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ALVENRAD will release their album "Heer" on December 8th. This is the artwork :

KORPIKLAANI Live at Masters of Rock

KORPIKLAANI released through Nuclear Blast
a live cd/dvd/bluray at Masters of Rock 2014 & 2016.

2016: 01. Intro (Tanhuvaara) 02. A Man With A Plan 03. Journey Man 04. Pilli on pajusta tehty 05. Erämaan ärjyt 06. Lempo 07. Sahti 08. Ruumiinmultaa 09. Vaarinpolkka 10. Viima 11. Metsämies 12. Kultanainen 13. Kipumylly 14. Ämmänhauta 15. Rauta

Marcus parts ways with GRIMNER

Marcus Asplund Brattberg decided to leave his band. A new member to be revealed soon.
"Dear fans and friends,  It is with much sadness that I, Marcus, have decided to leave Grimner.  I have done what I set out to do - to play at great venues, big festivals and to release albums. The touring life is something that I personally can never grow accustomed to, which is one of the reasons I am leaving. After 7 year. of both strife and joy, it is time for me to devote myself to other things. I will continue to play and record music, so you have not seen the last of me. I want to thank all of my fans for your endless support. I also want to thank my fiancée Hannah, my friends and my family for supporting my musical endeavors and for putting up with me going away and being the master of rain checks. There are countless others I would love to thank personally, but that would be difficult. Most of all though, I want to thank Ted, David, Kristoffer, Johan and Henry for putting up with me, m…

FOLK METAL JACKET new album released

FOLK METAL JACKET released their new album "Eulogy For The Gentle Fools".

Eulogy For The Gentle Fools by Folk Metal Jacket

MORMIEBEN released their debut album

MORMIEBEN released their first full length "L'Armada En Chasse".
CD version will be available to the end of the month.

Edit - sept 30 : album now available in CD here

L'Armada En Chasse by Mormieben

HAEGEN released Immortal Lands album

HAEGEN released their album "Immortal Lands" that you can get through Bandcamp.

RUNAHILD album news

Tolv Mand i Skove by Elvarhøi

Elvarhøi shared the following song and comment :

ENSIFERUM released "Two Paths"

Metal Blade records now released "Two Paths" album signed ENSIFERUM.
TRACKLIST : 01. Ajattomasta Unesta 02. For Those About to Fight for Metal 03. Way of the Warrior 04. Two Paths 05. King of Storms 06. Feast with Valkyries 07. Don't You Say 08. I Will Never Kneel 09. God Is Dead 10. Hail to the Victor 11. Unettomaan Aikaan 12. God Is Dead (Alternative Version) 13. Don't You Say (Alternative Version)

ENSIFERUM, the king of storms

ENSIFERUM unveiled a new track titled "King of Storms", from their forthcoming album "Two Paths".

Stjernefrø by RUNAHILD

RUNAHILD shared a new song "Stjernefrø" taken from the second album to be released later this autumn.

New free track by SUN AND MOON DANCE

SUN AND MOON DANCE unveiled one new song taken from the upcoming album "The Giver". The song is entitled "Lady Of The Slain" and available for free download.
Lady Of The Slain by Sun and Moon Dance

VARANG NORD released Call of Battle

The new album "Call of Battle" by VARANG NORD is out now.
You can order to their label store.


DRAUGÛL new release soon

DRAUGÛL is currently working on the next record titled "Plagueweaver" that is a concept about the folk tale from Germanic lands "The Pied Piper of Hamelin".

Heres one first track :

NODFYR debut EP in autumn 2017

Both Alvenrad members joined Heidevolk founding member Joris van Gelre in :Nodfyr, and they are currently working on their debut EP set to be released in 7" vinyl and CD.
With "In een andere tijd" currently at the pressing plant, I would like to share some information about this release with you.  As mentionend earlier, the EP will feature two songs. The first, "In een andere tijd" was initially composed by Niels, Irma and myself, and Jasper and Mark have added to the final version which can be heard on the EP. The lyrics are of a personal nature and describe the journey that shaped me and my vision of the path ahead of me at the time when :NODFYR: was created. 

ENSIFERUM : Two of Spades (acoustic)

Here's "Two of Spades" live at "On the Rocks" in Helsinki, Finland on October 28, 2016 and performed by ENSIFERUM.

Watch the entire live show on the DVD that comes with the CD version of "Two Paths". Directed by Toni Salminen and edited by Vince Edwards. Camera operators: Toni Salminen and Timo Honkanen. Audio recording engineer: Aku Silennoinen. Audio mixed & mastered by A. Kippe at Astia-studio A Lappeenranta, Finland.

KOSMOGONIA first track online

KOSMOGONIA is a folk metal band from Athens, Greece that was founded during 2015.
They shared their first track titled "Triiris". Meanwhile, they are working on their debut album.

ATORC released Seven Tales Of Swords & Ale

Seven Tales Of Swords & Ale album

by ATORC is now released.

Seven Tales Of Swords & Ale by Atorc

SKYCLAD official video

SKYCLAD revealed their new video for the song "Starstruck?" taken from their album "Forward Into The Past".

Skogsmakt by NORRSINNT and guests

The band shared the following and nice news :

New CLAIM THE THRONE video and album soon

CLAIM THE THRONE returns with that video above, for Mantra song that will be part of their new album "On Desolate Plains" to be released October 13th.

SLEEPING WOODLAND released To The Northern Seas

"To The Northern Seas" is an album by the Russian band SLEEPING WOODLAND and released through Soundage productions.
01. Intro
02. To The Northern Seas
03. Drakkar
04. Brothers
05. Scald
06. Odin
07. Halmar
08. Sleepland
09. Before The Dawn
10. With Sword In Hand
11. Outro

A new HOK-KEY album is released!

HOK-KEY released under STF records, a new album titled "Kalasy Pad Siarpom".

The band comments : "The new album "Kalasy Pad Siarpom" is the second part of the duology. The first part, “Znak Biady" tells about the life of the martyred, but unbroken and powerful people. In the second part, we move away from the common theme, and refer to the cultural heritage and to create a certain atmosphere through personal stories that more fully disclose Belarusian soul, view of the world, anxiety and dreams. Actually, it explains chosen album name as humanity is compared with the ears of wheat, over which the threat of a "sickle" hangs and no one knows when fate will begin its harvest...  The album kicks off with "Spoviedź z-pad šybienicy" - this is the life story of a famous Belarusian activist, freedom fighter - Kastus Kalinovsky. It is not so much a description of his private life, but the embodiment of the common destiny of all the wrestlers wh…

CESAIR released Omphalos

CESAIR released their new album titled "Omphalos".
You can visit their website to get a copy.

ENSIFERUM : Unettomaan Aikaan live studio video

ENSIFERUM shared a new song"Unettomaan Aikaan" available on their forthcoming "Two Paths" album.