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LOCATION : Jászság, Hungary

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Viktor Váczi : lead vocals, keyboards
Viktor Grócz : guitar, additional vocals
Gergő Lakatos : guitar, additional vocals
Krisztián Tőzsér : bass
Bence Horváth : drums

August's albums

Below are the folk metal albums released while August 2013.

Don't forget to thank the bands on their respective pages, for the free and legal downloads they give you. :)

01 - Isatha - Erdei Regék [ Free Download ]
09 - Equilibrium - Waldschrein
12 - Delion - The Beginning
13 - Mael Mordha - All Eire Will Quake (single)
16 - Vorna - Ajastaika
16 - Saltatio Mortis - Das schwarze Einmaleins
20 - Northsong - Forgotten Tales (single)
24 - Trollort - Blood Fest Starts
24 - Swords At Hymns - My freedom... Forgotten in a Gray Dimness EP [ Free Download ]
26 - Turisas - Turisas2013 (Europe)
26 - Kylfingar - Észak Népe EP [ Free Download ]
26 - Trollband - Samsara [ Free download ]
27 - Nekrogoblikon - Power EP
30 - Caladmor - Of Stones and Stars
30 - Frosttide - Awakening
30 - Schandmaul - So weit, so gut
30 - Red Rum - With gods by our side EP

Early this month were released...

...the debut album "Dies, Nox et Omnia" by CESAIR from the Netherlands.
Have a listen here:

Here come the first news

These news were published in our forum from last week to now! Check out the forum for previous news then. :)


The English band WOLFSWORD who recently released their first album entitled "Beyond the Thunderclouds" has found a secured Distribution deal in Japan!
The South African metal band BALYIOS now placed on an indefinite hold...

The new website is online!

Welcome in the new website of Sword Chant!
Sword Chant is one community supporter of the Folk Metal and Pagan Folk. You could find news from bands, their new albums, tourdates but also their lyrics, and translations by our community. Interviews and reviews can be found as well.
From this page, you could reach easily the FEJD and MÅNEGARM websites since their official forums are in Sword Chant and of course, you can select here our other pages, so is our recent TV space.
As I previously said, we support the bands at Sword Chant, as we know they need even more support when difficulties are, thus these two elements in the menu are intended to help them like it can help you if you are a musician.
I built a project listing the folk metal bands threads from our forum, by instruments; for the ones searching for bands within particular instrument. Details are available to the link above.



Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Michalina Malisz : hurdy gurdy, flute
Piotr Martuś : bass, guitars, vocals, balalaika
Adrianna Zborowska : violin, vocals, recorder, hurdy gurdy
Wit Rzepecki : bagpipes, tin whistle, traditional vocals
Iljia Tabachnik : drums, vocals

Past members :
Dawid Dunikowski : bass, gusli
Mateusz Jędrzejczyk : drums, percussions
Łukasz Ścieranka : bass
Kuba : drums
Tomasz Indyka : vocals

The band was founded in 2008 and has experimented some line-up changes, but in June 2013 they recorded a demo named: "Okryte Zapomnieniem", with the addition of new members they've reached a more stable line-up.

Okryte Zapomnieniem, demo 2013
Between East And West (Między Wschodem a Zachodem), album 2015 [ details ]



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Hopes Of Freedom

LOCATION : Le Havre, Upper Normandy, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Lucas Lambert : vocals, guitar
Loris Brix : bass, backing vocals
Charles Demoulins : guitar, backing vocals
Clément L'heryenat : drums, backing vocals

Past members :
Erwan Lecoutre : bass
Hugo Traverse : bass
Jean-Cyril Montier : drums
Clément Simon : guitars, backing vocals
Thibault Henart : guitars, backing vocals

Hopes of Freedom was created in december 2007 by Lucas Lambert. Their lyrics deal with heroic fantasy universe.

Freedom Storm, EP 2010
Hopes of Freedom, album 2012
Burning Skyfall, album 2016 [ details ]



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LOCATION : Oldenburg, Northern Germany

Status : Active
Music : Melodic Death Metal

Ivan Chertov : vocals, guitar
Thorsten Flecken : guitar
Leonid Rubinstein : bass
Maik Schaffstädter : drums


LOCATION : Liège, Belgium

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Wilky : vocals, percussions
Corey : vocals, percussions
Rica : keyboards
Flop : guitar
Holy : guitar
Skult : bass

Past members :
Apu : bass
Dimitri : guitar


LOCATION : Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Maurizio Bottero: vocals, guitar
Paolo Brizio : vocals, accordion
Floriano Brignone : bagpipes, flutes
Daniele Pellegrino : bass, backing vocals
Marco Baudino : drums