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OMNIA released Reflexions

Reflexions is the new album signed OMNIA and its available now.
The record is also available on youtube.

01 Shaman of Chaos
02 Niiv’s Cauldron
03 JabberMoon
04 Alive Until We Die
05 Caveman
06 Toyz in the Attic
07 Luna’s Coracle
08 Suck My Flute
09 Musick
10 Auguries of Love
11 A World of OMNIA


The new EP "To the road" by KNIGHTHOOD is out now.

To the Road by Knighthood

CELTACHOR released Fiannaíocht

CELTACHOR released their new album, Fiannaíocht.

DUIR EP out now

Obsidio EP by DUIR is now released. The record is available on bandcamp.

01 - Inconscio
02 - Destarsi
03 - Rise Your Fear
04 - Dies Alliensis
05 - Insomnia Seed
06 - Obsidio

Dödens Dans video by GRIMNER

GRIMNER unveiled their new officialm video "Dödens Dans".
The song is taken from "Vanadrottning” album out now.


LOCATION :Geneva, Switzerland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Marvin Brand : vocals
Nicolas Sanchez : guitar
Yoann Giacomelli : guitar
Marty Kohler : guitar
Gaëtan Reichenbach : bass
Malo Civelli : keyboards
Dylan Watson : drums

Founded in 2014, the band tells about mythology.

Follow the Raven, EP 2016 [ details ]
Echoes of the Past, EP 2018 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword


LOCATION :Lublin/Międzyrzec, Poland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Agata : vocals
Kacper : accordion
Katarz : violin, vocals
Irmina : guitar
Daniel : bass
Baton : drums

Past members :
Krzysiek : bass
Ziomek : bass
Mery : vocals
Vritra : vocals

The band founded in 2012.

The Folk Bringer, EP 2015 [ details ]


Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

New EPHYRA album soon

EPHYRA are going to release a new album titled "The Day of Return" on May 18th, 2018.

One first song can be listened right here :

01. The Day Of Return
02. Your Sin
03. Run Through The Restless Fog
04. Wayfarer
05. Sublime Visions
06. Being Human
07. The Spirit Of The Earth
08. Dance Between The Rocks
09. Infinite Souls
10. True Blood

One first track by ISÔT ESTRANGE

Barbara Brawand (CALADMOR) is part of ISÔT ESTRANGE,
one new and acoustic project focused on harp.

They covered one first track, originally from the Appalachian corner.


Members of SALTARELLO band opened up a new project,  MYSTIC PROJEKT, that is music focused on traditional, oriental and medieval tunes, as you can see :

MERKFOLK new video, and album soon

MERKFOLK unveiled their new video for "Dziady" song taken from their new album "Kolovrat".

The new album is planned for July.

NEKROGOBLIKON released Welcome to Bonkers

NEKROGOBLIKON released a new album titled "Welcome to Bonkers".

Welcome to Bonkers by Nekrogoblikon

The next SUIDAKRA album

SUIDAKRA are currently recording their new album.

"Cimbric Yarns" is the title for that album,

that is planned being acoustic.


May 12th,
KAATARAKT will launch their new EP titled "Echoes of the Past".

01. Echoes of the Past
02. The Gathering
03. Màttr Ok Megin
04. Little's Troll Tale
05. Sunless Dawn

Fulìsche by KANSEIL available in May

KANSEIL returns with a new album titled "Fulìsche". The record available for pre-order is planned to be released in Europe on May, 25th and North America on June 8th, 2018.

“'Fulìsche' are the sparks of a fire moving away from the element they were born from, they shine in their own glow and you can watch them for a few instants before they disappear forever in the dark…In the same way mankind’s stories live in the collective memory until they take flight and you have a limited time to look at them and catch their beauty before they’re lost.”

TRACKLIST : 01. Ah, Canseja! 02. La Battaglia del Solstizio 03. Ander de le Mate 04. Pojat 05. Orcolat 06. Serravalle 07. Vallòrch 08. Il Lungo Viaggio 09. Densilòc

KORPIKLAANI's new album titled Kulkija

September 7th, 2018 will be released through Nuclear Blast, the 10th KORPIKLAANI album. This is the artwork for the record titled "Kulkija" (Wanderer) :

Founding member Jonne Järvelä commented : "We've never been as satisfied with a final result as we are with 'KULKIJA'. We tried to keep it very natural, and that's what you'll soon be able to hear clearly. Like the wanderer, this album is a journey, one that makes you feel good. Stay tuned!"
Accordionist Sami Perttula added: "'KULKIJA' isn't just a collection of songs, it's a "real" album with a unique atmosphere guiding the listeners through a long journey. All songs were well prepared in advance and nothing needed to be arranged in the studio. Tuomas [fiddle] & I had lots of space to develop and play the folk arrangements."

Welcome to Sword Chant 3.0

Welcome to the new version of the website !

Time flies, and Technology keeps going on
So, I updated Sword Chant to the new and current era.

Responsive, adaptive to devices like mobile and tablet.
Feel free to share your thoughts on that new version for the website.

Now, the main menu is aside ; and you have a search tool above the Sword Chant title
The 709 tags are all hidden into the footer but you can open the window to see them.

ELD 2013 - 2018

Last time on April 5, 2018, I closed the ELD part, adding its archives to Sword Chant site. I had founded ELD after I received many and various requests like advices and help request from many bands but ELD, that used to help folk metal bands, won't come back. 
Then it means, I'll help bands no more with their tour, deals, recordings and others... I didn't add on Sword Chant, all the management help (reviews and others), and my tutorials for bands, because I don't think that's the right place for. 
However, I'll share in this post, two archived pages from Eld site.

Improvements are underway


As promised, here is the announcement.
I worked on the website, and I did not finish. But half of the work is complete.
I removed some stuff here and there to make things already available, way more viewable, and yet better for me.
I changed the band news link in bands pages and titleI added missing bands' keywordsI removed related stuff from bands that have nothing to do here in the end. Indeed, Hate promotion is not welcome here.
I removed all lyrics videos from the lyrics page. It is always available in bands news, but i'll link them to the lyrics page no more, and I don't think that would be missed looking at the stats.I reworked the lyrics taband the text of the page