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ULKAN NEWEN released "La fuerza del canto" EP

ULKAN NEWEN released their debut EP entitled "La fuerza del canto" (Power of Song).

6 tracks complete the record; them all are modern metal with various influences such as Celtic music, Mapuche, Chilean and Argentinian folklore, or again Japanese music, 

The ULKAN NEWEN call their music as "Global Folk Metal" which means to their eyes "Modern Metal mixed with the ability to mix worldwide folklore".

Expect new URT album in 2016

The band URT is currently working on their next record to be available in 2016.

10 tracks will complete the album.

FORTID released '9"

FORTID released their album entitled "9". You can purchase the record here.


01. Hrafnar
02. Hugur
03. Nornir
04. Viska
05. Leit
06. 9
07. Galdur
08. Rúnir
09. Hof

Leo (CRAVING) is back

Great news!

Some days ago, CRAVING bass player Leo woke up from coma! Recover well, Leo!

Interview with Nature (TENGGER CAVALRY)

Their re-release "Blood Sacrifice Shaman" is coming soon. The TENGGER CAVALRY founder revealed to Sword Chant, tthings behind the record.
01. Hi Nature ! First of all… How did the idea to found a band like TENGGER CAVALRY come to you ?
When I heard those amazing folk metal bands in Europe, I was blow away by the magic of the sound. Eluveitie combines Celtic folk with heavy metal; Turisas combines Viking folk with epic metal. I just love the idea of incorporating traditional folk tune with heavy metal. So I was thinking, I want to blend Mongolian traditional music with it to create an epic image of Genghis Khan’s cavalry!

02. Can you tell us your musical path ?
I started as a guitarist in local metal bands in Beijing. And then I studied Mongolian horsehead fiddle and throat singing with several Mongolian musicians. I started Tengger Cavalry in late 2009 and early 2010. Now I am in New York studying Film Music Composition

SKYFORGER: Now or never!

The fourth track from the forthcoming SKYFORGER album entitled "Senprūsija" (Old Prussia) is revealed as one first single of the record. Below is Tagad vai nekad track which means "Now or Never".
The song tells about the Great Prussian uprising in 1260 - 1274, when the Prussian tribes almost succeeded in driving the Order of Teutonic Knights out of Prussia. However, due to the continuous influx of fresh manpower from Europe and many European leaders joining the conflict, the uprising was suppressed and the Prussians had to once again yield the Teutonic Order. More about it you will find in CD booklet.
Lyrics can be found on to the video's page.

FALKHAN live video

Heres one video of the band FALKHAN performing live on March 13th of 2015 at Skövde kulturhus, Sweden.

(Intro) Förstfödd 0:00
Ur Jordens Sköte 6:45
Skuggors Son 11:09
Femtio Vintrars Sorg 18:15
Blodsvuren 22:55
Storm 29:07

CRONICA released Świt historii EP

Świt historii,

EP of the Polish band CRONICA is out now.

Find details in my previous article about and add around two euros for the shipping cost.

YGGDRASSIL released "One step closer to Valhalla" EP

"One Step Closer To Valhalla" EP by YGGDRASSIL is available for 5 euros (+ shipping). Contact the band to order your copy.

01. Nidhogg
02. Primal Hunt
03. Berserkers
04. Drakkar
05. Loki's Ascension
06. Song Of Beer


American band SUN AND MOON DANCE revealed one track entitled "Å gi vann til røttene" (Watering the Roots). They said:
This will be the only other track I release until I finish the EP. The song was recorded in collaboration with my closest friends. You will hear the Tagelharpa which is played by myself as well as river stones and frame drum. Male vocals were done by myself, Elan and Bear. Female vocals were done by Brittany. The river you hear in the background is a very sacred place to us all. Watering the roots is a remembrance of the ritual in which we all became brothers and sisters,

Folk Metal Meeting Festival III, Poland

April 17th & 18th of 2015 will be one Folk Metal live event in Wrocław, Poland and Sword Chant can be only proud to suport such an event where part of the money from Cd's & T-shirts of the event sold will be one charity auction to help someone named Patryk with medical treatment. This is the flyer:


The debut EP by TOTER FISCH is out now

Today, the Pirate Metal band from France TOTER FISCH released their debut EP entitled "Blood, Rum & Piracy". The following tracks complete the record available for 2€ in digital and digipack (+3€ for shipping cost) on Bandcamp:
01. tortuga
02. Kings of the sea
03. Sunset with rum
04. A night over the ocean
05. La Buse

Blood, Rum & Piracy by Toter Fisch

HEIDEVOLK released "Velua" album

"Velua" album by HEIDEVOLK can be ordered at Napâlm records or Itunes, and purchased to your favourite local store from the following dates:
20.03.2015 BENELUX / GAS
27.03.2015 Europe / AUS
30.03.2015 UK / NO / FR /DK / IT
01.04.2015 SE / ESP
07.04.2015 USA / CAN

The band released in February the official video for the opening track of the new album, video available below the tracklist:

SLANE released "Insomnia"

SLANE from Russia released their new single "Insomnia". You can purchase it on Bandcamp as digital or digipack.
Two years ago, SLANE made one first EP entitled "Follow Me" that you can listen here. So, are you following this band ? :-)

HEATHEN FORAY: Tracklist for "Into Battle" album

More news related with HEATHEN FORAY again:

I contacted their label, Massacre records, in order to get the tracklist for their upcoming album "Into Battle". Heres their reply:
01. Fight  5:17 02. Silence  5:46 03. Unthinking 5:19 04. Wofür ich streit´ 6:45 05. Tír na nOg 6:53 06. Knüppeltroll  2:29 07. Freundschaft 6:23 08. Wigrid 5:15 09. Winterking (Acoustic hidden track)  4:54 
You can pre-order the record on Bandcamp if you didn't already help this project of the band to see the daylight. One event planned for April 24th of 2015.

Pre-listening for "Fight" song by HEATHEN FORAY

Massacre records will release the next HEATHEN FORAY album "Into Battle" in one month, and co-funded by the fans. Awaiting the D-day, you can listen to the song "Fight" taken from the full length.

New AD PLENITATEM LUNAE single soon!

AD PLENITATEM LUNAE will release a new  free single entitled "Acuile Uarbe" on March 25th.
The title means "blind eagle". Eagle, the symbol of Friuli region to north-east of Italy. The song deals with the following statement:

"Get your own opinion and make all by your own, without to follow stupidly one leader or another".

Förstfödd by FALKHAN online

FALKHAN finally released ....on youtube for now (and spôtify a bit later) their first demo entitled 'Förstfödd".

$2,000 to help LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW, anyone?

Pirate metal band LORDS OF THE DRUNKEN PIRATE CREW plans to release their debut album "Loaded to the Gunwalls" but they need some help. I invite you to check out their fund campaign and to listen to their prévious recorded songs here.

KORPIKLAANI released "Lempo"

"Lempo" is the title of the new KORPIKLAANI single released in digital on iTunesAmazon, or Google Play.

The song is taken from the forthcoming album entitled "Noita".

Winner of our x66th bands battle

Five years after the band founded, CLAMOR SILVAE won the 66th bands battle of Sword Chant. They released their first demo "Terra Nostra" back in 2013. 
This year, the italian band under the flag of Nemeton records released the single that you can watch and listen below, and that you can download for free awaiting their new Extended Play to come out soon.

KANSEIL revealed album details

Last month, I have written in one article that KANSEIL are recording their debut album, made of 11 tracks. You will find the tracklist below. If you follow Sword Chant and are part of the community, you may already know their album is entitled "Doin Earde" and means "Your Land". 
"Doin Earde" has been recorded, mixed, and mastered between February and March by Christian Zecchin in Zeta Production's studio in Vicenza, Italy.
"Doin Earde" means “Your Land”, our land, that’s our first source of inspiration and pride for our culture, our mountains, our tradition, and our history, that have so much to teach us, and they aren’t just part of our past, but our future too. Doin Earde brings a message direct to everyone, who’s curious to discover our old and recent music, so they can rediscover a heritage that’s going to get lost.", the band commented.
The album will be released through Nemeton records on April 18th. Heres the artwork:

CRAVING bass player in coma

Sad news for all the CRAVING fans,

Bass player Leonid Rubinstein is in coma since Monday, and Doctors from the hospital said that he's in critical situation, Ivan reported in this video:

2.59 is the English version

I worked with Leo for their last tour, and seen CRAVING live last month...  From the making of their tour to their appearance on stage in Normandy I was,  all was great! 
These news are just hard to beleive for me.... GET WELL SOON Leo!

ULGARD album delayed but a new EP for free

Due to technical issues with his sequencer software, the album announced here within a teaser by ULGARD is delayed. However, the band released one free EP for all the fans waiting on the album.  This EP is focused Folk/Ambient/orchestral and includes tracks recorded over the years and two covers.
I asked the band more details regarding this EP that you can get for free on Bandcamp, and the tracks there; ULGARD replied me the following:

Yggdrasil - I wrote this song during a time when I was young and went hiking with my friends in the Appalachians. We found an abandoned trail, and took that. It led us up very far, and once we got to the top. We saw endless nature, mountains, and earth. It was so inspiring to me. 
The Sanctuary in the Stars - It is inspired every time I look upon the moon, the stars, and think of the many children (Planets) a star may hold. It is also how we deeply depend on a star, and how it gives us the beautiful life each one of us has to this day. 

YGGDRASSIL EP: artwork and new track revealed

Earlier this year, YGGDRASSIL entered the studio to record "One Step Closer To Valhalla" EP. At the beginning of this month was published one first track and today is time to reveal the artwork and another track taken from this EP to come in one week.

Fund campaign for the TELPERION debut album

French young band TELPERION opened a crowdfunding project focused on their debut album which may be entitled "Dream of Destiny". The record is planned to be released by the end 2015; problably on October or November, the band said (to me). 
Seven tracks will complete the full length which deals with one fantasy story, about a man in quest of revenge. Metal parts of the record means to be various.
Last year, the band released one three-tracks demos available on Soundcloud.

DALRIADA revealed the title for their upcoming album

Planned for September, the new album by DALRIADA will be entitled "Áldás" (Blessing).

One new trailer for one new KORPIKLAANI album

KORPIKLAANI will release their new album entitled "Noita" in May 2015.
Nuclear Blast shared a trailer for "Noita" on Youtube:

You can pre-order Świt historii EP by CRONICA

Świt historii EP by CRONICA band was planned to be released today but the Cd's have not arrived yet, a matter of time. However, you can pre-order the record for five euros (+ shipping cost) by contacting the band.
01. Cronica
02. V
03. Herr Mannelig
04. ÅšpiÄ…cy Rycerze
05. Wilk

On the way to SMUTA

SMUTA released "the Way" album and you can get it digipack or normal jewel case edition to Soundage productions.

CELTACHOR revealed new album details

Irish band CELTACHOR will release their second album "Nuada of the Silver Arm" on April 24th through Trollzorn label.

01. Arrival of the Tuatha
02. The Mighty Sreng
03. King Eochaid’s Fall
04. Bres
05. Nuada of the Silver Arm
06. The Gathering at Teamhair
07. Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh
08. Nuada’s Burial
09. Uaithne: The Dagda’s Harp

One more vocalist for AFTERGOD

Welcome Michele Giovannetti, the third singer of the line-up of the italian band AFTERGOD.

A new line-up for SAOR

The one man band SAOR found new members to complete the band, mainly for live.

Andy from the band said:
I would like to officially announce the new Saor line-up. Bryan Hamilton will now be taking up drumming duties on future recordings and live performances. Martyn Moffat and Reni McDonald will both provide live guitars as well as helping out with the recording/technical side of things on future albums From left-right: Reni, Andy, Martyn & Bryan.

Metal Scrap Records signed a deal with VARANG NORD

Metal Scrap Records signed a contract deal with VARANG NORD and will re-release the debut album "Fire of the North" in May.

Release dates:

ENSLAVED in times for fans

The new ENSLAVED album "In Times" is out now! Europeans Fans can purchase it here while the UK ones will have to wait March 9th to purchase it at their stores and 10th for the US which means that is REALLY SOON! :-)


01. Thurisaz Dreaming
02. Building With Fire
03. One Thousand Years Of Rain
04. Nauthir Bleeding
05. In Times
06. Daylight

WALDKAUZ debut album released

Pagan Folk band WALDKAUZ released their debut album entitled "Komm' mit". You can order it through their official webshop.

01. Prolog
02. Midsummer's Night
03. Kuun Valossa
04. Cernunnos
05. Tanzgeist
06. Green Roots
07. Emerald Isle
08. Der 111. Geburtstag
09. Viento y onda
10. Laub des Waldes
11. Ostara
12. Heiden unserer Zeit
13. Im Winde

The early albums by MÅNEGARM will be re-released

Black Lodge records will re-release all the early albums remastered by MÅNEGARM before the end of the year. The first record, entitled "Nordstjärnans Tidsålder", is set to be released on April 10th.

Them all will come with exclusive liner notes from the band. An exclusive bundle-pack (CD + T-shirt with a brand new design) will also be available for each release in limited editions.
The band said: "Finally we will get our old albums out in the stores again. We have gotten a lot of requests for these albums and now we can proudly tell you that the time has finally come! So don't miss this great opportunity to experience Månegarm in the early years; now in re-mastered shape along with some great new merchandise".

FROSTTIDE: "Blood Oath" breaking news

FROSTTIDE posted the following on their page: We received the copies of Blood Oath few days ago and noticed that there are some flaws in the artwork. Mostly in the booklet. It is heartbreaking for us to see this since we had planned something very special together with our design artist for you. We have been informed that these flaws are present also in the copies pre ordered and the ones available at stores. This production mistake was out of our hands. The least we want is to offer a faulty product to the ones who support us.  Thank you for your understanding.

New WOLVES OF AVALON Maxi Single coming soon!

Godreah Records will release a new MCD by WOLVES OF AVALON during May 2015. The maxi single is entitled "Across Corpses Grey" and there will be a special cover of 'Die Hard' where Mantas [Venom / M.Pire of Evil], has recorded the guitars for, along with vocal contributions from Rob [Amebix], and Mirai [sigh]. 
The record features a 25 minutes long Prog-Pagan Metal song entitled "Across a twilight field of Corpses Grey, only the Trilling of Nightingales can be heard" and shifting between the past and the ethereal. It features Wolves main men, Metatron [Meads of Asphodel], and J. Marinos, as well, as an array of musicians providing, Flute, Cello, Violin, and lead Guitar.

Tales of Pangea album by ANA ALCAIDE now released

ANA ALCAIDE released her new project "Tales of Pangea: "Gotrasawala ensemble", created in collaboration with musicians from other parts of the world. "Gotrasawala" means ‘global gathering’, and describes the fascinating encounter between musicians from the East and from the West. Spanish performer & world music composer ANA ALCAIDE works together with remarkable musicians from West Java (Indonesia) in pursuit of new ideas and structures, fusing western forms with instruments and patterns from traditional sundanese music. Find samples of the album on her Soundcloud
01. Aguaribay Intro
02. Aguaribay
03. Kalbu Gnalagu
04. Sono
05. Madenda intro
06. Madenda
07. Geber- Geber
08. Madya
09. Pajajaran
10. Goyong

The new SKYFORGER album will be released next month!

"The next SKYFORGER album will be dedicated to the Prussians, the now extinct third Baltic nation. For us Latvians and Lithuanians, the two remaining Baltic nations, it is very important not to forget this part of our common history and that is why we made this album. (Note: the Germans, who conquered Prussia, also started to call themselves Prussians; however, they had nothing in common with the actual Baltic people of ancient Prussia)", Peter said.
The album titled "Senprūsija" (Old Prussia) made of 12 tracks will be released on April 6th by Thunderforge Records. The idea behind the album's cover art is that there is nothing left of Old Prussians, except some bones found in archaeological sites and a few other artefacts, while the rest is lost into the darkness of past.


TENGGER CAVALRY album: Some bloody details

I invite you to listen to this track taken from the upcoming album by TENGGER CAVALRY while you read this article:

Nature Ganganbigal from the band said about this track:
As a Mongolian folk metal band TENGGER CAVALRY's very first song back in 2009 "Tengger Cavalry" represents the original concept of the band, which combines Mongolian folk tradition and Shamanic ritual music with Western heavy metal music. In this new recording you will hear the band's modern sound developed from our last album Ancient Call (2014) along with the very primal and rough sound of TENGGER CAVALRY in 2009, which had a strong sense of ancient ritual.

New ZNICH single

ZNICH released a new single titled Дунаю (Dunayu):

SEKENGARD EP available for pre-order

SEKENGARD plans to release their S/T EP in April/May 2015.

However, you can already pre-order their record.

Loki’s Ascension, one new song signed YGGDRASSIL

Spanish vikings YGGDRASSIL released one new track titled "Loki’s Ascension":

SVASKALVER debut album now available in physical release

Last year, SVASKALVER released in digital  their debut album "Chyorniye Skazki" (Black Fairy Tales), available on Bandcamp. This year, the band released it in CD format and give it for free on concerts. 
They can also ship the record but the shipping costs aren't for free.

01. Чёрный (Chyorniy/The Black)
02. Я не вернусь (Ya nye vernus'/I Won't Come Back)
03. Погибель Балина (Pogibel' Balina/Balin's Bane)
04. Вегинг (Veging/Veggie-viking)
05. Ярость топора (Yarost' topora/Axe Rage)
06. Слейпнир (Sleipnir)
07. Дерево (Dyerevo/The Tree)
08. История моих шрамов (Istorija moih shramov/Story of My Scars)
09. Месть (Myest'/Vengeance)
10. Касаясь легко (Kasayas' lyegko/Stepping Lightly)
11. Колыбельная (Kolibyel'naya/Lullaby)
12. Lady of the Lake - Rainbow cover)
13. Ведьма и осёл - Король и Шут cover (Vyed'ma i osyol - Korol' i Shut cover)

FOREFATHER new album!

FOREFATHER are coming back with a new album entitled "Curse of the Cwelled". The band revealed the artwork made by Kris Verwimp.

KALEVALA releases Volchiy Zov track remastered

Russians KALEVALA released on Bandcamp and in digital, one remastered track titled "Volchiy Zov" (Wolvencry).

Meanwhile, the band is currently working on their next official video.

GJELDRUNE reveals the artwork for their EP

GJELDRUNE revealed the front cover for their upcoming EP entitled "V parusah cveta zar" (In the sails colored by the dawn):


Bands battle returns within these two Italian bands as fighters:


What band will feat. on the Sword Chant compilation?
Tell me with your vote: :)

Folk Instruments in Folk Metal bands

This week-end, I have entirely remade the Folk Elements project related with Folk Instruments in Folk Metal bands which becomes also the new name for that project.

The pages are under the new design of Sword Chant. I hope that you will like it: