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LOCATION : Gothenburg, Sweden

Status : On hold
Music : Folk Metal

William "Hagal" Klevheden : vocals
Simon "Sumbl" Bengtsson (Falkhan) : guitar
Mattias "Rok" Andersson (RIP 2017) : guitar
Robert "Thurisaz" Bengtsson (Falkhan) : drums

Past members :
Victor "Askebloss" Lundblom : bass
Linus "Runar" Wahlgren (ex-Frostrit) : tin and low whistles, wooden whistle, fife, sackpipa (swedish bagpipes), practice chanter, spilåpipa (swedish flute), Goat horn, psalmodicon, accordion (diatonic), jaw's harp, näverlur (birch trumpet).


Earlier this year, the band CATUVOLCUS announced "Catuvolcus is no more. As of the 26th of February 2013 Catuvolcus has returned into ashes and dust. Our music will remain available through both Deathbound Records and Hymnes d'Antan as well as other labels/distributors across the world"
October 24th of 2013, the band changed his mind and P-A Plessix, also known as "Segomaros" in our forum, said to the official bandpage: "I must confess that the status of the Catuvolcus clan was well and truly foggy since lately. Know that I apologize and due to the circumstances, it is impossible for me to set aside this project which is the seat of my feelings, my way of expression which has a lot of importance both for me and for others. These few words to revive the hope of some, erase the sadness of others and announce the survival of the entity whom is CATUVOLCUS. For LIFE. - PA PLESSIX on behalf of Catuvolcus".

Always for better promotion and support

As previously explained here and for better promotion and support to bands again, I added the bandmails for contact info, booking and merch to all the threads related with folk metal bands in the forum of Sword Chant. I hope it could help a bit professionals and listeners but so, it means bands emails will be also required into the future bands threads from now. At same time, I updated some bands threads in the need.


LOCATION : Iaşi, Romania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Florin "Crivăţ" Ţibu : guitars, vocals
Bogdan Luparu : guitars, vocals
Bogdan "Vifor" Mihu : drums
Jorge Augusto Coan : bass

Past members :
Tudor "Beks" : bass
Augustin Abiţei : bass
Paolo Cito Caminha : bass
Vlad Stefan Datcu : bass
Manuel Giugula : keyboards

Bucovina is a Romanian folk metal band, founded in the year 2000. Their music mixes folk with heavy metal and black metal, while their lyrics deal with history, folklore and nature.

LEX TALION signed a deal with Metal Renaissance Records!

The folk metal band from Argentina LEX TALION self-released the December 12th of 2012 their first album entitled "Funeral in the Forest". This year, the album will be released again but under the Russian label "Metal Renaissance Records" since they signed a contract deal with this label.
Promoting the great events, LEX TALION shared on youtube that new official video for the song "The Kingdom of the Forgotten":

Listen to KERNUNNA this week!!

KERNUNNA, founded by some Tuatha Dé Danann members with other folks, shared in streaming on their website the debut-cd entitled "The Seim Anew" self-released by the band. The album is already out. (details).
I'd say the album is for open-minded people, really. I could hear for each track one mixing of musical genres together as for example alt, rock, metal, celtic music. Some nice effects are on the right moment ...and yes, the whole sounds folk metal at last. It reminds also the Tuatha a little but it sounds very different at same time and everything's made in a magic way. Well, have a listen this week, it cost nothing. :-)

Evolution for bands threads

I worked very active that last 1,5 week on a new shape for the folk metal bands threads in the forum, and I think the links there for concerts pages, interviews, lyrics...  are better and catchy more to everyone now.
Also and this is pretty new in Sword Chant: Emails contact will have to appear in bands threads. By safety and for longtime, I was against clickable email address but times change. Some bands may remember some topics or discussion on that matter we had in the forum or in private. Most bands wanted clickable links for emails and so, they won. : )
Now thinking straight about, I decided to make it in a helpful way as for listeners as professionnals. Thus, the bandmails for contact info, booking and merch will be required in bands threads now. 


LOCATION : Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Vladimir Fedorov : vocals, guitar
Vitaliy "Grendel" Senchenko (Der Galgen) : keyboards, vocals
Sergej "Haelkar" Murav'jov : guitars, vocals
Alexander Malyshev : guitars
Anton Gavrilov : guitars
Vladimir Pronin : bass
Ivan "Red Joker" Kashirin : drums

ALESTORM in the Navy

Today, Napalm records released the limited vinyls of the new single and THE VILLAGE PEOPLE cover song "In The Navy" by ALESTORM.  The single is also available for download.
TRACKLIST: 01 - In The Navy 02 - Shipwrecked (remix)

Be a part of the Sword Chant team

Sword Chant is looking for somebody to become moderator for the concerts side of the forum. Since my work with passion for music is free, so that work is also for free. :)
This is the work: - to post gigs, tourdates of bands, in the forum (folk metal & celtic/pagan..folk for the main) ; - to post festivals ;
- to update one listing (later) ; - to use moderation following the rules of the forum and being kind with the members, or don't be "the angry police". The community is most often nice.
The moderator will have to communicate with me via email but also via skype or facebook and be often online but before to give this status, this person will have a test time (i don't know for how long, will depend how things going).

Heathen Foray : Mei Laund song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Mei Laund
Release : Inner Force
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Heathen Foray : lyrics for Mei Laund song

Words : Official lyrics
Song : Mei Laund
Release : Inner Force
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

The 770th member of our facebook page

Today, Daniel TIDWELL became our 770th follower for our facebook page. The man is also into music and he tried to make one track called "The Brotherhood of Fiann". I think that's a good job but you can judge yourself: 

The track was released today, and this is also available in instrumental version. You can purchase the single for only $1 via bandcamp. Daniel TIDWELL wants to found one folk metal band around Washington DC, USA and hopes to find a solid line-up. 
So, I think he deserves our support for his future plans!

Diabula Rasa

LOCATION : Lugo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Luca Diabula : vocals, bagpipes
Moreno Boscherini :drums
Stefano Clo : guitars
Samantha Bevoni : vocals, bass
Daniela Taglioni : vocals, keyboards, percussions

Tabula Rasa was the first name for the band founded in 2000  and then, they changed the bandname for Diabula Rasa. They are influenced by Traditional and Medieval Music.

Techno Gothica, album 2005
Diabula Rasa, album 2010
Ars Medioheavy, album 2013



New addition to the concert playlist

i added @ Sword Chant TV the NORDHEIM show in Toronto, CA
in August 2013, as a support act to FINNTROLL.

There were 6 songs:

- Get Drunk or Die Tryin'
- Mask of the Banned One
- Nightborn
- The Grief
- Soulblood
- Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit !

Heres our playlist:

The Troll War has started!

The band TROLLWAR released their first album entitled "Earthdawn Groves" and tonight, they will enjoy this event live with VALFREYA, JADIS, and their listeners @ La boite à Bleuets in Alma, CA.
Artwork and tracklist:

01. Prologue
02. Tale Of Greed
03. Trollheimen
04. Book Of The Damned
05. Set Sail To The North
06. Trollka
07. Earthdawn Groves
08. Hymn for the vanquished
09. The Fallen
10. Epilogue (Frozen land)
11. Earthdawn Groves (Acoustic version)

MÅNEGARM will come to France for the Cernunnos fest 2014!

ELD helped the band MÅNEGARM to come back in France for 2014.

MÅNEGARM wil play live the 23rd february of 2014 at the next Cernunnos Festival taking place in Paris, France. They will share the stage with FEJD, CELTACHOR, ANGANTYR, HIMINBJORG, MYRKVAR and more...

ELD : Månegarm at the Cernunnos festival 2014

The CERNUNNOS FESTIVAL is one festival taking place in Paris, France.
I contacted the festival to the end of June 2013 and I suggested them the band MÅNEGARM,
after I messaged the band to know if that event was okay for them.  They replied positive.
Today  the festival confirmed MÅNEGARM for the upcoming event in february 2014.

Panic! The Calico Jack EP arrived!

The band CALICO JACK released their EP entitled "Panic In The Harbour".


1. Where Hath Th’ Rum Gone?

2. House Of Jewelry

3. Grog Jolly Grog

4. Deadly Day In Bounty Bay



the KULTASIIPI album entitled "Matkalla" was released.

Find the artwork and tracklist on the left.

The band CRAVING released their album so called "At Dawn" in Germany, Austria & Switzerland for today.
Tomorrow, the band will play at the Metal Cave in Warsaw, PL. Find here all the dates for their upcoming shows.
"At Dawn" will be released also to the rest of Europe, and to the USA. Here are the following release dates:


The new HYPOCRAS album entitled "The Seed of Wrath" was initially planned for September 27th but due to printing issue,  the release date was delayed then.
But the wait is over! "The Seed of Wrath" is OUT NOW! You can get it here:

I entered the next step of the design

Finally, I can reveal you that I am currently working with our great partner WAPPENSCHMIED, who is designer of metal bands logos & artwork. 

His nice work for Sword Chant consists of new icons buttons for the forum.

We started the work with new Triskells, you can find the result inside our forum. The other buttons are the following steps.
Visit the facebook page of our supporter and partner WAPPENSCHMIED!


As previously announced, The band GLITTERTIND revealed their single for the new album so called "Djevelsvart" that means "Devil Black".

Listen to the song, and learn more on GLITTERTIND :

The French band DRENAÏ released the physical version of their very first EP entitled "A Rising Thunder".


LOCATION : Rouen, Normandy, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Diego : lead vocals
Greg : lead guitar, choirs
Guile : guitar, choirs
Benoît : bass, flute, choirs
Simon : drums, bodhràn, choirs
Adelia : keyboard, choirs
Martial : tin and low whistles, choirs

Drenaï founded during summer 2011 but the line-up completed in spring 2013. Their lyrics deal with the universe of the writer David Gemmell and heroic-fantasy stories. From this Fantasy and medieval universe, Drenaï is a long standing nation, facing various enemies. Drenaï cycle is dealing with classical heroic fantasy themes, such as honour, quest, willpower, all gathered in Gemmell's main character, Druss the Legend.

A Rising Thunder, demo 2013 [ details ]
Deathwalker, album 2014 [ details ]
Nadirs, EP 2016 [ details ]



The Swedish band BLACK MAGIC FOOLS published their official video for  'A Jester's Confession' track taken from their latest EP.

Sword Chant & Eld

I added into the menu here one link to the ELD website.

For the ones who haven't heard about ELD: Well, ELD is a project I founded this year. Its goal is to help bands and professionnals of the folk metal sector and that help can be various really (band's project, gig and more...).
After some discussions and reflexion, I decided to include the link of my project here and sometimes, I may share some news from ELD in the Sword Chant pages but ELD is always something different from Sword Chant for me ...but since some actors rather see it as one part of Sword Chant, I hope everybody's happy then! :D
ELD on the web:  Website: Facebook:
Since ELD is dedicated more to professionals, so bands, labels, promoters, and everyone in the need of some help can contact me to the following email address:

The new Bergtatt album is out now!

The new album by the Norwegians BERGTATT is entitled "Lagnadsoger".
This is the front cover for "Lagnadsoger":

Find here the back cover with the tracklist for the album and now,  enjoy this tune:

Eld at the radio!

The owner of a recent radio called "Folk Metal Radio" contacted me for I advice him some bands for his radio. Of course, I could not name all bands but I suggested him the following bands:
From today, the first band of the five suggested can be already heard at "Folk Metal Radio", so expect the following songs by Troll Bends Fir played at the radio: Brothers in Drink, Beer Mantra, Ass Shaking Dance, Oktoberfest, and Kamarinskaya.

Sword Chant Forum is back after one week!

i had closed the forum to change the design there. Closed for one week for the first time ever since its creation, in November 2007, while I kept the sharing of the bands news to the other pages of Sword Chant, that includes also this website.
So feel welcome in the forum of Sword Chant, I hope you will like the new design over there. I plan to change the icons buttons (menhir, triskell...) soon. I opened a new topic for the members of the forum.

The GYMIR single is OUT NOW!

The GYMIR single is entitled "The return of the Raven".

01. The Return Of The Raven
02. Valkyrie of sorrow


You can purchase this single here for £2.50.

Djevelsvart is the name of the forthcoming GLITTERTIND

That entry is for those who missed the infos shared this week in the forum (now closed for maintenance).

This is the artwork for Devil Black album, that is the english translation for "Djevelsvart".

The album will be released this november 22nd of 2013.