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More pages are fixed now

Hi, folks!
Today, I have fixed all the links into the following forums:
                - Folk Bands                 - Folk Discussion                 - The Gallery (registered users only)                 - Musicians search                 - Musicians
Also, I've fixed links of the instruments pages to the homepage of the folk elements project. Left bands threads links to fix there but I have to wait for one update from the forum's firm which will delete the bugs.

Folk Metal Forums: COMPLETE!

Some good news for our lovers of Folk Metal!

I have checked all forums related with Folk Metal and the broken links from there are to the past!

Forums are:
                - Månegarm (official)
                - Fejd (official)
                - Ensiferum (unofficial)
                - Korpiklaani (unofficial)
                - Moonsorrow (unofficial)
                - Eluveitie (unofficial)
                - Other Folk Metal Bands
                - Folk Metal Discussion
                - Bands Battle

Links in forums...

This entry is about the broken links trouble again...

Well, the links inside threads into the following forums are fixed:

- Rules & Tutorials
- Reviews
- Interviews
- Band's battles
- Folk Metal discussion

Now, I am working on the Folk Metal bands threads (not un/official forums of bands). I checked and fixed links inside threads of bands from A to R.

I keep working on the next threads...

TROLDHAUGEN interview online!

I interviewed Meldengar from TROLDHAUGEN regarding the band and things planned next year.
01. Hi! TROLDHAUGEN was founded in early 2008. How did the band see the daylight exactly ? TROLDHAUGEN was formed in the January of 2008, when Reventüsk (Vocals) and I, Meldengar (Guitars), got together and wrote a short piece of music that equally reflected our mutual interest in traditional folk music and metal. Cut to 2013 and we are now a five piece folk/circus/freak/metal ensemble (rounded out by Döesbürg on mandolin vocals, Svarog on bass and Grädenøk on drums/percussion) who have a cassette tape single (2009), a self-titled E.P. (2010), and a debut album (RAMSHACKLE (2012)) under our belt.

02. What means the band name for you ? TROLDHAUGEN is the name of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s estate and translated means “The Troll Hill”. We originally chose the name because it sounded cool and fit the style and theme of what we were aiming for, but it has actually turned out to be a nice ‘nod’ t…

Links are fixed into the following places

You may know that i am facing one big trouble in the forum: All links were broken. Now, most of them still are...
I have already fixed all links available in this website so you can reach them without problem.
Today, I worked on the forum again and the links fixed inside threads of the forum are the following:


The band SVARTBY released for free download a single entitled "Karl's Egg Farm".


01. Karl's Egg Farm
02. Morbid Quag

SLANE band released online their first EP so called "Follow Me". You can listen to their EP by going to their VK page.
Physical copies will be for 2014.


01. The Raven Song
02. Anagantios
03. Follow Me
04. The Great Wheel

HEID New Line-up & EP to come!

The Spanish band HEID faced one big line-up change this year.
The current line-up is as follow:

Herrero: vocals
Noel: recorder, violin, dulzaina, back vocals
Ivanez: soloist guitar
Sergio: rythmic guitar, back vocals
Reuven: bass
Drakhai: drums, back vocals
Pedro: keyboard samples

HEID will release in the beginning of 2014 their very first EP entitled "Voces de la Tierra Dormida"  that means "Voices of the Sleeping Land" in English. Musically speaking, the EP will appear darker and faster, with more black and epic influencies. 


Our forum is back to

Since Winter Solstice, our forum is back to its previous url: and after some discuss with the tech of the firm, they can't redirect links as they did the first time but to the other sense (.com to
Some times ago, some of you may remember, I won this domain name as one prize in one game. Nowadays and for some reasons i'll explain below, I refuse to get it back even I could if wanted. Also and since this year, we have this website as main address now.
The consequencies of this change of web address are all links starting by have broken. It means I have to fix all links of the forum (threads from 2007 to 2013) inserted to bands lists, albums to come, bands threads, html pages (project, concerts...) but also this website and... everywhere because them all have broken. 
One example with ADAVANT thread:…

Out now: "A Light Cut Through The Void" by ADAVÄNT 

The new ADAVÄNT album

that SWORD CHANT is proud to have

supported the band's fund campaign for,

is out now!

The album is entitled "A Light Cut Through The Void".

Sons Of War Video

Napalm records revealed the full official video by MÅNEGARM for the song "Sons Of War" available on "Legions of the North" album.

You can share your opinion on this video and more, to their official forum.

One good & bad news...

Hi folks!

I have some news regarding the bugs I met with that new HTML editor...

The good news is the firm of the forum is working on that new editor to fix it!

The bad news is I can't update and do things in Concerts page and other pages such as the project, etc...

Let's be all patient then!

Thank you.

Skálmöld CD/DVD out now!

The band SKÁLMÖLD released a CD and DVD entitled Skálmöld & Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands, recorded alongside the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. You can purchase it to their official webstore and 15% off all clothing can be until the end of the year, if this code is used to that same link: SOLSTICESALE2013.

Teaser for the new MÅNEGARM video online!

As already announced by MÅNEGARM, the next official video by the band is for the "Sons Of War" song taken from their new album entitled "Legions Of The North", out since June & July 2013. You can purchase the record at Napalm records, or the band's website. : )
This is a preview of the new video:

The winner band of our 58th bands battle

They were five bands to fight one agianst the others: Jaldaboath, Ephyra, Les Alabres, Equester, Skull & Bones. Sadly, Equester had to leave the battle. The band EPHYRA played the game by promoting themselves well and now, can be proud to be the winner of our bands battle! Well deserved!
So, what is EPHYRA ?

Two bugs sliced in twice!

Good news! I found solution to fix two bugs.
I took the sword and then......... x)

Those two bugs are related with colors of links and background of the html pages. Left many bugs to solve such as colors of words and italic and more, removed by the new editor if I edit because that editor converted bad the things written from the previous editor...
But maybe I found a way to make the 43 pages again, a bit faster - I hope...
We'll see.

The Folk Elements Project is back!

Today, I worked on the main page of the project that was killed after my edit because of one new editor inserted in my panel. 
The tech said there weren't bugs but actually,  they confirmed after there are some bugs...
Well, I built the whole page again now avaialble to the same link:
I changed some things for the better to the page as well.
Enjoy this project that lists folk instruments per Folk Metal bands!  Also useful for the ones searching for bands with violin, pipes, or else innit. 

The new Saltatio Mortis DVD is out now!

The DVD is entitled "Provocatio" and it includes three hours of acoustic show by SALTATIO MORTIS at the MPS (Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum) in Hamburg 2013, making of and concert. 

They are not bugs...

This entry is the following of this one that deals with problems on html pages because of a new editor inside my admin panel. I found what's wrong.

Actually, the new editor doesn't support the codes i inserted through the previous editor while that last ever refused some codes i can do now with the new editor that works also very different.
It is one good update but too bad they didn't think to that fact. Too bad... Mainly for me because it means I have to do all the pages again that include:
- The Lyrics Database
- The Folk Metal concerts 2014
- The medievals & Folk Concerts 2014
- The Project
- Listing of Labels
- Supporters

It means days and days and days of work....

The second IRMINSUL album is now released!

Four years after their debut album, the Swedish band IRMINSUL releases "Fäder", their second masterpiece.

TRACKLIST (Find Lyrics):

01. Stupagreven
02. Nattramn
03. Galgaman
04. Hagridden
05. Letters from the past
06. Bäckakarlens dans
07. Clades Variana
08. Ölbänk
09. Neverending story

Bugs to the Folk Project page of Sword Chant!

The firm of the forum updated the forum of Sword Chant by the addition of a new editor in my panel but some bugs related with html pages appeared while editing.
You can always access the main page for the folk project but the project itself isn't really available for now since the bugs removed links, background, and some more things have gone wrong.../
The other pages (concerts, labels, etc) are fully available but I won't add new content to those pages until they fix the problems.
Thanks for your understanding.

Two forums for musicians!

All followers may already know our "Musicians Search" forum  but do they all know our "Musicians" forum? 
That last was available for the members of our forums only.
Today, I opened this "Musicians" forum to everyone. It means everybody can look inside now.
This forum is designed for musicians, amateurs and professionnals. Sometimes are shared some ads over there maybe interesting for bands.
Threads for instruments may be with the help of our members and then,  you may find their links inside our folk elements project as well, .
Learn more to that lnik:

TROLLWAR interview online!

I interviewed Poignar, and WoX from the band TROLLWAR, who's also member of our forum, so if you have more questions, ask him below (muahaha). The interview was done longtime before the release of their debut album.
01. Hi WoX, Hi Poignar! Your first EP was released in 2011; one year after the band founded and this December 1st will be out your debut album. Can you tell us, for the ones who haven’t heard TROLLWAR yet, how was founded the band exactly ? Poignar: Well first of all we have all been friend and know each other pretty much before the beginning of the band. We were all interested about music and had common way of thinking so we just happened to jam together and had the desire to form something to transmute our feeling into music. We pretty much all always been active in the music scene having a few band here and there, or solo projects for me (Neant radical and Riding dawn revolt).

GRIMNER Live video 2013

Find below the complete GRIMNER live @ Hörnerfest 2013.

HAGBARD is rising.

The debut HAGBARD album is now released!

I contacted the band about their album but they weren't sure of the release date. Then I contacted their label Soundage Productions. Their album entitled "Rise of the Sea King" was released but the label had to stop the sales from the beginning due to bad pressing. Now, you can get the album to that link and think their album is out since november 25 of 2013:

EQUESTER ended their battle 2013.

Due to strange votes for them,  I had to remove EQUESTER from the current bands battle.
Sadly, the band couldn't give me strong proves for these votes for them despite they promoted themselves a little.
I suggested to EQUESTER they keep the fight without that number of vote but once I discovered I couldn't do it (first attempt ever), the only way was to remove them... 
I want to remind our bands battles are promotionals for bands & folk metal. That's why people unregistered in our forums can support and vote for their favorite band too as they can help them spreading the word but some tricks shouldn't be used against them. 
1 user = 1 vote only
If bands do fine promotion,  they may also win some more listeners,  the main goal.
Do like us  &  Support Bands!!

ELUVEITIE parts ways with Meri

The violin player Meri decided to leave the band ELUVEITIE and it will happen by the end of the year 2013.
Eluveitie words:
With a heavy heart we have to inform you that Meri, our fiddle player, has decided to leave Eluveitie.  Meri was a part of our band from the very beginning. During the incredible last 11 years she went through thick and thin with us, played nearly 650 shows and performed on every Eluveitie album so far!
As the saying goes "all good things come to an end" - the time has come for Meri to devote her time to new goals. Thank you, Meri, for sticking with us all these years! Thank you for everything you've given Eluveitie and for all the times we've shared. We won't forget. And from all our hearts we wish you all the best for your personal and musical future!

58th Bands Battle

The last battle of the year is now online!

Everyone can select the band of his choice only once to that link.
The folk metal bands into battle are the following:


Discover them all before to select your favorite!
You can vote until December 15th.

Enjoy! : )


The debut album so called "Earthdawn Groves" by the Canadians TROLLWAR is out worldwide now! 
Find all details in our website.

From today can be preordered here the new KAMPFAR album entitled "Djevelmakt" to be released january 27th of 2014.


Yesterday, the band BLACK MESSIAH released their new album they have entitled "Heimweh". Look at the artwork aside.
Today, new EP's have seen the daylight!
Early this month, I interviewed the young band DEMOTERION. Their very first EP entitled "Prometheus" is now released.

PIMEÄ METSÄ album now released!

Today, "Legacy of the Heathen North" album by PIMEÄ METSÄ is out now!


01. Utgard Threat (intro)
02. Warmarch of the Jotuns
03. The Wolves' Rebellion
04. Varangian Odyssey
05. Stormy Night
06. Kaamos (instrumental)
07. Jörmungandr
08. Journey of the Sleipnir Scions
09. Olut!
10. Anthems of Conquest
11. Pimeä Metsä


The Brazilian band MORRIGAM released their first EP entitled "Anhanga".

01 - Massacre 02 - Corpo Seco 03 - Kurupir 04 - Anhangá

"Help the bands" page changed name!

Actually, I deleted the page to create a new one here  and two new threads in the forum. 
One to the folk metal space  and the other one to the new "folk discussion" forum.
The Community of Sword Chant is not just me, the founder but many people registered and they are with the will to support bands too. 
So, I gave them opportunity to do it better in the forums. 
Their posts will be linked to the all new page so called "They Need You!" from this website you are reading now.
The new page is right in the middle, in the menu.  This is the link:

Some more changes in the forum

From now, Pagan/Folk Music gets its own space in our forum.
You already know the "Pagan Folk & Folk Music Bands" forum that I shortened the name to "Folk Bands" but now is also one Folk Discussion forum, and I added there the old topics on that matter, we had already in Sword Chant.
That space is available below the official Fejd forum.

Last but not least,

Below the banners of Månegarm & Fejd are links to Live Events, Folk Metal (2013 / 2014) & Folk (2014).  I didn't include the Medieval festivals 2013 there. The number of recent topics goes from 20 to 18 threads viewable now. I think those links are catchy more.
More to come.

They need YOU!

Bands ADAVANT, APPALACHIAN WINTER and NORTHERN OAK need you to reach their goal!
ADAVANT and NORTHERN OAK are doing their best for their new album, but they need some of your help!
And we can only support APPALACHIAN WINTER together with NINE GATES RECORDS who are doing their best to help one little girl fighting hard against cancer.
Find infos and links to help APPALACHIAN WINTER, their label, ADAVANT, and NORTHERN OAK here: New link:

Some additions for the listings of the forthcoming albums

Before were available links for details and reviews only, over there. 
I added also links to interviews in Sword Chant, the ones related with the folk metal albums to come out. Of course, all interviews don't mean to be strictly always about one new album....
The listing for all interviews is always available, but if that new addition to these albums-listings may also help purchasing some albums and help some bands and labels a bit. : )
It will be the same for the upcoming folk albums once i'll have the opportunity.
So, what Celtic / Medieval / Pagan Folk band needs one interview? ^^

Bands gigs & Folk Music, Folk Metal, Medieval Fairs 2014


I removed the past events of 2013 and included more fests'n' gigs planned for the next year in the world, to this page available to the left of this website at anytime.

Sometimes ago, I announced things will move for the Folk side of Sword Chant. Strong Identity in Folk Metal is Sword Chant but I support also the celtic, medieval and pagan folk bands since I founded this site. Only, it is a bit hard to create all new bands threads and so on, everytime for one person sharing many bands news, caring for the site, etc... while folk metal is in big expansion (!) but I am proud how Sword Chant became over the years as I know they are many bands to appreciate this website too. (I got the proof today, again lol). 

"G" like Glittertind, Gwydion ...Great!

Today is the day for all their fans and listeners!

Remember all my calls and recalls to help the GWYDION guys with their fundraiser campaign...

 Because of you all who fed their campaign,  this good band could finalyze their new album, released today:


LOCATION : Ireland

Status : Active
Music : Celtic Folk

Cillian Doheny : tenor banjo, guitar
Jos Kelly : button accordion, keyboard
Darren Roche : button accordion
Ted Kelly :tenor banjo
Paddy Hazleton : percussions

New web address for our Google+ page!

Hi folks!
Can you remember that link below ? 
...I ain't sure... : )

Pirates & Trolls have new releases for you!

The band TROLL BENDS FIR released today via Soundage Prod. their new album entitled "Hopheart". 

I interviewed Troll from the band about that new record. You can find all the "Hopheart" details in the interview and below, the tracklist with tracks titles also translated to English:

Congratulations DRENAÏ!

The French band DRENAÏ faced BUCOVINA, DEMOTERION, DIABULA RASA, FANGÖRN, MYRKVEDR, OL' JOLLY ROGER, and UNSHINE inside our arena. The young and heroic band from Normandy found the power also because of their great listeners! Learn more on this band and enjoy their demo here:
A rising thunder by Drenaï

"Gimmie Gimlie!"

Soon, your patience will be over. Tomorrow will be out the all new CORVUS CORAX entitled "Gimlie". Of course, this won't be free but that visual is :)

EPHYRA interview online

I interviewed the band EPHYRA. They released their debut album lately.
Hi EPHYRA! You just released your debut album. Can you explain us what means the bandname ? Matteo: Hi Krissy, yes of course.. If you search on google, you will find a lot of suggestive meanings for the word “Ephyra”.. well, none  of those meanings is the right one. The name “Ephyra” was born thanks to a videogame of the far 2001, “Severance: Blade of Darkness”. We liked the sound of the word “Ephyra” and we decided to use it as the name of the band and also as the name of the fantasy kingdom where our songs take life. In fact, you can find our band/kingdom name in the lyrics of 2 tracks.

02. Why have you chosen that name for your band ? Matteo: Because this name is evocative of a far and fantastic world.

03. Back in 2005, EPHYRA was a death metal cover band and then, you’ve got several line-up changes. Nowadays are those fantasy-medieval influences in the band. Can you tell us who is/are the bandmember(s) who could br…


LOCATION : San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
Status : Active Music : Folk Metal

Juan Saldana : vocals Andres Montanez : guitar, backing vocals Giovanni Burgos : guitar Ricardo Alvelo : bass guitar, backing vocals Fernando Merced : drums
Past members :
Roberto Fernandez : drums
Victor Melendez : keyboard

Equester was founded in september 2013 by two college friends Andres Montanez and Ricardo Alvelo Eventually the line-up was completed after the rest of the band members arrived.The first songs were composed by Andres before the band was founded. The band’s name comes from the latin word eques which means rider or horseman. The band incorporates folk influences such as caribbean and european melodies and folk instruments synthesized by a keyboard. The lyrical themes are also about war, feasts, and mythical creatures. 
Demo 2014


Naufragant / Skull & Bones

LOCATION : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Franco Tempesta : vocals, mandolin, mouth harp
Tomás Vega : guitar, backing vocals
Frank Schiavone : bass, backing vocals

Past members :
Alan Puyol : keyboards, orchestration, arrangements, piccolo, transverse flute
Fernando Bonino (ex-Tengwar, Dolmen) : drums

Skull & Bones is a pirate metal band founded in 2011, The complete line-up appeared early 2013. The name is a reference to the fearsome and remarkable design of the Jolly Roger flag, an emblem of pirate symbology. The band takes on themes based on the golden age of piracy, with references from both real historical characters of the period as well as fiction from the genre. Skull & Bones evokes this background through a combination of the most distinctive features of power metal with symphonic influences and folk melodies. This way, it accomplishes a unique musical style of its own.
December 1st of 2015, Skull & Bones becomesNaufragant

A special thanks to...

A special thanks to all our followers who supported and congratulated
the 6th anniversary of Sword Chant, yesterday.

And a special thanks to the following Folk Metal bands for their support!
Dear Sword Chant, In todays world, where information is overwhelmingly everywhere, where the amount of bands of all genres fill the internet and  social media worse than in a Chinese traffic jam, the panorama for a starting band seems almost as dark and chaotic as a midnight storm . Just trying to visualize getting out of this band traffic jam seems nothing but an utopic dream of the golden age of rock. But there are some in this chaos that do give some light to guide you  through the storm. Sword Chant has been a lighthouse, a breather, a guide. Heidra has nothing else but to thank Krissy  for the huge effort and time she has invested in us and in other bands, giving space to be heard and to keep us in the spot light. There is no doubt that her passion and dedication  to support this type…

6 years already...

Today is a special day for Sword Chant.

6 years ago, I founded the forum. I have written some words for the event and the evolution of the site.

Enjoy, folks!

Les Alabres

LOCATION : Toulon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Jennifer "Galraédià" : lead vocals
Patrice : lead vocals, keybards, accordion
Akira Lou Métèque : bass, backing vocals
Steph : guitar
Krout : drums, backing vocals


LOCATION : Como, Lombardy, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nadia Casali : vocals
Francesco Braga : vocals
Matteo Santoro : guitars, choirs
Paolo Diliberto : guitars, choirs
Alessandra Biundo : bBass
John Tagliabue : drums

Past members :
Germano Rondena : bass, choirs
Simone Imperiale : keyboards, choirs

The EPHYRA album is now released!

The debut EPHYRA (ITA) album made of 10 tracks is entitled "Journey".


Interview with IRMINSUL!

I interviewed Guzten from the Swedish band IRMINSUL; questions mainly on the upcoming album entitled "Fäder".
01. Hi Guzten! Sadly, I know there are some people who still haven’t heard IRMINSUL music. So, can you tell us how exactly was founded this project of band ? Me and Robin met thru a mutual friend and found out that we shared the interest of music soon. We started to make and record songs on my computer in my home. One friend of mine that listens to the biblical name Josef heard some songs and wanted to start a band and then, asked us if we were interested. We said yes and he introduced us to Jonas whom he had played with in a band during their school years. We didn’t really know what kind of music we wanted to play except that it should be some kind of metal of course... We had made some songs before as mentioned, all in different genres but then I made a song called "Vavtrudner" with lyrics from Edda. The music was as far from perfect as it probably could …


The Fallen Angel Productions released a limited box set including 8 recordings from 1996 to 2010 by the French band BELENOS.

You can order it here:

Ever heard DEMOTERION?

The DEMOTERION folks are from Italy. This is a pretty young band since they founded early this year. They will release their first EP soon and I interviewed them for you to know them better. :)
01. Hi DEMOTERION! You founded the band early this year but how? Can you give us details ?  Alen Foglia: Hello Sword Chant, well, let's say the group was initially founded by myself and the other guitarist Gianmarco while we spoke music after a concert of his old group ‘’Chemical Warfare’’. Then we set ourselves quite a bit to do, to find the other members because this is very difficult to find musicians in Abruzzo (Italy) who listen to Folk Metal and derivatives. We found all the components we began to compose without specific frameworks or guidelines set, only what we felt we had to express, and so it turned out'' Prometheus''. So far this is our history and we cannot complain haha.

02. Your lyrics deal with Paganism. What religion ?
Riccardo Litta: The lyrics for “Prometheus…

SCYTHIA…Of Conquest

Early 2014, the Canadian band SCYTHIA will release a new album entitled "…Of Conquest". That last is engineered/produced by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Halcyon Way, Svarsot) at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany, with co-production by Shaun Thingvold (Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of God, Fear Factory). The album is mixed by Nino Laurenne (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Kiuas, Firewind) at Sonic Pump Studios on Helsinki, Finland. Mastering credits go to Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Firewind, Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica) at Chartmakers in Helsinki, Finland.
You may find in "…Of Conquest" some mixing of  progressive, melo death & power metal  added of some folk elements.

The enlightened SPELLBLAST tower

I interviewed Luca Arzuffi from SPELLBLAST, about the line-up of the band, the new album and the next plans for the band. Questions have been made before the revelations of the new record details.
01. Hi Luca! Lately, you spent a lot of time in the studio to record the forthcoming SPELLBLAST, did it happen well ? Hi Krissy, yes, it was a very intense year for me and the other guys of the band but I must say that the result is great! It was a pleasure to work with my Band on such an ambitious project.

02. Did it happen well also for the two new members, Daniele Scavoni and Michele Olmi? Did they already have experience Studio recording in past ?
The two ''new entries'' didn't have much experience in studio in the past, but they've revealed good musicians, serious and professional.

Learn everything on the new TROLL BENDS FIR album

I interviewed Konstantin, also known as "Troll" from TROLL BENDS FIR. The interview deals with their forthcoming record and the band itself.

01. Hi Konstantin! These days, you are passing a lot of time with recordings in the studio. How is it going for the new TROLL BENDS FIR album ?
It’s recorded, mixed and today I got its final version with mastering! So it’s ready!

02. So, you are currently working on your next album entitled “Hopheart”, what means that word for you ?
Well, as you know, we play “Beer folk” and this album isn’t an exception. “Hopheart” is the utter combination of music and beer.

03. Your previous cd so called “Brothers in Drinks” was made in two steps. TROLL BENDS FIR released one first EP “Oktoberfest” and another EP “Hoplnir” later… Then, these two EP’s were re-released in one cd later and so, “Brothers in Drinks” was born. What was the idea behind these editions in those times ?


LOCATION : East Sussex, England

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Grand Master Jaldaboath (James Fogarty) : guitars, vocals, keyboards
Sir Bodrick : bass
The Mad Monk (Milton Peterson) : drums (studio)
Kobro : drums (live)

2nd GLITTERTIND single, "Sub Stele" by BUCOVINA out now

The band GLITTERTIND released another single, entitled "Kvilelaus" that is about Life. The song title means "Restless" and this is the 5th track from their upcoming album so called "Djevelsvart" to be out this November 22nd. You can purchase Kvilelaus single to that link.
A release party for the new album is planned for December 13th in Oslo and the other band to play there is BERGTATT. In my opinion, it sounds already promissing. : )

BUCOVINA released their new album entitled "Sub Stele".
This is the artwork:

57th bands battle

The bands battle for this month taking place here is online
and this, until November 15th of 2013.

The lucky fighters are:
As always, the battles are for bands promotion so,  I don't want to ban another band as it previously happened.
Now, its time to support your favorite band!  Guests are invited to tick their favorite too!
Enjoy! : )

MYRKVEDR interview

I interviewed Thurisaz, Hagal and Runar from MYRKVEDR, mainly about their debut album out since october 30th.
01. Hi MYRKVEDR ! October 30th was released your Debut-album entitled « The Sons of Muspell ». Are you satisfied with the result ? Thurisaz: Very much so indeed! Myself and the others are very excited about this album. It contains several music styles that we all like personally, Folk metal, Death metal, Black metal and dare I say even a hint of Power metal.
Hagal: Yes, the result is very much as the original vision for the band. Heavy, dirty, non-commercial and filled to the edge with bravery and epic awesomeness!

02. Where was recorded, mixed and mastered the album ? Hagal: The album has been recorded and mixed at Tåget Studios in Borås, Sweden. The mastering actually took place in my private studio.


From now and from everywhere worldwide, you can preorder the debut album by TROLLWAR entitled "Earthdawn Groves". The band published some tracks already and made a teaser for their album available below:

Reminder of the artwork and tracklist:

I interviewed LOU QUINSE

I interviewed Dennis Anzalone, known here for being a HENDERWYD band member before,  and now a full member in LOU QUINSE band.
01. Hi Dennis! You were part of the band HENDERWYD when I met you and then, you left the band... Have you got some nice experiences with HENDERWYD ? Sure I have! HENDERWYD was the first band wherewith I played live for the first time in my life and it was also the first band wherewith I recorded the first songs. In the past, I had only one hard rock/ heavy metal project that never saw the light so I can say that HENDERWYD was my first real band. It's important to say that thanks to this band, I was introduced into folk metal. The nicest experience with them was playing at Fosch Fest 2012, for the first time I played on a big stage in front a lot of people and that was truly a blast! I'll never forget it!

02. So, you and Michèle Tron, also from HENDERWYD, have joined LOU QUINSE sometimes after quit your previous band, What happened inside HENDERWYD for y…


LOCATION : Gothenburg, Sweden

Status : On hold
Music : Folk Metal

William "Hagal" Klevheden : vocals
Simon "Sumbl" Bengtsson (Falkhan) : guitar
Mattias "Rok" Andersson (RIP 2017) : guitar
Robert "Thurisaz" Bengtsson (Falkhan) : drums

Past members :
Victor "Askebloss" Lundblom : bass
Linus "Runar" Wahlgren (ex-Frostrit) : tin and low whistles, wooden whistle, fife, sackpipa (swedish bagpipes), practice chanter, spilåpipa (swedish flute), Goat horn, psalmodicon, accordion (diatonic), jaw's harp, näverlur (birch trumpet).


Earlier this year, the band CATUVOLCUS announced "Catuvolcus is no more. As of the 26th of February 2013 Catuvolcus has returned into ashes and dust. Our music will remain available through both Deathbound Records and Hymnes d'Antan as well as other labels/distributors across the world"
October 24th of 2013, the band changed his mind and P-A Plessix, also known as "Segomaros" in our forum, said to the official bandpage: "I must confess that the status of the Catuvolcus clan was well and truly foggy since lately. Know that I apologize and due to the circumstances, it is impossible for me to set aside this project which is the seat of my feelings, my way of expression which has a lot of importance both for me and for others. These few words to revive the hope of some, erase the sadness of others and announce the survival of the entity whom is CATUVOLCUS. For LIFE. - PA PLESSIX on behalf of Catuvolcus".

Always for better promotion and support

As previously explained here and for better promotion and support to bands again, I added the bandmails for contact info, booking and merch to all the threads related with folk metal bands in the forum of Sword Chant. I hope it could help a bit professionals and listeners but so, it means bands emails will be also required into the future bands threads from now. At same time, I updated some bands threads in the need.


LOCATION : Iaşi, Romania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Florin "Crivăţ" Ţibu : guitars, vocals
Bogdan Luparu : guitars, vocals
Bogdan "Vifor" Mihu : drums
Jorge Augusto Coan : bass

Past members :
Tudor "Beks" : bass
Augustin Abiţei : bass
Paolo Cito Caminha : bass
Vlad Stefan Datcu : bass
Manuel Giugula : keyboards

Bucovina is a Romanian folk metal band, founded in the year 2000. Their music mixes folk with heavy metal and black metal, while their lyrics deal with history, folklore and nature.

LEX TALION signed a deal with Metal Renaissance Records!

The folk metal band from Argentina LEX TALION self-released the December 12th of 2012 their first album entitled "Funeral in the Forest". This year, the album will be released again but under the Russian label "Metal Renaissance Records" since they signed a contract deal with this label.
Promoting the great events, LEX TALION shared on youtube that new official video for the song "The Kingdom of the Forgotten":

Listen to KERNUNNA this week!!

KERNUNNA, founded by some Tuatha Dé Danann members with other folks, shared in streaming on their website the debut-cd entitled "The Seim Anew" self-released by the band. The album is already out. (details).
I'd say the album is for open-minded people, really. I could hear for each track one mixing of musical genres together as for example alt, rock, metal, celtic music. Some nice effects are on the right moment ...and yes, the whole sounds folk metal at last. It reminds also the Tuatha a little but it sounds very different at same time and everything's made in a magic way. Well, have a listen this week, it cost nothing. :-)

Evolution for bands threads

I worked very active that last 1,5 week on a new shape for the folk metal bands threads in the forum, and I think the links there for concerts pages, interviews, lyrics...  are better and catchy more to everyone now.
Also and this is pretty new in Sword Chant: Emails contact will have to appear in bands threads. By safety and for longtime, I was against clickable email address but times change. Some bands may remember some topics or discussion on that matter we had in the forum or in private. Most bands wanted clickable links for emails and so, they won. : )
Now thinking straight about, I decided to make it in a helpful way as for listeners as professionnals. Thus, the bandmails for contact info, booking and merch will be required in bands threads now. 


LOCATION : Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Vladimir Fedorov : vocals, guitar
Vitaliy "Grendel" Senchenko (Der Galgen) : keyboards, vocals
Sergej "Haelkar" Murav'jov : guitars, vocals
Alexander Malyshev : guitars
Anton Gavrilov : guitars
Vladimir Pronin : bass
Ivan "Red Joker" Kashirin : drums

ALESTORM in the Navy

Today, Napalm records released the limited vinyls of the new single and THE VILLAGE PEOPLE cover song "In The Navy" by ALESTORM.  The single is also available for download.
TRACKLIST: 01 - In The Navy 02 - Shipwrecked (remix)

Be a part of the Sword Chant team

Sword Chant is looking for somebody to become moderator for the concerts side of the forum. Since my work with passion for music is free, so that work is also for free. :)
This is the work: - to post gigs, tourdates of bands, in the forum (folk metal & celtic/pagan..folk for the main) ; - to post festivals ;
- to update one listing (later) ; - to use moderation following the rules of the forum and being kind with the members, or don't be "the angry police". The community is most often nice.
The moderator will have to communicate with me via email but also via skype or facebook and be often online but before to give this status, this person will have a test time (i don't know for how long, will depend how things going).

Heathen Foray : Mei Laund song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Mei Laund
Release : Inner Force
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Heathen Foray : lyrics for Mei Laund song

Words : Official lyrics
Song : Mei Laund
Release : Inner Force
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

The 770th member of our facebook page

Today, Daniel TIDWELL became our 770th follower for our facebook page. The man is also into music and he tried to make one track called "The Brotherhood of Fiann". I think that's a good job but you can judge yourself: 

The track was released today, and this is also available in instrumental version. You can purchase the single for only $1 via bandcamp. Daniel TIDWELL wants to found one folk metal band around Washington DC, USA and hopes to find a solid line-up. 
So, I think he deserves our support for his future plans!