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FORJA released their debut album

El Llibre dels Feyts, the debut album by FORJA is out now.
You can pay a listen right here :

El Llibre dels Feyts by Forja

The Longing by STORM SEEKER

STORM SEEKER made a video for "The Longing" song taken from their debut EP

Festa Hårt new EP by SVARTBY available for Free

While SVARTBYis working on their next album,  they wanted to give to their fans, a new EP "Festa Hårt" for free for Christmas
Festa Hårt (2017) by Svartby

BARLOVENTOS : Muerte a los Humanos (acoustic video)

BARLOVENTOS plays "Muerte a los Humanos" song in acoustic for this video.
The track is available on their debut album.

SKALDBORG singing Yule

Ukrainian band SKALDBORG shared their new track that is about Yule :

Details for the new NATTSMYG album

NATTSMYG unveiled details for their album titled "Midnattsfesten" and coming out tomorrow.

Debut BATTLE TALES album soon

January 12, 2018 will be released the first BATTLE TALES album that is entitled "The Ire of the Condemned" "The Ire of the Condemned" is a concept album, telling along its 9 songs the story of a young bard, bearer of a haunted flute against his will, who brings with him madness, violence and desolation wherever he goes. We are looking forward to present you his adventures, and reveal to you the secrets of his maleficent burden!
01. Dark Omen (Intro)
02. Sweet Melodies of Fury
03. The Battle Bard
04. Bloodlust Invoked
05. L'Homme est un loup pour l'Homme
06. War of the Pints
07. Ire of the Condemned
08. Beside a Dying Fire
09. Sailing To Unsung Havens

ADAVANT new single and album news

"Renegade Ridge" is the first and free single off the new ADAVANT album, "The Unyielding", now available for pre-order. The record  will be released on January 27th.

ENSIFERUM parts ways with Netta Skog

DALRIADA new video and album news

This is the new DALRIADA video.for the 5th track titled Búsirató, 
off the "Nyárutó" album coming out next month.

Bosnerau video signed SALDUIE

SALDUIE unveiled their new video for Bosnerau song taken from their released album "Belos".

LEMURIA returns with a new album

Next year will finally be a new LEMURIA album.

OLAM EIN SOF full show available

Below is the full show by OLAM EIN SOF at Thorhammerfest.

Release date for the new GRIMNER album

The new GRIMNER album's called "Vanadrottning” (translates to “queen of the Vanir”), referring to the goddess Gullveig from the Norse mythology. She is known mostly from the tale of the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, when she was captured and burned alive by Oden and his hird. Each time they burned her she would be born anew, dying three times and resurrected three times, each time in immense agony.

The record set to be released on February 9th, is available for pre-order.

01. Vanadrottning
02. Avundas Hennes Ungdom
03. En Fallen Jätte
04. Kvällningssång
05. En Vilja Av Järn
06. Fafnersbane feat. Erik Grawsiö (Månegarm)
07. Vårt Blod, Våra Liv
08. Dödens Dans
09. Ägers Salar
10. Sången Om Grimner
11. Freja Vakar

JÖRMUNGAND second album in 2018

JÖRMUNGAND second album is entitled "Zwischenwelte" and set for March 16, 2018.

01. ...und es wird Tag
02. Morgenrot
03. Ruf der Vergängnis
04. zu hohen Himmeln
05. Werdegänger
06. in Hallen stummer Worte
07 Dämmerung
08. Neumond
09. Requiem

ALVENRAD released "Heer" album

ALVENRAD released "Heer" album.

01. De Hoogzit (The High Seat)
02. De Raven Wodans (Wodan's Ravens)
03. Dagen Gaans Heen (Days On The Ways)
04. De Zonne-ever (The Sun Boar)
05. Boom des Gouds (Tree Of Gold)
06. De Herder (The Herdsman)
07. Fallisch (Phallie)
08. Minneschemering (Twilight Of Love)
09. De Groene Tempel (The Green Temple)
10. Omheind (Enclosed)
11. Foreest in Tweelicht ’17 (bonus)

QNTAL - VIII available in march 2018

The new QNTAL album "VIII - Nachtblume" set to be released march 9, 2018.

01. Nachtblume
02. Die finstere Nacht
03. Music On The Waters
04. Monteclair
05. Echo
06. Parliament Of Fowles
07. Chint
08. Before The World Was Made
09. O Fortuna
10. Minnelied
11. Sumervar
12. A Chantar

THALANOS : the end

The band shared the following news :

Dragondudes and Dragonettes, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Thalanos. After nearly 13 (!) years we've decided to part ways as a band. Nearly 30 songs have been composed, over half of them were released, About two dozen shows have been played and we've met a lot of awesome other bands and artists. We would like to thank al the venues, other bands, sound engineers, friends & family members and above all, the fans that, showed up every time again and again.   If you want to commemorate us in a way, we have some shirts and girlies left in various sizes (leave a message if you're interested). Also, our music wil stay available on Bandcamp and such sites.  Thanks again for making this possible for us! We. Had. A. Blast

Next year will be new HEIDEVOLK album

HEIDEVOLK unveiled album details, set to be released on January 12th 2018.

The record is entitled "Vuur van Verzet" and it will be available in the following formats:
- 1 CD 6-pages Digipack incl. 24 pages booklet
- 1 LP Gatefold, black and limited golden vinyl
- Ltd Edition Album Bundle incl. 6-pages Digipack, Leather wristband, flag, patch
- Digital Album Download

01. Ontwaakt
02. A Wolf In My Heart
03. Onverzetbaar
04. Yngwaz Zonen
05. Britannia
06. The Alliance
07. Tiwaz
08. Het Oneindige Woud
09. Gungnir
10. Woedend
11. Het Juk der Tijd
12. Drink op de Nacht (Bonus Track)
13. Een Wolf in mijn Hart (Bonus Track)

The band that will be on tour in february, also unleased that video :

CELTIBEERIAN released Deiwos

"Deiwos" album signed CELTIBEERIAN is now available.
Contact the band to get a copy.

01. From deep waters (intro)
02. Deiwos
03. Devotio
04. The wolf I am [ video ]
05. The shadow of the Lynx
06. Fear my beard
07. The reborn
08. The harvest song
09. Navigium Isidis
10 Puellae Gaditanae
11. Life goes on
12. Txoria Txori
13. Looking for beer
14. Gallaecia II
15. The spirit of our inner nature (outro)

Ashes album by GRAI out now

GRAI now relesed their new album "Ashes" and you can pay a listen right here :
ГРАЙ - Пепел / Ashes (2017) by GRAI

CROM released When Northmen Die

The new CROM album titled "When Northmen Die" is out and available in ltd edition, CD, and download.

01. Behold The Lights
02. All Alone
03. Shields Of Gold
04. Dear Father
05. Betrayal
06. I?m With You
07. Gods Of Glory
08. One Step To The Lake Below
09. Sentenced To Death
10. Rain
11. When Northmen Die
12. Farewell Song
13. The Millenium King (Bonustrack)

OBSCURITY : Endzeit video

Trollzorn records unveiled the new officiazl video by OBSCURITY.
The track there is "Endzeit" of their Streitmacht album.

FOLKODIA released Battle of the Milvian Bridge

The new FOLKODIA album "Battle of the Milvian Bridge" is now available Stygian crypt productions.

01. Battle of the Milvian Bridge  02. The Maiden of Lorraine  03. Massada Burns  04. Battle of Salamis  05. Falcons over Svevia 06. Hussar Angels  07. Pytheas in Thule  08. Sigillum Militum Xpisti 09. Journey into Darkness  10. Red Rubicon 

A special thanks to the line-up making this project still alive.