November 14, 2015

The power and the will!

One part of this article is nothing related with Folk Metal, or Folk Music, but I do because Fraternity. 

First of all, I don't stand racism, fascim, antifa, sects... and everything that play with souls and hate. I like this Earth too much. I think our beliefs have to be without somebody to guide you. I think that if you think yourself as a pagan because Music or somebody close to you, this is wrong minded. These can open a lane bringing knowledge but it can't go far more. Now, if you are a pagan because you and only you decided so, taking infos here and there for your own knowledge and see if those are alright with your way to think things....So, you have taken the right decision for your own. Things must be deeply personal about religions and beliefs. Now, if you disagree with me, I'm sorry for you but Freedom of speech is a nice thing.

Last night, they were 8 terrorists in Paris ; they were killed by Police, or were kamikaze. They were dispatched in different locations :5 of them at a rock/metal show in the Bataclan halls, 3 others at stade de France. many attacks for Allah where they killed about 128 people in all, young and old ones, supporters of football teams, fans and people also killed at some pubs. My condoleances go to the victims... Now in 2015, would you kill in the name of your pagan or christian religion or one God ? No, bccause it isn't the goal of religion. Same for millions people who truly know that religion related with Allah. Religions aren't war, so far.

Folk Metal, Pagan Folk aren't war neither. They are many musicians, like fans, passionate by History and then, bands get inspired for their art either describing a part of History as rememberance, either to image the old times to express something personal or a feeling. History is a power facing future for bad things don't return, remembering the past and also a good thing to know where our origins come from, and what our ancestors did for we live now ; or History would be senseless. History helps in our will to go ahead.

Like this band, TRIDDANA, who gets the will to go further and used what they got in power keeping the spirit of the band so, they made some inner change, solving a problem. This band also gets the power to be able to release their new album in their country, Argentina, on December 4th, but also to the rest of the world on December 11th, because a German metal label.

Their album is entitled "The Power & The Will".

Like France united, I noticed TRIDDANA is one strong folk metal band and I think they will go far.
Like France now in war, this band has the power and the will.
This album title describes well the situations.

Emergency state is up for the strong country made of liberté, d'égalité, et de fraternité where reign the human rights.
Vive la France!

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