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SKULL & BONES album & interview

February 1st of 2014 will be released "The Cursed Island", debut album from the Pirate metal band SKULL & BONES that I interviewed for the event. :) Everything's available below.

The album :


01. Admiral Benbow Inn
02. The Chest of Billy Bones
03. The Hispaniola
04. Ready for Quest
05. Set Sail!
06. Rum for the Crew
07. Anthem for the Buccaneer
08. Long John Silver
09. Death & Treasure
10. Skeleton Island
11. Powder & Guns
12. Treachery March
13. Captain Flint´s Booty

One black stone for STILLE VOLK

The Pagan Folk band STILLE VOLK will release their next album in May 2014 if everything goes as planned. The title of their new album is "La Pèira negra" which means "Black stone" (La pierre noire in French). 
"This is a concept album that evokes the people of humus. A mineral tale in which a stone is cursed, an organic stone in an oppressive stillness. A world of petrified lichens, of darkness limestone. Fear haunts these mineral beings older than time itself. Maze tomb of mummified beings ... In waiting for fire and rock purifier among deadly darkness of time, fueled by the mists lost, the damned stone screams in anger: "Among these rocks, only one was alive", the band said.

The new KAMPFAR released this january 27th

The new KAMPFAR album entitled "Djevelmakt" will be out worldwide this January 27th!

1. Mylder
2. Kujon
3. Blod, Eder og Galle
4. Swarm Norvegicus
5. Fortapelse
6. De Dødes Fane
7. Svarte Sjelers Salme
8. Our Hounds, Our Legion


LOCATION : London, England

Status : Active
Music : Medieval Folk

Maggie Sand : vocals, bouzouki, citole, harmonium, synthe
Mark Powell : hurdy-gurdy, cittern, guitars, vocals
Susan Bell : recorders
Hazel McCulloch : backing vocals, harmonium
Polly Hallam : backing vocals, percussions
Mark Jenkins : drums
Anthar Kahrana : percussions
Andrea Furlan : didgeridoo


LOCATION : Vancouver, Canada

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Dave Khan : lead guitar, vocals
AJ Bergin : guitar, growls
Terry Savage : bass
Celine Derval : drums, vocals

DRAKUM and VINTERBLOT official videos soon!

Promoting their debut album entitled "Torches Will Rise Again", the Spanish band DRAKUM is currently working on their first official video.
Tracklist for "Torches Will Rise Again":

The THYRIEN album is OUT NOW!

THYRIEN released "Hymns of the Mortals - Songs from the North" album under Massacre Records.
01. Far Beyond Midgard
02. Vengeance Through My Soul
03. Deathwish
04. My Victory, My Defeat
05. The Frozen North
06. The Eternal Journey
07. Forest Is My Throne
08. Nature's Rage
09. When the Horizon Burns
10. Tinasormus (Janne Hurme Cover)

You can purchase and listen to songs to that link.

Atlas Pain

LOCATION : Milan, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Samuele Faulisi : vocals, guitar, keyboards
Federico Cotzia : bass
Fabrizio Tartarini : guitar
Riccardo Floridia : drums

Past members :
Luca Ferrari : guitar
Marco Contini : drums
Kengo Nakamura : drums
Barbara D'Urso : bongos

The band founded while may 2013.

Demo 2014
Behind The Front Page, EP 2015 [ free download ]
What The Oak Left, album 2017 [ details ]
Tales Of A Pathfinder, album 2019 [ details ]


Contact :

Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

The new SCHANDMAUL album will be out in some hours

January 24 will be released the new SCHANDMAUL album entitled "Unendlich". Heres the artwork:


04.In Deinem Namen
05.Bunt und nicht braun
06.Mit der Flut
07.Baum des Lebens
08.Tangossa (Instrumental)
09.Euch zum Geleit
12.Littel Miss Midleton (Instrumental)
13.Der Teufel …
14.Mein Bildnis

CLANNAD opens one new playlist here

The new CLANNAD video for "Brave Enough" song taken from "Nádúr" album out since last year, opened the playlist for the official videos for Pagan/Folk Music 2014 in the youtube channel of Sword Chant.

That playlist, I'll feed when new videos will be, is viewable also in this website while the playlist in this genre for 2013 is always available in my channel.



Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Alexander Kuzmin : guitar, backing vocals
Alexandr Kolgin : lead vocals
Alexandra Koroljeva : violin
Alexey Krilov : drums

The VALKNACHT revelations

If you follow us, you may know VALKNACHT will release a new album soon. The record is entitled "Le Sacrifice d'Ymir".  You can see the artwork right here made by the talented Kris Verwimp.
Thorleif, from the band, revealed me in this interview, many things about the coming album, and even more. : )

01. Hi Thorleif! You and VALKNACHT have shared the stage with some bands in Canada.
Can you list some of them ?
We played with some European bands like Moonsorrow, Einerjher, Arkona, Kalma & Fintroll. We also played with some Canadian bands like Les Bâtards du Nord, Nordheim, Talamyus, Scythia, Panzerfaust, Morgue, etc.

02. What live event appeared as one of your best experiences ? Some of our best shows include playing locally in Quebec in front of our crowd, friends and supporters. Our last show was in Quebec city and we had a great time. Playing in front of those who have supported us from the beginning will always be a great experience. When you hear your fans screaming …

I interviewed the band IMMORGON

I interviewed Axel Jordana from the band IMMORGON.  Axel teaches us more on the band, but also on what is coming soon. :)
01. Hi! You founded IMMORGON in 2012 and released already one single. How did the Spanish & worldwide people like this single ? After sending the single, we received several messages both from people in Spain and from around the world congratulating us, it was amazing! We were very glad to hear that people around the world did like our first song.

02. IMMORGON has been created under what ideas ? IMMORGON was born under the idea of creating a band were all the members could do what they like most: music. We like to listen to more or less the same bands and, so it was nice to create a band were we could express what we felt.

Annúlond album is out now!

The blackened viking metal band Annúlond released their new album entitled "Galo de Barcelos":


01. A Galician's Promise
02. Province of Minho
03. Town of Barcelos
04. A Feast Amongst Shadows
05. Judgement
06. Wintry Walls
07. Dawn of Death
08. A Vehement Crow
09. Cruzeiro do Senhor de Galo

Boisson Divine

LOCATION : Riscle, Midi-Pyrénées, France

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Adrian Gilles : drums, backing vocals
Baptiste Labenne : guitar, bass, lead vocals, bagpipes, accordion, mandolin, low whistle, flabuta

Live members :
Lucas Quitadamo: guitar
Pereg Ar Bagol (Skiltron) : bagpipes

Månegarm : lyrics for Vredens Tid album

Words : Official lyrics
Release : Vredens Tid
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Vid hargen (instrumental)
02. Sigrblot
03. Skymningsresa
04. Kolöga Trolltand
05. Dödens strand
06. Preludium (instrumental)
07. Vredens tid
08. Svunna minnen (instrumental)
09. Frekastein
10. Hemfärd
11. Segervisa

Interview with Jonne Järvelä (Korpiklaani)

Here comes the first Non-Folk Metal interview that is about one artist Folk, already famous in the metal world (so obvious here!). I interviewed Jonne Järvelä (KORPIKLAANI) on his acoustic solo project.

01. Hi Jonne! You are currently working on one solo project. How and when came the idea ? It’s been on my mind some time already. I got an idea already about a year ago and started to work with it little by little. Songs for the album came after that very smootly.

02. You announced this project will be acoustic. But is it in the spirit of SHAMAN, your previous band before KORPIKLAANI ? Yes, it is an acoustic album and you can hear ”echoes” of Shaman because there is yoik singing quite much. also American indian way to chant by Yovan Nagwetch who took a part for the album comprehensive.

Månegarm : Vredens Tid album translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Release : Vredens Tid
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Tracklist :
01. Vid hargen (instrumental)
02. Sigrblot : Victory Sacrifice
03. Skymningsresa : Twilight Journey
04. Kolöga Trolltand : Coal-Eye Troll-tooth
05. Dödens strand : The Shore of Death
06. Preludium (instrumental)
07. Vredens tid : Age of Wrath
08. Svunna minnen (instrumental)
09. Frekastein : The Wolfstone
10. Hemfärd : Journey Home
11. Segervisa : Victory Song


LOCATION : Rimini, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Melodic Death, Metalcore

Michele Giovannetti : vocals (growls)
Gaia Dondi : vocals
Thomas Gualtieri : keyboards
Yann Gualtieri : drums
Michele Vasi : guitar
Andrea Ingenito : guitar
Lodovico Venturelli : bass

News regarding the Folk Elements Project

I have updated this project while I worked on the broken links
and fixed some bugs here and there...

This project is one help for musicians and the people.  It links Folk Metal bands to Folk Instruments.
The following step has finally started. I have added there links to instruments pages available in our forum. Musicians of our Community can create others that don't exist yet.
I have made also better headers for each instrument page.
I hope that you will appreciate this project:

Everything is fixed!

After big efforts,

I am pleased to announce all the broken links and bugs are from the past!

I have fixed all the links in this site, the forum, the html pages...

Everything works fine now!

Enjoy Sword Chant!

Sword Chant news & one new support!

I have some great news regarding the html pages of Sword Chant: Bugs are no more!
It means that I can fix the broken links inside and I have started that work!
From now,
you can't find a broken link into the Folk Metal Calendar 2014
and same to the Support page.
I'll work on the other pages now.
Enjoy on Sword Chant!

The RED RUM EP will be out this January 6th!

Tomorrow, the Pirate Metal band RED RUM will release their first EP entitled "With gods by our side" in physical version. The EP is available for download at Itunes already. You can purchase their CD on their website and gigs.


1. Red Rum
2. Dragged Out With the Tide
3. Rise from the Deep
4. Legends
5. Ragnarok

Broken links are no more in the forum!

From Winter Solstice to now,  I have checked each thread of the forum. All the 17,346 posts i revisited  to see and fix the links broken. 
That trouble happened  after one change of the domain name.
Today,  that huge work ended with success:  Broken links are no more in the forum!
Left the html pages (lyrics database, concerts pages, etc...)  but I can't fix them for now due to bugs. Always...

Myrkvedr : Cerdic song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Cerdic
Release : Sons Of Muspell
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Myrkvedr : Balders Död song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Balders Död (The Death of Balder)
Release : Sons Of Muspell
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

2014 is the year they got signed!

The band MALADECIA inspired by Occitan Culture and Heavy Metal, are now under the flag of NEMETON RECORDS. MALADECIA released their debut album entitled "Ames en peno" (Souls in pain) in 2013.
Enjoy this track:

Myrkvedr : Bölvun Buslas song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Bölvun Buslas (The Curse of Busla)
Release : Sons Of Muspell
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

Myrkvedr : Urdarbrunnr song translated to English

Words : Official English translations
Song : Urdarbrunnr
Release : Sons Of Muspell
Thanks to the band for the sharing.

2014 means some change for ELD!

I founded this project during April 2013 and I have helped a bit more than five bands and one radio with ELD while more things not revealed yet are goin' on with others. It sounds rather good for a beginning. :-)
For the New Year, I designed this website again. I hope that you like it. : )

Some other changes are:

From today, ELD becomes a part of my other website "Sword Chant" that is also dedicated to support Folk Metal worldwide. So, ELD news will be published in Sword Chant and its social networks pages as well. Folk Metal news can be found in Sword Chant. Links are available to the right of this website.
It means the facebook page for ELD will disappear in the next few days.

Then I'll ask the followers of this page to press the "like" button of the Sword Chant facebook page or to follow another social network page of Sword Chant.
Best wishes to all of you, keep up the good and hard work!

And A Happy New Folk Metal Year!!

* initially published on Eld site

Happy New Year 2014!!

So many things happened while 2013 in Sword Chant! We have laugh together, we have helped, we have supported and we will return with all this in 2014! Also, Sword Chant evolved fine again:
August 25, I founded this new website which has reached the 13,370 page views and that number will expand again next this entry. I inserted into the menu one link to the “Musicians search” forum for one better help to musicians searching for band or new band members. One page to help bands and labels with their crowd funding has been created here for one stronger support.
Contacts for booking, info and merch were added to bands threads and I designed better the links there to lyrics, gigs, interviews, reviews… The members of the forum can translate songs to their mother tongue since 2013. Longtime reserved to the forum’s community, I have opened our “Musicians” forum to everyone now. In the future will be linked threads about instruments to our Folk elements pages. Members registered in our forum a…