January 01, 2015

VESPERIA band is back stronger than ever!

Above is another new logo for VESPERIA, designed by their frontman, Morgan.
They have  also a new drummer named Dylan Gowan.

This is the official announcement:
Ahoy! After a long and refreshing half-year of recluse, we are finally back! We have had ample time to write and rehearse material sufficient to create, of course, our next full length album! As of yet, we have not determined a definite track list or title for the album, but we have a general theme based off the written lyrics of solitude in the harshest extremities, balancing the scales of order and chaos and emerging a victor from every battle.
With this announcement, we are also extremely pleased to announce our new throne-master and amazingly talented drummer, Dylan Gowan (Hallow's Die)! Dylan immediately clicked into place when the guys began to jam with him. He understands the concept of our music and is able to interpret and execute the extreme drumming style we seek for Vesperia! 
Additionally, we also had the opportunity to get together with photographer Alexander Tripodi to take pictures of our new lineup and take our promotional materials into 2015. We ALSO have a brand new logo created by our frontman, Morgan! We are so thankful for the support and praise we received throughout 2014... and 2015 promises to be a very big year for VESPERIA. CHEERS!!

Last but not least,
VESPERIA confessed me that we can expect new materials, with some Celtic vibe:
We have been hard at work for the last 8 months completing all the music for our new album. We are going to be going into the studio within the next month or so to record 3-4 songs for an EP to demonstrate the new material. The new Vesperia is going to be a lot darker and extreme, musically, we aren't utilizing many of the celtic sounds in the new material, though their presence is still heard. 

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