November 10, 2015

Three discs complete the new ELVENKING album

ELVENKING will release a Live album made of 2 CD's & DVD. The content is a full live show @ Pordenone, Italy. Find also the six official videos of the band. The length for both CD's and DVD is more than two hours.

The digipak is entitled "The Night Of Nights".
Here's the track listing :

CD 1
01. The Manifesto
02. Trows Kind
03. The Wanderer
04. Runereader
05. Pagan Revolution
06. She Lives At Dawn
07. Jigsaw Puzzle
08. Elvenlegions
09. The Cabal
10. A Prayer To Cernunnos
11. Moonbeam Stone Circle
12. Symohn's Bash
13. From Blood To Stone
14. Skywards
15. Disillusion's Reel

CD 2
01. Elven Aftermath
02. Seasonspeech
03. Through Wolf's Eyes
04. The Divided Heart
05. Neverending Nights
06. The Winter Wake
07. Era Theme
08. The Loser
09. The Oak Woods Bestowed
10. Pagan Purity

DVD (25 tracks)

Out on December 4th, 2015 via AFM Records in Europe and January 22nd, 2016 for the USA.

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