January 18, 2015


LOCATION : Minsk, Belarus

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Yury Kazlou : accordion
Kiryl Hutavets : guitars
Vadim Shender : guitars
Ales Maksimovich -: vocals
Elvira Stelmashuk : vocals
Nazar Hrabionkin : drums
Lorina Lozovskaya : bass

Past members :
Mikhail Artyukh : bass
Alexey Lugovtsov : drums
Vladislav Gidro : guitars

The conception and style of the band were shaped by the unique natural wonders of dense forests and magical marshes. Metal harshness combined with folk lyricism.

OMUT was founded in 2004 but went on hiatus from 2006 to 2008. At the end of 2008 there were only its founders, who stayed in the team – Ales Maksimovich (vocals, lyrics), Kiryl Hutavets (guitar, music) and Yury Kazlou (bayan), who joined the group in 2005. Despite it was impossible to restore the activity in the former kind, still, creative energy was coming back.

In summer of 2009 in Minsk Omut saw its rebirth. Elvira Stelmashuk (singer), Mikhail Artsiukh (bass guitar), Uladzislau Gidro (guitar) and Aliaksei Lugautsou (drums) joined present three members. The team took up writing material that was almost completely new. Line-up change again while summer 2011. Their debut album has seen the daylight in 2014.

Ten paths through the swamp, album 2014 [ free download ]


Contact : contact@omut.by

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