January 10, 2015

"Freedom, tolerance and solidarity" recover the new GLITTERTIND album

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood), the national motto of France and three great, and powerful words that GLITTERTIND understood well. Indeed, we can read on their website describing their new album ”Blåne for blåne” (Blue Distance) to be released on April 27th: "freedom, social justice, tolerance and solidarity" and then, ended their announcement on their facebook page by "NOUS SOMMES TOUS CHARLIE!"

Their record doesn't deal with the attacks of this week here, but the Power of Europeans in 1945, and Torbjørn Sandvik's life. You can read all the infos on our forum as well. 

Today, GLITTERTIND released a new single available in Spotify and Itunes. The single is entitled "Høyr min song (Til Fridomen)" which means "Hear My Song (To Freedom)". They said: 
The song express that without freedom one loose a core of what it means to be human, and that it is a constant struggle, through ones life, to hope and believe in your own longning for freedom so that one can break inner and outer shackles.

Before the first speech from the French President regarding the attacks against the newspaper, I had written the following in the facebook page of Sword Chant:
Despite I’m not a reader of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper; my thoughts go to victims & their circles. I want to remind Freedom of thought and Freedom of speech are Fundamental Right for all. I want to underline Tolerance must be to all, for all. No one can afford such an act towards anyone. 
Français/French: Bien que je ne lise pas le journal Charlie Hebdo, mes pensées vont aux victimes et à leurs entourages. Mais aussi, je tiens à rappeler que la liberté de pensée, la liberté d’expression sont un droit fondamental pour chacun. Je tiens à souligner que la tolérance s’applique à tous et pour tous. Nul ne peut se permettre un tel acte envers quiconque. 
...And I think I already told about Tolerance & Freedom in this website in the Past...  GLITTERTIND said "freedom, social justice, tolerance and solidarity became more apparent for people than ever. These forces contributed to the rebuilding of Europe" and they are definitly right! these are FORCES! It was true in Past as it is in Present and it will always be.

I want to thank the ones who sent me some kind messages, and the ones like GLITTERTIND who have shown their support to France. Thank you.

For the news, the two brothers were in my area for a moment and have been killed by the Police in the area below mine while the one of the other attack has been killed also by the Police, but got time to kill four people in that shop... And Why? Because they were Jews...

I think that you already all know that you are all welcome in our forums and pages and that it doesn't matter if you believe in One God, Many Gods, or if you are Atheist as it doesn't matter your political view since Sword Chant has never been about Politic as the rules can show because indeed, TOLERANCE reigns here since ever. I think that was important to remind this.

Thank you.

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