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When ASH OF ASHES goes traditional

With the help of the UTMARKEN frontman on Nyckelharpa, ASH OF ASHES released their Acoustic version of the Norwegian traditional folk tune titled "Springar" that is also featured on the album "Down the white waters"

One short story about : "when Skaldir prepared the backing tracks for the gig at Ragnarök 2019, this song suddenly started playing without the drums and electric guitars and it sounded amazing! With a little more work on the arrangement it just sounds too good to keep from you. Thanks again Mathias Gyllengahm for playing the Nyckelharpa on this one. On top of that, this is a little sign of life from us before we finish the new album. More on that soon", the band added.

Springar (Acoustic Version) by Ash of Ashes

Seguimos en pie by Lèpoka

The band unveiled their new track :

METSATÖLL party with the world on Friday 20, 2020

Great news for most of us, shut in home :


The nice guys from METSATÖLL, together with RGB Baltics are hosting a concert on Friday-Saturday (depending timezone), That show will be streamed on the facebook page of the band and their youtube channel.

The concert broadcast will take place on Friday at 1:00 pm Estonian time (GMT + 2).

This means that the concert will begin on Friday, March 20 at 7:00 pm (or 19:00) New York time.

The concert will begin at 11:00 PM (or 23:00), on Friday, March 20th, London time.

The concert will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 21st, at Melbourne time.

Due to the unprecedented situation prevailing in the world, musicians and concert organizers have crumbled into a complicated mess. Concerts are canceled and festivals are postponed to an completely unknown time-distance, which means that at least until the beginning of summer nothing happens. A job that requires so many people t…

BLODIGA SKALD album soon

The Italians BLODIGA SKALD unveiled a second album by the band is on the way, set to be released on April 24, 2020. The title of the full length is"The Undrunken Curse".

The band from Rome made one first video, and there might be some more, later.

ARANDU ARAKUAA unveiled a new video

ARANDU ARAKUAA shared their new official video online.
Waptokwa Zawré (Great Spirit) is the track title.

ASENBLUT : new single, video and album

ASENBLUT will release their upcoming full length "Die Wilde Jagd" on 17.04.2020.
They released a video for their new single yet available.


LOCATION : Nantes, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nicolas "The Troll" Foucault (Infinityum, Vosegus, Tan Noz) : guitar, bass, drums, vocals, samples

Live sessions :
Damned : guitar, backing vocals
Rembat : bass, backing vocals
Janus : drums, percussions

Trollheart is a one man band project.

Once Upon A Troll, album 2020 [ details ]


Contact : N/A

Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

Debut album by TROLLHEART soon

The French band TROLLHEART will release their debut album titled "Once Upon A Troll" on May 16, 2020.
01 - The Awakening
02 - Anger And Hunger
03 - The Hunt
04 - Scream From The Forest
05 - Dark Troll
06 - Walking Troll
07 - Bones Song
08 - LA - LE - LO
09 - More Troll Than Troll
10 - Shut Up
11 - Cut A Tree... Feed A Troll
12 - To Troll Or Not To Troll
13 - Ipokorrian

The record will be available in digital on various platforms and physical through Bandcamp.

VANIR released Særimners Kød (2020 version) single

VANIR released a new version of "Særimners Kød" song that you can listen and purchase to those platforms. The track that you can also listen here features into the upcoming '10 Years Of Mead And Metal' EP set to be released in a month. 

EX DEO : The Philosopher King single and album news

After three years since the release of their latest acclaimed full-length, The Immortal Wars, Roman Empire-inspired epic death metal band EX DEO are about to make their grand return – with a little extra boost from special guest Francesco Ferrini of Italian symphonic metallers FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE! Francesco Ferrini provided the stunning orchestral score for the colossal track, which will tell the tale of one of Rome’s greatest emperors, Marcus Aurelius – an important historical figure that EX DEO mastermind Maurizio Iacono feels a deep connection with.
Iacono offers, “It’s been three years since the release of The Immortal Wars – an album that propelled EX DEO to a new level. This time, we didn’t want to wait another five years to release new material, so we decided to release a standalone new single called, “The Philosopher King” while we wait for the follow up album to The Immortal Wars. For this track, we asked our brother, the talented Francesco Ferrini, for his contribution on t…

VANIR - 10 Years Of Mead And Metal EP

April 17th, VANIR will release their new EP titled "10 Years Of Mead And Metal".
Today, we may expect the "Særimners Kød" single released.


01. Gildet
02. Kringsatt av Fjender
03. Rejsen til Udgårdsloke
04. Særimners Kød (Dansk)
05. Særimners Kød (Engelsk)

Kompass zur Sonne by IN EXTREMO

March 27, 2020, "Kompass zur Sonne" album signed IN EXTREMO will be released.
The record is available in various formats passing by their website.


01. Troja
02. Kompass zur Sonne
03. Lügenpack
04. Gogiya
05. Salva Nos
06. Schenk nochmal ein
07. Saigon und Bagdad
08. Narrenschiff
09. Wer kann segeln ohne Wind
10. Reiht euch ein ihr Lumpen
11. Biersegen
12. Wintermärchen

NOITUMA released their second album

Influenced by Falkenbach, Finntroll, and Moonsorrow, NOITUMA band from Finland released their second album "Tervahauta" on february 28, 2020. This is the follos up their debut album titled "Ruoto".

The band added : "The new album is more diverse than the first release "Ruoto" - and you can find many different tunes on the album from slow doom metal to fast folkish rythms and from calm acoustic bits into brutal and fast black metal riffs all the way to progressive atmospheres. The songs of the album is telling stories from our region of origin and our precious home - Ostrobothnia. The lyrics dive deep in the history of the region and the fairytales and folklore which we grew up with."
The record is available on bandcamp.

Tervahauta by Noituma

Updates and Coronavirus Covid-19

Dear followers,

This post to give you some updates and decision taken here.

Updates I have updated infos I had regarding bands pages on this site, and for the new releases 2020.  Thanks to contact me if I missed news (, and for future news.
I've worked on the side menu, and updated the website with the addition of new pîctures-titles for the releases, bands, interviews, reviews and bands' crowdfunding pages. Back ground of these pictures is one tiny part of the Fejd picture I got the permitted rights for (thanks again for the permission!) and I added the white ink there reaching my goal. The role of pictures makes nicer the page, but also, the sharing appears a bit better in social networks. And then, I hope you like it. :) 
Shows : Coronavirus Covid-19 Due to Coronavirus worldwide, I won't add to the calendar, upcoming shows for the incoming months because I want everyone's safe and I advice you don't go to shows as long as Covid-19's a…

YMYRGAR second album released

A month ago, the band released their second album that is entitled "Where the Oak Drowns Its Roots". The record can be heard and purchased through bandcamp.


01. Heima
02. For Whom Blood Shall Be Shed
03. Of Blood and Flesh
04. Tales of The Forest
05. Of Forces Unknown
06. Filthy Road to Dumbness
07. Beyond Utgard’s Wall
08. Hel
09. Throne of The Damned
10. Eldur
11. By The Ardent Blade
12. The Frozen Abyss
13. As Days Go By

Tales From Noreia EP by TAGAROT for free

TAGAROT released "Tales From Noreia" EP, available for free download on Bandcamp.

Tales From Noreia by Tagarot

Weltenwandel album by HEATHEN FORAY out now

February 21st, 2020 was released the new HEATHEN FORAY album titled "Weltenwandel".


01. Schicksalsknecht
02. Essenz
03. Tanz
04. Verfall
05. Weg
06. Monolith
07. Soldat
08. Schlangengrube

IDASLET released their debut album

March 1st was released the debut album "Lurernes Glammen" of the Danish Folk Metal band IDASLET.


01. Lurernes Glammen
02. Fald på Knæ
03. Blodfærd
04. Kongestrid på Hedehøj
05. Kvadet om Hyt
06. Tyrfing

The band made a video for the fifth track of the record.

Ragnarök, the new CORVUS CORAX single

CORVUS CORAX unveiled their new track "Ragnarök" that you can get here.
Below is the official video for the song which sounds metal more.

"Ragnarök" is a song to feat on their upcoming album titled "Era Metallum",  set to be released on september 4th from this year.

ALESTORM new album in May

The Pirate Metal band ALESTORM will release various versions (CD, tape, vinyl) of their new album titled " The Curse Of The Crystal Coconut" on May 29, 2020.
Below is the content and track listing for the boxset edition available at their label shop :
CD 1    01    Treasure Chest Party Quest 02    Fannybaws 03    Chomp Chomp 04    Tortuga 05    Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship 06    Call of the Waves 07    Pirate´s Scorn 08    Shit Boat (No Fans) 09    Pirate Metal Drinking Crew 10  Wooden Leg Part 2 (The Woodening) 11  Henry Martin CD 2 - 16th Century Version 01    Treasure Chest Party Quest (16th Century Version) 02    Fannybaws (16th Century Version) 03    Chomp Chomp (16th Century Version) 04    Tortuga (16th Century Version) 05    Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship (16th Century Version) 06    Call of the Waves (16th Century Version) 07    Pirate´s Scorn (16th Century Version) 08    Shit Boat (No Fans) (16th Century Version) 09    Pirate Metal Drinking Crew (16th Century Version) 10  Wo…

XIV Dark Centuries released Waldvolk

Many years after their "Gizit Dar Faida" album released back in 2011, the Pagan Metal band XIV DARK CENTURIES released a new record titled "Waldvolk" on february 28, 2020.
01. Heimwaerts
02. Skogafulka
03. Svava
04. Firratan
05. Atme Den Wald
06. Ich bin das Feuer
07. Sunna
08. Julenzeit
09. Runibergun
10. Bragarful
11. Nott

New video and track by JONNE

JONNE unveiled one new track titled Kaarna, available on various platforms since january 16, 2020.

He also made the following video for the track "Kaiho (feat. Kärtsy)" released in 2018.

The Zombie Dragons DRAKUM released their new album

DRAKUM hopes to surprise everyone with this new record titled "Zombie Dragons from Outer Space", avaialble since january 31, 2020. The band added : “Zombie Dragons From Outer Space es the resurgence of Drakum. After several years since its last reléase, the bnad has released the best álbum of their career. With the sights set to the most European sound, this folk metal álbum is full of hymns, melody, beer in fist held hight and a lot of noise in some of the parts. Without a doubt it will surprise the faithful of the style and those who, thanx to this álbum, will be from no won.”

There are the front and back covers within the track listing :

BLACKGUARD released Storm

The new album by BLACKGUARD is entitled "Storm".  Recordings of the album were finished years ago but the band had to face many issues such as a new band line-up had to be in the meantime...
Since january 3rd, 2020, the record is digitally available on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube Music and Bandcamp.

Storm by Blackguard

Sword Chant is back !

Hi Folks, I am pleased to announce Sword Chant is back, after many months on hold  I missed Sword Chant so much actually and then, ...I want to fight and face that "broken newsfeed" issue with you all.
That issue happened in a very bad time for me, facing personal ones yet for some times now...
A lot of things had to change in my life due to illness and mainly during those months, away.... like inability to play electric guitar, which makes a big void inside in real...  (I can always play but I hope to fix that ...soon) Musicians true music lovers may know that feeling I mean... And many other things of that kind changed and much worse, happened... 
From these dark times and besides, I noticed social networks became worse again....   big news are hard to show for whatever page liked. Some bands contacted me because they noticed as well... I hope they will be more to notice it and will share their news the right way, for everyone's best.

How ?
- as I ever said, the email …