LAND' side project YLANDE released Дорога домой album available here :

Дорога домой by Ylande

New single for ATAVICUS

ATAVICUS released a new and limited edition single hand numbered. Heres one of the two songs "L'Ardire Degli Avi" extract from their forthcoming album.

1.L'Ardire Degli Avi (Promo Edit)
2.L'Aquila e il Falco (Pooh Cover)

Contact the band to get your copy (3€ + shipping).

RAPALJE full DVD stream

RAPALJE shared onto their website their full DVD 2008 for streaming.

ELUVEITIE live video at Paleo Festival

ARTE TV shared the full ELUVEITIE show at Paleo Festival 2016, Nyion, CH. The video is available to that link.

ELIWAGAR released "I Vølven's Vev" album

"I Vølven's Vev" album by ELIWAGAR is now released. You can get it vinyl passing by Bandcamp, and digital at Cdbaby.

YOMI interview

Here comes one interview withArtiom from YOMI. We discussed about the past and future of the band.

01. Hi Artiom! Back in 2013, the Japanese Folk Metal band from Latvia, YOMI, was born. How did this project come to life ? Hello ! In a way, the band had started quite a while ago, some 7 years ago. I have always been interested in Asian cultures, Japanese especially, and when 7 years ago I started playing music and discovered folk metal, I almost immediately thought that it would be cool to combine folk metal with Japanese traditional melodies. I also tried to actually do that, but did not succeed due to the lack of musical experience, and abandoned the idea for a while. Around 2013 my previous band fell apart and I also moved to another city, so I thought that maybe it was a good time to start something new. And this is when I remembered that I had had this Japanese folk metal idea in the past, and finally decided to make it come true. So I started looking for bandmates and writing song…

FAUN Snippets Midgard

Here is a very first Snippet of our upcoming CD MIDGARD. Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad) is a song about the celtic summer celebration "Lughnasad" and about the turning wheel of the year.

Here is another snippet of a song of our upcoming CD "MIDGARD". It was a great honour for us, to work here together with Wardruna from Norway. Like only a very few other bands Wardruna spezialised in the Viking tradition and the meaning of the runes. Many of you might now them as the co-composer of the soundtrack for the TV series "Vikings". In our song we are telling the story how Odin was hanging nine days at Ygggdrasil to receive the runes. Later in the song Wardruna sing one of the most central parts of the Edda, where Odin speaks directly to the reader about the right usage of the runemagic.

You can pre-order "Cube of Infinity" by WINTERSTORM

The new album "Cube of Infinity" by WINTERSTORM is now available for pre-order to the following links :

02.Pacts Of Blood And Might
03.In Clarity
04.Secrets And Lies
05.Effects Of Being
06.Through The Storm
07.Cube Of Infinity
08.Frozen Awakening
10.Hymn Of Solitude

Vike Tare

LOCATION : Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony, Germany

Status : On hold
Music : Black Pagan

Jesco : guitar
Floris : guitar
André : drums, keyboards
Carsten : bass, acoustic guitar
Stefan : vocals

SVIRNATH : Il Regno della Natura out now

SVIRNATH released their debut album "Il Regno della Natura" under Naturmacht Productions.

<a href="">Il Regno della Natura by Svirnath</a>

NIFROST released Motvind

Motvind, the debut album by NIFROST is now available to this page and bandcamp :
Motvind by Nifrost

From the mountains to Pocono

I interviewed Jeff, founder of the event named « Pocono Folk Metal Fest » taking place to the USA.

01. Hi, Jeff ! So, you founded the « Pocono Folk Metal Fest ». How came the idea ?  HI Krissy !! Well I will try to keep it brief (haha). In January or early February of 2015, I saw that the Paganfest tour was not coming to the US for one reason or another and I was extremely upset by it. So I thought to myself « Could I possibly put together a show similar to it with acts/friends of mine ? » I started by posting on websites and groups to gauge interest and had numerous bands wanting to play and the rest is , as they say, history. I named it « Pocono Folk Metal Fest » since I live in an area near the Pocono  Mountains in Pennsylvania….is there anything more metal than mountains ?? It is officially called « Pocono Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal Fest » and just shortened to Pocono Folk Metal Fest or PFMF.

A split with WINDFAERER

Windfaerer, Wolf Cloak and Dumal bands released a split together. You can get it on bandcamp.
Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika by Windfaerer

Fall of Frost EP by ACCURSED YEARS is out now

ACCURSED YEARS released their EP entitled "Fall of Frost" on Bandcamp where it is available for free download.

01. Changeling
02. Fall of Frost
03. Oaken Weave
04. Homeland

Niddikter album by FIMBULTYR released

The FIMBULTYR second album "Niddikter" is out now and can be purchased through Amazon in CD and digital.

01. Oförgätlig Erinran
02. Bergtagen av Sorg
03. Lindisfarne
04. Själaberövad
05. Balders Död
06. Av Resen Snärjd
07. Såda Hels Arme
08. Hedningens Tid

The first E-AN-NA record will be an EP

E-AN-NA are currently working on their debut EP "Jiana" planned for September. Five tracks complete the extended play :

01. Înşivă
02. Hora pe Furate
03. Jiana (EP version)
04. Şivoi
05. Codru

SKÁLMÖLD new album soon

SKÁLMÖLD will release a new album by September 30th. The full length is entitled "Vögguvísur Yggdrasils" (Lullabies Of Yggdrasil), and holds 9 lullabies, one from each of the Nine Worlds of the heathen cosmology, the band added.

01. Múspell
02. Niflheimur
03. Niðavellir
04. Miðgarður
05. Útgarður
06. Álfheimur
07. Ásgarður
08. Helheimur
09. Vanaheimur

LTD Edition Bonus CD track listing :
10. Drink (Alestorm Cover)
11. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur (Sigur Rós Cover)
12. Nattfödd (Finntroll Cover)
13. Lazer Eyes (Thor Cover)
14. Helreið afa
15. Upprisa (Live)
16. Hefnd (Live)
17. Dauði (Live)

A very special split 7“ single will be available featuring the Alestorm cover version of “Drink”, as well as the Skálmöld cover “Kvaðning” by ALESTORM.

SKÁLMÖLD will be on European tour from the end of October 2016, together with Korpiklaani and Moonsorrow.
Check out the Live Events page of Sword Chant for more details.

SURTURS LOHE : Seelenheim album details

September 2nd, 2016 marks the release date for the forthcoming SURTURS LOHE album that is entitled "Seelenheim" and means "Home of souls".

01. Der Kaiser im Berg
02. Lohe Surt
03. Seelenheim
04. Unter der Linden
05. Gotengrab
06. Sumar Kehre Heim
07. Schwertleite
08. Schildwacht

This fourth full length celebrates the 20th anniversary of the band.

FIMBULVET : Wälderritt (Re-Recording) video

Einheit Produktionen revealed  one re-recorded version of the FIMBULVET song "Wälderritt" taken from "Heidenherz" album coming soon. This song is part of "Ewiger Winter" album at origins.

THUNDARKMA music video

THUNDARKMA band from Colombia released a video for the tracks "Quyhyna" & "Chihicha", taken from their debut album "Tiempo de morir" (time to die) out in 2014.

SURTURS LOHE sings Summer

SURTURS LOHE will release a new album entitled "Seelenheim" on September 2nd, under Einheit Produktionen. Below is the first song unveiled. "Sumar kehre Heim" deals with seasons, and Summer for the main.


Before to release their full length planned for next year, HIDDENLAND have chosen to release one EP titled "Fuego en el Alma". These tracks complete the record and will feat. re-recorded on the upcoming album :

01. Fuego en el Alma (Intro Pasillo)
02. Promesa
03. Abaddona

You can get Fuego en el Alma EP here.


VARANG NORD band I interviewed lately, released a new music video.
You know, lyrics of this music we love are more about history tribute, nature or mythology than pure battles or drinks... I would like to express my condoleances to the French and German victims of the recent and insane attacks again.
This song by VARANG NORD is inspired by the attack on Lindisfarne, and depicts the approach of raiders.

GRIMTOTEM single coming soon

This year, Chilean band GRIMTOTEM will release a new single.

This is the tracklist :
01: Kütral
02: Invunche

Teaser :

EMIAN released their second album

EMIAN released a new album entitled "Khymeia".  You can listen, and order "Khymeia" album passing by bandcamp.
Khymeia by EMIAN PaganFolk

FIRTAN new drummer and video

FIRTAN published the following:
Here 's our new official live video captured at Out & Loud Festival! We want to take the opportunity to announce that Firtan is complete again and to present our new Drummer David! His skills will take our new songs to the next level and we're really looking forward to present you our new work together. Hope you like it and it would be great if you could share the news!

FIMBULVET double CD in september

September 2nd, German band FIMBULVET will reissue two albums "Ewiger Winter“ and "Der Ruf in goldene Hallen“ together with four unreleased bonus tracks. The whole, in a digi entitled "Heidenherz".


01. Heer der Ewigkeit
02. Thronend
03. Sonnenuntergang
04. Schlacht im Schnee
05. Verschneite Welt
06. Walvaters Pfand
07. Der Raben Raunen
08. Wälderritt

VARANG NORD music and experiences

I interviewed Khurr from the band VARANG NORD.
01. Hi, Khurr! VARANG NORD has seen the day light from the ashes of the BALAGURI band. What means the name and the band for you ? Hello! For us, the name Varang Nord signifies that transition from the former band and all the characteristics we want to put in our music. It's harsh, it's wintry, it's northern and it's warlike. Moreover, if the name Balaguri suggested closer ties to the Slavic culture, Varang Nord actually broadens this, because we wanted not only to make our music more serious and heavy, but also sing about the whole northern/north-eastern and bit of central Europe. 

02. BALAGURI did not work… What problem have you met there ?  Many members of the band were pretty young at that time, and, you know, still trying to find themselves. People change, plans change, ideas change, and not always it is possible to maintain a band with all these changes around.

SCYTHIA : three tracks for free

SCYTHIA, who recently released "Lineage" album, gives you the opportunity to get three tracks for free download. Jump to this link to download them.

Details for the next FAUN album "Midgard"

FAUN said the following details regarding their new album "Midgard" coming out this August 19th, 2016 :
At friday the 19th of august 2016 we will release our new CD "MIDGARD".  "MIDGARD" will be a musical journey into the north. Into the myths and the world of the vikings and the northern celts. We will sing about Alswinn, the sky horse, about nights in enchanted birch forests, about sun celebrations, ravens, foxes and about Odin himself. With the help of great guest musicians and an elaborate illustrated booklett MIDGARD will be released in two editions :  - Standard edition (in a jewel case, with 11songs & 24 pages booklet)  - Limited deluxe edition (in a digipack with 15 songs & 28 pages booklett). We could not be more proud about a CD. MIDGARD became a very magical & archaic journey into the north. Very soon we will release the first snippets. You can already preorder MIDGARD here :

THITEENTH TAMBOURINE debut album released

THITEENTH TAMBOURINE (Тринадцатый Бубен) band from Ukraine released their album "Marsh Madness" in digital and CD.

01. Драпа (Drapa)
02. Болотный угар (Marsh Madness)
03. Жива (Alive)
04. Два солнца (Two Suns)
05. Заговор (Spell)
06. Речи мертвых (Speech of the Dead)
07. В обрывке камлания (In Scraps of the Rite)
08. Волколак (Werewolf)
09. Сквозь туман (Through the Mist)

ZNICH released Slova Ziamli EP

The new EP Slova Ziamli by ZNICH is out now. Worldwide shipping is by September.
01. Голас
02. Слова зямли
03. Зорка
04. Паясы
05. дунаю

New FEUERSCHWANZ album in August

FEUERSCHWANZ will  release a new album August 19th, 2016. The record entitled "Sex Is Muss" can be pre-ordered through Amazon.


  01. Ketzerei
  02. Krieger des Mets
  03. Sex is Muss
  04. Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt
  05. Taugenix
  06. Hexenjagd
  07. Ringelpietz
  08. Nachtlied
  09. Moralisch (höchst verwerflich)
  10. Teufel
  11. Es wollt ein Bauer früh aufstehn
  12. Ruderboot

ASENBLUT : Drachenborn lyrics video

ASENBLUT unveiled music and lyrics for their new single titled "Drachenborn". The track is taken from their album "Berserker", to be released August 19th and available for pre-order.

This song "Drachenborn" can be purchased at Itunes.

New YOMI track online

YOMI unveiled a new song on youtube. The track title is "All is Void" and it will be part of their upcoming album "Genpei", which will be out in summer/autumn 2016..

SERPENTYNE album news

Finally some news regarding The Serpent's Kiss, album title known here since the forum era.. This record by SERPENTYNE is planned for September 2016.
Heres the artwork :

FORTID released The Demo Sessions

The FORTID Demo Sessions is now available on bandcamp.
Find a brand new track called Illt skal með illu gjalda and a cover of the early Enslaved.

The Demo Sessions by Fortid

SKILTRON new album details

"Legacy Of Blood", the new album signed SKILTRON will be released September 30th as a ltd Digipack incl. Bonus song, jewelcase and Digital.

01 Highland Blood
02 Hate Of My Life
03 Commited To The Call
04 Sailing Under False Flags
05 The Taste Of Victory
06 Rise From Any Grave
07 Sawney Bean Clan
08 All Men Die
09 I'm Coming Home (ltd. Digi Bonus)

SVIRNATH debut album planned for this month

SVIRNATH is a Black Pagan metal band that deals with Nature. July 23rd will be released the debut album entitled "Il Regno della Natura" by the one-man band from Italy.

Have a listen on Bandcamp :

<a href="">Il Regno della Natura by Svirnath</a>

ACCURSED YEARS : Fall of Frost

ACCURSED YEARS unveiled "Fall of Frost" song taken from their new EP that will be out the 22/7/16.

KRAJINY HMLY released their debut album

The Pagan Black Metal band KRAJINY HMLY from Slovakia released their debut album entitled "Na Konci Ciest" that means "At the Journey's End". The record deals with Slavic nature, darkness and goddess Morana. Contact the label to order a copy of the full length. The price is £9 (P&P included), payable by PayPal. Alternative forms of payment can be.

01.V reťaziach spútané naveky
02.Do hlbín spánku zabudnutia
04.Cesta do temnoty ukrytej za hviezdami
05.Vo víchre času
06.Plameň už tíchne

IGNIS FATUU released "Meisterstich" album

The new album "Meisterstich" by IGNIS FATUU is now released in ltd digibook, cd and digitalunder the label Trollzorn
TRACKLIST : 01. Die vier Reiter der Apokalypse c. 1497 [ sound ]
02. Nemesis c. 1501
03. Ritter, Tod und Teufel 1513 04. Rhinocerus 1515 05. Der Liebestraum des Doktors c. 1498 06. Satyr und Nymphe 1505 07. Die wunderbare Sau von Landser 1496 08. Melencolia I 1514 09. Adam und Eva 1504 10. Das Meerwunder c. 1498 11. Sternenfall (Die Eröffnung des sechsten Siegels) c. 1497 12. Der Dudelsackspieler 1514 13. Der hl. Hieronymus im Gehäus 1514

First NINE TREASURES music video

NINE TREASURES published their very first music video that is designed for their new single "Wisdom Eyes".

VIKE TARE Feed The Flames

Frisian Pagan Black Metal band VIKE TARE will release their album "Feed The Flames" by September 2nd, 2016.

The title of the album as well as the band's name are linked to the old pagan custom Biikebrennen, an annual celebration held on February 21 in North Frisia ; celebration to Weda (one of the two Frisian war gods, often equated with Odin. The expulsion of evil spirits, protection of the seeds on the fields or fishermen's and whalers’ pleas for safe passage on the sea might be possible interpretations. During the celebration, bundles of straw or straw dolls (so called Petermännchen) are burned in a fire (Biike).

01. Feed the Flames (About One Who Wouldn't 0Obey)
02. Phobos Anomaly
03. Trutz, blanke Hans!
04. Die späte Rückkehr (Die Geschichte von Nis Randers)
05. Like a Silent Hill
06. Rebirth Denied
07. Der Fischer
08. Heimgang

TANZWUT released "Schreib es mit Blut"

"Schreib es mit Blut" by TANZWUT is out now. You can purchase to EMP.

Next month is a new TENGGER CAVALRY single

August 8th, TENGGER CAVALRY will release a new single entitled "The Struggle". Preview and pre-order :

The Struggle (single) by Tengger Cavalry

FINSTERFORST and their new record

Named as "EP" because four new tracks inside - I guess - The upcoming FINSTERFORST record “#YØLØ” is actually a full length within additional cover songs.

Release date's settled for September 16th.


01. Bottle Gods
02. Auf die Zwölf
03. ‪#‎YØLØ‬
04. Hangover
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Beat It
07. Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer
08. Flasche leer
09. Das Schlimmste ist, wenn das Bier alle ist
10. Wild Rover

ALESTORM : Live At The End Of The World DVD stream

ALESTORM's label streaming Live At The End Of The World DVD (2013) through their channel.
Enjoy here :

You can get a copy of the DVD to that link.

NORRSINNT video online

NORRSINNT is a solo project by Mathias Gyllengahm from UTMARKEN.
He unveiled his first real track "Vägen" (The path) to Sword Chant.

You can support this project buying the track here.

DRENAÏ concert in video

Find here the full show by DRENAÏ at Hörnerfest 2016 :

Setlist :

Tornekratt video by KAMPFAR

Today, KAMPFAR unveiled their new video for "Tornekratt" song taken from their new album "Profan" out now.

The new ELIWAGAR album is coming soon

The new ELIWAGAR album "I Vølven's Vev" will be released in vinyl under Merlin Nose Records on July 25th, 2016 and the digipack version will follow (under Nordafolk Records). Runahild shared some words about this record :

TRIDDANA unveils the artwork for the acoustic album

As you know, TRIDDANA launched a campaign to fund the making of their upcoming acoustic album. Today, the artwork revealed :

Tracks from "Ripe for Rebellion" and "The Power And The Will"  albums  will recover Twelves Acoustic Pieces,  acoustic version.

WARSEID debut album news

The first full length by WARSEID is entitled "A New Land To Find".
This is the artwork signed Kogaion Art together with the tracklist :

01. All Men Are Mortal
02. Dragons In The Mist
03. Between Shadows
04. In Themselves They Believed
05. When The Ravens Are Fed
06. The Winds Sang Of Death
07. Damnation

The record is planned to be release in 2016.

Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew


Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Boatswain Bill : bass, vocals
The Red Lady Sophia : keyboards, flute, piccolo, vocals
Crewhand Nubby : drums

Ras Nîr

LOCATION : Verona, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Mirko Saitz : vocals
Francesco Venturini : guitar
Pietro Darrell Rizzardi : guitar
Andrea Berti : bass
Siddarth Zanoni : drums

ACCURSED YEARS EP is coming soon

"Fall of Frost" is the title for the ACCURSED YEARS EP  coming soon.

01. Changeling
02. Fall of Frost
03. Oaken Weave
04. Homeland