September 02, 2016

SERVAN debut album for 2017

The debut album by SERVAN is entitled "Tales of the Forest" and it is now planned to be released in 2017.

SERVAN confessed me the following :
The album title will be “Tales of the Forest” because the themes of the album deal with nature and the mythological creatures such as goblins, trolls and servan life.
The album artwork will follow the story of the man exploring the forest from his happiness to his madness : in front is very bright, and the back cover shows the end within dark and dramatic tones. The most important designs of the pack, the front cover and the back, contain many so called “easter eggs”, a multitude of hidden elements representing each track of the album and also a tribute to “The Lord of the Rings”: it is up to you find those objects and connect them to the right track.

For now, all the recordings are done (keyboards, choirs, folk instruments, guitar, bass, drums and vocals). Mixing sessions have started and the master will be done by Metro 37 Studio, Detroit, USA. 
Meanwhile, the band is still looking for a label.

Heres the most recent demo track available : 

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