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Sword Chant is up and down

Sword Chant goes down for maintenance while the website is still up

Time to manage some stuff here and there..

Another announcement will be later.

Thank you.

Lo Sabbat by LOU QUINSE available for preorder

The new LOU QUINSE album will be released may 8th, 2018. Preorders can be here :

LO SABBAT (2018 new album) by Lou Quinse

KNAAT released the second album

"Ein Sturm zieht auf" album by KNAAT is out now.

01. Weidenmann
02. Holzaar
03. Kraudmo
04. Als ich starb
05. Kräuter im Arsch
06. Magicus Ater
07. Sauschlacht
08. Tautz
09. Haus im Wald
10. Wetterfront
11. Ein Sturm zieht auf

JÖRMUNGAND new album released

"Zwischenwelte" is the title
for the second JÖRMUNGAND album out now.

01. ...und es wird Tag
02. Morgenrot
03. Ruf der Vergängnis
04. zu hohen Himmeln
05. Werdegänger
06. in Hallen stummer Worte
07 Dämmerung
08. Neumond
09. Requiem

NORTH HAMMER released their debut album

The Canadian band NORTH HAMMER released their debut album "Stormcaller".

Stormcaller by North Hammer

New album by URZE DE LUME released

The Dark Folk band URZE DE LUME released their third album under the flag of Equilibrium Music.
The record is entitled "As Árvores Estão Secas e Não Têm Folhas" and is available right here, below the video :

UAIGNEAS track online

UAIGNEAS band from Ireland unveiled a single titled "Teamhair".

Teamhair by Uaigneas

EUNOË debut EP out now

EUNOË band hailing from Mexico released their debut EP that is entitled "Nican Pecua Yaocuicatl" and means "here the songs of war begin". The record from the band founded during 2012 will be digitally available march 23rd.
Nican Pecua Yaocuicatl by Eunoë

BALT HUTTAR released Trinkh Met Miar album

The italian band released their debut album titled "Trinkh Met Miar".


KNIGHTHOOD official video

The band unveiled a new video for "Rising my soul" song
taken from their upcoming "To The Road" EP.

HANTAOMA new album out now

HANTAOMA released their second album "Malamort".

01. Lo reine del negre
02. Los dracons
03. Marcamal
04. Las trébas del castel
05. L'alba del drac
06. Tres pèiras
07. Frej eternal
08. Sortilegi
09. Indemoniata
10. Mèstres del boès e mèstres de la luna

You can order to Season of Mist.

QNTAL released the VIIIth album

"VIII - Nachtblume" album by QNTAL is available now.

01. Nachtblume
02. Die finstere Nacht
03. Music On The Waters
04. Monteclair
05. Echo
06. Parliament Of Fowles
07. Chint
08. Before The World Was Made
09. O Fortuna
10. Minnelied
11. Sumervar
12. A Chantar

LOREENA MCKENNIT new album in May

LOREENA MCKENNIT will release a new album on
May, 11th. 2018.

The record is entitled "Lost Souls" and available for pre-order.

1 - Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas
2 - A Hundred Wishes
3 - Ages Past, Ages Hence
4 - The Ballad of the Fox Hunter
5 - Manx Ayre
6 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
7 - Sun Moon and Stars
8 - Breaking of the Sword
9 - Lost Souls

L'ENVOLÉE released their debut album

The Trad/Folk band L'ENVOLÉE hailing from France released "Histoires vraies" album
that you can order if you contact the band that was founded in 2012.

Sébastien Durand (HAEREDIUM) is also part of the band.


HEIMSGARD released Following The Starlight album

HEIMSGARD released their second album titled "Following The Starlight".

Following The Starlight by Heimsgard