September 11, 2016

Cécile Corbel's new album available for pre-order

The new Cécile Corbel album is entitled "Vagabonde". The release date is planned for October 7th but you can already pre-order the full length here.

01. Working Song
02 La fille sans nom – feat. Faada Freddy
03 Waterfalls
04 Les courants d’air – feat. Gabriel Yacoub
05 The Berry
06 Belfast ft. The Moorings & Manran
07 Liam
08 Winterchild
09 Mama Always Told Me
10 Pierre & Marion – feat. Gabriel Yacoub
11 Dwellin Of The Moon
12 Entre ses bras – feat. Pomme
13 Under The Lake ft. Poppy Seeds


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