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Ash of Ashes

LOCATION : Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Skaldir: vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards Morten: harsh vocals, lyrics

Skaldir founded Ash of Ashes after the end of his previous band Hel.
He started to write a song start right after that. 
Then he approximately took a year's break, but eventually the longing for epic Metal became so big that Skaldir wrote more and more songs.
During 2016 Skaldir had a phase in which he wrote half the album within a few days.
After that he became aware of the direction in which he wanted to go.
Down the White Waters, album 2018


HEIDRA released The Blackening Tide

The new album by HEIDRA is out now.
You can get it here.

02.The Price in Blood
03.Rain of Embers
04.Lady of the Shade
05.A Crown of Five Fingers
06.The Blackening Tide
07.Corrupted Shores
08.Hell's Depths
The Blackening Tide by Heidra

Next year will be the new WOLFHORDE album

WOLFHORDE are on their way to release their second album titled "Hounds of Perdition" set to be released on january 11, 2019. The album wakes you up into a nihilistic dystopia of the dying world. The world of Hounds of Perdition is roaming with strange creatures and few people in the snowy and gruesome fields of nothingness. With their new album Wolfhorde go deeper into experimenting the world of music from unheard perspectives.

FIRTAN unveiled a new video

The band made a new video for the song Nacht Verweil, available on their recent album titled Okeanos.

Artwork for the new AKTARUM album

AKTARUM unveiled the artwork for Ragnatroll, their album coming out december 8, 2018 :

Trailer for the upcoming AKTARUM album

AKTARUM unleashed their new trailer focused on their album titled "Ragnatroll"
coming out december 8th, 2018

SKALD debut album soon

French band SKALD will release their debut album "Le Chant des Vikings" on January 18. 2019.
Have a listen.

They released a video :

MONGOL released The Return album

MONGOL released their new album "The Return" that you can get here.

01. Prophecy Of The Blind
02. The Return
03. Sacrificial Rites
04. Takhil
05. Amongst The Dead
06. To The Wind
07. Dschingis Khan
08.The Mountain Weeps
09. River Child
10. Warband

The band unveiled a new video and "To The Wind" song.

TROLL BENDS FIR's new album by November

EINHERJER new album by november

November 9th will be out the new EINHERJER album titled "Norrøne Spor".
The band unveiled a video for "Spre Vingene" available in the forthcoming album :


01. The Spirit of a Thousand Years
02. Mine Våpen Mine Ord
03. Fra Konge Te Narr
04. Kill the Flame
05. Mot Vest
06. Spre Vingene
07. The Blood Song
08. Døden Tar Ingen Fangar
09. Tapt Uskyld
10. Av Djupare Røtter

HEIDRA new album out soon

"The Blackening Tide" is the title for the new HEIDRA album to be released October 26th.
Preorders are available right now.

Here's the Tracklist :

02.The Price in Blood
03.Rain of Embers
04.Lady of the Shade
05.A Crown of Five Fingers
06.The Blackening Tide
07.Corrupted Shores
08.Hell's Depths

Sword Chant is back

Dear readers, artists and followers,

It is with enthusiasm I announce Sword Chant comes back even stronger !

I together with my new collegue, Taravilyaion, will care of this site, supporting bands as we ever do.
Before to join me, Taravilyaion was part of the Metal archives website. He will create bands pages here. Still, I will include those into the listings of Sword Chant and will do the other common things like sharing news, tourdates... About tourdates, I added some in the calendar and can add more of them.
Sharing lyrics could be by us both, within all the required rules that involved - As always.

If Sword Chant was on hold online, actually inner, it was not as I contacted hundreds of bands - and for technical issues,
i contact them all one by one. ...Still, left some to contact, fixing the best possible that newsfeed issue,  as previously explained.
My health didn't change or it became worse months ago and then, sometimes I may feel too tired to manage or work on a website…