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Now released everywhere, the new EINHERJER is entitled "Av Oss, For Oss" and can be purchased here in many editions. The vinyl version will be shipped from this november 4th.

ELD : FFERYLLT : Management Pt.1

The leader of the band FFERYLLT has named myself to create and manage their campaign for the making of their official video "Call Of The Wild".
So, I contacted the following websites and asked them to spread the word on their campaign:
Mister Folk FolkMetal.NL Paganvs Info Folk Metaller Sons Of Metal Metal Soundscapes
Thanks to them all for the sharing!!!  You too can share and help the band in the making of their upcoming video!
I contacted others again, but pending...  Of course, I am always currently working with FFERYLLT. 
More news will be later on.

New elements in our international forum and website

I haven't been much active in the social networks, today.  I worked on the forum and added some new elements :
Below the white menu of the forum are  links to the main rules and tutorials.  The new links are the following : 


LOCATION : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Cptn. Gregaaarrr : vocals
The Majestic Beast : lead guitars
Neil Rummy Rackers : rhythmic guitars
Mother Junkst : keytar, violin
Jacob, The Fiercest Pirate in all the Caribbean : keyboards
Ol' Mate Dazzel : drums

TRAY OF GIFT released a free single

The band TRAY OF GIFT released a new single "Learning to be alone".

It was mixed and mastered by Bruno Maia (TUATHA DE DANANN) & Fabricio Altino at Braia Studios.

You can download freely the single on their website:

Arandu Arakuaa

LOCATION : Federal District, Brazil

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

NáJila Cristina : vocals, rattle
Zândhio Aquino : guitar, backing vocals, rattle
Saulo Lucena : contrabass, backing vocals
Ygor Saunier : drums, percussions

"Bloodsword" by FURIOUS ANGER is ready!

Tomorrow, the death metal band FURIOUS ANGER with lyrics focused on Nordic mythology will release their debut album "Bloodsword".

Apocalypse Orchestra

LOCATION : Gävle, Sweden

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Erik : guitars, mandola, lute, cittern, vocals
Mikael : hurdy gurdy, mandola, bagpipes, backing vocals
Jonas : guitars, backing vocals
Rikard : bass, backing vocals
Andreas : drums, percussions, backing vocals

Chile: folk metal compilation for free downlaod

Friends and colleagues from Paganvs info & El Clan de las Montañas blogs released one free and legal promotional compilation for folk metal in Chile. 
Find the tracklist below. 
You can get it to that link.

The NIGHTCREEPERS released 'Hreidd"


ELD : CRAVING European tour in process!

Earlier this year, the German band CRAVING contacted ELD for some help with their European tour to come in February 2015. I managed the events taking place in France while their tour is also focused to the Netherlands and UK.


LOCATION : Colmar, Alsace, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Sébastien Durand : vocals, guitar, irish bouzouki
Quentin Jaffré : guitar, vocals
Alexia Winterhalter : keyboards, tin whistles
Rémi : bass
Nicolas Fréchuret : drums

Past member :
Bastien Vernet : bass

The band founded in 2009. Their lyrics deal with nature and philosophy.

Aurora, album 2014 [ details ]
Ascension, album 2019 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

ELD : FFERYLLT opens a crowd funding project

The band FFERYLLT contacted me again for one help with crowd funding for this time.
Since I have built the content, perks, their project... I hope that you will like the ideas found for their campaign dedicated to help the making of their new official video for the song “Call of the Wild” taken from their upcoming album entitled  “Achanterez” which means “The Witch” in Breton.
I previously helped the band to find one Breton translator.
You can pre-order their new record “Achanterez” in CD or digital format, and all these goodies:
-  Prediction album (CD) -  Poster -  Signed photo -  Limited T-shirt -  Limited plectrum -  Small songbook with lyrics for “Achanterez” album -  Medium sized book with lyrics & photos for “Achanterez” -  Big songbook with lyrics of their 3 albums and band photos.

FYRNREICH album released

the band FYRNREICH released their debut album entitled "Am Grunde Yggdrasils" that you can order here.

01. Gletscherherz
02. Heldentod
03. Richtzeit
04. Melodie der Ketten
05. Am Grunde Yggdrasils
06. Entweihtes Land
07. Schlangenhauch
08. Heimwärts
09. Nacht des Hammers
10. Met und Bier
11. Skaldenträume

YMYRGAR: The tale, so far

I have got the opportunity to do the very first interview for the YMYRGAR! Lately, the band released their debut album "The Tale As Far". Teaser:

This is the interview :

Bands battle in this fall

Sad news... our 61st battle didn't bring us a winner band...
BARLOVENTOS, CEREVISIA, FROSTRIT, FROZEN SHIELD, GYMIR, NORTHERN OAK, all these good bands couldn't be selected for our compilation.
Our next bands battle will take place the day following october 31, 2014. Will the bands & listeners be ready ?


LOCATION : Clusone, Bergamo, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Ark nattlig ulv : vocals, guitar
Fredreyk : lead guitar
Mike : drums
Markus Ener : bass

Deathwalker album by DRENAÏ is out now!

The French band DRENAÏ, one project in tribute to the writer David Gemmell and the Druss legend, the Drenai Series ;

This Band from Normandy, France, that I have been pleased to help in the promotion of their crowd funding onto the different pages of Sword Chant ;

DRENAÏ who has reached their fund goal with big success now released their debut album entitled "Deathwalker".

Let's support the Vinyl industry! :-)

SPIRIT OF ANCESTORS PRODUCTIONS is a small and new Czech independant label specialized in the release of limited folk metal vinyls. 
The 1st of october 2014,
they released their first vinyl "In the arms of Mara" by GRAI.

And today, I am pleased to support this young label available on Facebook & Bigcartel.

Like SWORD CHANT, the label doesn't support political ideologies. You can also find their logo and link to the footer of this site but also to our support page.

GRAI interview online!

I interviewed Ruzveld from GRAI who released a new album entitled "Mlada" and a vinyl compilation "In the arms of Mara" lately. The interview deals with these two records, the band itself and their recent tour.
01. Hi Ruzveld! You released your new album on october 3rd, 2014. Is your new album entitled “Mlada”, a concept album ? Yes, you’re right, the album was released on the 3rd of October 2014 by the label Noizgate records. The album is non-conceptual. There’re many themes united by the overall atmosphere, as I see it.

02. Can you describe us each song lyrically and musically ? Yes, I can, but that’s too long. And people, reading that, will be bored and can even fall asleep. That would be better if every listener just got into the atmosphere and understood something important for himself personally. If one wants, of course. Shortly, I can tell you, that every song is a separate story with its lyricism.

Sword Chant Rocks!

HAEREDIUM said : "Sword Chant rocks!" So, it may be true! : )

One more ENSIFERUM cover

The guitar and bass player, vocalist Kirill "Kirya" Shapovalenko (ELDERTALE) together with Sergey Kondrov on guitar (LOGICAL RIDDLE) and Leonid Gorin on tin whistle  
covered the "Token of Time" song by ENSIFERUM.

The debut KORRIGANS album is OUT NOW!

"Ferocior Ad Rebellandum" is the title for the first album by the KORRIGANS from Italy. Today is the release date and you can order it through the bandcamp page of their label, Nemeton records.

The concept of “Ferocior Ad Rebellandum” is taken by a description written by Tito Livio (a Roman historic) about Volsci, an ancient folk that lived in their land. The concept narrates about the days around the battle of Corbium, 446BC. The battle was between Romans and Volsci, who rebelled because Rome wanted to dominate their land, Latium. The story puts together historical elements like this, but also legends or myths.

NIDHOEGGR and YMYRGAR in our playlists

Our beloved ENSIFERUM opened one interesting game which consists to re-create one song within the rules explained in their post :

Publication by Ensiferum.


I have been pleased to help NORTHERN OAK with the promotion of their crowd funding for their new album entitled "Of Roots and Flesh" that you can listen and purchase since today. 


70 kind messages received!

Yesterday was very sport for me. The previous entry had to wait more than 3 hours to be built and published online because I received and replied several kind messages for my birthday from the Folk Metal Community worldwide and friends.
Thus, I want to thank from heart all my friends, bands, members and listeners for all their kind messages I received! I want to thank also FALKHAN for their unbelievable publication on their bandpage :

YMYRGAR, MORLICH and GRAI albums available now!

Today, the young band from Tunisia, YMYRGAR, released their debut album which is entitled "The Tale As Far". You will have to wait Monday afternoon (EU time) to purchase your hard copy.on their new Bigcartel page but the album can be downloaded free on their new website from now. Booklet and lyrics are also available inside the file for free download. Notice also what is available on their contact page, one link to the YMYRGAR thread on Sword Chant. :) If you like what you hear from the free download, purchase your hard copy to support YMYRGAR. Above is the artwork and below is the tracklist :

Grai LP compilation released

Spirit of Ancestors Productions released the first GRAI compilation "In the arms of Mara" in black splattered silver vinyl and red vinyl. Tracklist :
Side A:  01. In the arms of Mara 02. Winter tale 03. Leshak 04. Spring 05. The wheaten song
Side B:  06. The song about Native Land
07. I will go into the field 08. Drunkard-Helllbenders 09. Hugging the storm 10. Birch


LOCATION : Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Stephane : vocals
Antho : lead guitar
Marty : guitar
Maxime : bass
Johan : keyboards
Séb : drums

Past members : 
J-P : drums
Aurélien : drums

We enter a new month, and a new bands battle

I am pleased to announce the bands battle for October is now online! :-)

They are the chosen fighters for this battle :


The link for this bands battle is the following:

Have fun!