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Gwenael Kerleo

LOCATION : Brittany, France

Status : Active
Music : Celtic Folk / Celtic Harp

Gwenael Kerleo : harp, vocals

When she was younger, Gwenael Kerleo learnt harp with Hervé Quéfféléant (TRISKELL) as teacher. She's inspired by celtic trad, French songs and jazz. She's got several sessions musicans.

Terre Celte, album 1996
Chemin de Brume, album 2000
Yelen, album 2003
Pevar, album 2009
Retour en Terre Celte, album 2010
Quai n°7, album 2012



NORTHERN SWORD demo reviewed

Introduction : This demo is available for free download on their official myspace, and so I’m about to review that demo made of 4 tracks : 1. In the Name of Odin | 2. For Glory and Gold | 3. Draw Yours Swords | 4. Nine Steps of Sorrow 
We can choose the quality of the content (mp3 320k, flac, ogg, aac, vbr high or low…) when we are about to download with legacy this material.
Now, let’s talk about the songs :

1 – In the Name of Odin This intro of song, reflecting the chorus later, remind Alestorm pretty much. Big beats & strings instruments follow together the rhythmic part from this game, while the keyboard is leading that part.


LOCATION : Reykjavík, Iceland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Baldur Ragnarsson : guitars
Björgvin Sigurðsson : vocals, guitars
Gunnar Ben : keyboards
Jón Geir Jóhannsson : drums
Snæbjörn Ragnarsson : bass
Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson : guitars

FUROR GALLICO debut album reviewed

I remember that moment when I reviewed the first demo of the band. I had already good views on that band, even I made some suggestions... The songs from the demo are in the album by the way. But now, I gotta review their first album. 

The cover art refers to the goddess Cathubodua. All elements are in: the goddess, raven, color used, warriors…  Plus, they have a song about the goddess. Also, its a good idea for their first album when I think to Ste’s definition of the bandname. By the way, the lyrics are in the album.
Now, about music :

Intro The tune starts with soft drums. Rather a good tempo. Secundo and after 2 seconds are the strings instruments & third is windy one (0.15). Its all acoustic but melodies remind some typical arias… Somewhere, It reminded me Ensiferum for example, but it’s well a composed introduction.  Voices enter after 44 seconds, spending sounds, and stop with the musical sentences at 0.56. Then the musical sentences begin the whole game again when the windy…