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The HAEREDIUM merchants

The band revealed one new track titled "Merchant Of Lies" through that video below.

The song is taken from their album "Ascension" available for preorder and coming out march 15th.

Deuses Alcoólicos do Bar by ELDHRIMNIR

ELDHRIMNIR shared one first track from their upcoming album "Deuses Alcoólicos do Bar".

NORVHAR released Kauna EP

NORVHAR released their debut EP.

KAUNA by Norvhar

VANIR released Allfather

Allfather album by VANIR is available now.

01. Væringjar
02. Svoldir (listen)
03. The Final Stand
04. Ironside
05. Sheild Wall
06. Fejd
07. Thor – The powerhead
08. Bearer of the Word
09. Ulfhednar
10. Einherjer
11. Gravfærd

SAOR released "Forgotten Paths"

The new SAOR album is now available worldwide in various LP's editions, CD and digital.

Forgotten Paths by Saor

TEMPLE OF THE STARS debut album and video

TEMPLE OF THE STARS is the new band of Tobias Tåg who is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Korsholm, located at the west coast of Finland.

This music is sonically nocturnal and melodic, with a lot of folk elements presented within an atmospheric rock context. It´s a mix of folk, rock, prog, and metal that´s going to appeal to a wide audience.

Nightspirit debut album was written and recorded by Tobias Tåg and Co-Produced and Managed by Mathias Lillmåns (frontman of Finntroll and Magenta Harvest). The lyrics on the record were written by Thomas Finholm and the bass tracks was laid out by Niklas Norrgrann. The album was mixed by André Alvinzi and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden.

The comments of Tobias Tåg : "Nightspirit is both the name of the single and the album. The goal was to make a song with a mystical and magical atmosphere but still catchy and with a great melody. The song tells about a creature that is an impersonation o…

New TÝR video

The 5th track of the coming album "Hel" by TÝR gets its official video.

You can already pre-order the record coming out march 8th.

UBUREN new album soon

UBUREN are currently working on their next album they titled "And The Moutains Weep". Heres the artwork : 

Update : In the day, the band unveiled a lyrics video that marks the end of the support here as Sword Chant is closest to trad than trad black metal.

MELKISEDECK : next album preview

With this song,
MELKISEDECK band unveils one track to feat. on their upcoming album.

Tracklist for the ELDHRIMNIR debut album

ELDHRIMNIR unveiled the track listing of their debut album "Deuses Alcoólicos do Bar" coming out in march :

01 - Intro
02 - Halsael, Cavaleiro do Hidromel
03 - Naul, Deus da Cerveja
04 - Greco, Rei Pirata do Rum
05 - Orloff, Erudito da Vodka
06 - Olden Blend Jack, Cavaleiro do Whiskey
07 - Senun Roinuj, Sommelier dos Licores
08 - Deuses Alcoólicos do Bar
09 - Fonollosa, Libertino do Vinho

New song by THORMESIS

THORMESIS revealed their official video for the song "Thy morbid drunken Ways" available on the upcoming "The Sixth"album. From now, the new record can be preordered, and the new song can be purchased.

SAXORIOR returns with a new album

September 27th, SAXORIOR will release a new album titled "Hem" (homeland).

It deals with Saxon Switzerland, its formation, the Hussite wars and several old legends.
The record may sound heavier than the previous one.

TENGGER CAVALRY new album 2019

The band unveiled the following pictures related with their upcoming album titled 
"Northern Memory"

SALTATIO MORTIS revisits Brot und Spiele album

The band revisited their previous record "Brot und Spiele", and made it again but with an orchestra for their upcoming album titled "Brot und Spiele - Klassik & Krawall".

The release date of the new record available for preorder is settled for march 22, 2019.
 They also unveiled one official video taking place in Iceland :

Brunhild Dorn im Ohr Besorgter Bürger Sie tanzt allein Ich werde Wind Heimdall Brot und Spiele Nie wieder Alkohol Spur des Lebens Europa Träume aus Eis Grosse Träume Brunhild Dorn im Ohr Besorgter Bürger Sie tanzt allein Ich werde Wind Heimdall Brot und Spiele Nie wieder Alkohol Spur des Lebens Europa Träume aus Eis Grosse Träume Ein Stück Unsterblichkeit Grosse Träume Dorn im Ohr Wo sind die Clowns Brot und Spiele Wachstum über Alles Europa Besorgter Bürger Spur des Lebens Heimdall Brunhild Ich werde Wind Träume aus Eis Nie wieder Alkohol Sie tanzt allein Mittelalter Eulenspiegel Spielmann…

CALICO JACK released their debut album

Finally, the debut and S/T album by CALICO JACK recorded in 2015 is now released, in digital for now.
You can have a listen and get it here. Physical version will be around two weeks.


01 The Secret of Cape Cod
02 Where Hath Th' Rum Gone?
03 Death Beneath the Wave
04 Devil May Care
05 Caraibica
06 Songs from the Sea
07 Sharkbite Johnny
08 Grog Jolly Grog
09 Straits of Chaos
10 Under the Flag of Calico Jack
11 Jolie Rouge

JONNE released Tuhka single

JONNE released his new single title "Tuhka".
You can purchase to these various places.

SVIRNATH released their second album

SVIRNATH released their new album "Dalle rive del Curone" in CD, LP, and digital.

Dalle rive del Curone by Svirnath

RABENWOLF released Zu Staub

"Zu Staub" album by RABENWOLF is out now.

ANODHOR album soon

The Spanish band ANODHOR plans to release their debut album "Break The Silence" soon. The record will be made of the demos tracks but re-recorded, and three new songs.

Find the artwork below.

Album details for the forthcoming HAEREDIUM

After their official video unveiled, HAEREDIUM felt that is time to reveal the track listing and artwork for their forthcoming album titled "Ascension" coming out march 15th.

01 Wandering
02 Breathe
03 Images I Recall
04 Merchant Of Lies
05 Fall
06 Euforio
07 From Silence
08 Winds Will Turn
09 Alpha Ursae Minoris
10 Joyride
11 Soif d'Affronts et de Victoires
12 Storyteller

Dåvahugg album by NORRSINNT physically available

From now, you can get the new NORRSINNT album in CD.
The record is yet available in digital for awhile.

Dåvahugg by NORRSINNT

ULGARD goes on hold

The band shared the following :

"I decided to take a break from this project to focus on myself and my other band. I am now ready to pick up where I left off. I am coming back with rage and passion. Thank you too everyone has supported Ulgard."

Autumnal Blaze lyrics video by WAYLANDER

WAYLANDER shared the last track off their upcoming album "Ériú’s Wheel" available in march.

Ategnatos album by ELUVEITIE available for preorder

The new ELUVEITIE album titled "Ategnatos" can now be preordered in various formats.

The band unveiled one new official music video :

01. Ategnatos
02. Ancus
03. Deathwalker
04. Black Water Down
05. A Cry In The Wilderness
06. The Raven Hill
07. The Silvern Glow
08. Ambiramus
09. Mine Is The Fury
10. The Slumber
11. Worship
12. Trinoxtion
13. Threefold Death
14. Breathe
15. Rebirth
16. Eclipse
17. Ategnatos (Acoustic Version)
18. Ambiramus (Acoustic Version)
19. Threefold Rebirth

Details for Katk Kutsariks album by METSATÖLL

Above is a new track taken from the forthcoming album "Katk Kutsariks" by METSATÖLL.

 "Ballaad punastest paeltest" means "The Ballad of Red Ribbons"
"In the swamps and bogs the will-o'-the-wisps can still be seen. They look like a beautiful maiden who is using all her charm to coax you into leaving your home, your farm and the people you love. You can hold on to the naive hope that the red ribbons your loved ones tied around your wrists will save you from the bewitchery, but the nature runs its own course", said Lauri Õunapuu.
Below is the track listing for the record set to be released on February 23rd :

01. Toona/ Before - 1:43
02. Katk kutsariks/ Plague coachman - 4:12
03. Ebavere/ Ebavere - 4:34
04. Kange kui raud/ Strong as Iron - 3:55
05. Ballaad punastest paeltest/ The Ballad of Red Ribbons - 4:32
06. Talvehambad/ Teeth of Winter - 4:31
07. Kurjajuur/ Root of Evil - 3:34
08. Tõiv/ The Pledge - 2:50
09. Metsaviha 4/ Woodwrath 4 - 3:06