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New single by VORNA

VORNA unveiled a new single titled "Aalloista".

Debut album by IRON SEAWOLF ready for Halloween

Pirate metal band from the UK, IRON SEAWOLF, will release their debut album entitled "Hoist the Black Flag" on October 31, 2016. The record will be also available on their october shows before the release date.

SERPENTYNE released "The Serpent's Kiss"

The new album "The Serpent's Kiss" by SERPENTYNE
is out now. Get it here.

01 Spirits of the Desert
02 The Dark Queen
03 Helen of Troy
04 Jeanne d'Arc
05 Lammas Night
06 The Serpent's Kiss
07 Salterello
08 Viking Blood
09 Brigantia
10 Morrighan's Jig
11 Game of Thrones

Heres the opening track for the E-AN-NA EP

"Over the last few months there’s been a huge request for a specific song from our upcoming EP to be released. We have to delay the release of the EP for a few days, but until then, we present, as proud as it gets, „Înşivă”, said E-AN-NA band.

Their EP "Jiana" was planned for September 23rd, 2016, delayed to the 30th.

KORPIKLAANI released a new single

Finnish folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI have released a new digital single.
It is a very special release as an official anthem supporting their local football team FC Lahti and their 20th Anniversary.

The lyrics are not just about football, but also about your love for your hometown and not forgetting it’s history. FC Lahti, play in the Finnish Veikkausliiga, the highest soccer league in Finland and also the home team for Jari Litmanen.

You can purchase the digital single "FC Lahti" passing by Nuclear Blast.

SELVANS : a concept record as a split

“Sun and moon, the perfect opposites.  A dualism from which every couples of opposites of the known universe springs. A duality observed and widely studied, sung and represented in several ways during past eras. The aim of this Opus in four acts is to give another interpretation of this dichotomy, permeated by the typical elements which characterize our projects: different from each other for their variety but at the same time similar and joined an unanimous evocation of the past"
I. Intro/ SOL II. Selvans – Pater Surgens  III. Downfall of Nur – Mater Universi IV. Outro/ LUNA

Downfall of Nur and Selvans, together as one. This is not just another split album, but a concept album composed and recorded by both bands, also performing on each other's tracks. Vinyl limited to 300 copies (with 100 special copies for the preorders) and six panels digi CD. Out November 7th on CD and one week later on LP, obviously via Avantgarde Music. Preorder starts October 3rd, tune in!


SUN AND MOON DANCE shared a new song that is related with the turning of the seasons and Autumn.

HEID campaign and video

HEID started a campaign to fund their debut album "Alba" to be released on November 14th.
They made a music video for the event :


HYPOCRAS are currently recording their new record that is an EP entitled "Implosive".
Awaiting the artwork, heres the track listing :

01. At The Edge
02. Implosive Absolution
03. A Song For Them (Djizoes cover)
04. At The Edge (Vikings Remix by BAK XIII)

RAMCHAT lyrics and video

Pagan metal band RAMCHAT made a video with lyrics for "Tam, kde horeli stromy" song  taken from their debut album "Atrana".

Full album stream for "Into Battle" by HEATHEN FORAY

Massacre records shared for full streaming the most recent HEATHEN FORAY album "Into Battle".

ULKAN NEWEN official video

ULKAN NEWEN unveiled their official video for "El viejo del saco" song taken from La fuerza del canto EP out now.

KAATARAKT released Follow The Raven EP

KAATARAKT band from Switzerland released Follow The Raven EP.

01. Intro
02. Follow The Raven
03. Flesh And Bones
04. Waiting For The Ragnarok
05. Bloodwings

ALKONOST : "Songs of the white lily" album preview

From now can be pre-ordered the new ALKONOST album "Songs of the white lily" to be released on october 5th.

They are "SKALSTORM"

July 21st,

I said about one very special split 7“ when I announced here the upcoming "Vögguvísur Yggdrasils" album by SKÁLMÖLD. That red ltd 7" vinyl by SKÁLMÖLD and ALESTORM is now available for pre-order and will be out September 30th, 2016.

Side A: “Drink”, originally by Alestorm, covered by Skálmöld – taken from the new Skálmöld Album Vögguvísur Yggdrasils
Side B: “Kvaðning”, originally by Skálmöld, covered by Alestorm – EXCLUSIVELY available on the limited 7” vinyl edition!

Go to Napalm records to get a copy.


FINSTERFORST now released their new record “#YØLØ” that you can get here.

01. Bottle Gods
02. Auf die Zwölf
03. ‪#‎YØLØ‬
04. Hangover
05. Wrecking Ball
06. Beat It
07. Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer
08. Flasche leer
09. Das Schlimmste ist, wenn das Bier alle ist
10. Wild Rover

Cover unveiled for the first DUR DABLA album

After revealed the back cover for their debut album "Eñvor An Avel".  DUR DABLA now unveiled the front cover :

DRAUGÛL : preview song

"The Fall of Gondolin" is one track taken from the new DRAUGÛL album titled "Winterspell". This is a preview :

The record is planned to be released by Winter.

Cécile Corbel's new album available for pre-order

The new Cécile Corbel album is entitled "Vagabonde". The release date is planned for October 7th but you can already pre-order the full length here.

01. Working Song
02 La fille sans nom – feat. Faada Freddy
03 Waterfalls
04 Les courants d’air – feat. Gabriel Yacoub
05 The Berry
06 Belfast ft. The Moorings & Manran
07 Liam
08 Winterchild
09 Mama Always Told Me
10 Pierre & Marion – feat. Gabriel Yacoub
11 Dwellin Of The Moon
12 Entre ses bras – feat. Pomme
13 Under The Lake ft. Poppy Seeds


TOTER FISCH released "Bottoms Up Treasure" EP

TOTER FISCH released "Bottoms Up Treasure" that is an acoustic EP.

01. Six shades of rotten fisches
02. La Buse (new version)
03. Quinze Marins (Michel Tonnerre cover)
04. Hangman's Dance
05. Le Grand Coureur (sailor song)
06. Kings of the Sea (new version)
07. See you beyond the horizon

More details here.

The very first demo by GOFANNON is out now

French Pagan Folk band GOFANNON released its first demo "Prosodie" in digital.

Prosodie (Demo) by Gofannon

GRIMTOTEM released "Invunche" single

GRIMTOTEM released their new single "Invunche" in digital through bandcamp.
Contact the band if you are interested by the CD version that will be available by October 2016.

Invunche by Grimtotem

Kornog by BELENOS is out now

BELENOS released their new album "Kornog". You can order passing by their label.

TRACKLIST : 01. Kornog
02. Sklosenn ur vag
03. E donder ar mor 
04. Lidkerzh an anaon 
05. Treizhadenn-noz 
06. Armorika
07. D'an usved 
08. Sord-mor 
09. Lusenn an Ankou

CRYSTALMOORS released their double album

CRYSTALMOORS released "The Mountain Will Forgive Us", an album sliced in two records : "The Sap That feeds Us" CD and "La Montaña" Folk CD. You can order to the label shop.

Full JONNE album stream

Massacre Records shared for full streaming the debut album signed JONNE.

ALKONOST new album for October

October 5th, 2016,

ALKONOSTwill release their seventh album that is entitled "Песни белой лилии" and means "Songs of the White Lily". Two songs are available for a listen on their bandcamp : "Русалка" (Mermaid), and "Река (River).

Artwork :

Eñvor An Avel, the DUR DABLA album

DUR DABLA's debut album is entitled "Eñvor An Avel" and the band will launch a crowdfunding campaign for.

Awaiting that time, heres a teaser :

CREPUSCULE EP coming soon

Celtic folk band CREPUSCULE will release an EP on October 6th.  This is the artwork for "Horizon" EP : 

GOBLIN HOVEL new album for free download

GOBLIN HOVEL, a band from the USA, released their new album "Revered Revenant Of Irreverence" that is available for free download and full stream.

Revered Revenant Of Irreverence by Goblin Hovel

Utmarken : Utmarken album translated to English

Words : Unofficial English translations
Release : Utmarken
Thanks to the band for the permission
Mathias Gyllengahm and me have worked on the English translations of the songs.

Tracklist :
01. Strömkarlens Son : The Waterghost's Son
02. Välkommen Till Norrland : Welcome to Norrland
03. En Stadig Puls : A Steady Pulse
04. Till Skogs : To The Woods
05. Tystnadens Röst : The Voice of Silence
06. Dråparen : The Slayer
07. Vintern : The Winter
08. Regnet Faller : Rain is Falling
09. Häxkonst : Witchcraft
10. Bleka Toner : Pale Notes
11. Yxtid : Axe Age
12. Norrland Är Mörkt Nog Ändå : Norrland is Dark Enough Anyway

01. The Waterghost's Son
I move amongst water in motion, with my quivering string
A ghost of the night from the northland plays his chorus again
Come here, come here, down to me
I'll show you the darkest corners of truth
All those things, forbidden to see
Therefore hated and feared by the minions

I'm the waterghost's son
I'm the waterghost's son
The wat…

RASTABAN video for Dance of Bliss song

RASTABAN made a video for Dance of Bliss song taken from "Arise" album.

Tracklist for the new DUR DABLA album unveiled

DUR DABLA unveiled the tracklist for their debut album yet untitled and now on mixing step.

SUN AND MOON DANCE released Songs of the Sun EP

"Songs of the Sun" EP by SUN AND MOON DANCE is now available in digital. 

Songs of the Sun by Sun and Moon Dance

Idisi, the new ODROERIR song

The band shared one new song video titled "Idisi" within pictures from several open-air museums.

Text below the video, with google translation :

VYKHOR released "The Path Through The Ages" album

VYKHOR released their debut album "The Path Through The Ages" under the flag of Soundage records.
Шлях Крізь Віки(The Path Through The Ages) by Vykhor

Debut album out for KOT-BAYUN

KOT-BAYUN band from Russia released their debut album "Stronger than evil" under Soundage productions. The CD is available to the label page and here is the digital version.


01. There Was A Time
02. Prayer before the battle
03. Memory
04. On The Kulikov Field
05. Falkon
06. Shadows Of Forgotten
07. In The Realm Of Dreams
08. Buffoon
09. Closer To The Clouds
10. Solstice (Butterfly Temple cover)
11. Kikimora


SUN AND MOON DANCE unveiled a new song titled "Immortal Sun" 
taken from the forthcoming "Songs of the Sun" record.

GRIMTOTEM : full single stream

GRIMTOTEM shared for full streaming their new single "Invunche" coming out in CD and digital this September 9th.

FIMBULVET released "Heidenherz", a double CD

The double CD "Heidenherz" by FIMBULVET band that I interviewed on August 1st, 2016, is now available to this page.

SURTURS LOHE released Seelenheim album

SURTURS LOHE released their new album entitled Seelenheim, available under Einheit Produktionen
That album "Seelenheim" (Home of souls) celebrates the 20th anniversary of the band that I had pleasure to interview.

01. Der Kaiser im Berg
02. Lohe Surt
03. Seelenheim
04. Unter der Linden
05. Gotengrab
06. Sumar Kehre Heim
07. Schwertleite
08. Schildwacht

VIKE TARE second album out now

VIKE TARE released their new album "Feed The Flames". 
You can purchase it through their label.

TRACKLIST : 01. Feed the Flames (About One Who Wouldn't 0Obey) 02. Phobos Anomaly 03. Trutz, blanke Hans! 04. Die späte Rückkehr (Die Geschichte von Nis Randers) 05. Like a Silent Hill 06. Rebirth Denied 07. Der Fischer 08. Heimgang

DRENAÏ new EP coming soon

As you probably know, DRENAÏ plans to release their next album by the next year, but before this comes true, the band will enter the studio by september 23rd and 24th, for their next record set for this fall 2016.
The upcoming record is an EP titled "Nadirs" that is taken from ferocious horsemen from the steppes of David Gemmell’s universe. A name that spreads fear and cruelty amongst the whole Drenaï Empire. The epic tale that will be recorded then is the opening and the opportunity to explore new lands, paths and styles, in order to grant you a rich new content.
Some guests will be part of the EP.

SERVAN debut album for 2017

The debut album by SERVAN is entitled "Tales of the Forest" and it is now planned to be released in 2017.

SERVAN confessed me the following : The album title will be “Tales of the Forest” because the themes of the album deal with nature and the mythological creatures such as goblins, trolls and servan life. The album artwork will follow the story of the man exploring the forest from his happiness to his madness : in front is very bright, and the back cover shows the end within dark and dramatic tones. The most important designs of the pack, the front cover and the back, contain many so called “easter eggs”, a multitude of hidden elements representing each track of the album and also a tribute to “The Lord of the Rings”: it is up to you find those objects and connect them to the right track.


SUN AND MOON DANCE shared one demo song titled "Fae" (as in Cattle or livestock and not as Faeries).

"This is my first time experimenting with vocalization in my music", he said and I think he did great, don't you think ? :)

SAOR, the guardians

SAOR next record set to be released on November 11th by Northern Silence Productions.
It will be available in Digipak (ltd.1000 copies) and standard Jewel Case; as well as for download, stream on BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and more.
TRACKLIST : 01. Guardians 02. The Declaration
03. Autumn Rain
04. Hearth
05. Tears of a Nation