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AN DANZZA released The Claws of Dawn

"The Claws of Dawn" is the new album out now, signed by AN DANZZA.
1. Beltane (Music: Andrés Campuzano. Lyrics: Haydée Mariñoso) Our vision of the pagan festival of Beltane, within a love context. Cheerful music in the first single from the album, for which we have also shot a videoclip. There is a small introduction, where the music seems to approach slowly, (8d technique) and represents the spirit of the party coming to the place. It features a large number of instruments, including highlights such as the hammered dulcimer and the bagpipe.
2. O Fortuna (Music: Andrés Campuzano. Lyrics: Traditional) Mythological song based on an ancient medieval Latin poem dedicated to the Roman goddess of luck. This track features the carnyx, a wind instrument of the iron age celts, used between c. 200 BC and c. AD 200. Entrancing symphonic choirs are also present.

3. From the Afterlife (Music: Andrés Campuzano. Lyrics: Haydée Mariñoso) We enter the darkness with this song that te…

FUROR GALLICO album 2019

FUROR GALLICO returns with a third album titled 'Dusk Of The Ages', out on January 18th, yet available for preorder.

01 - Passage to a New Life
02 - The Phoenix
03 - Waterstrings
04 - Nebbia della mia Terra
05 - Canto d’Inverno
06 - Starpath
07 - Aquane
08 - The Sound of Infinity
09 - Dusk of the Ages
10 - The Gates of Annwn

OURAWEN new album out now

OURAWEN released their third album titled  "Le Goût des Orties"
French people can order the record to the following address :

Association Ourawen
33, rue de Rennes
35 340 Liffré

People outside France can contact the band, ordering their record, passing by their facebook page.

01. bobias de la lune (ridée) 
02. la goutte à papi (avant-deux nord Ille-etVilaine)
03. la compagnie des cendes (kérouézée) 
04. après la pluie viendra le vent (rond paludier) 
05. Zoige (maraichine) 
06. j'y vais mon train 
07. Roz Kotou (plinn ton simpl) 
08. roc'h (plinn tamm-kreiz)
09. à dreuz (plinn ton doubl) 
10. le sombre passager (mazurka) 
11. gaz! (avant-deux de travers) 
12. Skellig night curragh

ABINCHOVA new video online

ABINCHOVA released Schatzhüter's video. The song is available on their latest album titled "Weltenwanderer". 

NORVHAR first record in 2019

NORVHAR is a band from Switzerland and next year, they plan to release their very first EP titled "Kauna".

01. From Fire...
02. Fest In Midgard
03. Of Stone, Gold & Blood
04. Mystic Forest
05. Goblins' Outpost
06. Fields Of Fate
07. ... To Ashes

This is NORVHAR :

RUMAHOY : second album on the way

RUMAHOY are currently working on their second album entitled "Time II: Party" set to be released in Spring 2019. 
01. Cowboys of the Sea
02. Time to Party
03. The Legend of Captain Yarrface
04. Treasure Gun
05. The Beer From My Town is Better Than Yours
06. Full Mast
07. Harambe, the Pirate Gorilla
08. Poop Deck Party
09. 1000 Years of Dust

AKTARUM new album out now

AKTARUM.released their new album that is entitled "Ragnatroll".
You can listen and purchase the record to their webshop.

TROLLFEST : Espen Bin Askeladden video

TROLLFEST unveiled their new single and video for "Espen Bin Askeladden" song available for sale here, and in the upcoming “Norwegian Fairytales” album planned to be released on January 18th, 2019.

BUCOVINA released Septentrion album

BUCOVINA now released their new album "Septentrion" that you can get on Bandcamp.

Septentrion by Bucovina

VALHALORE released Solace & Solitude EP

VALHALORE released their acoustic EP titled "Solace & Solitude".

Solace & Solitude by Valhalore