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The split with SELVANS available for pre-order

The split record 

is now available for pre-order
at Avantgarde Music.

Iron Seawolf

LOCATION : Cumbria, North-West England

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nick Wragg : lead vocals, guitars, violin, viola
Sam Morley : guitars, vocals
Alec Jacobs : bass
Owen Evans (ex-WolfSword) : accordion, whistles, banjo, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Giorgos Tsianakas : drums

RIMMERSGARD's demo will be re-released

"A Venturer's Mind" was the first demo by RIMMERSGARD once released in 1997.

CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA PRODUCTIONS will release the demo again and the release date of the CD and LP editions is settled for January 5, 2017.

01. Intro (Entering Erchester)
02. Rimmersgard
03. Jarnauga
04. Surrender And Submerge
05. Battle Of The Five Hordes
06. Loneliness My Friend
07. Rays Of Sunset
08. Outro (Leaving Erkynland)
09. Legend´s Domain (bonus)
10. Melancholy (bonus)

You can pre-order the record to that page.

LEPOKA: this is Samhain!

LEPOKA unveiled their video for "Samhain", song taken from their "Beerserkers"album.

FROSTTIDE parts ways with Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä

Sad news - mainly when I know that you are many readers to enjoy this band.

FROSTTIDE announced that Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä are in the band no more :
We are saddened to inform that due to personal differences and motivation problems. FROSTTIDE has decided to part ways Joni Snoro and Lauri Myllylä. The band will continue working as a 3-piece on the follower of Blood Oath which will see the light somewhere next year. We thank Joni and Lauri for their time in Frosttide and wish them the best in their musical career with their new project.  This situation does not affect the album making process neither the sound of the band. The only difference will be the vocals that will be done from now on by Juho Patinen.
Our show in Bäkkäri, Helsinki on 10.12.2016 will remain as planned. Guitars and bass stations will be covered by two session musicians which will be announced next month.
We thank you for your understanding.  -Frosttide
Joni Snoro shared that statement then :

VERSENGOLD - Ihr seid Musik (live)

VERSENGOLD unveiled the video for the first track of their second CD live in Hamburg 2015 released last year.

UBUREN released “Frå døden fødes liv”

The new album “Frå døden fødes liv” signed UBUREN can now be ordered passing their label.

01. Red Dawn
02. Martyrens kammer
03. I Become
04. Draugen
05. Som var
06. Nokken
07. Nidingstav
08. I Hail
09. Our Land on Fire

IRON SEAWOLF released their debut album

Hoist the Black Flag, the debut album by the Pirate Metal band IRON SEAWOLF is out now.
You can have a listen here and get it passing by bandcamp.

Hoist the Black Flag by Iron SeaWolf

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD live album is coming soon

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD is about to release a CD and DVD live album soon.

01. Prolog
02. Weltenmeer
03. Ehrenhandel
04. Till
05. Sieben Kugeln
06. Dein letzter Tanz
07. Wie der Wind
08. Sirenengesang
09. Feuer
10. Echter wahrer Held
11. Drei Bänder
12. Dorian Gray
13. Drosselbarts Tanz
14. Zauberkreis
15. Carpe Diem
16. Eisenhans
17. Venuskind


AETHER first EP released

Polish band AETHER unveiled their very first EP entitled "Tale of Fire". They are inspired by Wintersun and Ensiferum. You can purchase the digital record on bandcamp, or a CD copy if you contact the band here.

01. Elements
02. Tale of Fire
03. Last Battle
04. Dream


PIMEÄ METSÄ: full album details

The second album by PIMEÄ METSÄ funded with the help of the fans, will be released in Spain by the end of this year while other Europeans will have to wait February 2017 for the release of "No Blood No Glory" album.

Find all details in the picture below.

WOLCENSMEN debut album soon

WOLCENSMEN's debut album is entitled "Songs from the Fyrgen" and it is planned for the end of november 2016. There are the cover art by the 19th century Norwegian/German painter Ludvig Munthe, together with the track listing :
01 Withershins
02 The Fyre-Bough
03 Sunne
04 Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path
05 'Neath a Wreath of Firs
06 The Mon o' Micht
07 Snowfall
08 The Bekens are Aliht
09 Yearning

Nash Rothanburg (BYRDI) feat. as guest on this record.

ENDOVAL first demo

ENDOVAL is a young Spanish band founded during 2015 and july 2016, they released their first demo.
Lately, I discovered this band and I think their work, available for free download, deserves to be shared here.

Demo 2016 by Endoval

VARANG NORD: Masters of the Forest album for full streaming

VARANG NORD published the full stream for their album "Masters of the Forest" out since last year.

ARKONA lyrics video

Napalm records shared translated lyrics video for Vozrozhdenie, the debut album by ARKONA will be re-released on november 11th.

IN EXTREMO: new video and live album soon.

IN EXTREMO released a new video I wouldn't suggest to sensitive people. 

The song is taken from "Quid Pro Quo" album and soon will be an edition with the live version.

TROLLWAR : It will be an EP in the end!

The full length planned for this year by TROLLWAR will be an EP made of five tracks in the end. The Traveler's Path EP will be available by winter.

01. Prologue
02. The Forsaken One                    
03. Omens of Victory
04. Forgotten
05. Shores of Madness


New song by LUTAVIERJE

Awaiting their second album to come out, LUTAVIERJE unveiled a song about Belarus.
The band said about this video :
"The song was based on the poem of Adam Mitskievich "Pan Tadeusz". The poet wrote it in 1834 in Paris, where he lived in exile, missing the Motherland ... called Belarus nowadays".

SALDUIE unveiled new album details

Spanish band SALDUIE unveiled details for their new album "Belos" that deals with Celtiberian people. Find infos on wikipedia (Spanish).
01 Pax Sempronia 179 a.C.
02 Carus de Sekaiza
03 Hospitium
04 Bestias númidas
05 El aullido de Vaélico
06 Bosnerau
07 Matres
08 Los fuegos de Belenus
09 Tvrma Sallvitana
10 Netón
11 Atland

NETHERFELL official video

NETHERFELL made a video for the 5th track of their album "Between East And West".

Monday will be the second UBUREN album out

October 31st will be released the second full length by the Viking Black metal band UBUREN.
The album is entitled "Frå Døden Fødes Liv". Heres the track listing :
01.Red Dawn 02.Martyrens kammer 03.I Become 04.Draugen 05.Som var 06.Nokken 07.Nidingstav 08.I Hail 09.Our Land on Fire

New DIABOL BORUTA album soon

From now can be pre-ordered the new DIABOL BORUTA album titled "Widziadla".
The record is planned to be released on November 11, 2016.

01. Nim Zawieje Wiatr
02. Wietrznik
03. Marzanna - Smiercicha
04. Nim Pierwsza Gwiazda Wzesla
05. Rusalka
06. Bledne Ogniki
07. Wyjce
08. Jarmark Widziadel
09. Sobotki
10. W Moim Ogrodecku
11. The Winder
12. Kupala Night

The second HULDRE album released in a week

November 3rd will be released the second album by HULDRE. The record is entitled "Tusmørke" and was engineered, mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert of LSD Studios - Produced by Huldre and Lasse Lammert.
TRACKLIST : 01. Jagt 02. Hindeham 03. Varulv 04. Underjordisk 05. Skifting 06. Fæstemand 07. Mørke 08. Tæring 09. Nattesorg

Details of the DRENAÏ EP

Soon, DRENAÏ will release Nadirs EP now available for pre-order.

01. Broken Nation
02. Shaman
03. Forged in clay
04. Tools of a prophet
05. Beyond the Gate

Small preview of the next AKTARUM record

AKTARUM.revealed their next record is planned for the end of the next year.

The band shared one small preview that you can see below.

Debut album for SONG OF CHU released

Chinese band SONG OF CHU released their debut album entitled "Yan Huang".
Yan Huang by Song of Chu

MYRKGRAV new album's out now

MYRKGRAV now released "Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen" (Thank you and farewell - times have changed) on Itunes, Google Play and more.

01 - Skjøn Jomfru (Norwegian version)
02 - Vonde auer
03 - Bjønnestussern frå Sandungskælven (instrumental)
04 - Soterudsvarten
05 - Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
06 - Melbustad og uldrefølket (instrumental)
07 - Tørrhard
08 - Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
09 - To som kom i fiskebøgda (instrumental)
10 - Sjuguttmyra
11 - Skjøn Jomfru (English version)
12 - Tviom! (instrumental)
13 - Uttjent
14 - Takk og farvel (hardanger fiddle outro)

MAGLOR new release soon!

Finally, the next MAGLOR release "Asunder" is coming soon. There are the album details.

01. Fog in the Hills of Anor
02. Asunder
03. Woodfall
04. Northern Clans
05. The Mountain Grave

Debut album released for HARMASAR

HARMASAR band from Moldavia released their debut album entitled "Din Pământ".
Have a listen :

Din Pământ by HARMASAR

TOTER FISCH: full stream of their acoustic EP

"Bottoms Up Treasure", the new and acoustic EP by TOTER FISCH is now available for full streaming here :

The final album of the Runaljod trilogy signed WARDRUNA now released

The WARDRUNA third album "Runaljod - Ragnarok" is out now and available to the band store.
01. Tyr
02. UruR
03. Isa
04. MannaR – Drivande
05. MannaR – Liv
06. Raido
07. Pertho
08. Odal
09. Wunjo
10. Runaljod


IRON SEAWOLF's debut album trailer

Below is the trailer for the debut album by IRON SEAWOLF coming out this Halloween.

HEIMDALLS WACHT released Geisterseher

HEIMDALLS WACHT released their new album "Geisterseher" available in LP and CD through Trollzorn.

01. Spökenkieker
02. Wir sind die Wächter
03. Der kommende Gott (Treffen mit Sabazios)
04. Scyomantia – Der Thron im Schatten
05. Tairach
06. Taedium Vitae
07. Anderswelt


The band shared one lyrics video for the song "Raise Your Pints" taken from their newer record.

Full stream of the MORGARTEN debut album

Swiss band MORGARTEN shared the full stream of their debut album "Risen to Fight" available for sale on bandcamp.

Cécile Corbel released her new album

"Vagabonde", the new album signed Cécile Corbel is out now.

New DUR DABLA interview

Soon, DUR DABLA will release their debut album titled "Eñvor An Avel". 
I interviewed them on that matter then.

01. Hi Marc! How happened things since the last time ? :) 
Hey Krissy. Everything went quite well since that last interview. Even though our former bassist/singer left the band in early 2014, we managed to find two awesome musicians for the band the same year : Victor at the bass and Titan for the vocal parts. Since then we worked hard to prepare the songs of our new album, and started recording them in late 2015.

NA MOONEYS released their S/T album

NA MOONEYS band released an album made of Irish trads tunes. The record is entitled "Na Mooneys".

Na Mooneys by Na Mooneys

CREPUSCULE released Horizon EP

Horizon EP by the Celtic Folk band CREPUSCULE is now available on Bandcamp and CDbaby.

01. The Hosting of the Sidhe
02. Blow Away the Morning Dew
03. Jack Ward / Snug in the Blanket
04. Mrs Stewart of Grandtully / The Panda / The Mason's Apron
05. Skye Boat Song
06. The Gentle Shepherd / The Lad That Keeps the Cattle

HEIMDALLS WACHT new album soon

HEIMDALLS WACHT will release
their new album "Geisterseher" on October 14th.

Beside is the artwork for the record
available for pre-order in CD and vinyl.

This is the track listing :

TROLLFEST new album for February 2017!

TROLLFEST unveiled the following :

TROLL BENDS FIR new album released

"Karjalali", the new album signed TROLL BENDS FIR is now released and available through Soundage productions.

01. De-Da
02. Karjalltroll
03. Jonne Bear
04. Moonshine
05. Kholmogory
06. Chug!
07. Yagoda-goda
08. Troll's Heart
09. Nevo

Songs of the white lily album by ALKONOST is out now

ALKONOST released their new album "Songs of the white lily".


01. Река
02. Жемчужина
03. Русалка
04. Невеста лешего
05. Сражение с бездной
06. Ветер, вей!
07. Травница
08. Хмель
09. Птица-печаль
10. Русалка (Акустика)
11. Птица-печаль (Акустика)

CRONICA released their debut album

CRONICA now released "Na tej ziemi". This debut album can be ordered to the band contact.

La Senda Eterica album by BARLOVENTOS is released

BARLOVENTOS released their second album "La Senda Eterica" (The Etheric Path). Get it digital here or contact the band to get the CD version.

01. Memento Mori
02. El holandes errante
03. Kraken
04. Reunion
05. Circ de su ley
06. La taberna de la bruja
07. La comarca
08. Hechizo
09. La leyenda del lobo y la luna

Förfallstid, the next UTMARKEN album

UTMARKEN shared the following news :

With only 6 months since the first release, it is time to take a sneek peek into the future: "Förfallstid" is building up in a rapid pace.
The word "Förfallstid" is an old expression, whose literal meaning is "Time of decay", and in northern Sweden it stands for a time period between winter and spring when the ice is not possible to walk upon, nor has it melted so it is possible to put a boat in, for fishing. This time period it is not possible to hunt, fish, plant, nor pull timber from the woods etc... and back in the days the only thing people could do was to wait. Wait, prepare and hope the period was short. That the food supplies would not run out. Wait for spring to arrive so they could put down the seeds for the coming growth period. Förfallstid is a time of great uncertainty.
Though nothing is written in stone right now, the working hypothesis looks like this:

AN THEOS debut album and videos

Seminția Dacă, the debut album signed AN THEOS is out now.

Seminția Dacă by An Theos

The band published new videos for the event.

TROLL BENDS FIR new album released this week!

"Karjalali" is the title for the forthcoming TROLL BENDS FIR to be released in this Thursday.
 Once again, Jonne Järvelä (KORPIKLAANI) feat. on the record.

Preorders can be at Soundage productions.

01. De-Da
02. Karjalltroll
03. Jonne Bear
04. Moonshine
05. Kholmogory
06. Chug!
07. Yagoda-goda
08. Troll's Heart
09. Nevo

Working Song video by Cécile Corbel

Cécile Corbel unveiled her new official video for Working Song, available on "Vagabonde" album coming out this October 7th.

IMBARU digibox collection

Russian Label GS Productions.released the full IMBARU discography as digibox that includes :

- The five LP
- Compilation of piano pieces "Series Oníricas"
- Vigías EP (2016)
- Small book with photographs

Price: 47 Euro + shipping 10 euro
Contact :
Available in Chile soon!

The records of the band are available for free download passing by their bandcamp.

E-AN-NA EP available in digital

E-AN-NA now released Jiana EP on bandcamp.
Jiana EP by E-an-na

SKÁLMÖLD released a new album and LTD single

The new album "Vögguvísur Yggdrasils" (Lullabies Of Yggdrasil) by SKÁLMÖLDis out now.
The band also released a single together with ALESTORM under the name "SKALSTORM".

01. Múspell
02. Niflheimur
03. Niðavellir
04. Miðgarður
05. Útgarður
06. Álfheimur
07. Ásgarður
08. Helheimur
09. Vanaheimur

LTD Edition Bonus CD track listing :
10. Drink (Alestorm Cover)
11. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur (Sigur Rós Cover)
12. Nattfödd (Finntroll Cover)
13. Lazer Eyes (Thor Cover)
14. Helreið afa
15. Upprisa (Live)
16. Hefnd (Live)
17. Dauði (Live)

Legacy Of Blood by SKILTRON is out now

SKILTRON now released their new album "Legacy Of Blood".
You can order to their official shop and Itunes, etc.

01 Highland Blood
02 Hate Of My Life
03 Commited To The Call
04 Sailing Under False Flags
05 The Taste Of Victory
06 Rise From Any Grave
07 Sawney Bean Clan
08 All Men Die
09 I'm Coming Home (ltd. Digi Bonus)

ANNÚLOND second album released

ANNÚLOND released the follow-up of "The Baker of Aljubarrota" that is always planned to be released also on LP. The second full length available in digital is entitled "The Spellbound Giant" and you can get it & listen here :
The Spellbound Giant by Annúlond

Later will be also CD version.