November 30, 2015

VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT debut album soon

Finnish band VETTEN ÄPÄRÄT plans to release their debut album early 2016. The record entitled "Syntyi Talven Kyynelistä" (Born from Winter's Tears) is a collection of their work from nearly 10 years.

13 tracks will complete the full length. "Musically, it will be a mix between tracks of acoustic instruments and a variety of modern metal. We try to give space to our acoustic elements with purely acoustic tracks. On the other hand, some songs will be raw modern folk metal", they added.

Regarding the lyrics based on a fantasy story, they said :
The story of the album follows mainly a serf (peasant) who is forced to leave his family and join a crusade-like adventure as a servant. Traveling with an army to a land that calls humans to it for different reasons. long the side we witness battles fought and lost as the calling land’s spirits of nature wake to wage war on the humans. The nature awakens as a counter-reaction because of it’s disregard by the humans. This is a story not of cheerful heroism but of cruel survival. 
 This is the song "Wind Of Exhaustion" taken from the album :

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