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A Wolf In My Heart video by HEIDEVOLK

HEIDEVOLKband on tour released their video for "A Wolf In My Heart" song.
The track feats in their "Vuur van Verzet" released last year.

Hervors arv, the new MÅNEGARM video

MÅNEGARM unveiled their new official muisic video for the second track of the coming "Fornaldarsagor" album :

INFINITYUM released Alliance

INFINITYUM released their second album titled "Alliance" that you can purchase here.
01. Alliance
02. A Glimmer of Hope [ sound ]
03. Spirits of the Forest
04. The Majestics Ones
05. Between Sky and Sea
06. The Journey
07. Sons of the Sun
08. Fangs Claws and Horns
09. Blood Moon
10. Dirge of the Night

Can free show be possible at Sword Chant ?

There is the question... 👧

I got one (sick!) idea for our Discord : let's try to plan some shows over there!
I imagined shows that would be free for anyone who would join our Discord.
Bands would play live for us - from their rehearsal room, studio or whatever at their place and we would listen to them, and enjoy and comment music played.
But is it possible ?
Probably the band would need a specific set-up for. A thing I would like to know to tell other bands with desire to make shows there in the future.
Electric instruments are probably not possible or I don't believe much - I don't know But Acoustic shows ?
Thus, we are looking for Musicians testers to know if we can make it.
First one making this possible will get in the first show over there.
If that works, we would plan a show date together.
Folk Metal/Folk Bands and people in band or not interested can log in our Discord  and there, tell they're interested for me to open the Soundcheck room to you.

New SALTATIO MORTIS album out now

"Brot und Spiele - Klassik & Krawall" album by SALTATIO MORTIS is out now.
Orders can be to this page.

Sounds for BrunhildSie tanzt allein can be found on Sword Chant within more details.

Brunhild Dorn im Ohr Besorgter Bürger Sie tanzt allein Ich werde Wind Heimdall Brot und Spiele Nie wieder Alkohol Spur des Lebens Europa Träume aus Eis Grosse Träume Brunhild Dorn im Ohr Besorgter Bürger Sie tanzt allein Ich werde Wind Heimdall Brot und Spiele Nie wieder Alkohol Spur des Lebens Europa Träume aus Eis Grosse Träume Ein Stück Unsterblichkeit Grosse Träume Dorn im Ohr Wo sind die Clowns Brot und Spiele Wachstum über Alles Europa Besorgter Bürger Spur des Lebens Heimdall Brunhild Ich werde Wind Träume aus Eis Nie wieder Alkohol Sie tanzt allein Mittelalter Eulenspiegel Spielmannsschwur

WAYLANDER released "Ériú’s Wheel"

The new album "Ériú’s Wheel" signed WAYLANDER is now released in LP and CD.
You can get it here.
01. Betwixt Times
02. As Samhain Comes
03. Shortest Day, Longest Night
04. Imbolc
05. The Vernal Dance
06. Beltine
07. As The Sun Stands Still
08. To Feast At Lughnasadh
09. Autumnal Blaze

TENGGER CAVALRY and Nature Ganganbaigal new releases

"Northern Memory (Silk Road Metal)" album by TENGGER CAVALRY is out now.
You can purchase the record passing by their bandcamp page :

Northern Memory (Silk Road Metal) by Tengger Cavalry
Frontman Nature Ganganbaigal also released a solo EP titled "Dark Poetry" available here :
Nature G: Dark Poetry by Tengger Cavalry

Ambiramus music video by ELUVEITIE

ELUVEITIE unveiled their new video for Ambiramus song.
The track feats in their forthcoming "Ategnatos" album available for pre-order.

First CD by NORVERN released

NORVERN released in CD edition their debut album titled "Under The Aurora".

Under The Aurora by Norvern

Our great community deserves the best

Dear followers,

You probably know that Sword Chant was a forum back in 2007 and it ended because the social networks expansion anywhere. Today, Privacy matters may be unsafe with them. That's why, artists like McKennitt left her facebook page.
And that's also why I don't want to create a community group to a social network.
I've been thinking to our community, the past and present, and I ever been saddened by the end of our forum because that was one great tool for us all to communate, work on some projects together, and discover each other. We had fun time in that forum where could be fans, listeners and artists there.
Wouldn't you like to get that opportunity again ?
So, I created a Discord server for the Sword Chant community, available in the menu of this website.
Mainly known in the gaming world for now, I think Discord is a tool for the future and safe.
I don't plan to share news over there or not now, but it doesn't mean news can't be inside.

I t…

SALTATIO MORTIS : Sie tanzt allein video (version 2019)

The band shared their new video for 'Sie tanzt allein' taken from "Brot und Spiele - Klassik & Krawall" album set to be released on march, 22.

Artus will be the new SCHANDMAUL album

SCHANDMAUL will release a new album 'Artus" in various formats, for may 3rd from this year.
The band also unveiled a new video :


CD 1

01. Der Meisterdieb
02. Der Totengräber
03. Vagabunden
04. Froschkönig
05. Auf und davon
06. Der Kapitän
07. Die Oboe
08. Chevaliers
09. Die Tafelrunde
10. Der Gral
11. Die Insel - Ynys Yr Afallon
12. Der Weiße Wal

CD 2
01. Camelot - Die Tafelrunde
02. Camelot - Der Gral
03. Camelot - Die Insel

THORONDIR concept album soon

April 19th will be released under the flag of Trollzorn, the new THORONDIR full length titled "Des Wandrers Mär" that is a concept album that deals with a story about a fictional world on the edge of the abyss.

01. Prolog
02. Rache durch das Schwert
03. Fenriswolf
04. Dunkle Zeichen
05. Thoron
06. Tiefe Narben
07. Den Göttern zu Ehr
08. In der Weite ein Licht
09. Das Totenheer von Barathir
10. Durch des Adlers Augen
11. Schwarze Flut
12. Berserkerwut
13. Epilog

MÅNEGARM : Sveablotet lyrics video

Napalm records shared the official lyrics video for "Sveablotet" song, available in the Fornaldarsagor album by MÅNEGARM, coming out in april..

HAEREDIUM released Ascension

HAEREDIUM released their new album that you can get to their website.

01 Wandering
02 Breathe
03 Images I Recall
04 Merchant Of Lies
05 Fall
06 Euforio
07 From Silence
08 Winds Will Turn
09 Alpha Ursae Minoris
10 Joyride
11 Soif d'Affronts et de Victoires
12 Storyteller

Some more improvements for Sword Chant

Hi, folks!

I want to tell about some pages and the Discord idea launched earlier.

Two pages improvedI improved the FAQ part available here, giving titles and adding some more content.I am currently working on the lyrics main page. I want to give you one better eye-looking on the opportunity for you to translate lyrics of your favorite bands and then, I would share on this website as long I have the green light from the band. The idea is where is an arrow means that is possible for you to translate into whatever language. Of course, it remains unofficial content but if it can help other people to understand lyrics, that is the main goal. I asked the band for lyrics yet available, completing the tab there.
Discord Probably my survey happened on a bad moment and then, I 'll do another one in Facebook.

Here is the idea :
Discord, an app available on PC and mobiles, makes possible the making of text and vocal rooms in a rather safe way. Discord is mainly known in the gaming branch but …

New DELIRIUM album coming out in april

April 12th, 2019,

DELIRIUM will unleash their second full length.

The record is entitled "Urkraft"and was recorded in the Soundbath Studios in Rothenburg at the beginning of last year with the participation of various guest musicians such as Pascal Pfannenschmidt (Munarheim) and Jonas Müller (Boötes Void). Travos from Thormesis is responsible for the production, mixing and mastering and also contributes some guest vocals.
This is the artwork :

The new ATORC album available for pre-order

April 4, 2019 will be released the new ATORC album titled "Under The Raven Banner".

The record available in CD and digital can be pre-ordered now.
01. Hrafansmerki
02. Under The Raven Banner
03. The Mead Hall
04. Hammer To Anvil
05. Maidens Of The Shield
06. Sovngarde
07. Voice Of The Storm
08. Isle Of The Brave
09. Ragnarok
10. Shieldwall

Under The Raven Banner PRE-ORDER by Atorc


BATTLE TALES are currently working on an EP made of 4 tales and legends from the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.

More news will be later on.

FENRIR (FR) released Legends Of The Grail

Initially planned for 2016, and then for january, the new album FENRIR album titled "Legends Of The Grail" is now available since february 22, 2019.
01. A Legend Begins
02. A Red Sun Rises [ video ]
03. Camelot
04. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
05. Conquest of Britain
06. The Fisher King
07. Brocéliande
08. The Son of Pendragon
09. La dame du lac
10. Morgane

TÝR released Hel album and a new video

Napalm records released the new TÝR album titled "Hel" in various formats.

01. Gates of Hel
02. All Heroes Fall
03. Ragnars Kvæði
04. Garmr
05. Sunset Shore
06. Downhill Drunk
07. Empire of the North
08. Far from the Worries of the World
09. King of Time
10. Fire and Flame
11. Against the Gods
12. Songs of War
13. Alvur Kongur

The band also shared their new official video :

THORMESIS released The Sixth

"The Sixth" album by THORMESIS is out now.

01. Sonnen
02. Thy Morbid Drunken Ways
03. Chor der Toten
04. Zeichen zum Grund
05. Lichtermeer
06. One Last Tear for Every Burned Soul
07. Deadened Skies

MAGO DE OZ released Ira Dei

The new and double album by MAGO DE OZ is now available.

CD 1
Jerusalem D.CIn EternumEl amor brujoTu FuneralCiudad EsmeraldaTequila mucho por vivirTe traeré el horizonteOpera MortisCantiga de las BrujasEspera en el cieloCD 2
Opus TenebraeSuspiriaY que nunca te falte un ‘te quieroBajo mi pielJimmy ‘tiro en el pieInfinitumEl séptimo selloIra Dei

New song by FEJD

FEJD unveiled a new song titled ”Edsvuren” which will be available in their upcoming album.
More details will be later on.