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The ALPHAYN album is released!

I promised that I wil remind you that today, the debut album "Heimkehr" by ALPHAYN is OUT NOW! You can contact the band to order your copy like you can purchase the record at their shows, or Bandcamp. You can have a listen to the teaser for "Heimkehr" here.
If you have missed the recent ALPHAYN interview that I have done, that last is always available to that link.

Gymir / Shallow Intentions

LOCATION : Weymouth, England

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Martyn Bell : vocals, guitar
Ian Pauffley : guitar
Ryan Barber : keyboards
John Briginshaw : drums
Liam henwood : bass

Past members :
Pete : bass
Stephen Lea : drums
Dan Challinor : drums

Previously known as Shallow Intentions, formed in 2006 by Ian Pauffley and the original drummer Dan Challinor, the band changed name in 2013 for Gymir after numerous line-up changes.

After Battle, EP 2008
My Beginning, album 2011

The Return Of The Raven, single 2013 [ details ]



Find more information on Sword Chant :
- In the "band name" keyword

What do you know about ALPHAYN ?

ALPHAYN is Heathen metal band founded in 2013 and Robert Schroll from HEATHEN FORAY takes part of the ALPHAYN adventure too!
So, how sounds ALPHAYN in the end? ALPHAYN music sounds like this :

A new file for your events!

Dear bands,

I have updated the Excel file related with live events worldwide that is mentioned here and I am on my way to send it to you. :)

If your band has not received it, you can contact me
and ask for this file to complete your upcoming live events.

Then, I'll be pleased to share the infos through Sword Chant for you and listeners, as you already know. :)

You can contact me if you have questions, or requests.
I'll be pleased to answer you.

With kind regards.

Isn't the time for some bands to be in the search for a label ?

I may be wrong, but I think it may be the time when some bands are searching for a label.
So, I have updated the labels listing available in Sword Chant, to help them a bit in the search. If you notice some labels are missing in this list, you can email me them at anytime. : )
Of course, partnership with labels can be as I think to work on the footer for this site, again.

FAITISSA released a digital single!

The Spanish band FAITISSA released a new single in digital that you can purchase on Bandcamp.
The first song from "A good knight / Aodann Srath Bhain" single composed by Jorge Lamata from the band whereas the second track "Aodann Srath Bhain" is one Traditional from Scotland. This Gaelic title means "The slopes of Strath Ban". If you wonder on this track, CAPERCAILLIE band played this song on their album entitled "Delirium" out since 1991. :)
This is the artwork for the FAITISSA single :


LOCATION : Borås, Sweden

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

André Toivonen : lead vocals
Robin Berra Bergström : guitars, mandolin, shaman drum, backing vocals
Daniel Bergstrand : drums
Kimm Bergström : guitar, vocals
Oscar Johannesson : bass
Linus Wahlgren (Ex-Myrkvedr) : mouth harps, birch trumpet, accordion, tin whistles, fife,  recorders, spilåpipa (native swedish flute), gaita, bagpipes (german marktsack, swedish säckpipa)

Auf's Leben album by FEUERSCHWANZ is out now!

The german band FEUERSCHWANZ released their new album entitled "Auf's Leben" in two edtions (CD and CD + DVD). Other extra packages are also available. This is the tracklist for the two discs :

WOODSCREAM released "Octastorium"

You can contact the WOODSCREAMband from Russia if you want a copy of their album entitled "Octastorium" because they have it released! :)


01. Алан 02. Топь
03. Лесной царь
04. An Dro
05. Коваль
06. Ворон
07. Зов
08. Witnesses of J

Congratulations SIGFADHIR!!

15 bands & only 1 winner
What an amazing bands battle! JUODVARNIS band were strong but couldn't beat the one from São Paulo : SIGFADHIR!
Remember this name : SIGFADHIR

Frozen Shield

LOCATION : Barcelona, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Xavi Pascual : vocals
Isaac Solanas Tamayo : guitar, choirs
Marc Olesti Velázquez : guitar, choirs
Cristina Ramos : keyboards
Arnau Salto : drums

I interviewed the OLAM EIN SOF friends.

I interviewed Marcelo Miranda from OLAM EIN SOF regarding their tour happened in Portugal, their new album and much more.
01. Hello Marcelo Miranda (alias « Cramfer » in our forum). Lately, OLAM EIN SOF has toured in Portugal, what have been your first impressions once reached your destination ? Hello Krissy. We had great times in Portugal and loved the country. It is a country very different from the place where we live, well our city São Paulo has much more people than the whole Portugal, so things should be very different. Of course some of architecture that we saw we remember some parts from our buildings, because of colonization, but was a bit different specially on the conservation and how they take care about their monuments and history. And we can´t forget the good food and drinks that we got there. 

02. Have you got good responses from the people over there ? We were well received and got many contacts. We met lot of good people who have done things for us that we didn´t believ…

ETERKNIGHT debut EP for free download!

ETERKNIGHT is a young band from Mexico and they released their debut EP entitled "Ragnarök".
01. Intro
02. Kingdom Ashes
03. Ride For Victory
04. Our Legion
05. Fimbulvetr
06. Ragnarök
07. Hero In A Dream (Ensiferum Cover)

NOTHGARD and STRYDEGOR albums now released

"Age Of Pandora"  is the new album signed NOTHGARD and this is out now! Robse (EQUILIBRIUM) appears as guest on the record for the song "Obey the king". You can purchase your copy at Trollzorn.

Sword Chant : The Wild Land Fest!

The founder of the first Folk Metal festival in Argentina came to me asking support for Wild Land Fest which takes place this November.

Sword Chant always supported Folk Metal and replied positive then.
This is the flyer for the event, also available on the Deviantart page :

From Delirium to daily rum ?

Wow folks!
I don't know what happened with DELIRIUM band but they may be drunk!
Four DELIRIUM tracks are available for free download on their bandcamp page! Get them now before they find their minds! :D

01. Wolfshenker (taken from: "Das Erbe der alten Zeit" - EP / 2013)
02. Frankenblut (taken from: "Frankenblut" - LP / 2011)
03. ... und Irminsul wir nie mehr fallen (taken from: "Frankenblut" - LP / 2011)
04. Der neue Heiland (taken from: "Asatru" - Demo / 2009 and first Delirium-Song ever written)

Remember : Too much alcohol is never good. :)


LOCATION : Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Julian Ariaudo : guitars, vocals
Mauro Caldironi : keyboards, choirs
Martin Fernandez : drums
Lucas Obregon : violin
Tomas Perfetti : bass, choirs

Past members : Jose Quintana : drums
Carmelo Cambarieri : violin
Matias Castillo Arto : bass

Listen to ILLDÅD and FROSTRIT demos on the web!

The two young Swedish bands, ILLDÅD and FROSTRIT, have shared their respective demo on the internet.
ILLDÅD released "Gröttlefar" demo for free download. These five tracks complete their demo : 
01. Muntergökens Trolska Skogsfärd
02. Gröttlefar
03. Älvans Dans
04. Ett Odöpt Spökbarn
05. Enslingen

The new FAUN album is released!

The new FAUN album is entitled "Luna". Two versions are released for this record since there is a deluxe edition. You can listen to the "Luna" album passing by Spotify
If you like what you hear, you can purchase your copy to Amazon, Itunes, EMP or Google Play.

Jonne (KORPIKLAANI) released his solo album!

KORPIKLAANI frontman started a new project in 2013, and today is released the solo album by Jonne Järvelä! The name for this project is "Jonne" and I've interviewed the man regarding this acoustic project. All fans can order his album here. This is the tracklist :

Northern Oak

LOCATION : Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Martin : vocals
Chris : guitars
Rich : bass
Digby : keyboards, violin
Catie : flutes, recorders
Wib : drums

Come in and support the bands into battle!

The battles for folk metal bands are back and here comes the first one with the opportunity for the winner band to include one track for the first compilation of Sword Chant entitled "The Swords Of Victory", to be available by December 2015 for free download for one better promotion to the band.
So, this is the time for listeners to discover all the fighters in our forum, and support their favorite band.
The complete line-up for this battle is the following :