July 25, 2016

FAUN Snippets Midgard

Here is a very first Snippet of our upcoming CD MIDGARD. Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad) is a song about the celtic summer celebration "Lughnasad" and about the turning wheel of the year.

Here is another snippet of a song of our upcoming CD "MIDGARD". It was a great honour for us, to work here together with Wardruna from Norway. Like only a very few other bands Wardruna spezialised in the Viking tradition and the meaning of the runes. Many of you might now them as the co-composer of the soundtrack for the TV series "Vikings". In our song we are telling the story how Odin was hanging nine days at Ygggdrasil to receive the runes. Later in the song Wardruna sing one of the most central parts of the Edda, where Odin speaks directly to the reader about the right usage of the runemagic.

The new album "Midgard" by FAUN will be released on 19.8.2016.

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