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UTSTØTT released "Hjørungavågr"

"Hjørungavågr" akbum by UTSTØTT can be ordered to this page from now.
01. Hjørungavåg
02. Hagl Over Stekende Skip
03. Skrotter Under Bølgene
04. En Hedensk Død
05. Etterlivet
06. Skjønnhet av Fólkvangr
07. Storsalen av Eik
08. Klippene Over og Skogen Under
09. Uskadd ved Menneskeheten

NETHERFELL released their album and a new video

Last month, I interviewed NETHERFELL regarding their new album "Between East And West" and today, NETHERFELL released that album. Today is also the release of their new official video for the 3rd track from this tracklist :
01. Intro (Rozdroża)
02. Ghost Of Kurgan (Upiór Kurhanu)
03. Towards Fertile Lands (Ku Płodnym Ziemiom)
04. Raven (Kruk)
05. Light And Shadow (Światło i Ćień)
06. The Gathering
07. The Highlander
08. Woods Of The Dead (Las Umarłych)
09. Little horse (Kónik zmók i jo zmók)
10. Mice Tower
11. Cross of the Sun
12. Dreamcatcher
13. Mokosz (Bonus Track)

This is the video :

IMBARU released their new album for free download

Happy Halloween! "El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles" album by IMBARU is now available for free download passing by the Bandcamp page of the band. You can also purchase the CD version here supporting IMBARU.

01. Preludio Nocturno
02. El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles Parte I
03. Una Melodía en el Robledal
04. Tiempo y Ciclos
05. Espejos de Agua
06. Umbral de Amanecer
07. El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles Parte II

New HORDAK track online

Above is a new track signed HORDAK, taken from their new album "Padre" (Father) coming out this November/December.

DRAKWALD unveiled the album title and artwork

This is the front cover for the new DRAKWALD album planned for May 2016.

The record is entitled "Riven Earth".

SVARTBY released "Swamp, My Neighbour"

SVARTBY released their new album entitled "Swamp, My Neighbour".

01. Morbid Quag
02. Trojansk Råtta
03. Goat Crack
04. Karl's Egg Farm
05. Dead Boys
06. Iron Stone
07. Herbal Giants
08. Bog Bar
09. Den Svarta Honungen
10. Clock Tower
11. Eisenstein

You can get it here.

One campaign to help Piracy!

I promised I'll return with it! Here it is! The crowdfunding campaign helping the making of the fourth album by Pirate Folk band THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD is online!
Help the band in the making of "Lawful Evil", their new album coming out March 2016! >>

VANIR new single

VANIR (DK) released a new single taken from their upcoming EP entitled "Aldar rök".

Limited 7" vinyl for DARKEST ERA fans

"Gods and Origins" is the title of DARKEST ERA's newest release, a 7'' EP , featuring two unreleased tracks ("An Dagda" / "Elohim"). 
The EP will be released on November 20th, in a limited edition (150) swamp green and regular black vinyl. Pre-orders will be available from October 31st by the label's and band's websites.
Ade comments, "Since it’s almost 10 years since myself and Sarah started playing guitar together, we decided to revisit one of the first songs we wrote, ‘An Dagda Awakens’. Written with the fiery energy (and perhaps naivety) of teenage metalheads making their first steps on their journey, we have breathed smoke and ashes into this old song and brought it screaming into the darkness. 
‘Elohim’ is a track recorded during the ‘Severance’ sessions. It is an acoustic lament crafted with the spectre of Quorthon looming over it, laced with the sadness and beauty that has become an intrinsic part of what Darkest Era repr…


SATANAKOZEL willl release under Soundage productions, their new album entitled "North" by November 5th. Heres the artwork together with the tracklist.


01. Чужие / Strangers
02. Медведь / The Bear
03. Партизанская / The Partisan song
04. Враг / The Enemy
05. Ураган / The Hurricane
06. Как поп Сиволдай на войну ходил / How Sivolday the priest went to war
07. Север / The North
08. Мгла / The Mist

VINTERBLOT second album planned for early 2016

Next year will be released the second full length by VINTERBLOT.

Nine tracks complete the album entitled "Realms of the Untold".
Antimony Chapter
1) Evoked by Light
2) Frostbitten
3) Unveiling the Night's Curtain

Realgar Chapter
4) The Summoning
5) Vagrant Spirits in a Misty Rainfall
6) ...of Woods and Omen

Onyx Chapter
7) Stone Carved Silence
8) Throne of Snakes
9) Triumph Recalls My Name (Bonus Track)

HAMMER HORDE: Teaser online

HAMMER HORDE unveiled a teaser for their upcoming album "Fed to the Wolves".


OLAM EIN SOF covered "The Woodwoman",  original song available on "Blood On Ice" album by BATHORY.

SALTARELLO released "Cliff of the Dawn"

The new album "Cliff of the Dawn" signed SALTARELLO is out now. You can order the physical version to their webshop or digital passing by Bandcamp or Itunes.

01. Cliff of the Dawn
02. In front of the Ocean
03. Only the Gods Know
04. Through the wind
05. Valhalla
06. Call of the Ancestor
07. Soleil de minuit
08. Spirit of the Wolf
09. Ostara
10. Ritual Moondance
11. Sacred Woman
12. The Man of the Land


THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD plan to release their new album around March 2016. Making this possible, the band will launch a crowdfunding campaign in a week.  Supporting 'em, I with Sword Chant will share their fund project more than one time. :)
The fourth album of the Pirate Folk band is entitled Lawful Evil.

DVALIN debut album is for 2016

NoiseArt Records will release the DVALIN debut album. The full length entitled "Aus dem Schatten" will be out on January 8th of 2016 but can be pre-ordered right now.


01 Das Heer aus der Tiefe
02 Redeemed by Oblivion
03 Omen (Part I)
04 Schöpfer des Nichts
05 Ostara
06 Zwergenvolk
07 Schrecken des Waldes
08 Skaldenfest
09 Omen (Part II)
10 Unter den Eichen

The next CELTIBEERIAN album will be acoustic

"From Soil To Soul" is the first unplugged album by CELTIBEERIAN planned for this Fall of 2015.
You can pre-order the record by email to the band.
01. Praise to the vineyards
02. Unbury the Horn
03. Keltorevolution
04. Sacred Wine
05. Blood of a Guiltless Town
06. Riding Home

Debut album released for KNIGHTHOOD

KNIGHTHOOD released their album entitled "Tales Of Ania" within some delay.

01. Welcome To Ania
02. Voices In Shade
03. Silver Fire
04. Dawn
05. The Last Beat
06. Within Roots
07. Great Battle
08. Glory To Heroes Of Ania
09. The Brotherhood.

HAMMER HORDE new album

Storm Surge Records will release on December 1st of /2015, the new HAMMER HORDE album entitled "Fed to the Wolves". 
01. Starborn
02. Tale of the Wayward Voyager
03. Fed to the Wolves
04. Unholy Harbingers of War
05. Hail and Kill (Manowar cover)
06. Ortum Aurorae
07. The Scourge of Man
08. As Embers Fade

SELVANS released their debut album

SELVANS released their debut album  entitled "Lupercalia". You can purchase it digital to the bandcamp page of their label or CD through this bigcartel page.
01. Matavitatau
02. Versipellis
03. O Clitumne!
04. Hirpi Sorani
05. Scurtchìn
06. N.A.F.H.

TORONTO : Do not miss the folk metal event 2015!

The Toronto Folk Metal Fest will be on December 5th of 2015,
thanks to Maple Metal Records (MMR) for the event.

Bands taking part to the Canadian adventure are :

- NORDHEIM (infos)

- TROLLWAR (infos)



- DISTORIAM (infos)


Entrance : $10. 19+ 8 pm

One free CD with Purchase of 1 Advance Ticket to TORONTO FOLK METAL FEST 2015 for only $7.00 usd + Shipping & Service Charge! Free CD Promotion, Only Available until end of October! CD's available for this Promo are to the MMR Bandcamp page.

WOLFHORDE debut album detailed

WOLFHORDE band from Finland
unveiled the content of their upcoming album to Sword Chant.

The following nine tracks complete their debut album entitled "Towards the Gates of North" :
01. Vegvísir
02. Fimbulvetr
03. Taivaankappaleiden Kato
04. Death Long-Due
05. The Retribution
06. Unyielding
07. Boundless Agony
08. Lycomania
09. The Gates of North

Above is the artwork of the record and below,
one first track revealed :
Fimbulvetr by Wolfhorde

Towards the Gates of North album is planned for January 2016.

KORPIKLAANI : Ämmänhauta video

Below is the new KORPIKLAANI video for the song "Ämmänhauta" taken from their most recent album "Noita".  Do not miss the band currently on tour.

New SOWULO video online

SOWULO made a video for their song "Dageraad" (Dawn) taken from their upcoming album

FROSTRIT are recording their debut EP

FROSTRIT are currently working on their debut EP yet untitled. Drums parts are recorded but the others remain.

Five tracks will complete their debut EP planned for early 2016.

ANTARA released their debut album

ANTARA is a Celtic/World music band founded by a duo, Tommy Hayes & Matthew Noone. Their music sounds like Celtic Music mixed with the Indian Classical one.
The duo has released their debut album entitled "The Space Between" that is available in digital at Cdbaby

01. The Night Larry got really stretched (jig)
02. I have a house of my own with a chimney built on top of it (slip jig)
03. The Tulla Road/ P. Joe’s (reels) & Raga Durga
04. Junior’s Lament/ Caislean an Oir (hornpipe)/ Heron jig & Raga Asawari
05. Nagrasad (48 beat rhythm cycle) & Anach Cuan
06. 12 and 6 (jig and ektal - feat. Niamh O' Brien on harp/vocals)
07. The misty covered mountains (march/ jig) & Raga Kafi

New album and music by VROUDENSPIL

The new VROUDENSPIL album is entitled "Fauler Zauber".
Heres one first track taken from that record :

You can pre-order "Fauler Zauber" passing by the band site. The release date is scheduled the November 13th

HAEGEN released their debut EP

Italians HAEGEN released their debut EP entitled "Tales From Nowhere". Contact the band to order your copy.
TRACKLIST: 01. Dal Castello Alla Foresta [ sound video ]
02. Make A Wish [ sound video ]
03. Haegen
04. Russian Disaster
05. The Soul Of Your Worst Death

MÅNEGARM : Odin owns ye all video online

One new official video by MÅNEGARM is online. It deals with the third track of their upcoming and self-titled album available for pre-order to their label (and for the ones who wonder: yes, I have already pre-ordered! :D). 
November 20th is the release date for this record.
The song title is "Odin owns ye all".

IMBARU : 3 tracks online

IMBARU shared the three first tracks taken from their album "El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles" coming out this October 30th. The tracks are the following :
- Preludio Nocturno - Link
- El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles Parte I - Link
- Una Melodía en el Robledal - Link

You can preorder the digital record for really not much or spend some more, supporting the band.

E-AN-NA first track online

E-AN-NA band from Romania released one first track titled "Jiana" that is an ancestral dance from the area surrounding Sibiu, their hometown. The song is available for free download.

The band said :

SKYFORGER released a DVD live

For the 20 years of the band, SKYFORGER released their first ever DVD that is entitled "Senprūsija live". You can order to their webshop.


Senprūsija Live 2015
01. Senprūsija / Old Prussia
02. Tagad vai nekad / Now or Never
03. Rāmava / Romuve
04. Kauja pie Saules / Battle of Saule
05. Divi brāļi / Two Brothers
06. Melnais jātnieks / Black Rider
07. Zem Lietuvas karogiem / Under Lithuanian Banners
08. Migla, migla, rasa, rasa / Oh Fog, Oh Dew

+ Melnās buras / The Black Sails [Official Video] [Words & Video]

SELVANS debut album in one week

Avantgarde music label will release the debut album "Lupercalia" by SELVANS on October 19th.
6 tracks over 60 minutes will complete the record that you can pre-order to this page.
01. Matavitatau
02. Versipellis
03. O Clitumne!
04. Hirpi Sorani
05. Scurtchìn
06. N.A.F.H.

SALTARELLO new album is coming soon

World/Medieval Folk band SALTARELLO will release their new album entitled "Cliff of the Dawn" by October 23rd. The record will be available in physical and digital formats through Bandcamp and Itunes. You can watch this nice video from La Fabrique Culturelle TV which includes band introduction in French, and live music.

01. Cliff of the Dawn
02. In front of the Ocean
03. Only the Gods Know
04. Through the wind
05. Valhalla
06. Call of the Ancestor
07. Soleil de minuit
08. Spirit of the Wolf
09. Ostara
10. Ritual Moondance
11. Sacred Woman
12. The Man of the Land

CAT O' NINE TAILS album on Youtube

Christian pirate metal band CAT O' NINE TAILS shared their album on Youtube  :

You can purchase the debut album "Under Captain's Flag" of the Finnish band passing by Facebook (CD) or Itunes (digital).

Vajont tribute song-video by KANSEIL

Italian band KANSEIL released a new video for the ending song of their new album "Doin Earde" released earlier. The band explained the following : VAJONT, October 9th 1963 - October 9th 2015 This song is about the Vajont’s tragedy, 260 million m³ rocks fell on the artificial lake of the dam, causing death to 2000 people and destroying the town of Longarone and the villages nearby all at once, with a huge deadly wave. The landslide was natural, in an uninhabited place, but the reason this is an unforgivable crime is that the SADE society didn’t just build the world’s biggest dam in the wrong place, despite many opposed its building, but also did nothing for alert and evacuate the area even if they knew days before it was going to fall. This happened for greed, and fear of responsibility. As usual, culprits remain unpunished, while thousands of people lost everything.

RABENWOLF released Stethu EP

Stethu, the old name of the RABENWOLF town "Stade" now carved in the band's new EP is now released and available to the band shop.

01. Stethu
02. Traumes Tiefe
03. Aurora
04. Welk
05. Sumpfhexe 2.0

Teaser :

ARANDU ARAKUAA released their second album

ARANDU ARAKUAA released their new album entitled "Wdê Nnãkrda" (tree trunk). 
Contact the band to purchase your copy.


01. Watô Akwẽ (I’m indigenous in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
02. Nhandugûasu (Big Spider in the Old Tupi language)
03. Hêwaka Waktû (Black Cloud in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
04. Dasihâzumze (Brincadeira in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
05. Padi (Anteater in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
06. Wawã (Nightfall in the Akwẽ Xerente language)
07. Ĩwapru (My Blood  in the Xavante language)
08. Nhanderú (Creator in the Old Tupi language)
09. Ĩpredu (Ancient in the Xavante language)
10. Sumarã (Enemy in the Old Tupi language)
11. Povo Vermelho (Red People in the Portuguese language)

IMMORGON debut album details

IMMORGON band revealed details for their debut album in mastering step right now.
These are the tracklist and artwork of the debut album planned for this November :

Russians KALEVALA unveiled their new video

KALEVALA unveiled their new official video which is for the song Nagryanuli (Out of the blue) taken from "Luna I Grosh" (The Moon and Sixpence) album released in 2013.

RED RUM released "Booze and Glory" album

"Booze and Glory" album by RED RUM is out now. You can get it here.


01. The Rising
02. Sunken Treasure Hoard
03. The Sword Bearer
04. Drenched In Ale
05. Beer A' Flowin' [ video ]
06. Cut Throat Island
07. Dutch Courage
08. Sailor Jerry
09. To The North

ZGARD new album for November

November 27th will be released the new album "Totem" by ZGARD band from Ukraine.

SAUROM double album's out now

The double album entitled "Sueños" by SAUROM is now available worldwide.