November 13, 2015

VOLOH debut album soon

After several line-up change, VOLOH will finally release on Bandcamp their debut album in digital on December 12th of 2015. Physical format will be a few days later. 

The record is entitled "Gromovi nad Trebišćem" and means "Thunders over Trebišće". Trebišće is a small place on the famous croatian Učka mountain, also called 'the slavic Olympus'. The place is below the mountain peak "Perun", called after the slavic god of thunder. Interestingly, in old slavic 'Trebišće' means 'sacrificial altar'.

01. Čiji to dvor na gori stoji 
02. Izdajice
03. Veles vječni Bog
04. Pod jednim drevnim Hrastom
05. Gdje Grom ne dopire
06. Šumi stari Hrast
07. Posljednji pohod
08. Gromovi nad Trebišćem

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