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GJELDRUNE debut album available for free!

The Russian band GJELDRUNE released their debut album entitled "Shoronili my svoy kray" which means "We've Buried Our Native Land".

01 Shoronili my svoy kray (We've burried our Native Land)
02 Vorony (Ravens)
03 KillDozer
04 Chto s nami stalo (What happened to us)
05 Boyevaya (The Battle Song)
06 Avrora
07 Palets na spusk (Finger to the Trigger)
08 Stepnyaki (Steppemen)
09 Zeleniy Sklon (The Green Mountainside)
10 Ataka mertvetsov (The Corpse Attack)
11 Kolovrat

You can get it for free and legal download to their website.

The first NACHTVAL demo is out now!

Tired of Economy & Industry systems killing our world...
This is what NACHTVAL wanted to show with the artwork for their first demo that you can purchase for 4€ to the Bandcamp page of the band.


Konan Mevel (TRI YANN) on the next ELUVEITIE

Konan Mevel, member of the legendary Breton band TRI YANN, appears as guest on the forthcoming ELUVEITIE album entitled "Origins".
Await Binou Kozh (bagpipes), Whistles and Pybgorn (a Welsh pipe-horn) on "Origins" album to come out this August.

ARANDU ARAKUAA show online on SC-TV!

The Brazilian band ARANDU ARAKUAA shared their show at Ferrock 2014.

HOK-KEY released Znak Biady

The band HOK-KEY from Belarus released March 28th, 2014 their new album entitled "Znak Biady". 
I didn't tell earlier because I discovered them only now. :)
Their entire work for this album is available for free download, same for their previous works.

Eld : Heidra, this mighty music!

Last year, I suggested to HEIDRA to help the band in their active search for a label for the release of their debut album entitled "Awaiting Dawn". One of the labels I contacted was interested by HEIDRA and vice versa but one great and unexpected thing interefered with their discuss. 
The Danish band won the Mighty Fight Night contest within the following prizes : one record deal with Mighty Music/Target distribution and to play live at Copenhell Festival in June 2014 along with IRON MAIDEN, FINNTROLL, TYR, and many more!

Their album "Awaiting Dawn" will be released June 16th, 2014 in Denmark and July 28th for the rest of the world.

The Folkoholic Metal album by Lèpoka is out now!

LEPOKA from Spain released their debut album "Folkoholic Metal" on May 27, 2014.

TRACKLIST : 01 Folkoholic metal 02 Réquiem natura 03 orfeo 04 Interludio 05 Esta noche la vamos a liar 06 Taberna de los trolls 07 Jägermeister of puppets 08 Resakoff 09 Es tiempo de partir 10 Que el cuento no acabe aquí

You can purchase it for 10 € at their shows.

Medieval & Celtic Festivals In The World

Years I dedicated one page for world wide events that promote traditions from the old times together with celtic/trad/medieval and pagan folk music ; because I think such events must survive to remember the past and origins. This is also the calendar page for tourdates of these folk bands :
If you feel concerned by one of these events not listed, wherever you are... You can email me the required details and I will add the events to the page :
Members of the forum can write the elements required to this thread.
Thanks for your interest.

DELION debut EP out now!

The very first EP entitled "Tales Of The Northern Realms" by DELION is now released in digital and physical formats. You can get both versions passing by their Bandcamp page.

"Tales Of The Northern Realms" EP is also available for streaming  :

About The EP:


LOCATION : Dębica, Poland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Aleksander Kraszkiewicz : bass
Tomasz "Papirus" Pyzia : drums
Regina Szlachta : violin
Tomasz Domka : growls, guitar

The new FIRTAN album is out now!

Today is the d-day for FIRTAN and their listeners! Their album "Niedergang" is out now! You can purchase it digital at Cdbaby and physical to Bandcamp.

MOONSORROW Heritage: 1995-2008 - The Collected Works

All the MOONSORROW fans will be happy to learn the boxset for the band could be preordered at Blood Music from May 28th, 2014!

Inside the Boxset are the following albums, vinyl format (x14) :

- Suden Uni
- Voimasta ja kunniasta
- Kivenkantaja.
- Verisäkeet
- V: Hävitetty
- Tulimyrsky
- Demos & Rarities

Below are the different versions planned and their prices :

九宝乐队 fullshow available at Sword Chant TV!

The Chinese band NINE TREASURES (九宝乐队) shared in their youtube account their complete show at MIDI Festival Beijing from the 03.05.2014. 


LOCATION : Vilnius, Lithuania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Paulius Simanavičius : vocals, guitars
Modestas Juškėnas : guitars
Linas Kulbačiauskas : bass, background vocals
Gediminas Tumėnas : drums

CUELEBRE released their debut album

The Spanish Pagan Folk band CUELEBRE released the limited edition (100 copies) for their debut album entitled "Oinos". You can order it for 14€ by email to the band. The normal edition & digital release will be under Art Gates Records on June 9th.

01. Fodder for the raven
02. Tigino
03. Amergin's chant
04. Dekam Kwennos
05. Kurgan
06. Immrama
07. Idisi
08. Ochlam
09. Durbed
10. Bosque y Piedra

BAKSZTAG EP added in our playlist

You will find here the Debut EP "Better Fate" by BAKSZTAG released since May 12th.

SLANE supports Sword Chant!

It is so warmhearted to see so many bands who appreciate Sword Chant. : )
SLANE is the new one from the official listing.

The founder of the Folk Metal band SLANE tells about  this website and forum community "Sword Chant" in our support page.
Sword Chant is proud to support SLANE who deserves more attention.
This is their EP entitled "Follow Me" :

FIRTAN interview at Sword Chant

May 16th of 2014, the new FIRTAN release "Niedergang" will see the daylight. So, I interviewed Phillip, singer & guitarist for FIRTAN, mainly about their new album "Niedergang".
01. Hi! Early 2010, you founded FIRTAN. How have you all met ? The drummer Martin and me met through our first guitarist Neves, which i knew from a project we had before but that never did anything productive. One day i met Neves again in the train and he said he knew some drummer that also played in quiet well-known band in our region "MAERSUNG". So i said let's try it and this was the birth of FIRTAN. The bassist Oliver also plays in MAERSUNG, so when our first bassist was kicked out due lack of motivation, we recruited Oliver to get a full line-up again, but that didn't last so long. Neves had to leave too because of personal differences with other bandmembers. However now we three (Martin, Oliver and me) developed to the core of the band and recruited some live-mem…


In some hours from now will be available "The Pagan Manifesto" by ELVENKING and the new EP entitled "Game of Trolls" by AKTARUM.


01. The Manifesto
02. King of the Elves
03. Elvenlegions
04. The Druid Ritual of Oak
05. Moonbeam Stone Circle
06. The Solitaire
07. Towards the Shores
08. Pagan Revolution
09. Grandier's Funeral Pyre
10. Twilight of Magic
11. Black Roses for the Wicked One
12. Witches Gather

Interview with GRIMNER

After their first European tour, I interviewed Marcus Asplund Brattberg from GRIMNER band who released their debut album Blodshymner earlier in this year.

Blodshymner by Grimner

Discover deeper the band GRMNER, their experiences, and what is about their debut album, in this interview :!
01. Hello Marcus! First of all, can you explain us how was born the GRIMNER project & why have you chosen this bandname ? The band Grimner was born from the ashes of Ted’s and Henry’s previous band, which was oriented more towards melodic death metal. The funny thing was that the name “Grimner” was not taken by any other band we found, and we thought that it was a perfect name for us.


LOCATION : Barcelona, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Medieval Folk

Jorge Lamata : guitars, percussion
Aloysia : vocals

Inspred by the Middle Ages, and popular music traditions, the spanish medieval band FAITISSA from Barcelona was founded in 2012 by Aloysia and Jorge Lamata. They compose their own medieval themed songs and play traditional songs from different places (French, Spanish, English, Italian...). FAITISSA means "witch" in Occitan.

CEREVISIA and STWORZ now released their albums!

The French Pagan metal band CEREVISIA released their very first album entitled "Trails of a Walker".

SKOGSHALLEN album out now!

Ölrunir's Saga is the title for this album made by SKOGSHALLEN (USA). 
The album now released can be listened and ordered passing by the Bandcamp page of the band.


01.  The Tale Of Olrunir Beerfrost The Viking Who Drank Alot
02.  We Like Drink
03.  Mjodhallen (The Mead Hall)
04.  Brennivin Berjast (feat. Michael Rohwer from Hemotoxin)
05.  Pints And Pipes
06.  Everdrunk
07.  I Landed Where?
08.  Sneaky Trolls
09.  Rundamage Trollkungen (Round Belly The Troll King)
10.  Trollfuck
11.  The Horn Of Drunkening

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