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HERZGESPANN released their debut album

Folk band HERZGESPANN released their debut album entitled "Wann geh'n wir nach Haus".
Below is their official video for the second track of the album. Contact the band to order your copy.

One trailer for the Celtic harp album by OMNIA

OMNIA band published a trailer related with their new album "Naked Harp" out now.

Title: "One Morning in May"
Music: Traditional English/J.E. & S. Evans-van der Harten
Played by Jenny from OMNIA

Vetten Äpärät

LOCATION : Helsinki, Finland

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Sami Ferm : vocals, flutes
Aleksi Kulmala : lead guitar
Leo Lemmetty : rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jarmo Luopa : bass, backing vocals
Anton Nisonen : drums
Irene Penttonen : keyboards

VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT debut album soon

Finnish band VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT plans to release their debut album early 2016. The record entitled "Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" (Born from Winter's Tears) is a collection of their work from nearly 10 years.
13 tracks will complete the full length. "Musically, it will be a mix between tracks of acoustic instruments and a variety of modern metal. We try to give space to our acoustic elements with purely acoustic tracks. On the other hand, some songs will be raw modern folk metal", they added.
Regarding the lyrics based on a fantasy story, they said :
The story of the album follows mainly a serf (peasant) who is forced to leave his family and join a crusade-like adventure as a servant. Traveling with an army to a land that calls humans to it for different reasons. long the side we witness battles fought and lost as the calling land’s spirits of nature wake to wage war on the humans. The nature awakens as a counter-reaction because of it’s disregard by the humans. This i…

NIDHOEGGR released Nach Der Schlacht

NIDHOEGGR released their album "Nach Der Schlacht" (After Battle).
Contact the band to place your order.

You can pre-order the FUCHSTEUFELSWILD album

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD album available for pre-order as a limited edition is entitled "Weltenmeer".

The full length will be released on December 10th. Find some previews on their youtube page.

01. Prolog
02. Weltenmeer
03. Zauberkreis
04. Drei Bänder
05. Till
06. Sirenengesang
06. Wie der Wind
07. Sieben Kugeln

NORTHERN OAK released Triptych

Previously announced during August, the new EP entitled "Triptych" by NORTHERN OAK is now released for free download.

01. The Court of Owls
02. Ellan Vannin
03. A Portrait
04. The Court of Owls (Instrumental)
05. Ellan Vannin (Instrumental)
06. A Portrait (Instrumental)


LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Frakkur The Wise : Irish bouzouki, violin, vocals
Sir Thomas Samæl Friedrik Rex I : baritone guitar, vocals
Sophie the Tavern Wench : keyboards, hurdy-gurdy, backing vocals
Sieur Le Brave : lead guitar, backing vocals
Le-Tappeux du Pied-Chaussé : mandolin, flute, backing vocals
Stormblood : bass, backing vocals
Le Brigand : drums


LOCATION : Stockholm, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Jonathan "Fisk" Johnson : vocals
Samuel Byström : drums
Måns Carlbring : guitar
Anton Trollmania (Illdåd, Bergsvriden) : guitar
Stefan "Öltomten" Stolica (Bergsvriden) : recorder
Sten Oskar ''Trollpung'' Johansson (Nordanvind, Bergsvriden) : bass
Sebastian Rosengren : violin


LOCATION : Galway, Ireland

Status : Active
Music : Celtic Folk

Dominic Keogh : bodhrán
Danny Diamond : fiddle
David Munnelly : acccordion
Jonas Fromseier : Greek bouzouki, banjo

Mórga are a four-piece playing high-energy, souped up Irish traditional music, inspired by the music of the 1920s & 1970s

Mórga, album 2009
For the Sake of Auld Decency, album 2013


Contact :


LOCATION : Genappe, Wallonie, Belgium

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nico De Wolf : guitar
Vincent Duquesne : guitar, keyboard
Julien Hauchart : bass
Martin Raif : drums

NEKROGOBLIKON shared one unreleased track

NEKROGOBLIKON shared on youtube one previously unreleased track titled "Get In The Bag".
It was written and recorded during the Heavy Meta sessions.


LOCATION : Saint Petersburg, Russia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Valentina Tsyganova :vocals, recorder
Svetlana Sulimova (Troll Bends Fir) : violin
Alexander Klimov : guitar
Ivan Budkin : bass, growls
Pavel Malyshev : drums

DVALIN released Unter den Eichen single

"Unter den Eichen" is the new single by DVALIN.
You can buy the song passing by Itunes or Amazon websites.

The song is taken from their upcoming album entitled "Aus dem Schatten"  planned for next year and available for pre-order.

ZGARD released Totem album

ZGARD band released their new album entitled "Totem" :

IMMORGON released their debut album

"And Thus We Raid", the new album signed IMMORGON is now released in digital and CD here.

ARANDU ARAKUAA interview online

I interviewed Zândhio from the band ARANDU ARAKUAA who released their second album "Wdê Nnãkrda", a month ago. We talked about this record, the band and more things which get an importance and deserve to be asked as well.

01. Hi Zândhio! You founded ARANDU ARAKUAA back in 2008. How have you got the idea to make folk metal music related with indigenous people ? It is closely connected with the place where I was born and lived until my 24 years old, near the Xerente Indigenous land in the Tocantins state, Amazonia – Brazil. Earlier, I was blessed by the spirits of my ancestors with the gift of art, in particular to compose music and the time came when I noticed that need to use this gift to honor them and in favor of our struggle.

The new OMNIA album is out now

The new OMNIA album "Naked Harp"  that is a more personal release by Jenny is now released.
You can order the record dedicated to the Celtic Harp  to the band store.
01. One Morning in May
02. The Flutterby Set
03. Eleanor Plunkett
04. The Fairy Queen
05. Dil Gaya
06. Bridget Cruise
07. Jenny's Tits
08. Planxty Irwin
09. Love Birds
10. En Avant Blonde
11. OMNIA medley
12. Anam Cara
13. Uvil Uvil
14. Luna
15. O'Carolan's Dream

Total playing time: 48:03 minutes


Find here two SALTATIO MORTIS videos playing unplugged, tracks from their new album "Zirkus Zeitgeist".

KNIGHTHOOD video for Within Roots song

Chilean band KNIGHTHOOD made a video for the song "Within Roots" taken from their debut album "Tales Of Ania". Pictures available on the video are shot from the Paganfest III.

VALLORCH : Until Our Tale is Told Video

A new lyrics video is for the band I interviewed early this month, VALLORCH. The video deals with "Until Our Tale is Told" song taken from their new album out now.

Fimbulvetr video by WOLFHORDE

WOLFHORDE published a lyrics video for the song "Fimbulvetr" taken from "Towards the Gates of North" album to be released on January 22nd of 2016.

MÅNEGARM video for "Blot" song

MÅNEGARM released another new video; dedicated here to the fourth track of the new album.

Tracklist for the upcoming UNREST FATALIST album

UNREST FATALIST will release their album "Rising Anger" during 2016.
This is the tracklist of the full length :

01. Taken by streams
02. Run away
03. Fight for your life
04. An old rite
05. Celtic war
06. Reminiscence
07. Invasion
08. Dawn of wrath
09. Raise your waipons
10. Holy massacre

Winter tales by ICETHRONE

ICETHRONE will release their third album "Winter Tales" on December 20th of 2015.

The album can be pre-ordered at Nemeton records.

01. La Chiamata Dei Lupi
02. Dreams Of Death
03. Immortally Oath
04. Pay With Your Blood
05. Canto Di Orfeo
06. Medusa
07. Winter Tales
08. Beyond The Nine Words

By 2016 will be the new SUIDAKRA album

SUIDAKRA will release a new album in 2016.

This is entitled "Realms Of Odoric". The title of the record appears to be like the name of a side project by Kris Verwimp together with Arkadius Antonik; one project up since 2013.

The full length made of 13 tracks, is planned for 2016. One bonus track will feat. on the digipack version.

Spaß bei Saite video by VERSENGOLD

VERSENGOLD made a video for the song "Spaß bei Saite" taken from "Zeitlos" album.

RED FLAG CREW released "Tides of blood"

The Pirate Metal band from Spain RED FLAG CREW released "Tides of blood". You can order the full length on Bandcamp.

01. The awakening
02. Kraken
03. Vulcano
04. Half-man
05. Die
06. Scurvy dog
07. False paradise
08. Coral reef
09. One Piece does exist
10. Mermaids
11. Red Flag Crew
12. The betrayal

Debut album for MORHANA soon

December 5th,
MORHANA will release their debut album through Art of the Night Productions.

The full length is entitled "When the Earth Was Forged".

FÄNGÖRN on their way to release a new record

FÄNGÖRNare currently working on their next record.

The EP is yet untitled,
but that is planned for the end of the year or early 2016.

The next LUAR NA LUBRE album planned for December

LUAR NA LUBRE will release their new album that is entitled "Extra Mundi" on December 4th. Above is the artwork.
Sound :

VINTERBLOT : Frostbitten

VINTERBLOT revealed the second track taken from "Realms of the Untold" album available for pre-order as Limited Edition (2 Panel Digipak, Patch, Pin and Poster) onBandcamp

Code7 and Plastichead will take care of the worlwide distribution of the album, starting from January 2016.

WERGELD debut EP is out now

French band WERGELD released their first EP entitled "Warriors from the black forest".
You have to contact the band to order your copy.
The cost is 5€ + shipping.

01. Coming from the black forest
02. Ouer fona Rhin
03. Frejya
04. 40 years of war
05. Niebelungenlied

FORJA EP and video

FORJA released "Tornant de la Batalla" EP available here.

01. Tornant de la Batalla
02. El Foc
03. Víbria
04. Rancúnia

Today, they have also published one video that is about battle...

This is the video :

Padre album by HORDAK

December 20th, 2015 is the release date for the fourth studio album entitled "Padre" (Father) signed HORDAK.

10 tracks cover the full length completed with additional guests appearances :
- José Luis Frias (TROBAR DE MORTE, ex-FOLKEARTH) – flute
- Laura Camón Botella – violin
- Lavín Uruksoth (CRYSTALMOORS) – vocals
- Wulfstan (FOREFATHER) – vocals

BUCOVINA artwork for their upcoming album revealed

The title for the new BUCOVINA album is "Nestrãmutat". This is the artwork :

Pre-order the new OMNIA

"Naked Harp" album byOMNIAis now available for pre-orders.

Get your copy to the band webshop.

Release date unchanged and will be on November 27th.


I interviewed Stark Cordwain from THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD. The Folk band is recording their new album "Lawful Evil" coming out next year.

01. Hi Stark! THE DREAD CREW OF ODDWOOD are currently in the studios recording the new album “Lawful Evil”. Is everything alright there ? We haven’t run into any issues in the studio, although we seem to be running dangerously low on whiskey. Oh wait, nevermind! There is another bottle right here! Everything is perfectly alright now. We’re fine, we’re all fine here, now. Thank you. How are you ?

02. “Lawful Evil” is the fourth album of the band. Musically and lyrically, what can we expect ?

DARKEST ERA released "Gods and Origins" 7"

DARKEST ERA released "Gods and Origins" - vinyl with a limited pressing.

01. An Dagda
02. Elohim

You can purchase the record here.

Teaser :

AETHYR re-released "Towards the Realm of Nothingness"

AETHYR releases "Towards the Realm of Nothingness" again but remastered. The band said the following :
After releasing our album "Towards the Realm of Nothingness" on May 2015 we've been workign these days on the remastered edition of it, we were not happy at all with the sound quality of the original version so we remix it a bit and remastered for the physical version of the album that will be published via Red Rivet Records (Suidakra Japanese releases, Opera Magna), a Japanese Label we have signed with for the release of this album. You can get your digital copy for free download like you can support the band with some money. :)

BATTLE TALES released their first demo

The young band BATTLE TALES from Switzerland released their first demo.

01. Sweet Melodies of Fury
02. Bloodlust Invoked
03. War of the Pints

Have a listen :

NEVERFROST released their debut album

"Through Time" is the title chosen by Canadian one-man band NEVERFROST for the debut album available in digital and physical versions. Contact the band to order a copy.

ROMUVOS album for 2016

Early 2016, ROMUVOS band will release their album "Infront Of Destiny" under No Colours records.

The one-man band ROMUVOS is now a band within four band members. You'll get the opportunity to see them live next year. 

Beside is the artwork.

NORTHSONG will re-release "Winter's Dominion" EP

For the five years anniversary of the first record, NORTHSONG will remake and re-release  "Winter's Dominion" EP. Release date is same as 2011 : June 24th! 
The quality of the record, coming out next year, is much improved from the original tracks.

Expect more bonus tracks than the original EP.


February 26th, EREB ALTOR will release an album "Blot Ilt Taut" in tribute to Quorthon & BATHORY.


01. The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
02. Woman Of Dark Desires
03. A Fine Day To Die
04. Blood Fire Death
05. Song To Hall Up High
06. Home Of Once Brave
07. Twilight Of The Gods

* Tracks order may change.

EPHYRA released "Along the Path" album

The second album entitled "Along the Path" by the italians EPHYRA is now released in Europe.
America will have to wait December 4th to get it. Digital is available here.

01. Melancholy Rise
02. Human Chaos
03. All At Once
04. Cruel Day
05. Flaming Tears
06. Hope
07. Last Night
08. Riding With The Sun
09. Land's Calling
10. No Dream
11. Alive

Guests appearances from Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico), Silvia Bonino (Folkstone), Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire), Mattia Stancioiu and more are in this record.

MÀNRAN released "Trod" single

MÀNRAN released a new track titled "Trod". 
You can purchase on bandcamp.

Digital only.
Trod by Mànran

MÅNEGARM released MÅNEGARM album

Today is the day for all MÅNEGARM fans since their new and S/T album is out now! You can listen the record and puchase it passing by Napalm records
This year, MÅNEGARM celebraes the 20  years anniversary of the band.

01. Blodörn
02. Tagen av daga
03. Odin owns ye all
04. Blot
05. Vigverk - del II
06. Call of the runes
07. Kraft
08. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
09. Nattramn
10. Allfader

ELVENKING live video

This is the new video by ELVENKING :

The track is taken from "The Night Of Nights" boxset to be released soon.

The Skalds Songs...

This year, Chris Welsh (SUN AND MOON DANCE) created one new project together with Darrell Fishel.
Chris plays Tagelharpa while Dulcimer played by Darrell. The name for this new band is THE SKALDS SONGS and this is one first track from the project :

They are currently working on the debut album for this band.

ELIWAGAR new track

Njardar's Vogn is a new song signed ELIWAGAR. She said :
Fully experiencing the storms this autumn and feeling the beautiful dark energies of the rain and the leaves falling down, life returning back to the roots, to Mother Earth, inspired me this song. So I put up together some autumn movies I made to accompagny it. This is the song :

TRIDDANA new song online

TRIDDANA published one new track taken from the forthcoming album "The Power & The Will".

VERSENGOLD : complete tracklist for Live Cd's 2015

This is the complete tracklist for the double live album by VERSENGOLD planned for December 4th :

01 Intro
02 Zeitlos
03 Wem? Uns!
04 Kein Trinklied
05 Hoch die Krüge
06 Sol’s Reel
07 Frühlingsgruß
08 Immer schön nach unten treten
09 Schon immer Mal
10 Wolken
11 Im Namen des Folkes
12 Spaß bei Saite
13 Ich und ein Fass voller Wein
14 Weinfass Tune

FINSTERFORST parts ways with Hannes

The band published the following :
"Sad news...
today is a sad day for Finsterforst, as we have to inform you that Hannes will leave the band following our last Raunächte Tour gig in Berlin. Hannes wants to proceed with other things in his life and wouldn't be able to find the time and right motivation to go on as a full time member of Finsterforst. While we are sad he's leaving, we also deeply respect his decision to make a clear cut before our friendship might suffer from problems that would definitely arise with one member of the band not being fully committed to it.

New OMNIA album out this month

Folk band OMNIA will release their next album by November 27th.
The record is entitled "Naked Harp".

They said me the following :
Many OMNIA fans and other musicklovers have asked if it would one day be possible for Jenny to make a more "personal" CD dedicated solely to the magical musick of the Celtic Harp... We are proud to announce that finally: here it is!!
A beautifull and timeless musickal journey into the realms of Dreams and Faery for all lovers of OMNIA, Loreena McKennit, Clannad and Enya.
Filled with tunes and song all performed by Jenny and lovelingly illustrated with unique fantasy drawings of the Harp-Fairy herself made by the award winning Spanish artist Victoria Frances!!
A CD for Dreaming, a CD for Comfort, a CD for Healing... let the veil fall away and experience the "Naked Harp"! Enjoy!

CELTIBEERIAN acoustic video

CELTIBEERIAN published "Blood Of A Guiltless Town" video - acoustic version.


December 4th will be released a double live album by VERSENGOLD.

Pre-orders can be to this page.

ULKAN NEWEN - Sendero Astral single

ULKAN NEWEN released a new song that is available for free download but because virus, I met there; I advice you don't download the track from the source avaialble on the youtube page.
I told the band... So, enjoy the track :

Listen to the new MÅNEGARM album

MÅNEGARM will release their new album in three days. Taste the full album here :

DYRNWYN reveals "Tubilustrium" song.

Below is "Tubilustrium" song signed DYRNWYN.

The track will be available on their debut EP entitled "Ad Memoriam" and to be released at the beginning of December.

Winterfrost by DAËNA

DAËNA revealed the first track taken from "Legends" demo coming out early 2016.

FENRIR in the studio

French band FENRIR shared two studio reports regarding their new album "Legends of the Grail".
You can hear a part of the Folk song "Rocky road to Dublin" in the second video. :)

TELPERION : Ahead of time

By the end of the year, French band TELPERION will release their debut album which is entitled "Ahead Of Time". The record will see the daylight because one succesful crowd funding, supported by Sword Chant.
01. Ahead of time
02. Black crows
03. Hooded man
04. Far from the pain
05. Spinning beer
06. Wind rose
07. Release your soul
08. Final Hour
09. Bonus track: Hooded man


NORTHSONG released a new track entitled "Titan".

SUS SCROFA : details for their forthcoming EP

Find the artwork and tracklist for the SUS SCROFA EP "Sinistre Sylve" coming out this month :

01. Aures sunt nemoris
02. Panthéisto Devoto
03. Sinistra sylva
04. La Confrérie des frères loups

SIG:AR:TYR next album for 2016

Band SIG:AR:TYR will release the new album "Northen" during March 2016.
November 20th will be the Cd-digi reissues of the previous records of the band by Hammerheart records
and now available for pre-order.

VROUDENSPIL released "Fauler Zauber".

"Fauler Zauber" album by VROUDENSPIL is out now. Details below.

01. Wiedergänger [ sound ]
02. Knochensack
03. Püppchen
04. Fauler Zauber
05. Irrlicht
06. Seelenfänger
07. Hundeleben
08. Am Weltenrand
09. Vampirat
10. Rebellion
11. Leviathan
12. Neue Welt

The power and the will!

One part of this article is nothing related with Folk Metal, or Folk Music, but I do because Fraternity. 
First of all, I don't stand racism, fascim, antifa, sects... and everything that play with souls and hate. I like this Earth too much. I think our beliefs have to be without somebody to guide you. I think that if you think yourself as a pagan because Music or somebody close to you, this is wrong minded. These can open a lane bringing knowledge but it can't go far more. Now, if you are a pagan because you and only you decided so, taking infos here and there for your own knowledge and see if those are alright with your way to think things....So, you have taken the right decision for your own. Things must be deeply personal about religions and beliefs. Now, if you disagree with me, I'm sorry for you but Freedom of speech is a nice thing.


TENGGER CAVALRY released one EP live "NJ Transiit: Live in Clifton"
You can get it passing by Itunes.

First DVALIN track online

NoiseArt Records published one first track taken from the DVALIN debut album coming out next year.

VOLOH debut album soon

After several line-up change, VOLOH will finally release on Bandcamp their debut album in digital on December 12th of 2015. Physical format will be a few days later. 
The record is entitled "Gromovi nad Trebišćem" and means "Thunders over Trebišće". Trebišće is a small place on the famous croatian Učka mountain, also called 'the slavic Olympus'. The place is below the mountain peak "Perun", called after the slavic god of thunder. Interestingly, in old slavic 'Trebišće' means 'sacrificial altar'.

TRACKLIST : 01. Čiji to dvor na gori stoji

KAMPFAR released their new album

The new album entitled "Profan" by KAMPFAR is out now. Find album details below :

Aldar Rök, the next VANIR EP

VANIR (DK) band will release "Aldar Rök" EP to the end of this year or early 2016.

01. Black Legion
02. Pretorian
03. Unrepentant
04. Broken Throne
05. Wrath of Sutr
06. The Serpent
07. Drukvisen

ACCURSED YEARS track online

This song is entitled "Oaken Weave" and this is a creation by ACCURSED YEARS. Enjoy.

BLAKYLLE : second track online

BLAKYLLE unveiled their second track titled "Windmal"  :

Trolldom by FEJD

FEJD will release their new album "Trolldom" during 2016.

This is the tracklist for now but it may change :

01. Härjaren
02. Trolldom
03. Ingjald Illråde
04. Hednaland
05. Glöd
06. Vinternatt
07. Svart
08. Bed för min själ

The artwork will be made by Kris Verwimp, again.

FENRIR new album

French band FENRIR plans to release their new album in 2016.

13 tracks will complete "Legends of the Grail" album which deals with the legend of King Arthur. A second and acoustic CD may be in the planned digipack.

FENRIR will start a crowdfunding campaign in a few days, for one help with the mixing and mastering of the record and, Sword Chant will support their project for sure.
If the band earns more, they will make one official video.

The artwork is almost done and vocals recordings ending this week.
I'll come back with them, soon.