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Happy new year 2015 to all of you!!

This year happened so much things to the point I made a small summary in the forum I updated for each time needed, available to registered users only. You will find below, this summary of the various changes in Sword Chant happened in the year of 2014.
This year, we have seen the Sword Chant facebook page to reach +1300 likes, and nearly 690 followers for my twitter page. Meanwhile, I have been impressed by the results of the recent flag counter on this website.
And since I love the world and the different cultures, you give me one great present by following Sword Chant! Thanks to all of you!

A new way for registration and to log in the forum

Hi Folks!
I had made one present for bands through ELD for the celebrations of December but nothing yet for their fans, our members of the forum and readers so here comes my present which is related with Sword Chant Forum. I hope that you will like it. :)
You already know the way of the platform to register and log in the forum but now can be another way for: You can register, log in the forum with your facebook account now. 
Members of the forum can associate their facebook account like they can dissociate. I have updated the rules (English & French), and the profile's tutorial regarding that matter.

You are from all around the globe, really! :D

I have to say that I'm surprised and very pleased of the results of the recent flag counter installed on this website on October 26, 2014.

Below is the result from that date until today, although that result was already amazing after one month active:

Clockwork Of Decadence by VORGRUM

VORGRUM revealed a new track from their debut album "Last Domain" coming out this February. The song title is "Clockwork Of Decadence":


LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina & Öland, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Nordic Folk

Johanna Ribnikov Gunnarsson : vocals, concertina.
Martín Fuchinecco : nyckelharpa, fiddle, kantele
Sergio Ribnikov Gunnarsson : bouzouki, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, jaw’s harp, offerdalspipa, low whistle, fujara, duduk, hurdy gurdy, udu, percussion

ZRYMGÖLL first official video online!

"Mr Folk", the 8th track of the "Mighty Tavern" album, is the first official video by  ZRYMGÖLL band,
and you can watch it here :


LOCATION : Kyiv, Ukraine

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Serhiy Isaev : vocals
Yuliya Novosad : vocals
Anatolly Zinevych (ex-Tin' Sontsya, Kromlekh) : guitar
Serhiy Kondrov : guitar
Anatoliy Khomenko : violin
Kyryl Shapovalenko (Ex-Eldertale, Kromlekh) : bass
Serhiy Akulshin : drums

SMUTA: To revenge

Above is a lyrics video for the song "To Revenge" taken from the upcoming album "The Way" by SMUTA to be released on spring 2015 through SoundAge productions:

Hildr Valkyrie

LOCATION : Athens, Attica, Hellas-Greece

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Hildr Valkyrie {Folkearth, Folkodia} : music, lyrics, vocals, keyboards, bass, drum programming, tabor (drum), tin whistle
Gianluca Tamburini {FolkearthFolkodia) : all guitars, bass, drum programming (session)


LOCATION : Stockholm, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Anton Tordås (Midvinterblot, Bergsvriden) : everything

Anton Tordås founded the one-man band ILLDÅD. The project deals with fairy tales, myths and legends from Sweden.

PRIMALFROST album for free download

This year, PRIMALFROST released their debut album "Prosperous Visions". This debut album is now available for free download until the new year.

If you don't have it already in your musical collection, go Bandcamp and download it

The band and Sword Chant hope that you have nice celebrations in this special day. :)


LOCATION : Talagante, RM, Chile

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Diego Tito Zarate : vocals
Carlos Ricardi : guitars
Gabriel "Calamar" Chavez : guitars
Nicolas Acuña : bass
Daniel Donoso : accordion
Victor Saez : bandurria
Renato Mendez : drums

Past members :
Gabriel Chávez : guitars
Juan Vergara : vocals
Ignacio Brossard : vocals

Knighthood was founded in 2010. They had some line-up change due to studies. 3 of the 4 singles are downloadable passing by their youtube account.

Dawn, single 2011
The brotherhood, single 2011
Great Battle, single 2014
Silver Fire, single 2014
Tales Of Ania, album 2015 [ details ]
To The Road, EP 2018 [ details ]


Contact : through their facebook band page.

Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

OMUT released "Ten paths through the swamp"

The Belarussian band OMUT has chosen the Christmas day to release their album they entitled "Дзесяць шляхоў праз дрыгву" (Ten paths through the swamp). 
You can get it for free download on their Bandcamp, and  VK pages. Heres a teaser: 


LOCATION : Paris, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Hjalmarr : bass, vocals
Arnbjörn : guitar
Karl : drums

Past members :

The French viking metal band founded in 2011. They had to face some line-up change before to release their first demo. The band name is Swedish for "kings".


LOCATION : Fregona, Veneto, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Andrea Facchin : lead vocals
Federico Grillo : guitars
Davide Mazzucco : guitars, bouzouki, backing vocals
Dimitri De Poli : bass
Luca Rover ; drums, backing vocals
Luca Zanchettin : bagpipes, kantele, mouth harp, low whistle
Stefano (Herian) Da Re : tin whistles, low whistles, rauschpfeife

HEATHEN FORAY and ALTAN in campaign

Because I shared already several times on facebook, twitter, forum and here... You may know ALTAN are in campaign for their next record. You know who's ALTAN am sure and what I notice is they are at 96% of their goal for a while. 13 days left. Give them the opportunity to end great this year. Thanks for them. : )
"Into Battle" will be the next HEATHEN FORAY album planned for May 2015. They recently started a battle, the one to fund their next record but here again, I think that I teach you nothing. 
Take this bulletin as one reminder.

SUPPORT THEM! Thank you. : )

SOLA NORR: second demo track online

SOLA NORR has chosen this Christmas Eve to reveal the second demo song which is entitled "Carcass Of Ship".

You can listen to the new song here.

Folk Metal compilation for download

The Italian webzine Mister Folk released the second volume of a folk metal compilation. You can download it for free passing by his website.

01. Northern Oak - Of Roots and Flesh
02. Korrigans - L'Animo Degli Eroi
03. Kraamola - Viter z gayem rozmovliaye...
04. Vinterblot - Triumph Recalls My Name
05. Oprich - In Oars' Splashes
06. Atavicus - Superbia in Proelio
07. Woodscream - Alan
08. Bloodshed Walhalla - Warrior Of The Northern
09. Perpetual Dawn - Moment Of Apprehension
10. Corr Mhona - Dair (edit)

Release dates for the new NORTHLAND album

"Downfall and Rebirth", the new album by NORTHLAND could be pre-ordered from January 1st of 2015 in CD format. This date is also the release date for the Digital version of the album.
Physical copies of the record will be available the January 16th.
You will have to visit the Bandcamp page of the band to get your copy.

TROLLFEST: A Decade Of Drekkadence - Digital release

TROLLFEST will release in digital format on January 15th, their compilation entitled  "A Decade Of Drekkadence - 10 year anniversary“, already self-released in limited picture LP on 2013..
Cover songs, B-tracks, early demos and acoustic songs complete the compialtion. The picture vinyl is nearly out of stock now.

Tracklist revealed for "Blood Oath", the new FROSTTIDE album

The tracklist for the second album "Blood Oath" by FROSTTIDE is now revealed:

01. Prologue
02. Blood Oath
03. Gates Of The Asylum
04. Fate Redefined
05. Traitor Within
06. Foreshadow
07. New Reign
08. Winds of Winter's Call
09. One Night In Bangkok (Murray Head-Cover)
10. Apache (The Shadows-Cover)

"Blood Oath" will be released on February 27th under the flag of NoiseArt Records.

Vældet is the next SVARTSOT album!

"Vældet" means The Spring and it means also a new album by SVARTSOT will see the daylight; on February 20 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland & 23 for the rest of Europe! The album deals with medieval Danish Midsummer’s Eve rituals.
01. Midsommer
02. Urtekonen
03. Kilden – I Marker og i Lunde
04. Allerkæresten min
05. Moder Hyld
06. Markedstid
07. I Mørkets Skær
08. Ved Vældets Vande


The Italian band EVENDIM will release under Nemeton Records their debut album entitled "Old boozer's Tales". January 15th is the release date.

Sword Chant TV is ready for 2015

I managed a bit the channel and added or removed some links in this site.

Our "best of" is the fav playlist now and everything from this year is together with videos from the previous years. I have also created playlists for 2015 but nothing inside except for the Folk Metal Preview 2015 linked also here.
You can join the channel like the 95 subscribers:


HEIDEVOLK shared this meaningful picture:

Ragnarök, the new ULVEDHARR album is released

The second album by ULVEDHARR is out now. You can order it here.
Peteris Kvetkovskis from SKYFORGER band appears in this record.


01. The Last Winter
02. Skjaldborg
03. Ragnarok
04. When The Fog Still Burn
05. Bergheim
06. The serpent and The Wolf
07. Valkyrias
08. Battle For Asgard

The first track is available for free.

CORR MHÓNA new album for free download!

From now until December 28 of 2014 is available for free download the new album "Dair" by our winner band of the last battle for the year, CORR MHÓNA!


01. Toirneach
02. Dearcán
03. Dealg
04. ...Na Lámha-sa
05. Dall
06. Dreolín
07. Dair

You can get their album "Dair" via Bandcamp.

Upon the Trail of ZARIA

ZARIA released their debut album entitled "Po poti življenja" (Upon the Trail of Life).

You can purchase their new album passing by Bandcamp.

Below is the tracklist with translations :

Preview for the new FINSTERFORST album

Napalm records shared through youtube one preview for rhe upcoming FINSTERFORST album entitled "Mach Dich Frei" which will be released to the following dates:
23.01.2015 GAS
30.01.2015 EUROPE/AUS
02.02.2015 UK/FR/IT/NO/DK
04.02.2015 SE/ESP
10.02.2015 USA/CAN

Achanterez: Tracklist, FFERYLLT and ELD news

FFERYLLT contacted me twice through my project ELD,  regarding their new album "Achanterez". 
I found a Breton translator the first time and then, they asked me to build their campaign to help the making of their upcoming video "Call of the Wild" and the management of the crowd funding. 
The band didn't reach their goal and my work with it ended now.
Find all infos to this link:
Below can be found the two trailers for "Achanterez" together with the tracklist:

ELD : FFERYLLT : Management Pt.2

The band FFERYLLT did not reach their goal of 2000$ with their crowd funding despite the promotion I made through their Facebook bandpage I managed during that time, "Sword Chant" site and pages and despite the medias I contacted too.
22% of the their goal were reached and I've been pleased to notice the people liked my perks ideas while the band has decided for prices.
$441 USD were by the contributors and I would like to thank them for their efforts in this campaign, but also the medias.

I had suggested some ideas for the promotion of perks, and crowd funding to FFERYLLT, also a planning, but the band took another path.

Another trailer for the upcoming FFERYLLT album

The band FFERYLLT who's reaching the end of their crowd funding for one official video, made a trailer for the four bonus tracks of their upcoming album "Achanterez".

One of the song is theirs while the other bonus tracks are covers of Ensiferum, Falkenbach, and Moonsorrow.

Here is the video:

FRI SJEL reveals the artwork for their debut album

The Spanish band founded in 2010, FRI SJEL, revealed the artwork for their debut album entitled "Vanquish". 

Some guests are in this record:
Gaby Koss - Soprano and Alto choirs from Germany (ex-Haggard, Equilibrium, Cantus Lunaris, Nota Profana) 
Albert Dannenmann - Bagpipes, Flutes and Bass choirs from Germany (ex-Blackmore's Night, Cantus Lunaris) 

You can pre-order the new ENSIFERUM album now

For the artwork announcement for the new ENSIFERUM album "One Man Army", I supposed that you'll be many to pre-order the record.... It seems the band thinks the same to the point that you can already pre-order your copy to the band shop here:
"One Man Army" album is available in the following formats: CD, CD + DVD, 2xLP and CD + T-shirt, or ziphoodie, or women's zipper hoodie.
The CD + DVD edition is limited.

New album for ANNÚLOND in 2015

Early 2015, ANNÚLOND will release a new album entitled "The Baker of Aljubarrota" :

Looking at the artwork and album title, I found out this new record deals with the legend of Brites de Almeida (French infos), the baker of Aljubarrota, who's also one relation with the battle of Aljubarrota (1385), Portugal.
There is a possible chance of a vinyl release in the works, the band said. Wait & see.

Horns up to CORR MHÓNA!

The Irish band CORR MHÓNA won the bands battle of Sword Chant! Congrats to them!
CORR MHÓNA was founded in 2009 by two pairs of brothers (Robert & Martin Farrow - Stephen & Paul Quinn). They describe their music "Celtic metal" while various musical genres can be heard.
The band released "An Chéad Thriail" demo (2009), "Corrguíneacht" EP (2010) and this year was released their "Dair" album listenable here.
One song by CORR MHÓNA may appear in "The Swords Of Victory",
our compilation planned in one year.

Sword Chant Update

Now you can see "Find articles related with the following bands" right before the footer of the website, after articles.
My way to show you that none band is denied at Sword Chant and even there's no band page with bio, some articles related with band may be found in this site - a bit like those threads in the forum dedicated to news from bands without page...
I believe this "storm" is already appreciated ; and I think it will be better comfort to reach bands news from the ones without pages in the forum, as I hope some members will create the bands pages in our forum, sometimes. : )
Links of that new tool are the ones you can find in band pages when you select "Latest News". The small problem of this new option is folk and metal bands are together...
Oh well, it's Folk Metal!

SABHANKRA released "Seers Memoir"

Today is the day for SABHANKRA and fans: the new album "Seers Memoir" is out now! You can order your copy to that link. Below are album details and video:
01 - Pyron  02 - Against The False Gods  03 - We March  04 - Seers Memoir  05 - The Windshaper  06 - Time Of War  07 - Dancing With Death  08 - Fate Is Already Written  09 - A Star To Shine  10 - Easing The Pain

New NINE TREASURES single online!

Here can be downloaded for free the new single "Galloping White Horse" by NINE TREASURES:

Galloping White Horse by Nine Treasures

Official video by EPHYRA is online

From now can be found on the internet the official video for "Journey" song by EPHYRA :

ENSIFERUM new album: Artwork and release date

Today, Metal blade records revealed the artwork for "One Man Army", the upcoming ENSIFERUM album:

SELVANS will release their first EP in february.

SELVANS signed a deal with Avantgarde Music and will release their very first EP entitled "Clangores Plenilunio" in this February. The Italian translation of the Latin expression 'Clangores Plenilunio', hides a meaning linked to the memory of Jonny which is very important to all of us, to what was, and what will be, Selvans Haruspex said. 
As fans of many of the label’s releases, we can say that we wore out quite a few of them through repeated listenings, and therefore the fact that Avantgarde’s Roberto Mammarella was interested in working with Selvans  was a great honour for us.
The spirit of Avantgarde is a perfect match for both our music and the concepts we are expressing through it, and knowing that Jonny would have been proud of such a collaboration is by far the greatest satisfaction for us. We can expect something good from this band composed of DRAUGR members, pretty soon!

Brume, the first track by EVENTIDE revealed

The new Folk band EVENTIDE was founded from the ashes of the AURIGA band. Today, they released their very first single entitled "Brume".

This single is available for free download if you click on the arrow,
below the Soundcloud name :

Elia Di Padova (EVENTIDE, Ex-AURIGA) said:
"EVENTIDE" is a project I had in mind since the AURIGA times, my previous band. I composed music for all songs so is this single "Brume" which deals with King Arthur, the myth of Avalon ; while Andrea Remoli composed Lyrics as it was with AURIGA. "Brume" means mist in English.

"Vonde auer" is the new MYRKGRAV single

By the end of the month could be downloaded through the Bandcamp page of MYRKGRAV, this new single entitled "Vonde auer":

The digital download will come with cover art and sound files,  both in the highest possible quality.
Do not expect physical release for this single which will be also available in Spotify and more streaming services, soon.

POSPOLITE RUSZENIE released their debut album

The medieval rock band POSPOLITE RUSZENIE released their debut EP self titled. Papirus (drums) & Regina (violin) from IILLUMINANDI are also in this band.

VINTERBLOT signed a deal with Nemeton records

Our supporters, VINTERBLOT, signed a deal with Nemeton records. We can be only happy for them and expect another great release. :-)

They said:  "It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our new Record Deal with the Ireland based label Nemeton Records!
Nemeton Records is a rising reality focused on emerging bands in the Pagan Metal Environment. We're so happy to join the brotherhood alongside Italian acts such as Ulvedharr, Vallorch, Atavicus and many more! We salute and thank: Ark [Ulvedharr], for his diehard friendship and spirit, and Matt, for his consideration and faith in our project.  We are currently working hard on the songwriting process, which has come to its final steps. We look forward to enter the Studio to record our new Opus next Spring. The harvest has never been so satisfying, we are impatient for you to join our Banquet!"

BYRDI released their debut album

The pagan folk band from Norway, BYRDI, released their debut album entitled "Eventyr" in LP vinyl. A digital format is also available for download. Email the band to order your copy. The vinyl is limited to 250 copies and cost 25 € (+ shipping).
01. Vardauger
02. Skare
03. Tuntroll
04. En Fullblods Byrde
05. Fanden Og Kvitekrist
06. Hovslag
07. Furer
08. Speilet

Varang Nord / Balaguri

LOCATION : Daugavpils, Latvia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Wolf : guitar, vocals
Khurr (Yomi) : bass, backing vocals
Dan the Warmonger : bass, backing vocals (live)
Alyona : accordion
Sokol : guitar
Aig : drums

Past members : Arthur : drums

These are coming in 2015

I created a new listing for Folk Metal releases to come in 2015  and I have to say the new year sounds great already! 
Of course, there are more releases in plan for the next year but exact release dates haven't been settled yet. 
Thus, they are more than 100 releases  that I'll keep aside until I get the info.
You can reach this list passing by our forums as always,  but also through "All the new releases" from this website at anytime.
I'll share the link of this list also in this bulletin:

CALADMOR released acoustic sessions

Above is a video by CALADMOR playing the traditional Swedish Folk Song "I riden så" available on their new and unplugged album 'The Ragnarök Sessions". This track is also a GJALLARHORN cover since they focused this version from theirs.

Spune tu, vant official video by BUCOVINA

This is the official video for the first track of the album "Sub Stele" that you can order on the facebook page of BUCOVINA band. The song title for this video is "Spune tu, Vant".

VORGRUM: New record, new video

The band VORGRUM will release their debut album entitled "Last Domain" in 2015, but one official video is for the song "Last Will".

About the record:

CRAVING will tour Europe in 2015

As I previously announced,  I worked with CRAVING band for the French dates of their European tour 2015.
Here is the result of our work:

12.02.2015 W Club, Le Havre, France
Address: 365 Rue Félix Faure 76620 Le Havre

13.02.15 Le Midland, Lille, France
Address: 192 rue d'Arras 59800 LILLE

14.02.15 Le Klub, Paris, France
Address: 14, rue Saint Denis 75001 PARIS

We have also tried one date to Switzerland but this couldn't be in the end.

The complete European tour 2015 is the following:

VARANG NORD new album out now

VARANG NORD is a band from Latvia initially founded as BALAGURI in 2004.

They released one demo and one album and then, went on hiatus.

Ten years after the first band's creation, VARANG NORD is back with a new album entitled "Fire of the North" that you can order at Bandcamp.

01. Дикая охота (Wild Hunt)

02. Эля мужики налили (As Men Pored Ale)

03. Жертва старым богам (Sacrifice for the Old Gods)

04. Кровь за кровь (Blood for Blood)

05. Огни севера (Fires of the North)

Preview for the upcoming NORTHLAND album

Here is the preview of the forthcoming album  "Downfall & Rebirth" by NORTHLAND

The album will be available early 2015 in the world or could be ordered through the bandcamp page of the band later in this month.

The entire HASPYD album available for streaming

The Ukrainian band HASPYD shared online their full album "Bureviy" via Soundcloud. You can purchase the record to that link.

01. Bureviy (The Storm)
02. Nich Haspyda (The Haspyd’s Night)
03. Ridna Zemlia (The Native Land)
04. Kudy Ya Idu (Where Am I Go)
05. Na palu! (To The Stake!)
06. Koly Ya Ojivu (When I Will Come Alive)
07. Zatoplena Sich (The Flooded Sich)
08. Sho Lyshyv Ty Za Soboyu... (What Have You Left Behind...)
09. U Pogony Variagiv (The Pursuit Of Varangians).

"Blood Oath" is the name of the new FROSTTIDE album

February 27th of 2015, Noiseart Records will relaese the second full length of the FROSTTIDE band from Finland.
The band said:

The new AURINGON HAUTA album now released

Finally and after some delay, the second album "Ukon Juhla" by the amazing AURINGON HAUTA band is available now. You can purchase it at Soundage prod.

01. Pyhä huomen (The Sacred Morning)
02. Kalastuslaulu (Fishing Song)
03. Puunkaatolaulu (Woodcutting Song)
04. Ukon malja (The Chalice For Ukko)
05. Julma jupakka, osa 1 (The Cruel Fight, pat 1)
06. Julma jupakka, osa 2 (The Cruel Fight, part 2)
07. Kylvö kolmell’ ve’olla (Sauna Song)
08. Suurvalkia (The Great Fire)
09. Taian aika (Time of Spells)
10. Untitled

EQUINOX EP released

Soundage productions released the first EP by the new band EQUINOX, founded by Pan Sventoyar Zagloba (BEER BEAR). The EP is entitled "Lux Borealis".
You can order it here.


01. Сон Вратиаса (Vratyas's Dream)
02. Lux Borealis
03. Зов Северного Ветра (Northern Wind's Call)
04. Песня Сольвейг (Solveigs sang)
05. Beyond The Invisible Line (За Незримой Чертой)
06. Дивный Новый Мир (Iron Maiden cover) (Brave New World)

BLACK MAGIC FOOLS entered the studio

BLACK MAGIC FOOLS are currently recording their next record. The band said to Sword Chant: We've joined together with a great Producer who just finished building his brand new amazing studio south of Gothenburg. We'll be the first band to record an entire album there. Right now we're starting off recording drums and bass at the same time and we aim to finish during this week!   More infos will be during the next weeks.

MÅNEGARM are working on their new album

A new album will be for MÅNEGARM band celebrating 20 anniversary next year. Expect both electric and acoustic songs on the album. By now, Napalm records shared two studio reports on the web.

The new MÅNEGARM album will be released Late 2015.

Divja jaga, a new ZARIA song now online!

The band ZARIA revealed a new song taken from "Po poti življenja" (Upon the Trail of Life) album coming out this December 18th The song is entitled "Divja jaga" and means "Wild hunt", one Slavic mythological creature - while the album is more focused on Life and Hope than mythology. This is the song:

Argentoratum is the new TERSIVEL video

TERSIVEL released their new official video for their song entitled "Argentoratum". The video content may be described as "too hard" for some people (I think to the young and sensitive ones for the main). 
So I contacted Lian from TERSIVEL, regarding this new video.  Here are his words about:
Hi everyone at Sword Chant! We are so happy to share with you all our new video for the song "Argentoratum". The lyrics of this one (can be found on video's description) are related withy the Battle of Argentoratum, the one that Emperor Julian masterly won in AD 357.  As you may know, Tersivel is a Pagan Metal band which takes different aspects of Ancient Religion, particularly those of Hellenic, Neo-Platonic and Roman roots.

Metsään on iäksi mieli is the new official video by Jonne Järvelä

Jonne Järvelä has shared online his new video for the song "Metsään on iäksi mieli" taken from his solo album.


LOCATION : Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nico : vocals
Thomas : guitar
Josef : guitar
Moe : bass
Sebi : drums
Matze : bagpipes, hurdy gurdy
Marcus : bagpipes, shawm, keyboard

The new CRUACHAN album is released

CRUACHAN released via Trollzorn label their new album "Blood for the Blood God".

01. Crom Cruach
02. Blood for the Blood God
03. The Arrival of the Fir Bolg
04. Beren and Luthien
05. The Marching Song of Fiach Mac Hugh
06. Prophecy
07. Gae Bolga
08. The Sea Queen of Connaught (Lyrics video below)
09. Born for War (The Rise of Brian Boru)
10. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 1
11. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 2