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SALTATIO MORTIS reveals the artwork for their new album

SALTATIO MORTIS will release "Zirkus Zeitgeist" album on August 14th.
The band, who will tour by November, now revealed the artwork :

HOK-KEY released "Just Time" EP

HOK-KEY shares their new EP made of 3 tracks for free download to that link.


01. Onto the Battlefield
02. Shadow Of The Beast
03. I Want My Tears Back (Nightwish Cover)

SVARTBY new album

Beside is the artwork for the upcoming SVARTBY album entitled "Swamp, My Neighbour".

The album will be made of 10 or 11 tracks in different language (Swedish, German) bur English will reign on the record.

ALFAR album soon

Next month will be released under Soundage prod. "Twilight of the Gods" by the Viking Death Metal band ALFAR. This is the artwork :


1. Intro
2. Twilight of the Gods
3. Norns
4. Kill Them All
5. March of Dead
6. Bravest of the Gods
7. Riding Thundergod
8. Son of the Nine Waves

Masters of the Forest

VARANG NORD released one video preview of their new album "Master of the Forest" comming out by Winter from this year.


New MOXIE video online

MOXIE band made a video for "Leads" song taken from their debut album "Planted". 

OLAM EIN SOF official video!

OLAM EIN SOF released one official video for Vimana song taken from their last album.


I am pleased to announce VARANG NORD, recently signed at Metal Scrap Records, supports Sword Chant!

I received one nice email, with words now available also to this page :
Their "Fire Of The North" record is now available almost everywhere  (Americans have to wait some more).

KANSEIL released "Doin Earde"

"Your Land" is translation for "Doin Earde", the new KANSEIL album released under the flag of Nemeton records.

01. Lo Spirito della Notte
02. Ciada Delàmis
03. Dòin Earde
04. Panevìn
05. Ais un Snea
06. Mažaròl
07. Bus de la Lùm
08. Bosc da Rème
09. Tzimbar Bint
10. La Sera
11. Vajont

ARTAIUS released "Torn Banners" album

Italian band ARTAIUS released their second album entitled "Torn Banners". You can get it on Bandcamp.

The band added: "Go catch your copy and pre-order your T-Shirt  (available from 25/5/2015) to enjoy a free download option for our old record The Fifth Season"

 Featuring on this record: Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris Lucio Stefani from Mé, Pék e Barba Dario Caradente from Kalevala (ita)
Tracklist is available on Bandcamp.

ATLAS PAIN released "behind the front page"

The debut EP "Behind The Front Page" by ATLAS PAIN is now available for free downloasd.

The new TENGGER CAVALRY album is out now

"Blood Sacrifice Shaman"album by TENGGER CAVALRY is now released through Metal Hell Records.

I interviewed Nature about this record. You can read the interview here.

01. Соёмбо (Hymn Of The Mongolian Totem)
02. Tengger Cavalry
03. Horseman
04. Rootless
05. The Wolf Ritual
06 The Native
07. Blood Sacrifice Shaman
08. Hero
09. Spirits

Bonus tracks:
10. Tengger Cavalry (2009)
11. Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2009)

Tracklist revealed for the next LAST WAIL album

LAST WAIL will enter the studio this summer to record "Forgotten" album to be released in 2016.

They have revealed the tracklist :

01. Valeria Storm
02. Runes
03. Woodcutter
04. Kill them All
05. Undying
06. Walking bird
07. Moonlight
08. The Enemy
09. Dragonslayer
10. One more Hero
11. I hear your Summons
12. Three axes
13. Fallen Mountain

GJELDRUNE new EP now available and for FREE !

"V parusah cveta zari" is the name of the new EP signed GJELDRUNE and it means "In the sails colored by the dawn". The record made of 5 tracks is out today, and available for free download on their website.

01. V parusah cveta zari (In The Sales Colored by the Dawn)

02. Volch'ya (The Wolf Song)

03. Zelioniy Sklon (The Green Mountaineside, re-recorded)

04. Voron, Volk i Sokol (The Raven, the Wolf and the Falcon) - (Volkolak cover)

05. Palets na Spusk (Finger on the Trigger, acoustic)

The EXILION debut album is out now

Young band EXILION from Sweden released their debut album entitled "Red Stained Snow". It will be available on their webshop on May 20th since that is the official release date but you can already order your physical copy by contacting the band.
01. Red Stained Snow
02. The Endless Voyage
03. Gatekeepers
04. Tale of Erebus
05. Past Years Hours and Days
06. Leviathan
07. Firedance

The next AD PLENITATEM LUNAE single soon!

June 1st of 2015,

Italian band AD PLENITATEM LUNAE will release their next single "Grame" through their website.
This single and their previous one will be available for free download on that date.

TEUFELSTANZ released "In Omne Tempus"

Russian band TEUFELSTANZ released "In Omne Tempus" album through Soundage.

01. Intro
03. Стареющий Вагант
04. A-Kenavo
05. Maria
06. Der Finne
07. Teufelstanz (feat. Eikumena)
08. Король Туле
09. Heiduckentanz
10. Три Ворона (feat. Wolfenhirt)
11. Ali Ben
12. Герр Хольгер
13. Teufelsschwanz
14. Outro
15. Стареющий Вагант (metal)

VARANG NORD: You can pre-order "Fire of the North" World edition

"Fire of the North" by VARANG NORD is now available for pre-order on the new label of the band, Metal Scrap Records, The price of the release is 3,90 € until May 14th to that link.

Release dates: 

Ukraine - 14.05.2015
Japan - 15.05.2015
Worldwide - 18.05.2015
Russia - 19.05.2015
America - 09.06.2015

New album by VOGELFREY delayed

New album "Sturm und Klang" by VOGELFREY, which was planned for this month, is delayed to Summer...

Here are their words to the fans :

"Hey folks,
unfortunately we have to switch the release date of our third studio album "Sturm und Klang" to summer. We feel sorry about it but our intention is always to deliver the highest possible quality and we need some more time to fulfill this pretension - only prime quality! We'll inform you when the final release date is safe.
One thing is for sure - this album will blow your mind!!!"

ATLAS PAIN's teaser for their coming EP

A teaser for the first EP "Behind The Front Page" by ATLAS PAIN is now online.

Świteź album by EQUINOX released

EQUINOX band released their new album entitled "Świteź". You can get it here.

01. Headspring
02. Neman
03. Litwor
04. Blitzhexen
05. Fire Walk With Me (Annie)
06. Switez (Russian version)
07. Velds of Akkerman
08. Pototskaya's tomb
09. Starfall
10. Fireflies of st.John's nights
11. Switez (Polish version)

HEIMFARD debut album in progress

HEIMFARD revealed the artwork & title of their debut album. The first full-length is entitled "Between Earth And Sky". The release date is yet unknown since the band is working on that album.

Listen to "Blood Oath" album by FROSTTIDE on Youtube

FROSTTIDE band has shared the full album "Blood Oath" released in February 2015.

"Trolldom" will be the new FEJD record!

The next album by the band FEJD is entitled "Trolldom". The recordings will begin June 15th while the record is planned for later this year.

Expect a teaser soon.

ARTAIUS: Torn Banners teaser

ARTAIUS band will release their new album "Torn Banners" soon. Find a teaser below:

New SVIATIBOR record

SVIATIBOR released in digital "From The Ancestral Abysses (Live Rehearsal)" on Bandcamp for free but you can support the band naming a price there.

01. Above Blackened Skies
02. Perdu À Travers Les Branches Du Temps
03. Oiseau De La Victoire
04. A Call From The Ancestral Abysses

Release date and all details for the new ELIWAGAR

ELIWAGAR will release her new album entitled "Heidr" on May 22nd. From now can be pre-ordered the record at Itunes.
Early 2015, I interviewed the founder of the band regarding this album. You can read here if you didn't already.
01. Heimkomst
02. Vanafolk
03. I Villmarka
04. Ingwaz
05. Urd - Naturens Erindring
06. Vølvedans
07. I Gløden Av Ei Vintersol
08. Othala
09. Seidr
10. Voluspá
11. Elivágar
12. Heidr's Drøm

Frankiz is the name of the new SONERIEN DU album

SONERIEN DU will release a new album entitled "Frankiz" (freedom) made of 13 tracks, related with the attacks on the newspaper in Paris, and Freedom overall. The album includes one DVD live in Brittany, France, recorded on July 13th of 2014.
"Frankiz" album will be released on June 9th of 2015 through Coop Breizh. Find a teaser below.

Askebloss parted ways with MYRKVEDR

Hard time for MYRKVEDR band who has seen the departure of their folk player "Runar" you can find in FROSTRIT band. Their bass player "Askebloss" has done the same, for another and darker reason...

MYRKVEDR said: Dear fans.
It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that Askebloss has decided to leave us. He no longer feels that he has the drive or time to continue playing bass at all. We in the band are of course very sad because of this since Askebloss has been with the band since the beginning, and we all consider him a family member.
As you might have noticed, Myrkvedr hasn't been particularly active doing gigs or completeing the EP, which is delayed beyond measurement. And the reason for this is of course financial difficulties but also internal struggles, which is to be expected when you basically are a group of people trying to steer a car at the same time. This isn't usually a problem for us, but these last months working on making our EP as good as p…

TUATHA DE DANANN new abum coming soon

TUATHA DE DANANN plans to release their new album entitled "Dawn of a New Sun" by June 2015. This is the artwork :

Naturgewalten is the new NORDFROST record

By June will be released the debut album signed  NORDFROST. 
The black pagan metal band previously released two demos, and one split with the band Pure Scorn. The tracklist of the album can be found here.
Teaser for the debut album entitled "Naturgewalten":

Dragontales by THALANOS

THALANOS released a demo ("EP") entitled Dragontales, which is available on Bandcamp.

01. Intro
02. Call To Arms
03. Dragon Hunters
04. Dragon Flight
05. The Final Night

NORRSKÖLD interview on Sword Chant

I inerviewed Henrik Bodin-Sköld, the founder, songwriter and guitarist of NORRSKÖLD
regarding the past, present, and future of the band. 
01. Hi! Back in 2012, you founded NORRSKÖLD after leaving IRRBLOSS. Was everything alright with Irrbloss or have you got different visions for Irrbloss band in that time ? Greetings! Well, Irrbloss was a very good start for me, in the metal scene of Göteborg, where I got to meet a lot of people in the network and also got to learn more about myself with time as a band member. For a number of reasons, we had a hard time recording new material in the band, and I realized that I could not get all my creativity out at that time. Therefore I decided to quit and kickstart my own studio project, that eventually came to be the band Norrsköld.

IRDORATH second album online

Soon will be released the second IRDORATH album entitled "Dreamcatcher".
"Dreamcatcher is a compilation of dreams and impressions, written in 4 languages: Belarusian, English, Russian, and Macedonian. It includes sounds of bagpipes, bouzouki, cello, violin, hurdy-gurdy, didzheribon and many other wonderful instruments", the band said. IRDORATH has shared the record on Soundcloud, for you to enjoy. :)

New OBTEST track online

Heres one OBTEST track taken from the new split "77" with DISSIMULATION band :

HOPES OF FREEDOM will enter the studio soon

HOPES OF FREEDOM will enter the studio by June, to record their second album.

New album details and new track for JARUN

JARUN will release a new album entitled "Pod niebem utkanym z popiołu"(Under the sky woven from the ash). The album made of nine tracks, deals with Death, under a Pagan spirit... This is the 3rd track of the album:

ATLAS PAIN behind the front page

ATLAS PAIN revealed details on their debut EP "Behind The Front Page" to be released for free download on May 18th. Physical releases will be also available.
01. Bonfires Night
02. Each Uisge
03. Ironforged
04. The Storm
05. Once Upon A Time (re-recorded and re-arranged)
06. In Eclipse

Pocono Folk Metal Fest T-shirts available!

The Pocono Folk Metal Fest supported by Sword Chant, and brothers from Folk Metal NL, made a T-shirt for the event but it could not be available at the August show. However, you can purchase it earlier until June 1st.
The T-shirt cost 25$ in the USA, and 35$ for Europeans (shipping included).
You can order this T-shirt within Sword Chant and Folk Metal NL banners printed there, plus bands logos, to this website.

As a reminder, here are all details regarding this cool event taking place in Pennsylvania, USA.

TELPERION made it!

Folk Metal band TELPERION has reached their crowdfunding project's goal with 101%, which consists of one help to make their debut album possible
From today, left 31 days for you to pre-order the record and support the band to this page.

OLAM EIN SOF released a DVD

OLAM EIN SOF released a DVD live at the Wave Summer Festival. Contact the band to purchase your copy.
Show Mundo Dos Infinitos
01. Arthur
02. Douce Dame Jolie
03. Marche Pour La Cérémonie Des Turcs
04. Morrighan
05. Dança Dos Elfos
06. Ecco La Primavera
07. The Four Guardians
08. Tourdion

Show Reino De Cramfer
09. Murmúrio Das Águas
10. Glaskar
11. Dança Da Floresta
12. Invocando A Lua Azul
13. Vimana

Heavy Meta, the next NEKROGOBLIKON

The next album "Heavy Meta" by NEKROGOBLIKON will be released in CD on June 2nd of this year, and picture disc on June 16th. All physical releases pré-ordered here include the digital one for free.

01. The End of Infinity
02. We've Had Enough
03. Bring Us More
04. Snax & Violence
05. Atlantis
06. We Need A Gimmick
07. Full Body Xplosion
08. Let's Get Fucked
09. Mood Swing
10. Nekrogoblikon

ISENMOR debut EP soon

American band ISENMOR will release through their website “Land of the Setting Sun” EP on June 21st in physical and digital edtions. You can already pre-order the record. Find more details here, and sound below.
ISENMOR will play live aside SIG:AR:TYR and others in August at the Poocono Folk Metal Fest, USA
Land of the Setting Sun EP by Isenmor

JÖTNAR teaser for a debut album

JÖTNAR, a folk metal band hailing from the Netherlands, are currently working on their debut album. The release date and details are yet unknown but they have shared one first teaser to give you an idea of their upcoming release.

Towards the Realm of AETHYR

AETHYR released for free download their debut album "Towards the Realm of Nothingness" on Bandcamp.


01. Enter the Path (Intro)
02. Awaken the Northstar
03. Lullaby to a Mourning Moon
04. Journey of the Forsaken Dreamer
05. The Chosen One
06. Through the Land of Eternal Mist (Interlude)
07. Wanderer
08. Realm of Nothingness

KORPIKLAANI released Noita album

Today, the new KORPIKLAANINuclear Blast or other stores. The album is available in CD-Digi and blue, black vinyls.
album entitled "Noita" is out in Europe ; and soon, will be to the UK (May 04), and USA (May 05). You can purchase your copy to
01. Viinamäen Mies
02. Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
03. Lempo
04. Sahti
05. Luontoni
06. Minä Näin Vedessä Neidon
07. Jouni Jouni

Scarlet Records re-released the first FUROR GALLICO album

Once released in 2010, the first and S/T album by FUROR GALLICO is now re-released by Scarlet Records. Find my review here.

01. Intro
02. Venti Di Imbolc
03. Ancient Rites
04. Cathubodva
05. The Gods Have Returned
06. Golden Spiral
07. Curmisagios
08. Miracolous Child
09. Medhelan
10. Bright Eyes
11. La Caccia Morta
12. Banshee
13. The Glorious Dawn

GLITTERTIND released Blåne for blåne album

Finally confirmed, the new GLITTERTIND album ”Blåne for blåne” (Blue Distance) is released in CD and LP.


01. Ukjend land (Unknown Land)
02. Høyr min song (Til Fridomen) (Hear My Song (To Freedom))
03. Soria Moria
04. Enno nær (Still Close)
05. Draumen (The Dream)
06. Blåne for blåne (Blue Distance)
07. Når knoppar brest (When Buds Burst)
08. Vedunder (Wonder)
09. Fnugg av snjo (Flake of Snow)
10. Bøn (Prayer)