January 25, 2015

Some news related with Sword Chant

I made some change in our forum: We have a new Tavern!!! :D

Three forums have died to give birth to a new one. There can be found all topics not related with music, games are in this forum; and topics more related with you are now public in this forum excepted that thread with your picture which is in our gallery forum, now located below the new tavern and available to the members only.

The listing for new releases is back as it was and I added around 120 albums tba over there. Of course, I kept the secret ones aside by respect to bands decisions but you'll know about in time. Don't worry. :)

I had removed all those from this spoiler because one long list and because the disrespect of some people for my work I do almost everyday on that listing; my work they've stolen and some of them acted with piracy again after, on some social networks which means also disrespect to bands while only bands decide for the sharing of their Art at Sword Chant as it has ever been. This is not a matter of copyrights or IP, but a matter of respect. Let's support bands in the right way! Same if you want to support Sword Chant. And if you have questions, or searching for partnership, you can contact me. Same if you want to work with me for Sword Chant.

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