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MÅNEGARM interview online!

I interviewed Erik from MÅNEGARM about the "Legions of the North" album, Spanish tour and future of band...
01. Hi Erik! So much MÅNEGARM news lately! New album, and your first Spanish tour that is over now… How did the tour happen ? Yes, the stone is rolling!! : ) The Spain tour was really good. We had three good shows in Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona and the organization was great and the audience was awesome!

02. Musically speaking, do you have some opinions about the local bands that opened your gigs ? I listened to Northland a couple of songs every night. I think they are really good; good riffs and really nice melodies. I didn’t listen to the other bands but we met them and they were really nice people!

03. How was the crowd there ? Amazing crowd! They sang along to the songs and banged their heads, just like a Månegarm concert should be like :-)

Doom of Valyria

LOCATION : Balearic Islands, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Medieval Folk

Nemhain : guitars, vocals, programming

Doom of Valyria is a one woman band founded in 2010 by Nemhain. Nemhain has been involved always in metal bands ( Unburial, Agorazheim) but she always loved the ancient history, fantasy and paganism. After reading “ A song of  ice and fire saga “ she decides that would be a great idea to put music to the books and this is the way how she begins to compose the music guide to folk and medieval style.


I interviewed MOSS OF MOONLIGHT. Enjoy the reading! :)
01. Hi Jenn! Hi Cavan! You two are the only members inside MOSS OF MOONLIGHT band. Who's the main composer ? Jenn:  Cavan composes just about everything (so you can blame him for all the 12+ minute songs…), except for the female vocals--I write those (and often the male, as well), and the drums and percussion,  of course.

02. What bands influenced yours ? Cavan: The Moon and the Night Spirit, Agalloch, and Myrkgrav.
Jenn:  Fejd, Katatonia, and Dead Can Dance.  Also, for me personally, Pain of Salvation's drummer,  Léo Margarit (which might seem a bit odd, considering the difference in genres.  Oh well...).


LOCATION : Rijeka, Croatia

Status : Active
Music : Pagan Folk

Damir Markotić (Svetoslav) : vocals, frulica, šargija, guitars, bass
Paul Markotić (Jaroslav) : drums, cymbals, percussion
Anamarija Martinčić (Zorana) : violin, vocals
Igor Vidaković (Lesnik) : frulica, mandolin
Sandi Harapin (Svitogor) : guitars, percussion
Mario Mudrić (Arkon) : horn, drombulja, didgeridoo
Adam Miler (Drinogor) : harmonica
Marko Vrban (Kresnik) : didgeridoo

Månegarm : Nattväsen album translated to French

Words : Unofficial French translations
Release : Nattväsen
Thanks to the band for the permission
I worked a bit with Erik Grawsiö for my French translations of the songs.

Tracklist :
01. Mina Fäders Hall : Les terres de mes ancêtres
02. Nattsjäl, Drömsjäl : L’esprit de la nuit, l’esprit du rêve
03. Bergagasten : Le fantôme de la montagne
04. I den Svartaste Jord : Dans la terre noire
05. Hraesvelg (instrumental)
06. Vetrarmegin : La force de l’hiver
07. Draugen : Draugen
08. Nattväsen : Les créatures de la nuit
09. Delling : Delling

WOLFMARE interview online!

I interviewed Dmitri Petras from the band about the next WOLFMARE album, his interesting personal life and more.
01. Hello Dmitri! Before the year of 2013, you told your listeners that you were working on the new WOLFMARE album. Is the album recorded now ? Yes, the album is recorded. Moreover, mixing was finished several days ago.

02. What left to do on that album ? The only thing left is a mysterious procedure, called mastering. Already recorded and mixed songs are to be driven to a sound that is comfortable for the audience. Everything will be louder, stronger and less clear. Something will be better and something poorer. Loudness war is not over. And of course the album needs some artwork – the cover, the booklet, some pictures, and all other things that will be inaccessible for ordinary mp3 users from the Internet.

03. Can we know the name of the future WOLFMARE ? Yes, it’s a high time to proclaim it loud and proud. It is called (tada!) “The Sacred Mushroom and the Crows”.

DELIRIUM interview

As I promised when I built the DELIRIUM thread.  I interviewed their vocalist, Manuel Hiller regarding the upcoming EP, and more.
01. Hi Manuel! From winter 2012, you entered the Basement Media Productions to record your forthcoming EP. I know you shared one studio's video (see above) but tell me how happened the recordings ? Hi! Well, the recordings happened quite smooth... no big problems... we've changed a small part for one song, but the others went good. Every single member knew exactly what to do, so no problems appeared. Our Producer Daniel Bäuerlein came up with some great Ideas, so we used more guitars or effects in some parts, so this piece is absolutely Awesome.... We're very pleased with the results.

02. Can you reveal us the name for that EP ? The name of the EP is "Das Erbe der alten Zeit" which means "the heritage of the old time"


LOCATION : Toronto, Canada

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Dean Paul Arnold : all instruments, vocals, programming
Ric Galvez : guitar (live)
Larry Varvarici : bass (live)
Matt Iannuzzi : drums (live)