September 27, 2008


LOCATION : Germany

Status : Active
Music : Medieval Folk

Snorre Snoerkelfrey : lyrics, vocals, flutes, mandoline, hurdy-gurdy
Pinto von Frohsinn : vocals, bodhrán, gutar-lute, flutes, davul
Hengest der Lange : fiddle, nyckelharpa, bouzouki
Sirkka von Ungefähr : vocals, guitar-lute

Versengold music is ruled by catchy melodies and strong vocals, meant to be sung by the crowd too. Some songs are like dialogues, with a change between Sirkka's female and Snorre's male vocals.
The lyrics deal with medieval life in general, drinking, women, love and paganism sometimes.

Hörensagen, album 2005
Allgebräu, album 2006
Ketzerey, album 2008
Auf In Den Wind, album 2014
Zeitlos, album 2015 [ details ]
Live 2015, live album 2015 [ details ]
Funkenflug, album 2017 [ details ]


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