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BLACK MESSIAH released Walls of Vanaheim

BLACK MESSIAH is back with a new album titled "Walls of Vanaheim".
You can order here.

01. Prologue - A New Threat
02. Mimir's Head
03. Father's Magic
04. Mime's Tod
05. Call To Battle
06. Die Bürde des Njörd
07. Satisfaction And Revenge
08. The March
09. The Walls Of Vanaheim
10. Decisions
11. Mit Blitz Und Donner
12. The Ritual
13. Kvasir
14. A Feast Of Unity
15. Epilogue - Farewell

Till Fjälls Del II by VINTERSORG is out now

The new album "Till Fjälls Del II" by VINTERSORG is now available to their label.


01. Jökelväktaren
02. En Väldig Isvidds Karga Dräkt
03. Lavin
04. Fjällets Mäktiga Mur [ video ]
05. Obygdens Pionjär
06. Vinterstorm
07. Tusenåriga Stråk
08. Allt Mellan Himmel Och Jord
09. Vårflod

01. Tillbaka Till Källorna
02. Köldens Borg
03. Portalen
04. Svart Måne

Gunpowder Magic lyrics video by THE PRIVATEER

THE PRIVATEER revealed their new lyrics video for a song taken from"The Goldsteen Lay" album coming out during July.

ODROERIR released Das Erbe unserer Ahnen

The new ODROERIR album "Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" is out now. You can get a copy to their label.

01. Abecedarium Nord
02. Das Erbe unserer Ahnen
03. Thule
04. Idisi
05. Wanderer
06. Phol ende Uuodan
07. Hyperborea

DOOM OF VALYRIA unveiled the official video

Lately, DOOM OF VALYRIA released the new album "Warg" and now, the band unveiled the video that probably could not be without contributors for that crowdfunding project.

KRAAMOLA released Molfar EP

"Molfar" is the new work signed KRAAMOLA. "The idea of this mini-album is to show you non-standard side of the band’s material. Songs, presented in this release, were born in different times and for objective reasons were not included in previous album. Each of them is the result of creative search and does not completely fit general concept of the band. “Molfar” song is also a kind of experiment, but it’s also a kind of a beacon to follow, while working on next full-length release", said the band. The record is available on Bandcamp and more.
TRACKLIST : 01. Molfar  02. Oh you, skylark…  03. Moment of intimacy  04. Ministry of fools (Saxon instrumental cover)
Line up : Serhiy Isaiev – vocals (1,3) Julia Hershtun – vocals (2) Anatoliy Zinevych – guitars Anatoliy Khomenko – violin Kyryl Shapovalenko – bass guitar Dmytro Sychov – drums

TRIDDANA released Twelves Acoustic Pieces

TRIDDANA released their acoustic album "Twelves Acoustic Pieces". You can order to Amazon.

01. Becoming
02. When the Enemy's Close
03. Spoke the Firefly
04. Gone With the River
05. Flames at Twilight
06. Echo Through the Days
07. The Wicked Wheel
08. Born in the Dark Age
09. Galloping Shadows
10. Shouting Aloud
11. Everlasting Lie
12. Men of Clay
12. Who Wants to Live Forever (Queen)

IRDORATH new album and video

IRDORATH unveiled a new video for the song "Kupala na Ivana" taken from their new album titled "Wild" and planned to to be released by september. Heres the video :

FORSAKEN RITE released their debut album

FORSAKEN RITE debut album is out now in digital. Have a listen right here.

The Northern Saga by Forsaken Rite

FOREST KING released their debut album

FOREST KING released their debut album"Lore Born" on Bandcamp where you can also have a listen.

TRACKLIST : 01. OND 02. For The Folk 03. Troll Stench  04. Sacred Mead  05. Lore Born  06. Heathen 07. Roots To Rise 08. Winter Within  09. Who Will Write Your Saga

UTMARKEN released "Förfallstid"

UTMARKEN now released their second album titled "Förfallstid". Email the band to order a copy.


01. Förfallstid
02. Vintervind
03. Ifrån byn
04. Kamplåt
05. Bröder i strid
06. Vårdröm
07. Läk dig själv
08. Dit anden går
09. Lidandets väg – intro
10. Lidandets väg
11. Mitt Norrland [ lyrics video ]

DUSKMOURN released "Of Shadow and Flame"

"Of Shadow and Flame" album by DUSKMOURN is now available physical and digital. Thanks to their supporters who funded for this album to see the daylight.

01 Ancient Whispers
02 Through the Wild
03 The Frozen Mire
04 Where Shadows Lurk
05 Mountains of Darkness
06 Crowned in Flame
07 The Last Voyage

ODROERIR new album a bit delayed

"Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" , 
the new ODROERIR album will be released on June 23rd in the end.

Still the release is pretty soon :)

ADARYN released their three tracks demo

ADARYN band from France unveiled their demo available on Bandcamp :

Demo [Full Demo] by Adaryn


The band made one more video for their album "First Night Back In Port" coming out June 30, 2017.

The new VINTERSORG available for pre-order

"Till Fjälls Del II", the new VINTERSORG full length
can now be pre-ordered to Napalm records.

The record will be available from June 30, 2017

Evocation II by ELUVEITIE available for pre-order

ELUVEITIE will release their new album "Evocation II - Pantheon" on August 18th.
You can already pre-order your copy, various formats available.
And get their new single titled "Epona".

VARANG NORD unveiled the tracklist for their new album

VARANG NORD revealed the track listing for their new album probably titled "Call of Battle".
The band is currently recording that record planned around this autumn. Nothing is sure but keep hope! :)

AVVEN released EOS EP

AVVEN released their new EP "EOS" that is quite different from Kastalija and sounds Alternative more if you ask me... Have a listen :

Eos by Avven

ODRAEDIR : Choir of Swords lyrics video

ODRAEDIR made a video for their song "Choir of Swords" taken from "Legends of the Dark Times" album out now.

ODRAEDIR released their debut album

The debut album "Legends of the Dark Times" by ODRAEDIR is now released.
You can listen to some songs and purchase here.
01.The Legend Now Begins...
02.Heroes of the Dark Times
03.Brave Souls
04.The Dawn of Odin's Horde
05.Beowulf and Grendel
06.Beowulf and the Dragon
07.Pagan Forest
08.Choir of Swords
09.In the Name of Thor
10.Legends Ain't Be Forgotten
11.Path of the Wolf

Twenty years of OBSCURITY

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band, OBSCURITY will release their 8th album under Trollzorn records. The record is entitled “Streitmacht” (meaning Army/Armed Forces) and will be released on July 14th.
01. 793
02. Meine Vergeltung
03. Streitmacht Bergisch Land
04. Non Serviam
05. Hinrichtung
06. Todesengel
07. Endzeit
08. Herbstfeldzüge
09. Ehre den Gefallenen
10. Was uns bleibt

The band unveiled a new video :

STEIGNYR released Ashes from a Keltic Spirit

The maxi single "Ashes from a Keltic Spirit" by STEIGNYR is now available to Itunes.

01. The Uprising Hymn
02. Ashes from a Keltic Spirit
03. Fallen Gods


HILDR VALKYRIE unveiled a new song titled "Blood on the Stones".

Curse by TROLLORT is out now

TROLLORT released their album "Curse", available through Amazon.
Below is the full streaming of the record.


New album signed TVERD is out now

"RUS': Prophetic Oleg" is the complete title for the new TVERD album thatis feature musical picture based on heroic-romantic lyrics, that reflects real historic events of 9th and 10th century, during the State’s of Kievan Rus’ formation, times of great feats and losses: The Heroes Reign founded the Eastern Slavs’ State Bases. The music reflects these grandiose epic pictures of ancient battles very deeply and accurately, underlines and amplifies senses and experiences of characters, and vocalists demonstrate not just simple magnificent academic and folk singing, but live these events and feelings in real.Russian artist (specialist in Slavic artistry) — Maxim Kuleshov (Ladoga) passes the Ancient Rus’ sense and atmosphere very truly, opening old authentic edges of Russian spirit.
RUS': Prophetic Oleg by TVERD

ÆTHER REALM released Tarot album

ÆTHER REALM's new album is entitled "Tarot". You can listen and order from here :

Tarot by Aether Realm

FOREST KING album soon

June 20, 2017 is the release date for the forthcoming FOREST KING album titled "Lore Born".
TRACKLIST : 01. OND 02. For The Folk 03. Troll Stench  04. Sacred Mead  05. Lore Born  06. Heathen 07. Roots To Rise 08. Winter Within  09. Who Will Write Your Saga

TENGGER CAVALRY new album out now

TENGGER CAVALRY released their new album entitled "Die on my Ride" and the official video for the song titled "Independence Day".

Die on My Ride by Tengger Cavalry


Godreah records released the split CD "English Steel" by FOREFATHER.and MEADS OF ASPHODEL.

Forefather ‘Tales From a Cloud-Born Land’ 01. Opening 02. Two Sacred Oaks 03. One Blood and One Bone 04. Strongbow's Death  05. In Victory We Feast 06. Out of Time 07. Daughter of Twilight
Meads of Asphodel ‘Taste the Divine Wrath’’ 08. An Ebullient Prelude to a Loathsomely Grim End [intro] 09. Chidiock Tichborne 10. You've Got The Hate (Candi Stanton Cover) different version. 11. Balthasar Gérard 12. Infidel 13. Castleland (Desaster Cover) 14. Perfect Day (The Saints Cover) 15. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 Cover)

Last month, FOREFATHER released their part of the split in digital.

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS album available for pre-order

First Night Back In Port album by YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS is available in various editions to Napalm records.

01. Annabel
02.  A Night at the Schwarzer Kater
03.  First Night Back in Port
04.  All the Way to Galway
05.  Cooper's Rum
06.  Skippy Aye Yo
07.  I Dream of You
08.  A Declaration of Independence
09.  For a Fragile Moment's Ease
10. We are Ye Banished Privateers
11. Bosun's Verses
12. Eastindiamen
13. Devil's Bellows
14. Ringaroo at Cooper's inn
15. Mermaid's Kiss