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Kelts & Trolls: One keltieg revolution into kaos ?

Sometimes ago, the band CELTIBEERIAN from Spain raised with success their crowd funding for their new album entitled "Keltorevolution" out now. You can contact the band to purchase it.
01. Singing To Our Land 02. Keltorevolution 03. Unbury The Horn 04. The Booze Song 05. Fields Of Celtiberia 06. Under Lug's Sight 07. Win Another Battle 08. Kladimoi (Swords) 09. Uer Keltum Brigubis (Over The Mountains Of The Celts) 10. Blood Of A Guiltless Town 11. This Simple Life 12. Eimos To Katum (We're Marching To War) 13. Lutiakoi (Lutians) 14. Eternal Knot (Outro)

They gave one song to help victims

Yesterday, the digital Folk compilation "Folk for the People" was released. This non-political project founded by Mich Rozek, the drummer of the Belgian Tribal Folk band Rastaban, aims to help victims of repression in Ukraine. 


LOCATION : The Netherlands

Status : Active
Music : Celtic Folk

David : vocals, fiddle, tin whistle & accordion
Dieb : vocals, gitouki, Mandolin, bodhrán & tea-chest bass
William : pipes, tin whistle & low whistle
Maceal : vocals, mouth organ, ssqueezebox, Gitouki, bodhrán & tea-chest bass

The band founded in 1996. N/A

GRIMNER singing hymns of blood

The debut album entitled "Blodshymner" (Hymns of Blood) by GRIMNER is released since today. You can purchase in their Bandcamp page and as a reminder if you didn't do it yet : you can download for FREE "A Call for Battle" EP to the same page!

More than a thousand swords!

Dear followers worldwide,
I feel honored to be followed by so many people in Facebook and Twitter.

1,004 followers for my Facebook page and 556 for the Twitter page! This means a lot to me!

New release by the italians VINTERBLOT and KALEVALA

The band VINTERBLOT released in digital format their new single for their song "Triumph Recalls My Name".
You can purchase this single in Itunes or others to support the band.
One official video for this song is since February :

ELD : SCYTHIA on European tour 2014!

The Canadian act SCYTHIA will tour Europe later in this year, and will promote their new album  "Of Conquest" freshly released, available on their Bandcamp page.

On March 5th of 2014, SCYTHIA contacted ELD and requested help to look for bands to share the stage with them for their upcoming European tour 2014. Since that day, SCYTHIA and myself are working hard together to make this tour possible and unforgettable.

TRAUCOHOLIK tells their album "Kalku"

The band TRAUCOHOLIK tells their album "Kalku" out since September 2013. You can purchase the album here


Concept: Perro Asmátiko

The VALKNACHT Sacrifice

Three years after the release of their second full length entitled "Chants de guerre", the band VALKNACHT didn't rest and hard worked on their third album "Le Sacrifice d'Ymir" out since today and is available on the bigcartel of the band. 
VALKNACHT is also working on their first European tour named "Souffle ancestral", together with CHASSE-GALERIE. Promoters can contact the label Hymnes d'Antan.
This year, I interviewed Thorleif regarding this new album. 

Swiss Music Award: ELUVEITIE did it!

Today, the band ELUVEITIE has been awarded as the "Best Live Act" in their country for the Swiss Music Award.
The results for all categories for the Swiss Music Awards are available on and heres what they say on ELUVEITIE (click the picture to enlarge):

Preorder GRIMNER, and Support HEID too!

Now, you can preorder the debut album "Blodshymner" from GRIMNER on their bandcamp page:

Ten tracks will complete the "Blodshymner" album which will be released March 21st of 2014. Below are trailers for the album:

The Dread Crew of Oddwood


Status : Active
Music : Pirate Folk

Captain Wolfbeard O'Brady : accordion, vocals
Quartermaster Stark Cordwain : irish bouzouki, tin whistle
First Mate Riven Rahl : toy piano
Bosun Deckard Cordwain : mandolin
Navigator Smithy Crow : bass
The Legendary Pirate King Eric "the" Brown : oddkit (drums)


LOCATION : Agro Pontino, Italy

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Solstafir : drums
Dubnós : guitars
Spiorad : accordion, keyboards
Thanatos : vocals
Dalk : bass


The Polish band TIME OF TALES released "Enter the Gates" EP composed of the following tracks:
Enter the GatesLiarJourney UnknownWarriors of Fire
You can hear these songs into the playlist of Sword Chant:

If you like what you hear and want to support this band, you can order your copy by contacting the band to this email address:

NEMETON RECORDS signed a deal with AFTERGOD!

NEMETON RECORDS contacted me June 10th of 2013 because they were searching for some new bands. I suggested them the folk metal band AFTERGOD.
And now, I am proud to announce NEMETON RECORDS signed a contract deal with the Italian band AFTERGOD!
Indeed, that was a great pleasure for me to take part in this adventure and to help NEMETON RECORDS in their request but also, it's great to give opportunity to a talented band such as AFTERGOD and am sure many folk metal listeners will appreciate their music as I do already.
Below are the AFTERGOD words:
"We are proud and happy to work with Nemeton for our both growth and musical passion! We hope to keep on working hard for sharing the quality of italian emerging metal, helped and supported by the great job of our new Label! Endless thanks to all of our fans for the support you have been giving us all along and that you will give us for the times to come! A special thanks to Krissy from ELD for helping us in reaching this goal!"