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New lyrics video by VORGRUM

VORGRUM unleashed the lyrics video for Swollen Troll song taken from the released "Party In The Deep" album.


After their split up right after the release of the latest album Cian Bi in February 2018, TENGGER CAVALRY have gathered their forces and return with a big bang. The Nomadic Folk Metal pioneers led by mastermind Nature have renewed completely and strike back with their new single “Heart,” which is available as the regular 13-minute version and as a shortened radio and music video edit as bonus track. Nature about the new single : "It is a long 13 min track featuring multiple nomadic folk artists from China and few amazing American musicians. As the song title suggests, it is a song dedicated to all of my fans who put their hearts into what they truly love and believe."

Nature about the regroupment of the band :
"After a long break, it is great to feel like creating what I love again. Moreover I am more than grateful to have all the band members, friends, fans and people around me to give a support for relaunching the band. It is more than a passion. It is a cultural pro…

MONGOL : The Return album

October 5th will be released a new album by MONGOL that is entitled "The Return". The record available for preorder, inspired by the return of Genghis Khan to conquer and lead a new world order.
01. Prophecy Of The Blind
02. The Return
03. Sacrificial Rites
04. Takhil
05. Amongst The Dead
06. To The Wind
07. Dschingis Khan
08.The Mountain Weeps
09. River Child
10. Warband

CAT O' NINE TAILS released two albums

Pirate metallers CAT O' NINE TAILS released two new albums.
Both "Dark Waters" & "Brighter Seas" are available on Google Play.

Tracklist for...


1 Dark Waters
2 Rekindle the Flame
3 Ship Damage
4 Black Sails
5 Davy Jones' Locker
6 Drown
7 Gone With the Wind
8 Dead in the Water
9 Fire Burned Up


1 Fire Sail With Me, Pt. 1
2 Fire Sail With Me, Pt. 2
3 Fire!
4 The Rougher the Seas
5 A Cross, a Heart and an Anchor
6 The Fortune of John Marrou
7 Finest Booty
8 Fiddler's Green

FIRTAN released Okeanos

FIRTAN,released their second album titled Okeanos, an album you can purchase and listen here :

Okeanos by Firtan

ŪKANOSE interview

I interviewed Linas Petrauskas of the band Ūkanose.

01.Hi! First of all, why that band name ?
Hello! First of all, thanks for the questions. Ūkanose (In the mist) - the place where the souls of ancestors can hide. Old Lithuanians believed that the bodies of the dead continue their existence as the fog – mist. The ancestors used to say that the mist is the fire of waters, that is created when two diferent origins combine. What is more, in Lithuanian language the word „ūkanose“ sounds similar to ūkti, ūkavimas ( hoot ), so it is related to sound which is wild, not domesticated, coming from the wind or from the deep forests.

02.The band founded in 2012 had several line-up change before and after the debut album released. What happened ?
The musicians who were in the band before the debut album was released, were not seriously interested in music and didn’t want to work harder.  Last line-up change was in the spring of 2018. This time the reasons why some members left the band was that they…

New YOMI song online

YOMI unveiled "Reduced to Ashes" song that will be available in the upcoming album titled "Land of the Rising Sun". The band comments : "this is the story of the first strike of the Mongolian invasion - a raid on Tsushima, in which the local defenders sacrificed their lives to buy vital time for the mainland warriors to prepare".